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vsteveis it normal for 'hostname -i' to list more than one ip for a system, even if one of the ips isn't actually being used?00:23
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jaegermy connection is advertised as 150/50 but it's usually more like 180/1200:36
jaegervsteve: if you have multiple ones assigned, probably. it only lists one for me on a couple boxes00:37 problem i'm having is that I have one system, let's say it's named "blah", previously, when i'd use my laptop to connect to blah, blah would resolve correctly to the ip of the system00:37
vstevethe other week I did a full reinstall of the system on blah, but reinserted the same config files that went into the old-blah00:38
vstevenow I can't do 'blah' to connect anymore, now I have to do the full blown ip00:38
ryu0Try dig?00:38
jaegersounds like a DNS issue00:38
ryu0or nslookup00:39
vstevewhat's dig?00:39
ryu0it's a bind tool, iirc, for doing a dns test.00:39
jaegera dns query tool00:39
ryu0most just use DNS to resolve domain names.00:39
ryu0but there's tools like nslookup or dig that can help you debug DNS issues.00:40
jaegeror host00:40
ryu0there's a lot of network tools of use. ping is another notable one.00:40
vsteveso ping works00:40
ryu0that tells you that there's a route to your destination.00:41
jaegerand does it resolve to the ip you expect it to?00:41
vsteveinterestingly, host -4 blah tells me there are two IPs for blah00:41
vstevewhich I know is a lie00:41
Workstervsteve, did you run rejmerge and check changes?00:41
vstevei've never heard of rejmerge00:41
ryu0vsteve: that could be true if it has 2 different interfaces to your network.00:41
vsteveryu0, it only has one physically connected link at the moment00:42
ryu0Ok. check what the DNS resolves to?00:42
ryu0dig is far more informative.00:42
vsteveso here's the dumb part, it looks like blah is pointing to two IPs00:43
vsteveone of the IPs was the IP like...a  month ago00:43
ryu0where is the DNS server located?00:43
vstevethen dhcp did what it does and renewed the lease at some point00:43
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ryu0is it part of the DHCP server, like dnsmasq?00:43
vsteveI assume the dns server is just my lame home router00:43
vsteveI have some generic off the shelf verizon thing00:44
jaegerIt'll be the nameserver entry in /etc/resolv.conf00:44
ryu0oh, blah. ISP router. those suck.00:44
ryu0i would only trust my ISP with a minimal setup: a modem.00:44
vstevei'm working up to that00:45
vstevewhen I edit resolv.conf, what do I reinvoke to have it pull in the changes?00:47
ryu0but then i have cable right.00:48
Worksteri use unbound for my own dns server00:49
Worksterand query the root servers directly00:49
Worksterused to use opendns but they cyber squat non-existent domains to parked pages of adds00:50
vsteveoh...I fixed it00:51
vstevethe default crux scripts somehow have a weird tendency to point to devices that don't even exist in my system00:51
vsteveso /etc/rc.d/net was defined to point to an enp0s11 which i've never had00:52
ryu0vsteve: ... newer udev renames network devices in a way that is consistent within a system but not between them.00:52
vstevewithin a system...but not between them?00:53
vsteveI get within a system00:53
vstevebut why should it be any more or less consistent between systems?00:54
vsteveassuming between means considering physically separate systems00:54
ryu0vsteve: because different systems don't necessarily connect network devices to the host in the same way.00:55
vsteveI guess because of pcie layouts?00:55
ryu0hence, they will vary in the new naming scheme.00:55
ryu0the new naming scheme is based on how they're connected to the host or so i was told.00:56
jaegeryes, bus enumeration00:56
vstevethere we go00:56
jaegerwhich generally won't change, unless you change hardware around00:56
vstevethat makes sense00:56
jaegeryou can also turn that feature off if you want to00:56
vsteveI don't need to...I do miss the old eth0 name scheme, but I can live with this00:56
vsteveit's all 100% transparent to me if it's working00:56
ryu0if it bothers you so much it can be disabled.00:57
vsteveit doesn't bother me enough to do that00:57
ryu0me? i just make a mental note to review my interface mapping when i switch the config to a new host.00:57
vsteveI thought I had, but I must have done something different00:58
vstevewhat still confuses me is whatever auto-populates the rc.d/ scripts to point to <somedevice> pointed to a device that didn't exist at all00:58
vsteveenp11s0 doesn't grace a single inch of ifconfig00:58
