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Romster[]you can just pkgadd the built package but bear in mind revdep might not match if you don't have all the same versions of the dependencies00:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] firefox: updated to 52.0.1. Fix for CVE-2017-542800:07
Romsteroh joys00:09
crash_ACTION says frinnst will compile firefox under 1 minute we rest deadly people in hours :)00:10
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cipppRomster: thank you for your packages, i hate to compile llvm, i was thinking to build a custom mesa witout00:13
cipppthen when i want to try recoll i found you have and qt, was nice:)00:14
Romsterit helps if you don't need to build everything all the time on a slow computer00:15
cipppis not so slow and i like to compile, but not all packages00:15
cipppi have only 4 gb ram and llvm eat all00:16
cipppand qt i dont use it and is big00:16
cipppty :)00:16
Romsterso many long compile time packages and dependency hell i deal with00:17
cipppi found qgrep, maybe i will try to use it, or i will use some online pocket or so00:19
cippprecoll its ok i dont know why i dont like it, tracker dont work00:19
cipppi need some smart bookmarks00:19
cipppwith tags and text search00:20
cipppto much information :)00:20
Romstertell me about it00:21
cipppabout qgrep ?00:22
Romsterabout to many bookmarks00:22
Romsterneed a search engine for the bookmarks00:22
frinnstcrash_: nah, 12 minutes00:23
cipppif i will found something i will tell you :)00:23
cipppfirefox have scarpbox or so, but is xul, no idea if will work any more after few months00:23
cipppvivaldi have notes, is very nice00:24
cipppif i will stop to use firefox for sure i will use vivaldi00:24
Romsterthis no alsa in firefox thing?00:24
cipppi found some nice free online services but modules for firefox dont work so well00:25
cipppit is ok for me00:25
cipppi use pulse00:25
Romsteri dont00:25
cipppit is much better than few years ago00:25
crash_frinnst: hehe close enough :)00:25
Romsteri'd rather use jack than pulse00:25
cipppi dont have any troubles in moths00:26
Romsterin moths lol00:26
cipppfor me monts with a distro it is a lot :)00:27
Romsternice typo00:27
cipppi start to use pulse few monts ago when firefox nightly ask for00:28
cipppit is ok, i dont need cups, but chrome browser ask for00:29
cipppit is the same for me and with pulse00:29
cipppchrome browser's00:30
crash_is firefox 52 gonna remove alsa support and just use pulse?00:30
cipppyou can build with alsa00:31
cipppno idea how long00:31
cipppbut bin from mozilla need pulse00:31
crash_oh well i need to bite the bullet then and install pulse00:33
cipppfirefox 57 will be a big change, will drop xul. if i cant customize the interface i will switch to vivaldi00:35
crash_i see, but that is some versions a head so maybe you have time to get something planned00:40
crash_pedja: thanks for the link00:44's an interesting read :)00:44
cipppmy plan is to continue to use firefox, if the changes are reasonable :)00:45
pedjaso, FF will nuke alsa because they can't sandbox it00:46
crash_indeed i have used firefox since 0.x and i will still use it if i can :)00:46
cippppedja: ty, now i know the reason00:47
cipppwas a bit strange coz pulse need alsa anyway and i said wtf00:48
pedjasomeone mentioned in that thread that chromium/chrome sandbox it just fine :)00:48
john_cephalopodaVivaldi is proprietary.00:49
pedjatrolling or truth, who knows00:49
john_cephalopodaI'm not fond of the firefox changes that are happening now. But all the alternatives are even worse.00:49
cipppjohn_cephalopoda: i dont care about proprietary00:50
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cipppif is free and i like it why to care00:50
john_cephalopodacippp: What I liked about firefox was, that it was an open project. The developer didn't hide anything, the about:config dialog is great and makes it easy to get rid of any annoyance. The addon base is giant, there's an add-on for everything.00:52
john_cephalopodaAnd it doesn't take 20 years to compile, like chromium.00:52
pedja"Just to be clear, I’m proposing we stop spending time on ALSA so we can spend that time on adding 5.1 audio support to our PulseAudio backend."wtf, indeed.00:54
cipppnow chrome have more addons than firefox, but it is a mess, addons with ads, duplicates, and so00:54
john_cephalopodaIt would probably be the best to write a new browser, that renders HTML correctly and is modular enough to allow for simple extension.00:58
cipppjohn_cephalopoda: i think this big changes are and because of the new engine01:01
joacimthere's uzbl01:04
joacimdepends on webkit tho01:04
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timcowchip firefox beta01:15
timcowchip google-chrome-stable01:17
pedjawell, who needs sound in the browser, anyway?01:25
