IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2017-03-11

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elderKHey guys, is anyone having trouble building clang on crux-3.3?02:37
elderKAnything about MemorySSA.cpp?02:38
elderKAlso, xmlto is no longer hosted on fedorahosted :|02:40
elderKCheers :)02:45
elderKAny ideas regarding clang?02:45
j_vnot sure; i know i'll need it soon. i can give the build a try as soon as i'm done with building new mesa3d02:45
elderKThanks. I'd be very interested in hearing if it works for you.02:46
j_vjust started the build; i'll let you know when it completes or errors out02:48
elderK:) Thanks.02:49
j_vno problem02:50
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j_vgot a better url for xmlto:$version.tar.bz202:59
j_vat least that one doesn't have the file hash as part of the url03:01
elderK:P Man, when reinstalling nix, I always get the feeling I'm forgetting something...03:02
j_vi try to keep notes, but yeah, know that feeling... seems like theres always some detail i forget to include in my notes that bites me in the arse eventually03:03
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j_velderK: well, MemorySSA.ccp.o built, not issues yet... was the error with MemorySSA.cpp compile, or later (like at link time) ?03:13
elderKBuild. It may have been a blonde moment for me.03:14
elderKI may have done a prtwash midbuild :P03:14
elderKWE'll see.03:14
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elderKJust reconfiguring my kernel.03:19
elderKGosh, they've added a lot of new stuff.03:19
elderK:P I wish I knew whether I want most of it.03:19
elderKQueue recompiling and experimentation :)03:20
j_vi reconfigured a month or two ago, but I'm due to do it again... can't do it this time of night, my eyes go crossed03:23
elderKj_v: How do you decide whether to enable something you're not familiar with?03:24
elderKI generally enable what the help says I should unless I know I don't need it.03:24
elderKBut that doesn't help when the help description doesn't provide a recommendation.03:24
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j_vmostly i go with default unless i'm sure i don't need it. is one good thing about modular kernel... don't have to carry all that baggage, just the disk space for unused modules03:26
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elderKThat's another thing I do : I build shit as modules, reboot. Use the system as per normal.03:26
elderKTHen see which modules are loaded.03:26
elderKThen integrate those into the kernel.03:26
j_vyeah, that is good way... done it before and should do it again... i will have do that next time i reconfigure (maybe this weekend)03:27
elderK74% through clang. I guess I did prtwash during build by mistake.03:28
elderKOne of htem, prtsweep or prtwash, seems to remove the sig files, btw.03:28
j_vi get so lazy using 'make olddefconfig' after copying previous config to new sources03:28
elderK:P I get super, I have a few scripts I wrote that migrate shit to a new kernel release.03:28
j_vyeah, i think both of them need some love03:28
elderKI get used to just using my old .config03:29
elderKand it being used + new defaults.03:29
elderKThat does raise a question:03:29
elderKI never update the kernel headers.03:29
elderKWhen SHOULD you do that?03:29
j_vyou shouldn't03:29
elderKYeah, that's what Ifigured.03:29
elderKIf you did, you'd have to rebuild glibc and everything else, right?03:29
elderKWhich would open a can of worms potentially.03:30
j_vit's mainly only done when building a whole tool chain03:30
elderKGood to know.03:30
elderKDo you by chance use VLC?03:30
elderKI've migrated to using smplayer instead - VLC gives me issues with the NEW ffmpeg AND ffmpeg-compat.03:30
elderK :|03:30
j_vthat's basically how i understand it, but i'm mostly a novice03:30
j_vno vlc, mostly mpv03:31
elderKJust upgraded my machine to 16GiB of RAM :)03:32
elderKIt's kind of crazy that I have 8 times more capacity than my first computer's hard disk.03:32
elderKThat and even with a ton of concurrent builds - I'm not even getting half-way of use.03:32
elderKInsane :)03:32
j_vyeah, remember the first 1G disks?03:32
elderKFeeling like my i5 is a bottleneck.03:32
elderK:P I Remember when a 40MiB HDD was BIG.03:33
elderKUpgraded to a new SSD, too. 525G.03:33
j_vyep, and floppies... don't really miss floppies03:33