vsteveand to the best of my knowledge this particular system has never gone 'all the way to 11'01:00
Worksternewer udev uses pcie socket names that wont change on the physical hardware01:00
Worksteri had one change on me when i pulled out a second PCIe x8 graphics card making the primary PCIe slot go back to x16 lanes. that renamed my network interface.01:01
Worksterand i was going wtf why is my network not working01:01
vsteveso...when do the rc.d/ scripts get modified?  at bootup?  or just at system install time?01:02
Worksterapparently with video cards you get 2 sockets but with 2 video card it reverts to the 1 socket than 2.01:02
vstevebecause something somewhere put enp11s0 in there and it wasn't me01:02
Worksteronly when you run rejmerge01:02
Worksterand merge in the changes01:02
Worksteror update rather01:02
vstevewait...update, like prt-get sysup?01:02
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Worksterwhen you merge any conflicts that show up you then exit01:02
Worksterrejmerge is for rejected merges of config files01:03
Worksteryou run that after a sysup/update01:03
vsteve...maybe you do01:03
vstevei've never heard of it before tonight01:03
Worksterto fix any configuration changes01:03
Worksterjust type sudo rejmerge01:03
vstevehow long has this been a thing?01:03
Worksterkeep, update, merge, skip01:03
Workstersince forever01:04
vsteveoh boy01:04
jaegervsteve: there isn't an auto-populate - enp11s0 is probably just the interface I had when I wrote up that script01:04
Worksterand on merge you can edit then install if you hit a conflict01:04
jaegerIt's intended that you either use DHCP (which means you don't need to care about the device) or you change it to match your system01:04
vsteveholy crap, so....i've literally never done this in the full year or two i've been using crux01:05
jaegerIf you use DHCP it doesn't matter01:05
vsteveah, that might be why01:05
jaegerdhcpcd can find interfaces on its own01:05
Workstervsteve, rejmerge is mentioned there01:05
WorksterAnother option is to use rejmerge. For each rejected file found in /var/lib/pkg/rejected/, rejmerge will display the difference between the installed version and the rejected version. The user can then choose to keep the installed version, upgrade to the rejected version or perform a merge of the two.01:05 it is01:06
Worksteryou should also use revdep after a major update/sysup too01:06
vstevewell, i'm in dhcp land so I'll stick to what jaeger said, but I'll keep this in my back pocket01:06
vstevebut...this explains a LOT01:06
Worksterdhcp doesn't use the device in net01:07
Worksteras jaeger pointed out01:07
Worksternow you feel stupid lol, don't worry we all did stupid things.01:08
Worksterlive and learn01:08
vsteveI keep misreading things01:08
vstevewelp.....changing the device is what I've done previously in wlan with dhcpd and that worked01:08
Worksteralso "ip a" will show your network interfaces01:09
Worksterbbl lunch01:09
vsteveI just modified the device anyway and rebooted because it's been up for weeks now anyway01:10
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vstevecan you force release an ip?01:17
jaegercheck the dhcpcd man page, I think it's -k01:18
vstevei'm at a loss01:19
vstevethe system still thinks that is relevant somehow01:19
vstevenothing can route to that ip because nothing is actually using it01:19
vstevehostname -i lists the real ip and the dead 222 one01:20
vsteveand I think something in there is breaking dns01:20
jaegerhow about the output of 'ip a', 'ifconfig -a', 'cat /etc/hosts' ?01:20
jaegerand 'cat /etc/rc.d/net' if it's not the default01:21
vsteveip a makes no mention of any ip ending in 22201:21
vstevenor does ifconfig01:22
jaegerok, so clarify what you mean by "the system still thinks"01:22
jaegerwhere are you seeing the .222 address show up?01:22
vstevehostname -i01:22
jaegerthat's the ONLY place?01:22
vsteveit..seems so01:22
jaegerwhat about a brute force grep -r \.222 /etc ?01:23
vsteveso 222 brings up a great many things, none of which are related01:24
vsteve192.168.1.222 brings up nothing01:24
jaegerok. another brute force idea... install strace and try 'strace -f hostname -i'01:24
jaegerit'll be a LOT of output01:24
vsteveI love strace01:25
vstevethat's the kind of brute force intensity I can get behind01:25
vstevewould it be easier for me to do strace -f hostname -i | grep ?01:26
jaegerI wouldn't recommend it, that may hide something useful01:26
vsteveok, so in the big world of strace -f, what am I looking for?01:27
jaegerfile opens or something interface-related, maybe, to see where that IP comes from01:27
