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j_vfrinnst: thanks for you comment on FS#1394. I have requested closure since it is no issue.00:59
j_vI have also requested closure on FS#1279, since it has been fixed for some time now.01:01
frinnstj_v: btw how did you notice it? im wondering if there is a scenario where this migth actually be an issue01:14
j_vfrinnst: I am working on a container build wrapper for pkgmk to use in place of fakeroot. When the package is built, the container only has core ports and dependencies installed in it.01:19
j_vI was building gvim, and got an error about unresolved symbols to libXdamage for libgdk...01:20
frinnstah so very low risk of a "regular" user hitting it then01:20
j_vyes, that why didn't think it was worth getting excited about01:21
j_vthough it might be nice if the iso's packages were built 'pristine'01:21
frinnstyup but that would require a lot more work and frankly we dont have the resources for that01:22
j_vsure, understood.01:22
j_vwhen may container pkgmk wrapper is more polished, maybe it could be considered for building the iso packages01:23
frinnstsounds good. jaeger does the iso stuff and he's into containers. I brush them off as newfangled witchcraft01:24
frinnsteven VMs are iffy :)01:24
j_vgotcha... thanks for you input. Shouldn't be long before I'm ready to release a port on pkgwrap. It will be pretty painless to use; only a little more work than using fakeroot.01:26
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timcowchipThe Crux Crusades02:27
j_vI'm getting started setting up a firewall/router box for soho lan. Does anyone have ports for fwknop, fwsnort, psad, snort?02:37
timcowchipI don't know about snort I know there's a wireshark port02:45
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j_vThanks, that may be more inspection than I'm up to. I'm looking more for simple ids, portknocking, and portscan detection.02:48
timcowchipyou might be able to make a pkgfile out of this
j_vThanks, that's a good idea. I will probably use arch and alpine build scripts as starting points for all of them if no one has Pkgfiles for them. Will help save time, especially tracking down the dependencies.02:57
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Introoterare dependency checks/resolution performed by the package manager or manually?08:01
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just_fun_prt-get (package manager) or manually08:05
Introoteroh, ok.08:31
Introoterand suppose i remove it, then will the orphan dependencies be removed as well08:32
Introotersay x depends on b (no other package depends on b) so when i remove x, will b be removed as well?08:32
just_fun_no, but is at least one tool for that,08:35
Introoterpurging the depsm08:36
just_fun_pkgfoster -
just_fun_purging orphans08:36
Introoterwhy cant you bake it into one package set, wouldn't it be a lot more efficient that way?08:37
Introoterwell, just sayin08:37
just_fun_before jumping to Crux, I was thinking about possible cases,08:39
just_fun_but now I see I don't need them08:40
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frinnstIntrooter: crux is very "hands off"09:51
frinnstif you want automated magic, use debian or something :-)09:51
tsaopthat's why I like it09:54
tsaopthere are no automatisms09:54
tsaopyou can look at what is going on without going through n layers of abstraction09:55
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Introoterhands off until i break my system by mistake10:05
Introoterbut im gonna try it anyway10:05
Introoterwhen you break, you were the one at fault, so i can't blame anyone else but me.10:05
just_fun_I was thinking about this too10:05
just_fun_but I didn't break anything in the last 2 months10:06
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just_fun_I do feel the need to automate the updates, because one of my computers is slow10:06
just_fun_a nightly cron with10:06
just_fun_ports -u; prt-get sysup; prt-get update -fr $(revdep)10:07
just_fun_but without installing anything, just build packages10:07
Romstersetup distcc and build it on the fast pc10:07
just_fun_well, I've installed Crux on only two machines: one home and one at work10:08
just_fun_with distcc I think it will be a little hard, because of firewall and dynamic IPs10:09
Romsteroh you can use ccache on that slow pc then if you got some disk space to spare.10:09
just_fun_I'm working on your advice, with ccache...10:10
Introoterccache is awesome10:10
Introoteralso, can you tell me how bsd style init is different from sysv? also, is there any rc frontend for it?10:11
Introoterlike i use openrc+sysvinit rn, what would be different therr?10:11
just_fun_well, you must use a lot of services ... if you ask that10:13