elderKI do not foresee running out of storage any time soon :)03:33
j_voh, nice sized ssd, mine is only 120G03:33
elderKI have found memories of floppies.03:33
elderKI had a 64G one previously - and only 2G of system RAM.03:34
elderKso... I NEEDED an upgrade pretty badly.03:34
elderK(I do a lot of virtualization and stuff, dev)03:34
elderK(So I was feeling pretty chaffed.)03:34
j_vbut I got a ton of other disks... project tomorrow is rebuild my home nas03:34
elderK*sigh* I have to rebuild Firefox :|03:35
elderKClang, LLVM, mesa, firefox.03:35
elderKThey always take forever.03:35
j_vlong builds... do em while you sleep... i always say that then do em otherwise03:36
elderKI tend to do start them and work on something while they build.03:36
elderKI have some homework to dof rUni.03:36
elderKSo, that's a timesink :P03:36
elderKKick off the builds, do homeowrk.03:36
elderKThat or watch a movie while shit's building.03:36
j_vyep, that works03:37
j_vclang is still building, only at 57%, think i need to start shopping for upgrades before my tax return money disappears03:38
elderKclang takes *forever*03:38
elderKGCC used to build pretty quickly.03:39
elderKThese days, it takes me around 2hours to build GCC.03:39
elderKFeels like that long anyway.03:39
j_vyeah, build time really increased for gcc after the switch to c++03:39
elderKI won't say whether I think they made the right move or not - they have to do what helps them do their job well.03:41
elderKBut, man.03:41
elderKyou're righ tabout build time explosion :P03:41
elderKj_v: It's all the little tweaks that you tend to lose when moving to new systems.04:04
elderKLike, you back up a lot of important stuff - your sudoers.d, etc.04:04
elderKUsual configs, etc.04:04
elderKBut it's the little out of the way tweaks - like your touchpad configuration :P04:05
elderKor swapping Ctrl and Caps :P04:05
elderKThose little things :P04:05
j_vyep... stuff i've done on the fly, don't think i'll forget, but do until i realize something is missing even if i can't put my finger on what04:06
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elderKAnyone got any trouble building iasl?04:29
elderKyywrap redefined?04:29
elderKj_v: Are you iasl's maintainer?04:32
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j_velderk: nope, sorry04:36
j_vlooking into it though04:45
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elderKWorking on a small fix now...04:51
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elderKSweet. Built.04:55
elderKHave to remove -Werror :P04:55
j_vah, i was close... alpine has patch for that04:55
elderKI just hope it doesn't cause runtime issues :P04:56
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elderKHmm. VIrtualBOx 5.1.4 doesn't seem to like GCC 6.3.0 :|05:10
elderK5.1.16 seems to be okay with GCC 6.3.x.05:12
elderKHere's hoping the modules build against Linux 4.10.1 :P05:13
elderKGreat. VirtualBox fails due to some char conversion to QStringA :|05:24
elderKACTION tries QT5.05:24
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n-andrIs there a way to disable init messages?10:52
chinarulezzzn-andr: append to kernel "loglevel=0"11:03
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SitriACTION finds "quiet" useful11:43
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just_funIs there a command to show all the files not found in packages, or modified?12:07
n-andrchinarulezzz, I tried, but it has no influence on the init...12:09
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tilmanjust_fun: there's one in prt-utils iirc12:38
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just_funtilman, I've found prtcheckmissing; still digging for prtchecknew and prtcheckchanged12:50
jaegerThe package database doesn't store checksums or contents of installed files13:09
just_funyet :D13:09
just_funprtchecknew should be simple13:10
just_funI'm thinking to open the pkg files and look at the time, for prtcheckchanged13:10
just_funIt's funny that prtcheckmissing found: /usr/bin/python3-config python313:11
just_funpython3-config is a link to python3.6-config13:12
just_funbut only python3.6m-config is there13:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: coreutils: updated signatures13:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: findutils: updated signatures13:55
