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pedjakernel not being a system managed package on Crux is one of the smartest decisions ever made, imho00:00
jaegerAnd you can even make it a package if you want to. Options!00:01
john_cephalopodaI update every once in a while, when something like dirtyCOW or similar comes along.00:02
john_cephalopodaAlso when I hear that nouveau just became better.00:02
pedjaonly constraint I have is 'will nvidia build with it?' :)00:03
john_cephalopodaWell, I am using the free nvidia driver that is shipped with the kernel and mesa3d, so I can update anytime :D00:04
pedjaI tried the nouveau driver few months back, to test glvnd.otherwise, no thanks00:06
pedjaas long as my gfx card is supported, I'll use the binary driver.Or until I go full on AMD :)00:07
jaeger <-- kinda interesting00:07
pedjaspeaking of DE, mate is GTK3 only now?00:08
pedjaXfce is getting there.00:09
jaegerthey've been trying to make it gtk3-only for several releases00:10
jaegermaybe 1.18 made it there, I haven't tried it yet00:10
jaeger1.16 was partially there00:11
pedjayes, 1.1800:12
joacimcant decide between replacing the screen on my nexus 500:15
joacimor get a new phone00:15
joacimnew screen is about 80 dollars tho00:18
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john_cephalopodajoacim: When the screen is 80 dollars, your phone must then hold for $80/<price of a new phone in $>*<lifetime of a new phone in years> years00:22
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joacimi feel like this phone is still nicer than many 200 dollar phones00:47
joacimand i paid about 250 for it 3 years ago00:49
brian|lfswhat phone you have00:53
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joacimnexus 501:11
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otwieraczShouldn't this be able to use pkgsrc in CRUX?08:23
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otwieraczAnd if it's possible, then why maintain *another* ports tree? :)08:33
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][_R_][Is there a way to repackage a port I've compiled into a binary format?  I have multiple CRUX hosts, and I don't really want to recompile everything for each one.09:44
just_funfrom prt-utils09:44
just_funbut, your package is already in PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR09:45
][_R_][Ah!  Great, thanks09:45
just_funbut, your build can be linked to libraries which are not installed on the other machines09:46
][_R_][Aye, I plan on having standard builds, so each host would only have one of 3 or so configurations.09:47
][_R_][Trying to build Uzbl, installed python3{,-setuputils,-pyparsing} but it complains it can't find pyparsing09:56
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][_R_][Okay!  Apparently it doesn't actually put any files in /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/ even though it says it does.10:34
][_R_][Where do I go to file a bug report on that?10:34
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chinarulezzzHi. How can I see what the last packages were installed in my system?11:24
chinarulezzzor sort by installed, or somethng like that.11:24
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: You mean sort by installation date?11:26
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: Or sort by installed/not installed?11:26
pedja][_R_][, what port doesn't actually put any files in site-packages?11:31
chinarulezzzjohn_cephalopoda: sort by installation date11:44
][_R_][pedja: python3-{appdir,pyparsing}11:48
pedjathey do on my
pedja][_R_][, 'prt-get depends python3-setuptools' lists them as installed or?11:54
][_R_][$ prt-get depends python3-setuptools | egrep 'pars|appd'11:57
][_R_][[i] python3-appdirs11:57
][_R_][[i] python3-pyparsing11:57
pedjathat's weird.11:59
][_R_][I'm on 3.2 if that matters12:01
][_R_][There's a few things wrong with this install, so I'm planning on eventually reinstalling from scratch again.12:01
pedjatry removing appdirs, pyparsing, six, pip, packaging and setuptools, and then depinstalling setuptools12:03
pedjaand/or update to 3.3 :)12:05
][_R_][I did, also I had installed all of them today, so I'm not sure what went wrong12:06
pedjaI don't have 3.2 docker image to try it, sorry.12:07
][_R_][It's alright12:07
][_R_][I did get it working by untar'ing the appdir and pyparsing pkg files12:08
pedjapkgadd'ing them didn't work?12:12
][_R_][Didn't think of trying that12:14
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frinnstisnt cargo shipped with rust?13:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gcc-fortran: 5.4.0 -> 6.3.013:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: fftw: 3.3.5 -> 3.3.613:45
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pedjaso many videos from 33c3, so little time15:58
tsaopjust save them all and watch them over the course of a few weeks16:04