john_cephalopodaActually I don't :þ01:27
john_cephalopodaStill it's a bad move - and sometimes having sound is quite handy.01:27
john_cephalopodaThere are just so many things that could be way better in computers.01:29
pedjaI love that he cites Apple's removal as headphone jack on iPhone as 'see, tough, unpopular decision that made the product better'01:30
john_cephalopodaThere are a lot of things that bother me about various computer things. For example, the fact that there is pretty much only one GUI lib that is not completely bloated.01:32
john_cephalopodaThen software that gets slower more rapidly than computers get faster.01:33
pedjathat's nothing new, since the dawn of computer era01:34
john_cephalopodaBut it gets worse and worse, and there's no real change happening.01:34
joacimfrom a productivity standpoint. i'm about as productive with a current computer as i am with an old one01:36
john_cephalopodaThe only project I know, that aims to improve that situation is the suckless project.01:37
john_cephalopodaI used dwm, their window manager, for quite some time, until I got sick of losing the configuration file that I have to compile into the program for the 100th time.01:39
john_cephalopodaNow I am using i3wm.01:39
john_cephalopodaIt's 2:40 am, I should sleep.01:40
john_cephalopodaSee you.01:40
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pedjaI've always used DE.KDE3 once upon a time, Xfce for a while now.It gets out of my way and it looks nice.Enough for me.01:41
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abenzfrinnst: you probably know about this already, but just in case:03:05
abenzthought you might find it interesting given the kind of work you do03:06
jaegerI made a port of that a while back03:08
jaegerdon't have it anymore, though03:08
frinnstyeah i know about it. pretty and verbose. but not very practical03:12
jaegerit's neat for a home user but not scalable or enterprise, really03:12
frinnsthaving to install & run nodejs on each system you want to monitor is braindead imo03:18
abenzwhen I read about the headless collector (slave) it seemed feasible for an enterprise..03:18
jaegerfirst I've heard of that, maybe they're adding more features03:20
frinnstyeah same here03:20
jaegerI should shut up until I look at it again, hehe03:20
frinnsti tried it a month or so ago and the developer said it wasnt on the roadplan iirc03:20
frinnstwe monitor everything with snmp and syslog currently03:21
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deep42thoughtHi, I was doing a 'prt-get depends $(prt-get listinst)' and noticed a lot "missing packages" - what does that mean? (How can I fix?)07:17
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Romsterdeep42thought, prt-get readme python-setuptools07:33
Romsterand the gstreamer compat stuff is dropped now. what is left depending on that?07:34
Romstergst-ffmpeg is replaced with gst-libav07:34
Romsterradeon-ucode i think is in linux-firmware now07:34
deep42thoughtso it's packages, which I once installed and are now not in the ports tree?07:35
Romsterlibmusicbrainz is in opt so i don't know why you haven't got that.07:35
Romsteroh right i'm on 3.2 still07:35
Romsterlibmusicbrainz i dropped nothing was using it.07:36
Romsterprt-get dependent libmusicbrainz07:36
Romsterrun that and see what uses it07:36
deep42thoughtlists nothing07:36
deep42thoughtso I can remove it07:36
Romsterthen it's probably safe to pkgrm that07:36
Romsteronce you are done use revdep to see if nothing is broken07:37
Romstergcc-libs ?07:37
Romstersh and hdf5? not sure about those.07:37
deep42thoughtwhat does "from ..." mean?07:37
Romsterno idea i have not see that before07:38
Romstergcc has the libs so that gcc-libs is something not in the official ports07:39
Romsterexiftool was unmaintained if you need that feel free to pick it up07:39
deep42thoughtah: gcc-libs -> vigra -> enblend-enfuse -> hugin07:39
deep42thoughtthis is my problem, now07:40
Romsteri am guessing avrdude gcc-libs sh and hdf5 are releated07:40
Romsterpkgrm all the gstreamer compat stuff and let me know if anything breaks after a rebuild with the gstreamer ports installed.07:40
Romsteri killed off the compat ports.07:40
Romstersetuptools has been renamed to python-setuptools in crux 3.3 only.07:41
Romsterprt-get remove appdirs pyparsing six pip packaging setuptools07:41
Romsterprt-get depinst python-setuptools07:41
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Romsteralso any programs that use C++ need a rebuild because the ABI changed from gcc 5.4.0 to 6.3.007:42
Romsteror you will get strange compile/run time errors07:42
Romsterwith new builds on gcc 6.3.0 that the other ports using the older C++ ABI on gcc 5.4.007:43
Romsteri'm slowly going though contrib ports fixing problems now07:45
deep42thoughtradeon-ucode _is_ in linux-firmware now07:47