jaegerthe only way I can get my hostname -i to show multiple addresses is to put multiple ones in /etc/hosts01:28 stupid router is doing this01:29
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vsteveor that seems to be it01:29
jaegerI did mention 'cat /etc/hosts' above, heh01:29
vstevethe last few lines of output here say nothing about that ip until "recvfrom(stuff/router/more stuff) write (stuff,, more stuff)01:30
vstevewell..yeah etc hosts doesn't say anything01:30
vsteve# # /etc/hosts: static lookup table for host names #  # IPv4       localhost #<ip-address>   <>   <aliases>  # IPv6 #::1            ip6-localhost   ip6-loopback #fe00::0        ip6-localnet #ff00::0        ip6-mcastprefix #ff02::1        ip6-allnodes #ff02::2        ip6-allrouters #ff02::3        ip6-allhosts  # End of file01:31
vstevethat's my etc/hosts01:31
vsteveit's as plain as it comes by a default install i think01:31
jaegeryeah, looks alright, despite the formatting01:31
vsteveso my guess is whatever mechanism serves up dns on my router is just...retarded and thinks 222 is still active somehow01:33
jaegerMaybe you can clear leases out of your router... or reboot it or somethinig01:34
vsteveeven though it also has the new ip registered with the proper hostname01:34
jaegerdoes it have a decent web UI?01:34
vstevemore or less, it's been ages since I've poked around in there01:34
vstevemy first firewall was BSD based, so anything else throws me all the way off01:34
vstevebut I'll muddle through01:35
jaegerI use pfsense, myself01:35
vsteveI used monowall back in the day before it turned into pfsense01:35
vstevefine, fine pieces of software01:35
vstevemaybe this is the year I get in deep with pfsense01:36
vsteveanyway, time to beat the router01:36
jaegerIt's definitely my favorite these days. I even worked for a company that sold devices and support in the past01:36
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vstevei'm gounna throw that router off a damn bridge01:43
vstevethat's what it was01:43
vsteverouter just needed a reboot01:43
vsteveI've put the system back in dhcp mode, everything is fine now01:44
vsteveanyway, thanks as always for trying to sanity check me01:44
vsteveI know it's not easy01:44
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abenzjaeger: the company you worked for, did they sell x86 towers/racks or embedded (eg alix boards) style systems?04:34
jaegeralix, x86 1U boxes, and some mini-itx04:35
abenzcan I ask how large was the company? num of employees?04:39
abenzalways curious to hear about OSS businesses04:40
jaeger5-7 depending on when. I was only there a year before they basically shut down04:40
abenzshutdown due to fininancial isssues I assume?04:40
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timcowchipwhat's that bash line in the build portion of pkgfile?07:06
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timcowchipexport CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash07:44
timcowchipto answer my own question07:44
abenzno installation, I simply cloned the repo and ran ranger.py07:45
abenzfind it very nice and usable as main FM07:45
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crash_i have not tried ranger11:16
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deep42thoughtHi, since my kernel update to 4.10 (from 4.9.11), I don't _see_ my ttys (ctrl+alt+f1-f6) any more, however, I can still (blindly) login and execute commands. Do you have any similar experience and/or an idea, what part I forgot to configure?18:53
deep42thoughtI should mention: I did not turn off any options in .config (from 4.9 to 4.10) - probably only "forgot" to turn on a new option.18:55
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cipppi have 4.10.2, it is ok19:12
cipppim not remember what i changed on update19:15
deep42thoughtI didn't notice until today, when I accidentally broke x and tried to log in to a tty :-/19:16
deep42thought(x is working again, now)19:17
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cippp1im a liar19:21
cippp1its working if i quit from x19:21
cippp1then i can use alt+f2,f3 ...19:21
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cippp1not if x is running19:21
cippp1can be and my wm config, im not sure19:22
ryu0deep42thought: maybe they're just being shy. :-)19:22
deep42thoughtI executed "/etc/rc.d/slim stop" to stop x and got an image of my executed commands, but still new stuff I typed would not show up (but execute)19:23
deep42thoughtI'm going to deactivate "CONFIG_SYNC_FILE", it seems the closest related variable I activated ...19:25
deep42thoughtI can't :-(19:27
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