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vsteveany chromium users on?17:06
john_cephalopodavsteve: Here17:07
vstevejohn, does sound work for you in chromium?17:07
john_cephalopodavsteve: Yes, it works.17:07
john_cephalopodaVersion 56.0.2924.28 (64-bit)17:08
vsteveI get this error: ALSA lib confmisc.c:767:(parse_card) cannot find card '0'17:08
vsteveI'm on 55.0.2883.103 (64-bit)17:08
john_cephalopodavsteve: Maybe you have misconfigured alsa?17:08
vsteveI'm no alsa expert, so maybe17:08
john_cephalopodaOr it is a version mismatch.17:08
john_cephalopodaTry to update your systems with "ports -u && prt-get sysup"17:09
vsteveoh boy17:09
vsteveok, i'll try17:09
john_cephalopodaI know, it can take hours to compile chromium.17:10
vsteveif the recompile is done, i'll be back tomorrow17:10
john_cephalopodaAnd all the other stuff.17:10
vsteveyeah, this should be a blast and a half17:10
john_cephalopodaI'm trying to compile as often as possible, so I don't have to compile for hours at a time.17:11
vstevehow does that work?17:11
vsteveyou don't have to do full recompiles each time?17:11
vsteveI thought prt-get sysup recompiles from scratch17:12
john_cephalopodavsteve: It does.17:14
john_cephalopodavsteve: I just mean that I prefer to compile 30 minutes per day than 15 hours every month.17:14
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vsteveI'm lost, how do you compile for 30 minutes a day on the same package?17:33
vsteveor do you mean keeping the dependencies up to date?17:33
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john_cephalopodavsteve: I mean general updating17:44
vsteveoh ok17:44
john_cephalopodaI run ports -u and prt-get sysup pretty much every day.17:44
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vstevejohn - it turns out my problem is none of my non-root users can play sound18:39
vsteveupon googling around, this is common, but the way its fixed for each distro seems different18:39
just_funand there are in group audio?18:39
vsteveI don't think I even have an audio group18:40
frinnstyes you do18:40
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just_funls -l /dev/snd18:40
frinnstunless you've removed it18:40
vsteveoh...there it is in etc/group18:41
vstevehuh, ok18:41
vsteveand ls -l /dev/snd shows the same thing for non-root and root18:41
vstevefor what that's worth18:41
frinnstcrw-rw---- 1 root audio 116,  2 mar 18 18:14 controlC018:42
timcowchipAMD RYZEN 7 1700 3.0GHz 8-Core Processor18:45
timcowchipnow to pick a mb18:46
frinnstim happy with my asus x370-pro18:46
vstevewow, so the audio group is a thing...I didn't realize that was how it worked in crux too18:47
vsteveI'm too used to reverse engineering ubuntu fixes for things, so when I saw them doing that I wrote it off18:47
vsteveanyway, problem solved18:47
frinnstvideo is also a thing18:47
vstevethanks for that18:47
frinnstand lots of other stuff18:47
just_funvsteve, does you X use something other then vesa if you are not in the video group?18:47
vsteveI've been doing xhost + and then doing things as a non-root user18:48
timcowchipI was going to use my daughter's micro atx case18:49
vsteveif I wanted my user-level account to be able to launch X, do they need to be in video?18:49
just_funls -l /dev/dri/*18:51
timcowchipadd youself to video if you want to do things with your dvd player18:51
vstevels: cannot access '/dev/dri/*': No such file or directory18:52
vsteveboth root and non-root get this18:52
brian|lfsI have no /dev/dri either18:54
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just_funI'm guessing that missing /dev/dri means missing kernel module for your video driver, and some generic vesa/fb is used19:00
john_cephalopodaOn my laptop, I had 20-30 fps in a game and high CPU usage. Then I realized, that I ran it on CPU and I wasn't in the video group.19:04
john_cephalopodaAfter that, the game ran with 60 fps and didn't really use much CPU.19:04
brian|lfsnot sure I'm googling around seeing I don't have /dev/dri either19:05
brian|lfsand everything I see my kernel looks good so no clue19:05
just_funbrian|lfs, start with your X.log first19:06
brian|lfsgood point but I'm on X and everything is workign so not really sure I need /dev/dri19:06
brian|lfsI just happened to see the tail end of the conversation19:07
brian|lfsand looked on my system and don't have /dev/dri19:07
brian|lfsI am running an Nvidia card so not sure if that could be why19:07
brian|lfs[    25.622] (II) LoadModule: "dri2"19:09
brian|lfs[    25.622] (II) Module "dri2" already built-in19:09
brian|lfs[    25.622] (II) NVIDIA(0): [DRI2]   VDPAU driver: nvidia19:09
brian|lfs[    25.679]    ABI class: X.Org XInput driver, version 24.119:09
brian|lfsso I guess udev don't make a node for it strange19:09
tsaopprobably the proprietary nvidia driver makes a /dev/nvidia0 or something like that19:11
tsaop /dev/dri is for opensource drivers, AFAIK19:11