Introoteris there a way to build packages with optional support?10:15
just_fun_I see two cases to build packages: (a) with more dependecies (b) with less10:16
just_fun_In which one are you interested?10:16
Introoterwell, less10:17
Introoterthe latter10:17
Romsterbsd style is just the /etc/rc.d/ directory structure10:18
Romstersysvinit is the init10:18
Introoterah, okay10:19
Introoterwould be pretty similar then10:19
Romsterfinit might be a option to.10:19
Romsteri did use runit for some time.10:19
Introoterhow was it10:19
brian|lfsok going to sleep Windows 10 sucks and systemd sucks more10:20
Romsterfast with loading of services, watch dog timer.10:20
Introoterlike all of runit or just for the init (the first option is the only sane way to use imo.)10:20
brian|lfsapperantly with systemd-boot you can't have a seperate boto partition its too stupid to understand it10:20
Romsterrc scripts got a bit finicky and symlinks to enable stuff.10:20
Romsterbit messy10:20
Introoterbrian|lfs: it is cancer.10:20
Romsterand had to make sure some services started before others.10:20
brian|lfsand there telling me you dont' do seperate boot only EFI10:21
brian|lfsI'm like untrue that isn't what the docs say I've read for  years10:21
brian|lfsissue really isn't what distro I run on my laptop just the fact touchpad doesnt' work at all in Linyux10:22
Romsteryeah they even stopped keeping /usr separate too.10:22
Romsterabout all you can have on another partition was /home on systemd10:22
brian|lfsI guess Assus has gone gay10:22
Introoterdo you use lfs10:22
Introoteri did, for a while10:22
brian|lfsclearly not a normal touchpad becuase Widnows it don't even work until you install the driver for it10:22
brian|lfsnot currently but have used it for a while in the past10:23
brian|lfsI don't really get it because I thought synapitcs was the touchpad for all10:24
Introoterlibinput is what you need10:24
brian|lfstried it didn't help10:24
brian|lfsif anyone gets bored I have an Assu G752VM10:24
IntrooterAsus or Assu?10:25
brian|lfsseems very confusing read a lot on it and some people say it works on older kernels10:25
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Introoterhow do you guys upgrade crux release to another?10:27
Romsterburn the iso or make a flash usb stick and boot that upgrade10:28
Introoterand what do releases even do when you can just update a system? (never used anythjng other than rolling release distros)10:29
Introoterwell, ok, boot that upgrade from a usb and then? reinstall crux?10:29
Romsterwell you could but the tool chain can be fun to rebuild when you just ripped out glibc for another version10:29
Romsteryou can loop mount the iso or upgrade in parts or build in a container then pkgadd the core stuff them sysup10:30
Romsterand manually add and remove packages as per the new crux release.10:30
Introoteris there a wiki page explaining this process in detail?10:31
Romsternot what i am aware of.10:31
brian|lfsI don't recommend but I just changed my reposatories to the new version of CRUX and udpated10:32
Introoterso the base system isnt built when installing?10:32
brian|lfsif you use the ISO now unless there were updates after the ISO10:32
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Introoterno kde 5 plasma on crux yet?10:55
Introoteri see the ports for kde 410:55
tsaopIntrooter: i have ports for KF511:10
tsaopbut the repo is still not listed on the ports page11:10
tsaopI have to apply and generate signatures11:11
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dlcusaRe: CRUX Crusades posted at 2:27UT, the source of the image:
dlcusaYes, I watched it as a kid (in B&W)--WRC in DC also picked it up.19:13
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timcowchipme too19:37
timcowchipon WPIX19:38
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pedjaanyone else having issues searching gpg keyservers?20:41
pedjaas in 'no keyserver' or 'connection refused'?20:41
brian|lfshello all20:48
tsaopwhy does the public tv place advertising in between cliffhangers in movies20:52
tsaopit breaks the mood20:52
frinnstpedja: restrictive firewall?20:53
frinnsti had trouble fetching keys at work20:53
pedja'standard-resolver' in dirmngr.conf seems to fix it, but it's a debug option, according to man page20:55
pedjaand I am curious what is the problem20:57
brian|lfsinteresting if you forget to use of with dd you just get out point to your slcreen as a mess20:58
frinnststdout is std out :-)20:58
frinnstdebugging dns is *mildly* infuriating20:59
frinnstadd ipv6 to the mix and i raises the level of confusion20:59
brian|lfsjust use active directory21:00
frinnstshut your dirty mouth21:00
brian|lfswhat are you using for DNS anyhow21:01