Romsteryeah so that one is solved07:47
deep42thoughtok, revdep doesn't complain any more and now only my ports are problematic07:47
deep42thoughtI'll look at this later07:47
deep42thoughtthanks for your help :-)07:48
Romsterno problem07:48
Romsteri try to not make many breaking changes but name changes for python was a nice addition07:48
Romsteralso python3 is a thing now07:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: fdk-aac: 0.1.4 -> 0.1.507:58
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dfivehi guys. i think you need an initrd file to boot crux. where can you get it?09:21
deep42thoughtyou don't need one09:23
deep42thoughtor should I say "I don't need one"09:23
dfivedeep42thought: okay, good to know ;)09:25
dfivedeep42thought: so iäl go on and try to boot crux09:26
dfivethank you for that information09:26
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Romsterdfive, you only need a initramfs if your root is not accessible until you open or activate luks lvm2 or some other method to then mount root.09:45
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: atk-32: 2.22.0 -> 2.24.009:58
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libpng-32: 1.6.28 -> 1.6.2909:58
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libpthread-stubs-32: 0.3 -> 0.409:58
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libpng-32: fix footprint10:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 2.3 -> 2.411:44
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just_funHow do you test your ports? Because, in containers, you have to start fresh, with just the core, and reuse only the distfiles. If two packages depend on x, gtk3, python, etc, you build them twice.11:50
just_funI can't keep containers with core+gtk3, core+python, ..., because prt-get depinst could install gtk3+python+..., or python+gtk3+..., and the order matters11:52
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deep42thoughtwouldn't it be enough to provide the packages instead of recompiling the dependencies again and again?11:53
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Romsteri keep the dependencies and i only recompile if revdep complains or i bump a important port like gcc11:55
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just_fundeep42thought, meaning, "exporting" packages instead of "exporting" ports?11:56
deep42thoughtjust_fun: no, I mean install dependencies instead of compile and install dependencies11:56
Romsteri keep some packages at
Romsteri use a tool in romster/pkg-clean11:57
Romsterto remove all but core and a few other ports.11:57
Romsterbut to test properly you would need a container for each prt-get depinst foo11:57
Romsterwhat i do is share my ccache with my system and all my containers11:58
just_funNow I use a container for each and do depinst for my ports, but indeed, I should not rebuild dependencies, just reinstall them in the container.11:59
Romsterif you keep the containers you should just be able to bump the version and update than depinst12:00
just_funI'll do that, just trying to avoid rebuilding dependencies12:00
deep42thoughtwhat if the version of a dependency changed? Wouldn't you rebuild it then (even if a different container already rebuilt it)?12:01
Romsterjust use the one container and use my romster/pkg-clean12:01
deep42thoughtah, ok12:01
Romstercd /usr/ports/contrib; for p in * do; /usr/sbin/pkg-clean -r ; prt-get $p; done12:02
Romstersomething like that.12:02
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just_funMaybe ccache is safer, given the space. I'm thinking about: P1 (Dx, Dy) and P2 (Dy). I could reuse Dy, but Dy could be linked against optional Dx files.12:08
just_funand I don't want to bring Dx as a dependency for P212:09
Romsterexport CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux"12:09
Romsterthis makes ccache safe between tool chain versions and crux versions12:09
Romsteralso the C?XX flags i use in the containers are stock and my system is optimised so i end up with a few different objects for each source file.12:10
Romsternone interfere with each other providing you are careful with CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK12:11
Romsteralso changing CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK invalidates all the objects in the cache and has to make new objects with that as part of the hash.12:11
just_funRomster, do you set direct_mode to false? ("The direct mode fails to pick up new header files in some rare scenarios."/manual - caveats)12:13
Romsteri don't think i have12:17
Romsteri don't see it in ccache -s12:18
Romsterfiles in cache                    51456512:18
Romstercache size                          17.6 GB12:18
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just_funI'll need a couple of days to experiment with ccache, to see how fast is it in direct and preprocess mode, and how many hit/miss has on my ports.12:21