cipppi have : ls /dev/dri/19:16
cipppcard0  card1  renderD128  renderD12919:16
cipppwith nvidia19:16
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cipppfrinnst: any reason to not have --with-zlib in kmod ?20:00
cipppi cant use compresed module without20:01
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frinnstyes though I dont remember why :)20:34
juesee :)20:36
just_funkmod can be build with static :D20:41
just_funI'm preparing the patch ...20:41
cipppoh it is some time :)20:43
just_funYes, but good things stay the same.20:45
cipppthey get old :)20:46
just_funbut golden20:46
cipppjue: kmod cant be build with libdir=... ?20:46
cipppi use a custom build anyway, i ask more ti know, if you have time20:47
cipppi dont know if i have any profit if i use zlib, any other than some small size20:49
cippp50 mb or so20:49
juecippp: sorry, not sure if I understand your question correct, it's not a build- but a run-time problem, see my first comment in the above ticket20:57
cipppjue: if i can build kmod with libs in /lib, will be ok ?21:00
cipppboth are in lib21:01
cipppi think i not understand , i will read again :)21:01
jueyes, right, zlib is in /lib now, might be that we moved it at some time21:03
juebtw, that's what I see here on my laptop21:04
juedu -hc /lib/modules/4.9.14/kernel/ | tail -121:04
jue13M     total21:04
cipppldd /lib/ |ag libz21:05
cippp => /lib/ (0x00007f7327a20000)21:05
cipppi have21:05
jueyes, as I said above, zlib is in /lib now21:06
cipppdu -sh /lib/modules/4.10.2-1-CRUX21:07
cippp17M     /lib/modules/4.10.2-1-CRUX21:07
cipppbut nvidia is in ../extra21:07
cippp6.9mb more, compressed21:07
cipppthe kernel update rate it is to high, 2,3 days a new version, wtf21:11
frinnstuse btrfs + compression21:15
jueFTR, here's the commit for the zlib move from /usr/lib to /lib ->;a=commitdiff;h=e13e23202147700073d225d8c6351de9f0b343a721:17
cipppfrinnst: btrfs have file compression and ext4 no ?21:18
just_funvmlinuz has compression21:18
cipppi know21:19
just_funso, you can build the kernel with builtin modules :D21:19
cipppand this can be a solution21:20
cipppi have no idea why i use modules21:20
juewell, honestly, I don't see the point to compress ~20MB kernel modules :)21:20
cipppim remember why i use modules21:21
cipppi start to build my kernel21:21
cipppand i want so see what is used and what not21:21
cipppand the i forgot21:21
cipppi need to build a new kernel :)21:21
cipppand now i dont have module for camera , coz i dint found what module it is used for21:23
cipppmaybe is better21:23
cipppno one can have pics with me naked21:23
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just_funwhat? did you find one of his old naked pictures?21:51
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timcowchipcouldn't get a mb with onboard video for rizen22:48
timcowchiptoo new I guess22:48
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timcowchipso I opted for (gulp) i522:49
timcowchipand Asus PRIME H270M-PLUS/CSM22:50
timcowchipshould be better than my atom anyway22:51
jaegershould be good23:00
frinnstwhat? what motherboard did you find *without* onboard video?23:02
jaegerfrinnst: I ordered that HP microserver today, should arrive late next week23:03
joacimthe gen8?23:03
jaegeryes. G1610T, the 2.3GHz celeron one23:03
frinnstasus prime b350m has vga, dvi and hdmi outputs for example23:04
jaegerI might even be able to use some of the RAM from my current NAS box in it23:04
frinnstddr3 ecc. as long as its not dubble buffered it should be ok23:05
frinnsti tried with 16gb sticks that came with a blade server, no dice :(23:06
frinnstdouble buffered obviously23:06
jaegerIt's currently a supermicro X9SCM-F with a Xeon E3-1230, unbuffered ECC23:06
jaegerI'll only be able to put half of it in the microserver but that's fine, I'll be able to sell the Xeon server box23:07
frinnstwhats the max memory config for that microserver? my amds max out at 8gb iirc23:08
jaegerofficially 8GB, online anecdata says 16GB23:10
timcowchipfrinnst: these are the only 2 they had
jaegerI have 4x8GB in the system currently23:11
jaegerso hopefully I can take out the 1x4GB that comes with the microserver and use 2x8GB23:11
jaegerIf not, no big deal. 4GB will work for my usage23:11
frinnsttimcowchip: both of those have video23:12
frinnst (DOES NOT WORK WITH RYZEN CPUS) what?23:13
frinnstdont think thats right23:13
joacimit works with ryzen cpus?23:14
frinnsti thought so23:14
timcowchipmaybe intel paid them to say that23:16
timcowchipthere in Portland, Oregon (intel country)23:17
frinnst I dont see anything that suggests its not supported on ryzen23:17
frinnstbut I may be wrong23:19
joacimi think it's more of a matter of the current batch of ryzen cpus don't have igps/arent apus23:20
joacimIntegrated AMD Radeon™ R Series Graphics in the 7th Generation A-Series APU23:20
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