IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2017-03-20

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blueskyhey guys03:14
Guest40172do you normally use evdev or input-keyboard/mouse ?03:14
Guest40172for input drivers I mean03:14
Guest40172frinnst ?03:22
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jaegerlibinput most recently03:36
jaegergive it a try, works well03:36
Guest40172thanks jaeger03:44
Guest40172jaeger, talking of modern03:50
Guest40172I'm using mrxvt now03:50
Guest40172any newer/nicer terminals ?03:50
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jaegerI haven't really looked around recently... I still mostly use xterm or when using mate, mate-terminal04:24
jaegerI've tried urxvt a bit, too, needs some customization but otherwise good04:25
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brian|lfsWhat is urxvt sounds familer04:46
brian|lfsahh is it one of those very light weight window managers?05:04
jaegerIt's a terminal, not a WM05:07
brian|lfsah ok interesting05:07
brian|lfshow do I run it05:08
brian|lfsit seems pretty cool I'll eventually customize it05:15
brian|lfsthe Archlinux wikli seems to spell everythig out good05:15
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brian|lfsgot around to updating my website to say current CRUX release is 3.306:26
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timcowchipmate is at 1.8 now06:36
timcowchipI mean 1.1806:37
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brian|lfsugh HTML yuck not my strong point07:19
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Romsterhtml is easy it's the CSS javascript and other things that go with it07:28
abenzif I had backed up an old installation of crux07:31
abenzand now want to see list of installed apps on that installation07:32
abenzwithout booting into it, how can I do that?07:32
abenzcan I cat a file or so ?07:32
tilmanpkginfo -r /backup/is/mounted/there -l07:32
tilmani think i confused -i and -l07:35
tilmanbut you get the idea :p07:35
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abenzyup :)07:37
brian|lfsbackups over rated07:45
brian|lfsback to html I'm legally blind the " and the > and spacing and all drives me nuts07:46
brian|lfsmaybe drinking and HTML bad idea07:46
abenzwas pcmanfm dropped? Romster you had it in your repo didn't you?07:53
abenzopen to alternatives ..07:55
abenzusing openbox so minimal deps would be ideal07:55
frinnstnobody maintaned it08:15
frinnstit was unmaintained for +1 years08:15
abenzwhat do you use for a FM?08:18
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brian|lfsmy laptop with 32GB of ram coming today08:43
frinnstabenz: bash08:49
abenzhaha. too minimal ;)08:49
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abenzcongrats brian|lfs . more toys eh?08:51
brian|lfsya did have a working laptop lol08:55
brian|lfsI bought in in CA and parts to upgrade but was too fucking big to bring on a pane because I had my IPad pro with me lol08:55
abenzI see08:56
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brian|lfsI was thinking about putting CRUX on it but too much fucking work for a laptoop09:10
brian|lfsI don't want to wait 3 years to update everytime I use it09:10
frinnstcompiling qt5 while on battery power ftw09:15
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brian|lfswhy would you not plug power in09:35
frinnstwhen on the move?09:37
frinnsti dunno, I dont onwn a laptop09:37
frinnstexpensive, shitty screens, shitty keyboards09:38
frinnstno thanks09:38
brian|lfsahh ok you were refering to me09:38
brian|lfsso you kind of agree with me09:38
brian|lfsI've had several drinks so I am slow09:39
frinnstyeah. my old eeepc laptop ran debian09:39
brian|lfsahhh this guy that emailed about Plasma not working09:39
brian|lfsif I reply right now probably not be a nice response09:40
brian|lfsdon't get me wrong I run Plasma 5 and like it but its probably his gl settings09:40
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ryu0brian|lfs: 3 years? What is it, a 286?10:00
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brian|lfsryu0, I miss something10:33
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ryu0brian|lfs: joke. i pretended to take your statement literally.10:46
ryu0brian|lfs: a 286 is a very old type of x86 cpu.10:46
ryu0by today's standards, it's an antique.10:46
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brian|lfsyes it is11:01
brian|lfsI know what I 286 is I miss read lol11:01
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Romsteri picked up pcmanfm in contrib13:39
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timcowchipwhen I save a file in firefox like
timcowchipthe window that asks me where to save it is way too large18:51
tsaophello gents18:52
timcowchiphi tsaop18:52
cippptimcowchip: resize that window, if is not remember you window manager is guilty18:55
timcowchipis there a keyboard shortcut for resize?18:56
timcowchipthe window border is offscreen18:57
abenzalt+left mouse button18:57
abenzmost WM support that for resizing18:57
jaegerSome use that for moving windows rather than resizing19:00
timcowchipI was able to move and then resize, but firefox didn't remember19:01
timcowchiplumina's fault19:01
timcowchiplet me try fluxbox19:01
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timcowchipit works in fluxbox \o/19:07
timcowchipqterminal doen't work in fluxbox though19:08
timcowchipI had to run irssi in xterm19:08
timcowchipmy packages don't work :(19:08
tsaopmake them work19:15
tsaopcheck for any error messages19:16
tsaopand for obviously wrong locations in the .footprint19:16
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timcowchipqterminal works now \o/19:27
timcowchipalso I spoke too soon, fluxbox doesn't remember the size of the firefox window19:33
abenzyes correct, right resizes, left moves.19:34
abenzalways confuse the two19:34
timcowchipoh right
timcowchipguess I can live with it then19:35
abenzabout the other prob19:35
abenzwhen I get issues like that I move my profiles19:35
abenzie, inside ~/.config/ you have all sorts of configs there19:36
timcowchipI'll try it19:36
abenzfind the usual suspects (ie WM, etc) and move them eg: mv openbox openbox.old19:36
abenztry with a few things (including firefox itself)19:37
timcowchipgot to got the dentist now :(19:37
timcowchipwhat's the best time for a dentist appointment?19:37
timcowchip2:30 (tooth hurty)19:38
abenzmorning = cant enjoy food throughout the day. Night = cant sleep19:38
abenzjust get it done asap I suppose19:38
timcowchipthanks abenz :)19:38
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joacimbest time is during work20:31
joacimthat way you get time off20:31
tsaopthen when you get back, you have piles of work that you gotta do20:33
tsaopnot a good move20:33
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] openssh: updated to 7.5p1. Fixes 2 potential security problems.21:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gtk3: updated to 3.22.1121:24
joacimthat's what the extras and interns are for21:48
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