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druid_droidtrolololol lolol lolo trolllolo :D00:35
druid_droidI think that music defines everything :D better than red truck00:36
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timcowchipfrinnst: could you update the harfbuzz signature?01:22
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pedjatimcowchip, you can pass '-is' to prt-get, to ignore the signature, if you want01:56
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timcowchipok thanks pedja02:23
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pedja8548.15s user 437.53s system 157% cpu 1:35:08.85 total (firefox build)03:36
pedja8 times the cpu cores/RAM really does make a difference :)03:37
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brian|lfsdidn't pay attention but I think firefox takes like 10 minutes for it to build for me04:41
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pedjabrian|lfs, it was a comment on frinnst showing off his new toys last night :).pretty nice machine06:04
pedja1700X, 32G of RAM, iirc06:06
brian|lfsahhh ok06:10
brian|lfshow many cores is a 1700X06:10
brian|lfsoh ok same as my chip 5960X06:15
brian|lfsoh ok same as my chip 5960K rather06:15
brian|lfsnot really impressed its AMD I always have weird hardware issues with them\06:44
brian|lfslike RAM acting flakeing bad network jack on my motherboard just stupid shit06:45
abenz_brian|lfs: give them a go06:51
abenz_I think this time it'll be ok06:51
abenz_just dont buy the cheap stuff06:51
abenz_ie get a good A-grade motherboard from a reputable vendor06:52
abenzthe price/perf ratio is absolutely ridiculous06:52
abenzyou get a CPU matching 6950X (in some cases faster, eg handbrake) for half the price06:53
abenzits not AMD thats cheap, its inte thats been vampiring off the market06:54
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brian|lfsno new rig for me right now lol got to fight over a 16k medical bill I got today in the mail lol06:56
abenz_ouch, sorry to hear that. Get well soon buddy06:57
abenz_you can always sell some of your fancy toys ;)06:57
brian|lfsI'm well its just bs from obomacare07:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cifs-utils: update to 6.711:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: fuse3: remove useless udev rule11:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: harfbuzz: fix signature11:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mc: update to 4.8.1911:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpg123: update to 1.24.011:15
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] libarchive: update to 3.3.111:16
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: mlocate: new source URL11:16
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: lzo: update to 2.1011:16
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otwieraczShould *source files* also be signed?12:41
rmullThey are12:54
rmullOr are you suggesting they should not be12:54
otwieraczNevermind, there was something wrong with my signatures.12:55
ryu0raises a question. Does crux even sign the build instructions for ports?13:00
rmullThe Pkgfile? Yes13:02
rmullLook into any .signature file and see what files are signed there13:02
rmullThis would typically be the upstream source package and any other downloaded distfiles, the Pkgfile, and the .footprint13:02
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frinnst"HPE to Acquire Nimble Storage"14:12
abenzhey frinnst14:21
abenzhow do you feel about your  investment? good purchase?14:22
abenzshould I bite the bullet?14:22
abenzany drama with the mobo and drivers?14:22
otwieraczmaraku: ping!14:27
otwieraczmaraku: In your R port, you delete all 'INSTALL' files14:27
otwieraczmaraku: however, take a look here. If you delete one specific INSTALL file, then you're screwed and you won't be able to install any R packages.14:28
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otwieraczAre there some limitations in terms which packages can be build using fakeroot?14:38
otwieraczBecause emacs seems to produce .elc and .el.gz files with actual user UID…14:39
just_funIf we listen to the fakeroot devels, we should not use it to build, only to package.14:41
just_funSee the fakeroot manual.14:41
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just_funI do build with sudo --user=pkgmk14:41
just_funbut I've added a bsdtar() function into pkgmk.conf to call fakeroot /usr/bin/bsdtar "$@"14:42
just_funnot problems so far, but I haven't done much14:42