brian|lfstried bind long time ago it sucked21:01
frinnstipv6 ptr21:01
frinnstI like it. very powerful and flexible21:01
brian|lfsI think I switched to DNSMASQ21:02
frinnstwe use powerdns at work. also pretty nice but not as flexible21:02
jaegerI switched from dnsmasq to unbound at home today but that's in pfsense so I'm not really managing it directly, heh21:02
brian|lfsyou using a domain and just forwarding the DNS to your IP21:03
jaegerand dnsmasq was fine, unbound is just the new default21:03
frinnstmy dns setup is such a mess right now. 2 different server setups. one for everyone else and one for my network21:03
frinnstso its all chaos :)21:04
brian|lfsIt tried doing that with dreamhost my domain provider and it seems the DNS hits my IP but also hits them21:04
jaegerI'm not in charge of DNS at the current job and they manage to make it fail in weird ways pretty regularly21:04
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brian|lfsno hope for my touchpad don't even work on kubuntu lol21:07
pedjaDNS is witchcraft21:07
pedjaI understand how it works, but setting it up?my poor brain can;t manage it21:08
john_cephalopodaTechnology is generally too difficult.21:09
john_cephalopodaAnd not well-documented enough.21:10
jaegerI use bind for my personal stuff, it works great. Not the cleanest configs but it's rock solid21:12
cipppi tried dnsmasq for dns cache, was working, never know where cache and if volatile on reboot21:13
nweI also using bind and i like both for my domain and my internal network with different views..21:13
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cipppthen i start using connman, now dnsmasq it is active but i dont know if connman use this :)21:14
pedjaI have a few books on Bind, but I never actually tried to deploy it :)21:14
pedjaand that's the way I learn stuff.Fail miserably until you get something vaguely resembling a working solution21:15
pedjatry, curse, read the docs, google, try again21:18
frinnstahh. new bios for my motherboard. i read earlier today that amd has offset the cpu temp by 20C21:26
frinnsti was looking to get a new cooler since my cpu temp reaches more than 70C under load21:26
frinnstand the cooler wasnt even warm to the touch21:26
jaegerheh, good times21:26
frinnstPRIME X370-PRO BIOS 051121:26
frinnst1.Improve system performance.21:26
frinnst2.Make CPU temperature more precise.21:26
jaeger"more precise"21:27
jaegergive or take 20C21:27
frinnstlets see what it reports after the upgrade..21:28
pedjaif you bought regular 1700, you wouldn't have those issues :)21:29
pedjaACTION hides21:29
pedjait's getting annoying to read 'but, OMG, you can't OC it to 5Ghz' in every fucking Ryzen thread21:34
pedjapeople just keep repeating the same old BS over and over again21:36
pedjado they really hope that Intel will send them free CPU for being 'advocates of the platform'?21:38
pedjanobody can't be *that* stupid21:38
pedjathe funny thing is, Intel closed official local shop in this part of Europe years ago.21:40
frinnstnope. no difference21:40
frinnstseeing temperatures around 65-70C is somewhat worrying. but its stable so who gives a fuck?21:41
joacimdon't all 1700x and 1800x cpus report temperatures 20 degrees higher than actual?21:43
joacimoh right21:43
joacimyou figured it out =)21:43
joacimdont mind me21:43
joacimmight be best to ignore everything i say21:44
frinnstwe usually do21:44
joacimthat's mean21:44
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brian|lfshmmm he must be the other side of the world if hes going to bed22:06
teK_Europe, for example22:07
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brian|lfsthis is going to drive me nuts hope some kernel dev makes a driver or fixes whatever is causing my touchpad to be non functional on linux22:08
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pedjabrian|lfs, are you waiting for a reply to your report on LKML or whatever?22:13
brian|lfshuh didn't post anywhere22:14
brian|lfsseems other people have complained22:15
frinnstmaybe everyone is thinking the same22:15
pedjahow do you expect them to fix it then?22:15
frinnstopen a bugzilla bug or something22:15
brian|lfsso where would you recommend I report22:15
pedjaor at the appropriate ML22:15
frinnstyup, both work22:16
frinnstdepends on the subsystem what works best22:16
pedjadon't be scared, they don't bite.much.22:18
frinnstlooking at the archive, i'd open a bz # first22:18
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brian|lfslooks like my problem22:18
brian|lfsI"m shocked that a high end gaming notebook would have these issues on Linux22:19
brian|lfsseems the cheap low ends work better22:19
frinnstmost users probably run windows on it22:20
pedjabrian|lfs, blame Asus for not providing the docs :)22:22
