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j_vcontrib/webkit-gtk2 fails to build with gcc6, found a patch that seems to do the trick:
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: keyutils: update to 1.5.1010:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ghostscript: update to 9.2110:10
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chinarulezzzlibpng URL not responding: connection timed out.12:53
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chinarulezzzwe can use this url:12:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: openresolv: 3.5.6 -> 3.9.014:27
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pedja"configure: error: bad LLVM version: 4.0.0, need >=3.7"16:21
pedjait's been a while since I study math in school, but isn't 4 bigger than 3?16:22
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just_funit depends16:23
just_funon politics16:23
leah2pedja: if you are trying to build rust, it wont work with llvm 4 yet16:23
pedjathank you, leah2 :)16:24
leah2there a PR open with lots of issues :>16:24
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pedja'curl random script | sudo bash' as a recommended way to install something is pretty big red flag, imho16:31
pedjaditto for 'just paste this into the terminal with elevated privileges'16:32
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abenzdoes anyone use this?
frinnstnot me. Wonder why it's not upstream19:52
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pedjaanyone brave enough to ask on lkml :) ?20:27
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Introoteris crux a rolling release distro?21:01
Introoterso what comes with a version bumpM21:02
abenzits a source-based distro, there are releases, a version bump includes new versions of core components and new software..etc21:02
Introotersoftware isnt updated between version bumps?21:02
Introoterive never used anything other than Arch and Gentoo so idk.21:03
abenzit is updated21:03
abenzcrux is very close to upstream21:03
Introoteryeah, i see how the packages are managed21:03
Introoterno dependency tracking?21:03
abenzthere is a simple one21:03
Introoterand do i have a choice to choose another init?21:04
abenzsee the changelog form 3.2 to 3.3:;a=blob;f=ChangeLog;h=917f566fc2d82de64618a8c833f8c20523bda5fa;hb=3fe9bd495c055b20f22efaa0e6c18d1a8076906621:04
Introoteri'd like to use runit or openrc maybe. dunno if bsd sttled init can load stuff in parallel. its not like i'd die if the system took 2 seconds more to boot up but i'd still prefer them over it.21:05
abenzI'm a normal user, perhaps someone else is better equipped to answer. But what I can tell you I've tried a few distros and crux is a good balance between automated and manual21:05
Introoterim fine with manual. im thinking of using LFS. but crux seems just the thing im looking for. source based, a simple package management system and a sane init.21:06
abenzI use for pretty much the same reasons you listed21:07
abenzplus its a cozy little community here. Devs are accessible and helpful..etc21:07
Introotergentoo is okay too, i mean, its one of the best source based distros out there, but i dislike some parts of portage21:08
Introoterportage is really cool, i man, if you know what you're doing and you know how it works, you can write ebuilds and make overlays at will, and i do it, but i was like lets checkout something closer to BSD on Linux.21:09
abenzI'm still on crux 3.2 sigh21:11
Introoteri can do the USE flags thingy on this too, right?21:11
abenzbeen meaning to upgrade but have a lot of pending work to finish21:11
Introoterlike building packages with limoted support?21:11
Introoteri think thats independent of gentoo21:11
Introoterfreebsd provides a way to handle that as well21:12
abenzas in enabling/disabling certain features of packages while buidling them?21:12
Introoteryeah! right on!!21:12
abenzRight. well, part of the crux experience is to eventually have your own ports collection (I still dont, a year on). You can basically clone an existing ports collection, and modify the "pkgfile"s, which control how packages are built etc21:13
abenzping frinnst jaeger ^21:14
abenzthats the pkgfile for firefox21:15
jaegerYou'd have to run a local ports overlay dir or something to do that, the current system doesn't have a USE analog21:54
jaegerI haven't read all of the conversation but yes, you could switch to another init21:56
Introoteri guess im on my own then, if i choose to go with any other init?21:57
jaegerIt depends on which. I believe some users have made ports for some of them in the past. At least runit and systemd have been done, though I have no idea of the current status of those ports21:58