Romsterthat's after it caches it12:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-libwww: 6.15 -> 6.2412:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cdrdao: dropped port12:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-net-ssleay: 1.72 -> 1.8012:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-xml-writer: update footprint for new perl version12:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: rrdtool: 1.5.6 -> 1.6.012:57
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deep42thoughtwas cdrdao orphaned?14:04
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dfivemy crux installation always boots in blind mode :/ the following three lines show up on the screen:14:17
dfivegrub> boot14:18
dfiveerror: no suitable video mode found.14:18
dfiveBooting in blind mode14:18
dfiveany ideas what i can do to get the login prompt?14:18
deep42thoughthow does you grub.cfg look like?14:20
deep42thoughtor maybe you missed to compile some drivers into your kernel?14:21
deep42thoughtI'm not sure14:21
dfivedeep42thought: it is the default configuration file created with grub-mkconfig14:22
deep42thoughtok, that should be fine14:22
jaegerAre you using UEFI?14:22
dfiveyes jaeger, i'm using uefi14:23
jaegerdoes the grub.cfg that got generated have a section in it that loads gfxterm or fonts and "terminal_output gfxterm"?14:24
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dfivejaeger: yes, all three things are in the config file14:29
jaegerok, good. So it's likely the kernel, then. Check your kernel for CONFIG_X86_SYSFB, CONFIG_FB_EFI, and CONFIG_FB_SIMPLE14:30
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dfivejaeger: all equal there and all equal "y"14:32
dfivei went through the kernel config like described in uefi wiki page14:33
jaegerhrmm, odd.14:33
jaegerIf you boot into grub and hit 'c' for a command line, what do you get if you type in these?
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dfivejaeger: the last command gives me rectangles with question marks14:42
dfivejaeger: an error do i get from loadfont unifont14:43
dfiveerror: file '/boot/grub/fonts/unifont.pf2' not found.14:43
jaegerthe rectangles are because the font didn't load14:43
jaegeryou'll need to set your prefix to /usr/lib/grub on the right drive14:44
jaegersomething like "set prefix=(hd0,gpt2)/usr/lib/grub", substitute your proper numbers14:44
jaegerWith that said, if you can see the rectangles (or the font after setting the prefix), it should be good to go for video output14:48
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deus_exjaeger, you are using pulseaudio on Crux, right?any gotchas/magic spells you can share :) ?14:57
pedjaI've used your port, just bumped the version to 10.0.14:58
dfivejaeger: thanks a lot. i got it to boot!14:59
pedjaspeexdsp is new dependency, btw (I got a big scary 'No speex lib found' without it)14:59
pedjaso, I installed it and pavucontrol, started pavucontrol broke my sound :)15:00
pedjaI have a .asoundrc that I use, maybe that's the problem15:01
pedjauser docs on their site is almost 10 years old, so no help there15:03
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jaegerwas AFK, sorry15:25
jaegerdfive: great! What was missing?15:25
jaegerpedja: yeah, I use pulse on most of my machines these days, and configure alsa to send everything through it15:26
jaegerIt's been a while since I looked at the version, not surprised mine is behind. :)15:26
pedjaI am looking at PA configuration on Arch wiki.15:35
pedjaand I can't decide between full PA or PA just for the apps that need it.Hm.15:37
pedjait can't be this simple :)
jaegerI just install alsa-plugins after pulseaudio and use this asound.conf:
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cipppi have the same16:08
cipppand pulse start only if an app ask for16:09
pedjawell, I am impressed.It really is that simple :)16:09
pedjaI tried smplayer, youtube video, mpg123, deadbeef and tvtime at the same works just fine.16:11
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jaegerThat's the main reason I use pulse, honestly. alsa's dmix has never been a solid choice on my hardware16:12
cipppand can boost volume and switch easy from laptop speakers to monitor speakers on the fly, it is ok16:12
pedjabtw, jaeger , thanks for the asound.conf16:12
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jaegerno problem16:13
jaegeralso being able to adjust volume of individual audio streams is handy on occasion16:14
pedjaonly issue I have is, of course, with tvtime, which is a fiddly beast.16:14
pedjait has sound, but it doesn't react to volume up/down16:15
tsaopI am trying KDE connect16:19
tsaopit seems neat16:19
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