brian|lfsbut yes I see a report seems to be with all variants of the G75222:22
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brian|lfsI guess I could create account and say I'm having the same issues22:23
j_vpatch to portdbc to follow http redirects when doing getup:
brian|lfsif anyone is interested in what my laptop has22:24
pedjanice machine.9 pounds is about 5kg?22:26
cipppi have asus x554 or so with elan touchpad, work22:26
brian|lfsahhh how big is the screen on the x55422:27
cippp15, i think22:27
cipppi have extern monitor22:27
cipppand wireless mouse and tast22:28
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cipppi tounch only on/off button on laptop :)22:28
brian|lfshmm what FN combanation is that22:28
*** Guest47635 has joined #crux22:30
cipppso for touchpad i have to select mice> ps/2 mouse > elantech ...22:30
cipppi know today i play all day with kernel confs :)22:31
cipppand now a new kernel is out22:31
brian|lfsso no keyboard shortcut22:34
cipppi used only once for volume from what im remember22:34
cipppi can try if you want22:34
cipppwhat to try ?22:34
brian|lfsplease do just checking the obvious stuff to make sure it is broken22:34
cipppfn+f11/12 work fine22:35
cipppfor volume up/down22:35
brian|lfsI meant the mouse lol22:36
brian|lfsvolume works on mine also22:36
cipppwhat key on mouse ?22:36
brian|lfsI meant to turn it on and off the touchpad22:36
cippphow ?22:36
brian|lfsnot sure haven't had my laptop long22:36
cipppif is fn+f9 is not working22:37
brian|lfslooks like F922:37
brian|lfsand you said your mouse works22:37
brian|lfsor touchpad rather22:37
cipppit is on and after press22:37
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cippptouchpad work, i cant turn off22:38
brian|lfsso obviously your old asus has different touchpad22:38
brian|lfswhat nvidia card do you have22:39
brian|lfsI have 1060 6GB of ram22:39
cipppNVIDIA Corporation GF117M22:39
cipppi think all my memorry it is 6 gb :)22:40
brian|lfsdesktop has GK110B22:40
brian|lfslaptop has GP106M22:41
brian|lfsone of my friends posted an Acer on facebook the thing costs 9 grand22:42
brian|lfshas like dual 21 inch screens and stuff22:42
cipppi have a 27 inch monitor with hdmi cable, it is ok22:43
cipppi dont play games very much, i play online one (in browser) and this one will be dead in short time :(22:45
brian|lfsthere you go lol22:46
brian|lfsI agree way over kill22:46
cippphuge :)22:47
brian|lfsI know22:48
brian|lfsneed a very very larrge bad to move it22:48
cipppit it good for people with tesla cars, can charge battery car from him :)22:48
brian|lfsmaybe it can charge an IPhone22:49
brian|lfsso you running CRUX cippp22:49
cipppmost of time22:49
brian|lfssame here22:50
brian|lfsthought of putting it on the new laptop but way too much work22:50
brian|lfsfor something portable22:50
brian|lfsfor now I go find food22:51
cipppi dont have more pc's, only this laptop, so crux is here22:51
cipppand few others22:51
brian|lfsthat case it would be on my laptop22:52
brian|lfsso why do you think your laptop will be dead soon22:52
cipppwhy ?22:52
brian|lfsyes CRUX if I only had a laptop22:52
brian|lfsfor a laptop I don't want to compile programs everytime I go somewhere22:52
brian|lfsand they require lots o kernel tweaking22:52
brian|lfscan you post your kernel config somewhere22:53
brian|lfsif I had a config to start with it wouldn't be too bad22:53
cipppon start was easy, now if i want a more slim kernel it is a bit complicated22:54
cippp4.4.56 seems to work fine22:54
cipppi can share config if you want22:54
brian|lfsok cool I use 4.422:54
brian|lfsyes please pastebin it22:54
brian|lfsI guess I'm outdated I'm on 4.4.4722:55
cipppi used 4.10 but today i start to play with kernels again ...22:55
brian|lfscurious you have intel wireless and realtek ethernet nic22:56
cipppEthernet controller: Realtek . wifi Qualcomm Atheros QCA956522:56
cipppand i have and a extern wifi22:56
brian|lfs02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a)22:57
brian|lfs03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 10)22:57
brian|lfsso the intel uses atheros?22:58
cipppi dont have intel22:58
cipppwifi card22:58
cipppNetwork controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)22:58
brian|lfsoh ok22:58
brian|lfsyou threw me off when you said same lol22:58
cipppsame for realtek22:58
brian|lfsI see that22:59
cipppwhen i put first time crux on laptop i used kernel huge from slackware23:00
brian|lfsI imagine I would need to plug ethernet in to install CRUX23:00
brian|lfsunless I booted like a live distro like kubuntu23:01
brian|lfsbut off to forge for food23:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.36.623:19
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