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brian|lfsinteresting opt isn't syncing right now01:27
brian|lfsdomain must be having issues01:27
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brian|lfshmmmm is there a new type of toucepad on skylake laptops my touchpad isn't working at all in Linux02:29
jaegerdoubt it's anything skylake-specific but there are a few different types of touchpad02:37
jaegersynaptics, elantouch, etc.02:38
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frinnstF U C K hpe.com11:03
frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:~$ curl
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pedja"Qt: Failed to create XKB context!" (qt-5.8.0)12:52
pedjareally, qt devs?again?12:52
pedja20th century: I send an email to government agency.21st century: I get the reply within an hour.12:59
pedjaand it's not 'sod off, peasant'13:00
pedjaI am so looking forward to building qt5 again (not really)13:02
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frinnsti've never had that error with 5.8.016:07
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abenzRomster: I don't see pcmanfm in your repos, however I do see spaceFM16:43
abenzhow about Ranger? seems interesting..16:47
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onoderanoice is also nice17:49
onoderait's much simpler than ranger, but also noticeably faster17:49
onoderaerr, responsive would be a better word17:50
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timcowchipit seems that fluxbox is the culprit for not remembering window sizes18:04
timcowchipopenbox remembers18:04
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timcowchipI'd like to use crux as my sole OS when my new computer gets here18:27
timcowchipbut it looks like I'm going to have too learn to live with its shortcomings first18:28
timcowchiplike no systemD........jk :D18:29
jaegernobody's forcing you18:29
timcowchipthe fluxbox thing might not be just crux18:30
timcowchipso far I've gotten crux to do everything I use my computer for18:31
timcowchipprinting, mounting my android device, my ntfs media hub18:32
timcowchipgoing to try the fluxbox window size thing on void linux18:33
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timcowchipapparently its a crux/fluxbox thing18:46
timcowchipffuxbox remembers window size with void18:47
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timcowchipguess I can use crux without fluxbox18:54
timcowchipand therefore without lumina18:55
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timcowchipwhen is mate getting updated?18:56
timcowchipshoot, I should be able to use kf5 on my new computer18:57
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pedjaif you are feeling brave, there is a Xfce repo (maintained by me, hence the brave part :) )19:09
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pedjaI really should set up pass as SSH_ASKPASS, that looks neat19:24
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frinnsttimcowchip: its a fluxbox setting19:56
frinnstyou need to tell fluxbox to remember the window size19:56
pedjaas a law, new stable version of the kernel is released minutes after I updated to the previous version19:57
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frinnstgregkh hates you pedja19:57
pedjahe should get a number, that particular queue is looooong19:59
pedjafrinnst, what is 'Vega 10'?20:00
timcowchipfrinnst:fluxbox setting like ?20:01
timcowchipthat is from ~/.fluxbox/apps20:02
timcowchipor session.screen0.fullMaximization:false from ~/.fluxbox/init20:04
pedja40k+ lines of code.damn, AMD, you're taking this Linux support thingie seriously :)20:05
timcowchipwhat setting do you use frinnst?20:05
timcowchipsurely you have had occasion to download and save something with firfox20:06
timcowchipI know there is a firefox setting to always save to a specific directory and not ask20:07
pedjatimcowchip, Preferences/General/Download ?20:13
timcowchipI like to be asked20:14
timcowchipI might want to save to Downloads one time and Documents the next20:14
timcowchipits not just firefox that opens a oversized dialog20:15
timcowchipif I resize the oversized dialog in openbox to one that fits my screen20:16
timcowchipthe next time that dialog opens it fits my screen20:17
timcowchipnot so with fluxbox20:17
timcowchip"obviously" I have to tell fluxbox to remember the size20:17
timcowchipstill waiting to here how to do so20:18