otwieraczwell, the problem is that buggy Pkgfile can delete your /…14:44
just_funpkgmk needs write access to port dir (for .signature and .md5sum), source dir, workdir and package dir.14:48
just_funIf you run it as another user (with sudo), can't do much harm.14:49
otwieraczSo wait. You're building as root or building as pkgmk and only running bsdtar as root?14:50
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just_funotwieracz, "sudo --user=pkgmk pkgmk" runs pkgmk as root15:47
jueI never had any issues building ports with fakeroot15:47
just_funfakeroot pkgmk runs as your uuid, but it fakes the UIDs15:48
just_funif pkgmk does: touch file; stat file; it will get uid=015:48
just_funjue: me neither, but I want to respect the wisdom of fakeroot devels, so I don't get bitten when I less expect it15:49
just_funotwieracz, corection: sudo --user=pkgmk pkmkg runs as pkgmk user15:50
just_funsorry, otwieracz, I didn't had much sleep last night: "sudo --user=pkgmk pkgmk" runs pkgmk as the pkgmk user, and because I've have a function named bsdtar() in pkgmk.conf (fakeroot /usr/bin/bsdtar "$@"), bsdtar will create the archive as pkgmk user, but thinking it runs as root, and will set the uid=0,gid=0 for all the files inside the archive.16:01
just_funACTION takes a nap16:02
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pedjalooks like Optimus works OOTB with liblglvnd, if guinea pigs from Arch forums are to be believed.Nice.17:04
otwieraczjust_fun: and I've got pkgmk wrapper which does su18:17
otwieraczsu ports -s /bin/bash -- /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk $@18:17
otwieraczBut when building emacs, some files still has been created with `ports' as an owner.18:17
otwieraczCould please someone try to build emacs from 6c37?18:25
otwieraczNEW       -rw-r--r--      ports/root      usr/share/emacs/25.1/lisp/xwidget.el.gz18:27
otwieraczNEW       -rw-rw-r--      ports/root      usr/share/emacs/25.1/lisp/xwidget.elc18:27
otwieracz=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/_pkg/emacs#25.1-3.pkg.tar.gz' failed.18:27
otwieraczI've got errors like that.18:27
just_funI just started.18:28
just_funWith my settings I get:18:33
just_funMISSING   -rw-rw-r--      root/root       usr/share/emacs/25.1/lisp/xt-mouse.elc18:33
just_funNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/emacs/25.1/lisp/xt-mouse.elc18:33
otwieracz[/NEW       -rw-rw-r--      ports/root      usr/share/emacs/25.1/lisp/xt-mouse.elc18:35
otwieraczThat's my xt-mouse.18:35
just_funAll my files, or at least all that in my terminal buffer, have rw rights changed.18:36
otwieraczI believe I know what's an issue in my case.18:36
otwieraczEmacs is using some weird way to create those files.18:37
just_funfakeroot doesn't work the way you think18:38
just_funsu pkgmk -s /bin/bash -- /usr/bin/fakeroot18:39
just_funls -l18:39
just_fun-rw-r--r-- 1 root root       0 Mar  7 12:00 sync.log18:39
just_funchown pkgmk:users sync.log18:39
just_funtouch xxx18:39
just_funchown pkgmk:users xxx18:39
just_funls -l18:39
just_fun-rw-r--r-- 1 pkgmk users       0 Mar  7 12:00 sync.log18:40
just_fun-rw-r--r-- 1 pkgmk users       0 Mar  7 20:37 xxx18:40
just_funand now, outside of fakeroot18:40
just_funls -l18:40
just_fun-rw-r--r-- 1 root  root        0 Mar  7 12:00 sync.log18:40
just_fun-rw-r--r-- 1 pkgmk users       0 Mar  7 20:37 xxx18:40
just_funand, if you run "su pkgmk -s /bin/bash -- /usr/bin/fakeroot set"18:41
just_funyou will see that the user can be seen in the environment variables18:42
just_funThe bottom line, fakeroot doesn't catch all18:42
otwieraczI know that fakeroot is just "pretending" inside it's environment.18:44
otwieraczbut it must be missing way emacs is doing it.18:45
just_funI was saying that a program under fakeroot can create files owned by the real owner (chown $USER file).18:47
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just_funotwieracz, I've rebuilt the emacs with prt-get (makecommand sudo --user=pkgmk fakeroot pkgmk)18:50
just_funI get same thing like you18:51
just_funNEW       -rw-rw-r--      pkgmk/root      usr/share/emacs/25.1/lisp/strokes.elc18:51
just_funinstead of root/root18:51
otwieraczAnd this seems like a show stopper to me.18:51
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just_funYou can build emacs my way. You'll have the right ownership but the wrong rights :D18:53
otwieracz*awesome*! :)18:54
otwieraczWell, what then.18:54
otwieraczBTW, do you have something in /usr/share/locale?18:55
otwieraczOr it's empty?18:55
otwieraczIt should be?18:55
