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WorksterMicrosoft released a new cumulative update for the company's Windows 10 operating system, KB4016635 that patches two issues.04:42
WorksterThe update is not available through Windows Update, but exclusively available on the Microsoft Update Catalog. It is unclear right now whether Microsoft will make it available through Windows Update at a later point in time.04:43
Worksterthe heck04:43
WorksterThe update fixes the following two issues:04:43
Workster    Addressed a known issue with KB4013429 that caused form display issues with CRM 2011 on Internet Explorer 11.04:43
Workster    Addressed the issue with KB4013429 that prevents users from updating apps from Windows Store with 0x80070216 error.04:43
Worksterway to go M$ so no one can update apps on the store unless they manually go to the windows catalogue and download the new update04:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: reiserfsprogs: fix file locations, FS#139608:01
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j_vjue: thanks for taking care of FS#1396; sorry about the dangling symlink in the patch.08:45
dbrookeWorkster: thanks for the suggestion to override unpack_source() in the Pkgfile, it got me past that problem08:48
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rmullI am surprised that people still use reiserfs - is it not dead?13:16
frinnstnwe: has your repo moved?13:28
john_cephalopodaIt is dead?13:32
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nwefrinnst: nope, but my ssl-certificate has expire..13:58
nweand I haven't update the ports for a while because I dont running crux on any machine..13:58
pedjareiserfs is suspiciously missing from Documentation/filesystems afaict :)14:06
pedjaJFS is still there, so no reason to panic just yet14:09
frinnstI used to use jfs14:11
frinnstit did the job14:11
pedjaI still use it, apart for /boot (that's ext4)14:12
frinnstwow, when did you create that filesystem?14:12
pedjalet me check :)14:13
frinnstnwe: ah, bummer :(14:14
pedjaMon Oct  4 17:06:43 2010 (JFS)14:15
frinnststill fairly recent. i think i used it back in 2006 or something14:16
frinnstnwe: what dark side have you turned to? :)14:16
pedjawhen I bought my first terabyte hard disk, I switched to JFS :)14:18
pedjayay, food14:20
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juej_v: thanks for the report14:52
joacimhow do you get the creation date of the file system?=14:55
pedjafor JFS, 'jfs_tune -l $file_system'.not sure about others15:04
pedja'tune2fs -l' for ext* FS15:07
joacimFilesystem created:       Mon May 11 01:44:44 200915:10
joacimI think it was frinnsts 64-bit iso i installed using back then15:14
pedjaso, is about weed vaporizer mods, and not iSCSI, as I thought15:52
pedjais smoking weed a requirement for running iSCSI?15:54
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pedjateK_, you might want to fix that URL in your open-iscsi port :)15:59
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joacimhow about quietly change the url in the python port to pythong.org16:26
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nwefrinnst: FreeBSD/OpenBSD17:46
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pedjafrinnst, one of yours?
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frinnstomg, updated18:29
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timcowchipgod dag herrar19:32
timcowchipand howdy19:33
timcowchipshould I make LXQT a seperate repo like tsaop's KF5 or jaeger's MATE?19:41
joacimi would if it is a complete set19:42
joacimlike how the XFCE and other similar repositories contain mostly stuff from their respective projects19:43
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j_vjue: your welcome.20:34
pedjayou have some source tarballs and packages in the repo20:44
pedjamay I suggest 'prtwash -a -p -s' (man prtwash before that :) )20:45
pedjaI am presuming that you don't use GH to host those source tarballs, of course :)21:06
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pedjaI should really get some hosting space somewhere to host some of my stuff (it's on TODO list)21:08
pedjaVultr VPS or something21:09
pedjatoo bad they don't accept my debit card21:10
timcowchipI use git to host some tarballs
timcowchipI wonder if I should move qupzilla to LXQT.git21:15
timcowchipand maybe qmmp21:16
timcowchipand trojita21:16
pedjaare they related to LXQT in any way?21:18
timcowchipthey are not dependent but are usually included in LXQT based distros21:21
timcowchiplike pcmanfm-qt21:21
timcowchipand qterminal21:22
timcowchipI don't have any script for installing everything like tsaop does21:23
timcowchipa user can install the base packages and not the extras21:23
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pedjayou may consider creating a meta-port, so 'prt-get depinst lxqt' installs the base system21:28
timcowchipa meta-port21:29
timcowchipis there an example?21:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libreoffice: 5.3.0 -> 5.3.121:31
timcowchipso just add all the base packages to the depends line of lxqt-session21:32
pedjaalso, it's a good practice for a repo to depend only on official repos (core, opt, xorg)21:34
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timcowchipso all I need do is get all LXQT's deps into official repos21:35
pedjaor maintain them in the lxqt repo21:35
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pedjacontrib would be nice place for them, but it might get hairy if different apps depend on different port versions21:37
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pedjabut that's rare, afaict21:38
pedjaand there is the issue of enabling/disabling options when the packages are built21:42
pedjaand optional dependencies, get the picture21:43
pedjaso having just opt and xorg as required repos is more work but the cleanest solution, altough it leads to duplicated effort21:45
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pedjasolution for that?fuck if I know :)21:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: xclip: updated to 0.1321:56
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.7621:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: open-isns: initial commit22:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: open-iscsi: 2.0-873 -> 2.0.87422:05
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: less: updated to version 48722:26
Worksterdbrooke, hopefully this isn't going to be a widespread issue that affects more archives, and is a one off.22:39
brian|lfshey all22:41
brian|lfslibreoffice needs to be re-worked it gives permission denied errors witht he pkgmk user22:42
brian|lfswhile stripping22:42
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pedjadoes the build fail?22:49
pedjalibreoffice runs fine, regardless of that warning/information22:52
pedjauntil someone sponsors a nice, beefy build server so we can build it from source, we'll have to cope, I guess22:56
pedjaone of those ixSystems machines that FreeBSD build cluster uses would be nice :)22:58
pedja24-27k ports built every 2 days, or so? damn22:59
Worksterif someone makes the source Pkgfile for it i'll throw it at my distcc cluster23:09
j_vWorkster: I've found that webkit-gtk{2,3} need a patch to build with gcc6. Would you prefer I submit a bug report on flyspray or would you rather I just post a link to a viable patch?23:23
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