jaegerI'd say run crux in a VM for a bit, see if you like it before destruction of some other install22:02
just_funI'd say forget about VM and just dive in. Where is the fun with a VM? :)22:03
abenzjust_fun: thats sounds just..22:04
jaegerIt's of course up to the individual. My personal preference is not to break things without a bit of trial first. :)22:04
Introoternah i was about to nuke this thing tonight anyway22:05
just_funFor some who used gentoo, there shouldn't be things which can't be fixed :D22:05
jaegerI was a gentoo user for years before switching to crux but that doesn't mean I like broken stuff :D22:06
Introoterwhat made you switch?22:06
jaegerI enjoy tinkering. Which may sound odd since I said I don't like broken stuff... but I also really like that I can do whatever I want with the system pretty easily22:07
jaegerI also enjoy being able to contribute easily to the distro22:08
joacimi think i understand22:08
joacimi dont tinker with my main desktop22:08
joacimbut i'll mess about with other systems22:09
Introoterahaha yeah contributing to gentoo is one hell of a job.22:09
just_funwith funtoo is easier?22:09
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Introoterfuntoo is even worse imo22:13
abenzwho's using NVMe directly connected to M/B? does it make a lot of difference in day to day tasks?22:16
frinnstnot yet22:16
abenzI mean compared to an SSD connected via SATA22:16
frinnststill broke after my ryzen purchase22:17
abenzfrinnst: yours is the 1700x or 1700?22:17
frinnstm2 nvme and an additional 32gb ram is on my shortlist :-)22:17
abenzI'm leaning towards the 1700 for lower TDP22:17
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abenz65 vs 9522:17
abenzif you do get that NVMe pls let me know.. I wondering will compiling stuff on that make it significantly faster22:18
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frinnstone of my coworkers got an m2 nvme for VMs. he noticed decreased boot-times even22:19
abenzalthough I doubt tthat as with current storage CPU hits 100%22:19
abenzdoesn't seem to be IO bottlenecked22:19
frinnstdoubt it would to much for compiling, its not very disk intensive22:19
frinnsti can use tmpfs for compiles again \o/ 8gb wasnt enough for firefox, 16gb is22:19
abenzhow do you set it up to use tmpfs for compiles?22:20
abenzright. excellent22:21
frinnstand tmpfs for /tmp obviously22:21
abenzso you have a tmpfs partition permanently mounted for that purpose?22:22
abenzfrinnst: how about setting the dir to /run ?22:22
frinnstyeah. tmpfs is thin provisioned. it doesnt claim ram unless you use it22:23
frinnsti dont seen the point in using /run - thats not what its for22:23
abenzI'm looking for a way to use ram for compiling but then release it22:24
frinnstunless you use -kw it will be removed after its completed22:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: atk: updated to 2.24.022:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.10.122:37
jaegerabenz: I have one system with an nvme drive22:40
jaegerFor day-to-day tasks there's no noticeable difference between it and a sata ssd, particularly22:40
abenzI see22:41
jaegerSure, it's way faster in benchmarks, but in general the sata ssds were already lightning-fast22:42
jaegerWith that said, it's already a pretty powerful system, so maybe there'd be more of a difference on slower hardware22:42
abenzI figured some apps like firefox/libreoffice would feel snappier22:42
abenzbut yes storage isn't a bottleneck with ssds22:43
abenznot in the practical sense22:43
jaegerIf you have an m.2 slot that supports pcie/nvme, though, the pricing on some of them is such now that you might as well get one22:43
jaegerlike the intel 600p22:43
jaegerthat's what I bought for my i5 box and to make sure 3.3 supported it properly22:44
abenzsupported it?22:44
abenzI thought it'd appear as a normal drive?22:44
abenznever had a system with one of those though so I don't know..22:44
jaegeryou need nvme support in the kernel but it's not like that's difficult22:46
john_cephalopodajaeger: Doing things with the kernel? No crux user knows anything about that! ;)23:36
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jaegerThat would make me sad if it were true, heh23:47
joacimi just unpack the rpm from fedora23:50
jaegerpersonally, I'd expect a crux user to be able to build their own kernel, figuring out which drivers are needed for their hardware23:51
jaegernone of that is crux-specific, of course, but "targeted at experienced linux users" after all23:55
jaegernothing that says you can't use a fedora kernel if you want to, of course. Or any other23:56
pedjaIt's always amusing to read 'can't wait for new kernel to hit Arch repos' on r/linux :)23:57

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