otwieraczjust_fun: in my case I can create bsdtar wrapper to chown -R root:root first. ;)18:56
just_funNo local.18:57
just_funI guess you will be fine without locale18:58
just_funMy makecommand line from prt-get.conf is a bit longer: sudo --set-home --user=pkgmk nice -n 19 ionice -c 3 pkgmk18:59
just_funbecause I have a slow machine, and I want to move the mouse while building18:59
just_funbut nice and ionice shouldn't matter for you19:00
otwieraczOK, but that's nevermind.19:00
otwieraczI believe.19:00
otwieraczBTW, try to use such command:19:01
otwieraczsudo --set-home --user=pkgmk19:01
otwieracz                   nice -n 19 ionice -c 3 umask19:01
otwieraczit will not call pkgmk of course, but I'm curious of your umask.19:01
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just_funI see that the emacs makefile runs something like: chmod u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rx ...19:10
just_funumask might be harder to control19:11
otwieraczI really don't know what to do.19:12
otwieraczCould you please show me your bsdtar function?19:13
just_funbsdtar() {19:14
just_funfakeroot /usr/bin/bsdtar "$@"19:14
just_funat the end of /etc/pkgmk.conf19:14
otwieraczFootprint is compared with package *contents* or the work directory?19:17
otwieraczRight now I am having the same issue as you.19:19
just_fun.footprint vs "pkginfo --footprint package"19:20
just_funI think is better with rw-r--r-- than rw-rw-r--19:20
just_funI say "pkgadd package"19:22
just_funit should work19:22
otwieraczMaybe it's better, but tampered.19:22
just_funYou can build emacs as root :) and won't be tampered.19:23
otwieraczYes, but while creating port I've one time just smashed my fs.19:24
otwieraczWith missing $PKG in rm command…19:24
just_funThan use something like docker19:24
otwieraczOh dear. :)19:25
just_funI've installed CRUX when I've deleted my Ubuntu $HOME.19:27
just_funSo, you know, it might be a good thing :)19:27
otwieraczWhat we need is something like "tame" in OpenBSD.19:33
otwieraczTo, even as root, prevent write access outside of /usr/ports19:33
just_funlike selinux, apparmor?19:35
otwieraczBut I can't even imagine SELinux in CRUX. :)19:36
pedjaor packages that are broken with fakeroot build can fix their shit.just a thought.19:38
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just_funa goof thought, indeed19:39
pedjalibvirt devs fixed 'make check' breakage with the latest version a day after I asked on their ml.19:40
just_funcould you ask them to fix emacs too? :)19:42
pedjaGNU folks should fix their killer app :)19:42
just_funThan won't be killer anymore19:42
pedjaI checked a few distros that package emacs.Some fix it manually after make, some take the easy way and build it as root ;)19:43
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pedjaI should probably modify my Crux Docker image and add 'pkgmk' or 'ports' user for build.19:46
just_funWith GNU emacs, it might be a religious thing, about root and all...19:46
pedjanever used it, and I don't intend to.Vim is love, Vim is life :)19:47
tsaopI am trying emacs with SLIME and SBCL19:49
tsaoppretty good so far19:49
just_funvim is not alzheimer friendly19:49
otwieraczI love vim.19:50
otwieraczBut it's just waste of time to develop in Common Lisp with Vim.19:51
just_funI've love it vim too, but moved to a mouse oriented editor.19:51
just_funIs there another one? :)19:53
otwieraczACME is ACME.19:53
pedjatsaop, building pgloader with SBCL was a...interesting experience :)19:53
otwieraczBut impossible to do common lisp here!19:53
otwieraczjust_fun: but I totally love ACME with it's pipelining-oriented workflow.19:54
just_funWhat is so special about editing Common Lisp?19:55
otwieraczYou will never know if you don't give it a try.19:56
just_funYou only have room for one true language love, and for me is Erlang.19:57
otwieraczAnd you're doing erlang in ACME?19:59
just_funI did.19:59
just_fununfortunately, I don't do Erlang these days20:01
just_funThis guy uses Erlang and ACME:
just_funI guess, you can do Common Lisp too :)20:02
otwieraczI can, of course.20:03
otwieraczBut I will loose 3/4 of Lisp awesomeness. :)20:04
just_funparentheses ?20:05
otwieraczFor it's awesome debugging and documentating features Lisp requires "cooperating" editor.20:05
tsaopjust_fun: there's an emacs package for closing them automagically20:06
just_funthere should be one to open them automatically20:07
otwieraczAnd I've never saw debugger like Common Lisp's one.20:07
just_funand use tabs like with python20:07
