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BitPuffinI should probably upgrade my crux installation00:31
BitPuffincurrently running 3.1 xD00:31
BitPuffinfrinnst: is it safe to go directly from 3.1 to 3.3 or do I need to upgrade to 3.2 and then to 3.300:34
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BitPuffinor maybe someone else knows00:45
BitPuffinit's pretty late here in sweden so maybe frinnst aint up00:45
jaegerIt should be mostly ok, though you might look at setup-helper for injected packages00:49
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BitPuffinjaeger: that's a command yeah?00:50
jaegerIt's on the ISO and called by setup00:51
jaegeryou can find it on the ISO or in the gitweb ui00:51
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BitPuffinjaeger: ah alright cool00:59
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BitPuffinbut what do you mean by injected packages :P00:59
jaegerfor example, firefox added autoconf-2.13 as a dep01:00
jaegerso when upgrading, if you had firefox installed, autoconf-2.13 got injected01:01
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timcowchipmy 14 inch KDS monitor finally died01:16
timcowchipon a positive note I was able to build audacity-2.1.2 without any outside dependencies01:18
timcowchipit works with ffmpeg01:19
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BitPuffinjaeger: ah right makes sense01:39
BitPuffinIt's on a server with very few things installed01:40
BitPuffinso I think it should be mostly good01:40
BitPuffinI'll probably recompile all ports etc01:40
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Romsteri just updated from crux 3.2 to 3.3 finally02:10
Romsteron my desktop02:10
abenzcongrats Romster :)02:11
Romsteri know i am late to the party02:11
Romsterall my other boxens been on crux 3.3 for quite some time02:11
abenzwas it an upgrade or a clean install?02:11
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Romsterstill doing other updates and rejmerge and stuffs02:13
Romsterrevdep and i'll then do a full recompile of everything.02:13 error: macro AX_APPEND_COMPILE_FLAGS is not defined. Is autoconf-archive installed?02:14
Romsterokay looks like hexchat has an issue but i didn't see that before.02:14
abenzcompiled fine here02:15
Romsternot everything is sysup-ed in core yet02:15
Romsterugh my rejmerge nor my contrib or compat-32 .rsync files changed from 3.2 to 3.3 i had to edit them manually jaeger02:24
Romsterand i used the cd mount, setup setup-chroot ... later rejemrge no changes for that.02:24
Romsterbut i didn't have the .inactive files either for them two so i guess that might be the reason02:31
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BitPuffinRomster: dude I still have to upgrade from 3.1 to 3.3 If you're late, then I'm dead to the party02:51
BitPuffinwhat do you guys think of this
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jaegerRomster: check the logic in setup to see what it's doing, maybe that will explain it03:12
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Romsterah i am missing autoconf-archive for my hexchat07:11
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j_vgtk pkg from 3.3 iso is built against xorg-libxdamage but does not depend on it14:16
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pedjaj_v, what do you mean, 'does not depend on it'?it's not listed in Depends: line ?14:45
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j_vpedja: yes, xorg-libxdamage is not on depends line for gtk, but gtk package on 3.3 iso is built against xorg-libxdamage, as seen by running readelf -d against the built libraries in the gtk package14:57
pedjaj_v, it's indirect dependency.14:58
pedjaone of mesa3d's, iirc14:58
j_vI am fairly certain it does not show up indirectly either14:59
j_vprt-get quickdep gtk | grep xdamage14:59
pedjayou are a bug :)15:02
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pedjaansible has rc's for 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, that's not confusing *at all*15:13
j_vnot sure if bug should be against gtk port or against the iso. gtk builds fine or with or without xorg-libxdamage installed. the easy fix for the port is probably just add the dep; the fix for the iso implies need for a method to build the package in pristine environment.15:15
j_vI am working on a solution for pristine build environment, have it working here, but it is not quite ready for public consumption.15:21
pedjaI use Docker container15:23
j_vyes, that is good method... I think Romster uses that, too. Mine uses I am working on it as a pkgmk wrapper script that can be called by prt-get instead of using fakeroot15:25
j_vmy current development is at
cipppwhy container vs fakeroot ? for reproductible packages ? or ?15:50
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j_vcippp: reproducible for one, also I have run into at least one package that won't build correctly with fakeroot... texlive.15:52
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cipppfor sure arch have some tricks for build, i never use it, im remember is huge15:54
cipppmaybe im remember wrong15:55
j_valso, I am curious about working on some kind of dependency division between build depends and runtime depends15:55
j_vthough that implies a good deal of complexity, so I'm not convinced it is worth the effort yet15:56
cipppnice, but i think cant be used with crux15:56
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j_vcippp: might be true, and might not be worth it anyways15:57
cipppi run from time to time a script, check_libs, for recursive ldd15:58
j_vcippp: that looks nice and straight forward16:02
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timcowchipjust updated QupZilla to 2.1.2 using sysup19:22
timcowchipof course I have my own repo in /etc/ports19:22
timcowchipI could also maintain it in contrib if approved19:23
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timcowchipwhy does "ports -u" keep editing the same files?20:32
timcowchipanyone?..... anyone?........ Beuller?20:35
jaegermore detail is needed20:45
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timcowchipports -u keeps editing /timc/QupZilla/.footprint .md5sum .signature20:49
timcowchipbut they don't change when looking at those files in an editor (scite)20:50
jaegercheck if the upstream REPO file is correct20:50
timcowchipmfd5sum in upstream repo= 84e4b9dda1e0bb5ad96f3b87f9fc1328  QupZilla-2.1.2.tar.xz20:51
timcowchipsame as /usr/ports/timcow/QupZilla/.md5sum20:52
jaegerI've run into that in the past when I forgot to update the REPO file. I didn't dig into why, though, just updated it20:54
timcowchipI'll try update the REPO file20:55
timcowchipUpdating collection timcow20:58
timcowchipFinished successfully20:59
timcowchipthanks jaeger :)20:59
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