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john_cephalopodaIt would be cool, if the pkg db would support searching descriptions.16:15
just_funAs in prt-get dsearch ?16:16
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john_cephalopodajust_fun: Yep.17:08
john_cephalopodajust_fun: I think, Arch package search also has a feature like that.17:08
rmullHmm, both glibc and glibc-32 don't build for me17:24
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pedjadownloads/clone/pull from Github are slow for a couple of days now.17:35
pedja150Kib max17:35
rmulllooks like glibc failed due to -fstack-protector-strong in my CFLAGS17:36
rmulltoo much rice17:37
just_funOnce I've removed -O2 from my flags and two packages failed to build.17:39
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john_cephalopodaDoes anybody else have problems with virtualbox?18:23
john_cephalopodaCompiling fails.18:23
john_cephalopodaTells me that it needs gcc 4, 5 or 6 but only 6.3 is found...18:23
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pedjaI get ~600 FPS with Vulkan version of gears.18:39
pedjaI know that means nothing, but still :)18:39
john_cephalopodapedja: What is your normal fps with gl?18:47
pedja~60-80, iirc18:48
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tsaoptry out some vulkan demos18:58
pedjathat's what I am doing atm, to see if nvidia driver is broken only with vkQuake :)18:59
pedjait looks like it's only slightly broken with demos (they work, but I get an error in dmesg)19:01
pedjaand vkQuake works, if I start it with gdb or strace19:02
tsaopI tried a few Unity demos and they mostly work here with RADV19:02
tsaopvkQuake works too19:02
tsaophowever it's not perfectly stable19:02
tsaopsome errors still pop up in dmesg every now and then19:02
pedjait segfaults if I start it directly.with gdb/strace, it works fine19:02
pedja375.x driver series has a few issues19:03
j_vis there a way to force pkgmk not to unpack a tarball that is in the source array?19:22
j_voverride the upack_source function in Pkgfile looks feasible19:24
pedjaI have something similar to 'FOO=$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/$tarball', and then do something with $FOO in one of my's ugly, but it works :)19:30
j_vi see that contrib/docbook-xml and contrib/go use the unpack_source override, so that should work19:33
j_vembarrassingly enough, I find that I actually use the override in one of my ports (that I have obviously been neglecting for too long)19:34
john_cephalopodaUhrg, crux really needs a file manager in the official repos -_-19:39
jaegerso create a port :)19:42
joacimb-but ls and cd19:45
dbrookeand even tree19:46
pedjamc ftw19:46
pedjait's a file manager, and it's in, problem solved.19:48
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john_cephalopodapejman: Thanks.19:54
john_cephalopodaI just tried to make a port for pcmanfm, but it is qt now and has a lot of dependencies in lxde.19:55
pedjaThunar is nice, but I rarely use desktop file manager :)19:57
timcowchiplumina has insight file manager19:58
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joacimbeen thinking about giving rox filer another go19:59
joacimhavent tried that since my gentoo days19:59
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joacimi'll need a graphics card and xorg first =)20:08
timcowchipinsight file manager :
just_funpedja, you forgot to mention vim as a filemanager20:11
john_cephalopodaDon't forget emacs.20:12
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john_cephalopodajust_fun: That looks like Oberon.20:18
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frinnstooh the old amiga clown21:00
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dbrookeis there a better way of determining that a system is running crux and which version than looking for /etc/ports/core.rsync and extracting the version from it ?21:46
jaegertry /usr/bin/crux21:47
dbrookehah, thanks21:47
j_vcrux_version=$(/usr/bin/crux | cut -d' ' -f3)21:48
dbrookeyeah, just trying to tidy up some scripts to work across multiple platforms21:52
frinnstwhy isnt this on tv?
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john_cephalopodaIs there a mono package?23:04
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timcowchipfrinnst: it was on tv (sort of)

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