tsaopjust_fun: that's the same package20:07
otwieraczjust_fun: Hey, don't troll. :)20:07
just_funSo, I guess the only true way to use Common Lisp is common emacs?20:08
otwieraczEventually, LispWorks.20:08
tsaopor just manually type code into the SBCL REPL20:09
tsaophard mode: without using a readline-augmented REPL20:09
just_funHm! Don't remember last time when I've use a debugger.20:09
just_funI'm a printf type.20:09
otwieraczThen you've never used Lisp conditions system. :)20:10
just_funACTION searching youtube videos about SBCL REPL20:10
just_funAt least I'm curious to watch some movies about ....20:11
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tsaopjust go on SLIME homepage20:13
tsaopand watch the video20:13
tsaopthen you shall see the light20:13
just_funtsaop, are you sure this is the right page,
just_funwith the 2004 movie?20:17
tsaopyep, 200420:18
tsaopthat on20:18
otwieraczIt's like eye-blink in the Lisp world. :)20:18
john_cephalopodaWhat's the reason for prt-get install and depinst existing? I can't imagine a scenario, where dependencies are not wanted.20:18
pedjahow do you install a new dependency for port when all other deps are already installed?20:26
otwieraczupdate should do that.20:27
otwieraczI believe.20:27
tsaopit doesn't20:27
otwieraczdepupdate? :)20:27
tsaopremove then depinst20:27
tsaopshould do the trick20:27
tsaopcorrect me if I'm wrong20:28
john_cephalopodaprt-get install should be an alias for prt-get depinst.20:30
john_cephalopodaprt-get update should check for new deps.20:31
john_cephalopodaBecause it's a bit annoying to do prt-get remove -> depinst, just to update the deps.20:31
pedjapatches for 'depupdate' welcome, as they say20:34
john_cephalopodaCan't the function for depinst be re-used for depupdate?20:34
pedjaask teK_, he is hacking on it, iirc :)20:34
pedjaif you are looking for code project, ansible module for prt-get would be nice20:36
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john_cephalopodapejman: Wouldn't a cronjob with ports -u and prt-get sysup be enough?22:26
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onoderadoes anyone have a vanilla firefox 52 pkg for me?23:01
onoderavanilla meaning no weird march cflag23:01
j_vonodera: I'm building firefox now (in a container, no extra cflags, with only core and deps installed in container). I can make it available when it's done building if you want.23:04
onoderaI would appreciate that!23:07
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j_vonodera: I'm uploading it now. url is
j_vupload done, should be able to download it23:20
j_vno problem23:20
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onodera404's still23:23
onodera@ j_v23:25
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j_vlooking to see if i typed url wrong... i will paste from my browser session at server23:29
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j_vcan you try browsing to the url directory? i am able to get it fine, not sure what is going wrong23:31
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j_vhere is paste from directory browsing:
onoderagotcha, thanks23:33
j_vcool, welcome23:34
onoderapkgadd: could not read firefox#52.0-1.pkg.tar.xz: Unknown error -123:36
onoderahmm, I've never seen this one before...23:36
j_vhmm, wonder if it downloaded correctly, I just downloaded within firefox, is fine, did you use curl or wget... i will try it and see if i can figure what is going on23:44
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onoderaI re-downloaded it, same problems23:54
onoderaI used wget23:54
j_vlooks to me like the '#' in the pkg file makes curl or wget look for file 'firefox' with some kind of in page anchor... I have a copy in same dir named firefox_52.0-1.pkg.tar.xz,23:54
onoderaill try curl23:54
onoderaand the new underscore file23:55
j_vthat one should work23:55
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onoderahmm same error23:55
onoderavery weird23:55
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onoderaxz: firefox#52.0-1.pkg.tar.xz: Unexpected end of input23:56
onoderatar: Unexpected EOF in archive23:56
onoderatar: Unexpected EOF in archive23:56
onoderatar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now23:56
onoderaunpacking with xz doesn't work either23:56
j_vhave you tried looking at it with an editor or pager? it may show server errors or web page issues23:57
j_voh, i see, maybe the upload was bad... will scrub it and reupload it23:58

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