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brian|lfsnot bad kernel booted fitst shot on my laptop00:08
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brian|lfsWell 32GB of ram skylake 6700HQ nvme all in a a laptop building kF5 and all deps we shall see  hwo long it takes00:44
brian|lfsof course enabled ccache00:44
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Worksterj_v, just email me the stuffs, i am aware of that and there is a few other ports that wont build either that i am looking into.03:02
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brian|lfshey Workster03:54
brian|lfson my repo there smpeg I had to patch due to not compiling with GCC03:54
brian|lfsand patch also applies for smpeg203:55
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j_vWorkster: sent08:27
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abenzIOMMU groups seem very bad out of the box10:42
abenzthats a deal breaker for me10:42
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abenzfrinnst: maybe I posted that too soon11:22
abenzseems to be worked on11:22
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timcowchipmy dvi cable came today\o/19:51
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vstevewhat do you do when you know for a fact a file is there, but bash says it's not?20:34
vsteveexhibit A:20:37
vsteveroot@/bin :: which java /bin/java20:37
vsteveroot@/bin :: ls -la /bin/java -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 7734 Mar 30 16:23 /bin/java20:38
vsteveroot@/bin :: java bash: /bin/java: No such file or directory20:38
onoderavsteve: that's very weird20:40
onoderadoes /bin/java work?20:40
onoderalike specifying the absolute path20:40
vsteveroot@/bin :: /bin/java  bash: /bin/java: No such file or directory20:41
DaViruzfile /bin/java20:41
onoderawhat if you use dash?20:41
vsteveroot@/bin :: file /bin/java /bin/java: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/, for GNU/Linux 2.6.9, BuildID[sha1]=c90f19ee0af98c47ccaa7181853cfd14867bc931, not stripped20:41
vstevedash: 4: /bin/java: not found20:42
vsteveoh, and there's another thing20:44
vsteveldd can't see it either20:44
onoderahave you tried reinstalling the port?20:45
vsteveit's not from a port, it's the latest java jdk20:45
DaViruzyou have the /lib64/ as well?20:46
DaViruzthough a failure to find that really shouldn't give that error20:46
vsteveis lib64 a link to lib32 or lib?20:47
onoderavsteve: I mean can't you reinstall opt/jdk?20:48
DaViruzhm, it does seem to be a library problem20:49
vsteveon your systems is lib64 a link to lib?20:49
DaViruzin fact it seems to be a fairly common problem20:49
DaViruzi don't have a 64bit crux to hand20:49
vsteveit's link to lib20:50
vstevea link*20:51
vsteveyeah, that fixed it20:52
vsteveI had an installer script go insane on me earlier20:52
vstevesomehow it must have done something to lib64, which was conspicuously missing20:52
vstevenow it's fine, and java starts20:53
vsteveweird error for what should actually be "missing libraries" or...something other than what I got20:53
vsteveanyway, thanks for lending an ear20:54
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