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timcowchipbeesoft commander00:01
jaegerstarting to work on MATE 1.18, finally00:03
jaegerMight as well skip 1.16 at this point00:13
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timcowchiptrue dat :)00:20
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Worksterwell hell i picked that port up in 3.2 and it never got merged into 3.300:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pcmanfm: merged from contrib/3.200:29
timcowchipcould I do that with qupzilla if I was on the contrib team?00:31
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Worksteryeah if you apply and get accepted00:48
timcowchipalready applied00:52
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timcowchipI sent an email to crux-contrib on Feb 2600:56
timcowchipshould I resend it?00:56
timcowchipor should I take no response as a "no"?00:57
timcowchipmy new computer should be here tomorrow00:58
timcowchipso I'm going t be happily building packages either way00:59
jaegerThe last email I see on the contrib ML is from may01:00
timcowchiplast year?01:00
jaegerWell, may hasn't come yet this year01:00
timcowchipok I'll resend01:00
jaegerso yes :)01:00
jaegerWhere exactly did you send it?01:00
timcowchipis that the right one?01:02
jaegerhrmm, should be01:02
jaegerI just got one from you now01:03
jaegerthough its timestamp is from 7 hours ago01:03
timcowchipI resent it01:03
timcowchipI use localtime01:03
jaegerLooks like my crux-contrib filter is failing, that's why. I see your previous one now, too. But not in the right folder01:04
jaegerSorry for the confusion01:04
timcowchipok np01:04
jaegerThe link in your response is 404 for me01:04
timcowchipmy email link?01:04
timcowchipoh right01:05
jaegerThe link in your email to the bitbucket repo01:05
jaegerah, I see it's been deleted01:05
jaegerThat explains the 404, heh. Did you publish it somewhere else?01:05
timcowchipI moved my ports to github01:05
timcowchipthey're published on portsdb01:06
jaegerAh, ok. I didn't realize that01:06
jaegerprtverify shows /usr/share/locale in audacity but otherwise looks ok01:07
timcowchipI'll fix that01:09
timcowchiprm -rf ${PKG}/usr/share/locale/ ought to do it01:10
timcowchipgotta step away for a bit01:12
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timcowchipok so these are ports that aren't in core opt or xorg02:03
jaegeror contrib02:04
jaegerBasically, if your ports use ports that aren't in core, opt, or xorg, you should provide them in your repo, or maybe at least note that they require someone else's repo, too02:05
timcowchipis mesa the same as mesa3d?02:05
jaegerWell, it's your port so I'm not sure, but it seems likely02:06
timcowchipI was planning on noting that tsaop's kf5 repo contains kwindowsystem and oxygen-ivons02:07
timcowchipmesa3d is in xorg02:07
timcowchipI'll change the depends of qupzilla from mesa to mesa3d02:08
timcowchipand setuptools to python-setuptools in podcastparser02:10
timcowchipgtk2 to gtk in isomaster02:10
timcowchippython2 to python in audacity02:12
jaegerAnother thing you should do in general is test that your ports build properly from a safe environment, that the deps are all correct02:13
jaegeryou could use a VM, or docker, or something else and it certainly takes a fair amount of time, but it does a LOT of port quality02:13
timcowchipI should be able to use vm on the new machine02:13
timcowchipnot possible on atom02:14
jaegersome atoms support vt-x, though not all, definitely02:14
timcowchipI'll also fork redland soundtouch and the handbrake deps to my repo02:15
timcowchipactually the handbrake deps are just misnamed02:21
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joacimi've used a chroot environment in the past for building ports02:27
joacimbut keeping it clean is a bit of a chore02:27
joacimwell. the way i did it was a bit of a chore =)02:27
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jaegerI used to do it with VMs and snapshots, mostly use docker for it now. I don't really feel like it's better or worse but since I maintain the docker ports I use it a lot to make sure things work02:28
timcowchipI've never used VMs or docker02:30
timcowchipI've tried chroot on salix and nutyx02:30
timcowchipit confused me02:31
timcowchipwich is simpler VMs or docker?02:31
joacimi don't really know what docker is tbh02:31
joacimseems like magic02:31
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Worksterromster/pkg-clean comes with a man page on how it works. is what i use in docker but it'll also work in a chroot or vm02:54
abenzWorkster: much appreciated. Good day to you mate02:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.0.1 -> 17.0.202:56
Worksterabenz, i thought it was merged but wasn't i haven't moved off 3.2 yet on my desktop02:57
brian|lfsah your not a daring dipshit like me lol02:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: at-spi2-core: add missing dependency gobject-introspection03:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: atk: remove redundant dependency glib03:26
Worksterj_v, frinnst, fixed it ^03:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gsmartcontrol: initial import06:38
timcowchipI removed lumina-desktop from my repo07:06
timcowchipbesides having dependencies that don't exist in core, opt, xorg or contrib07:07
timcowchipbesides fluxbox window manager issues07:07
timcowchipit also doesn't reboot or shutdown properly07:08
timcowchipthe only linux distros that reboot and shutdown worked for me in lumina were systemD distros07:09
timcowchipI have also removed audacity temporarily07:10
timcowchipI will attempt to rebuild it without redland on my new computer07:11
timcowchipit takes forever to build on my atom07:11
timcowchipI thought I might also try to build lxqt07:12
timcowchipit would be nice to have a qt5 desktop07:13
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frinnsthaha my colleagues current support call:09:09
frinnstQ "What kind of laptop do you have"09:10
frinnstA "It's a Samsung"09:10
frinnstQ "What model?"09:10
frinnstA "Syncmaster BX2331"09:10
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frinnst2yay, disconnected09:18
frinnst2isp should be switching over09:19
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frinnst2The Fireware XTM Web UI from WatchGuard requires Adobe Flash.09:24
frinnst2fuck you09:24
abenza "securtiy appliance"09:40
abenzRomster: can you bump pcmanfm pls? 1.2.5 is out09:41
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otwieracz> controlled environment10:36
otwieraczjust like doing pkgmk as root. ;)10:37
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chinarulezzzHi all. I'm trying to compile ssvnc ( and get the following error:10:55
chinarulezzzimake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/lib/X11/config10:55
chinarulezzzsh: 1: /tmp/imakeZgTr32: Permission denied10:55
chinarulezzzmake: *** [Makefile:50: config] Error 13410:55
chinarulezzzIn fstab /tmp is mounted in this way:10:57
chinarulezzztmp  /tmp  tmpfs   rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,mode=1777,size=1G 0 010:57
chinarulezzzand pkgmk:10:58
chinarulezzzpkgmk  /usr/ports/work tmpfs   size=8G,uid=100,defaults 0 010:58
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otwieraczwell, it's noexec.11:25
otwieraczAnd imake is doing something outside of work directory, probably.11:26
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chinarulezzzotwieracz: you are right, thanks.11:47
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abenzI cant access that, is it down?11:55
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frinnst2 <- xautolock12:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pcmanfm: 1.2.4 -> 1.2.513:04
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abenzfrinnst: Romster: cheers gents15:02
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timcowchipshoot........lxqt-config depends on libkscreen and it depends on kwayland18:33
timcowchipcan't get a qt5 desktop without some kf5 packages18:35
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abenzfrinnst: xautolock fails to build. I think its due to gcc618:49
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cippp=======> Building '/home/cippp/xautolock/xautolock#2.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.19:09
cipppget patches from here:
cippp14-... fix compilation19:10
cipppabenz: ^19:10
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timcowchipgotta go pick up my new pewter21:07
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timcowchipoops sorry, didn't know it would be so long21:13
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