timcowchipslackware fluxbox doesn't need to be told20:19
timcowchipvoid linux fluxbox doesn't need to be told20:19
timcowchipthat tells me its not a fluxbox problem20:27
timcowchipsince they all use the same source20:27
timcowchipand their package scripts are pretty vanilla20:28
pedjafluxbox port is pretty basic, too20:33
pedjatimcowchip, are you hitting a bug while using it with lumina or by itself?20:35
frinnsttimcowchip: just right click on a window and "remember" -> "save on close" for example20:38
timcowchipwith lumina and fluxbox20:38
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timcowchipfrinnst: it didn't work20:41
pedjaACTION hugs xfwm4.xfwm4 slaps pedja.20:41
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timcowchip right click in firefox and "save Link as"20:44
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timcowchipyou guys probably all have huge monitors20:46
pedjafrinnst has a couple20:46
pedjajaeger too, iirc20:46
pedjawhat's a 'huge' monitor these days?30 something inch?20:47
timcowchipI'm rockin' a 14 inch so yeah20:47
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pedjapics, please, it's been a while since I saw one of those :)20:48
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timcowchipisn't it ugly?20:51
pedjabeauty is in the eye of the beholder20:51
pedja(one of the best episodes of The Twilight Zone ever, too)20:52
timcowchipI remember20:53
pedjaDell 2312HM is one of mine smartest purchases20:53
timcowchipmy new mb has an hdmi port20:54
pedjathat's Intel IGP?20:56
pedjaintegrated graphics thingie20:56
pedjaI am not sold on the all 'put the graphics card on the CPU' thing20:59
pedjait has it's uses, for a laptop or something, but for desktop?hm20:59
timcowchipdo you have a graphics card or onboard?21:06
pedja24:Legacy is so lame. I stopped watching it after episode 421:29
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crash_i did't even start watching :)21:44
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cippphow so, just today was1-822:03
pedjadon''s bfa22:04
cipppi can paste pirate links ? :)22:04
pedjause pastebin22:04
pedjalinks for the shows are pretty easy to find.shows worth watching, otoh22:06
pedjaI wouldn't bother with 24:Legacy, Taken is much more fun :)22:07
pedjaresourceful, that one22:08
cipppi dont like it very much, from what is new now i like: the badlands22:08
cipppapb is fun22:09
pedjayeah, Return to the Badlands is awesome.S2 is off to a great start22:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.24.022:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.24.022:10
cipppnow i watch: the americans22:10
pedjaThe Widow is...damn22:10
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: updated to 17.0.222:10
pedjaThe Americans is one of the most under-rated shows on TV today, imho22:11
cipppi dint know about him until few days when start the new season22:12
cipppit is good22:12
cipppat least season 122:12
pedjaI highly recommend it to anyone that listens :)22:12
pedjasyfy did a smart thing and gave The Expanse season 3.It is epic.22:13
pedjathat and The Travelers are the best sci-fi I watched for years.22:15
cipppim curios if that "im not remember the name" police man will come back from dead22:15
cippphe crash on venus22:15
pedjaI have the books, but I am not reading them yet22:16
cipppthe books are better than movies almost all time, for me22:17
pedjaaltough the series diverges from the books somewhat22:17
cipppbut i dont read so much now22:17
pedjatechnical docs?all the time.actual fiction?it's been a while22:17
cipppvideo is more easy , and im lazy22:17
cipppi dont understand all words from english22:18
cipppi need subtitles22:18
joacimthe expanse is getting kinda drama22:19
joacimthats the one thing i dont like about current shows22:19
Worksterabenz__, it's in contrib/pcmanfm22:21
frinnstno its not Workster22:24
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frinnstnot in 3.3 atleast22:25
frinnstI dont see it atleast22:27
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j_vat-spi2-core footprint includes files built against gobject-introspection, which is not on the depends line23:18
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j_vonondera: I agree about noice... it is just enough for when I actually like to use such a thing23:24
j_voops, sorry onodera, didn't mean to respell your nick23:29

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