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j_vrevdep gives false positive on syslinux c32 files in usr/share/syslinux... it would cool to add ability to ignore certain paths for packages in similar way as specifying path to find libs in /etc/revdep.d00:17
jaeger$ cat /etc/revdep.d/syslinux00:25
j_vi wonder why my syslinux install is missing the revdep... with correct entry in /etc/revdep.d, all works. thanks for your help00:28
jaegerit's not included in the port, just something I wrote. Maybe it should be00:28
brian|lfscrux seems to be working good on my laptop jaeger00:36
brian|lfskernel properly configured first try00:36
jaegerGlad to hear it00:37
brian|lfsjust need to read up on networkmanager on adding my wifi network00:37
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brian|lfsok bit lost put network manager in my services reboot don't see any wifi networks00:55
brian|lfsdoes my user need to be in a group00:56
ryu0jaeger: do you feel revdep is missing anything?01:11
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jaegernot currently02:02
jaegerbrian|lfs: no idea there, I've not used NM in years02:02
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brian|lfsI figured it out02:39
brian|lfshad to mvoe the service to latter in starting up02:40
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brian|lfsDefinitely kicks my desktop with the nvme but myu desktop kills the skylake compiling03:47
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brian|lfsI need to add IRC to a startup script I always forget to start it05:49
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frinnstwrong term :>09:42
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Romsterachievement unlocked reveal password10:10
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nwefrinnst: :>10:41
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frinnstheh, its not a password :)12:00
nweor...... ;912:18
frinnstif anyone can find a specific hp firmware for me i'll tell you my root password12:22
frinnstfor an old procurve 1810g-8 switcg, j9449a12:22
frinnstlatest version12:22
frinnst404: That Page Cannot Be Found12:26
frinnstfuck you HP12:26
joacimis it iYiq1lwtz9wF?12:29
j_vfor other versions:
teK_we obviously need proof, that this is your root password12:34
frinnstim behind a firewall so cant open ssh12:54
joacimlivestream it12:54
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abenzis that a good password?19:03
jaegerfrinnst: might be on the r/homelab FTP server19:09
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dlcusaTo celebrate the end of 2017Q1 I have updated and invite everyone (especially pedja) to at last read its 2nd section.  Its still WIP but much further than before.20:20
onoderadlcusa: not only is this an excellent overview of prtpgk but also of crux/pkgutils itself, nice job!20:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.10.220:39
frinnstjaeger: what might be?20:39
jaegerfrinnst: that switch firmware you wanted20:40
frinnstah, too late though. j_v found it for me :)20:41
frinnstbtw, what ftp-server? sounds mighty useful20:41
frinnstfound it20:42
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joacim^F FTP21:16
joacimfind nothing21:16
joacimstart to look around. but find it written in clear text near the top when i go back to the same tab i initially did the text search in21:17
jaegeryay, got my NAS install moved from USB to SSD21:20
joacimmoved mine to an ssd a while ago21:21
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jaegerI had to order a special cable to get the SSD in this microserver21:21
joacimwhich ssd did you get?21:21
jaegeronly had a floppy power connector21:21
jaegerI'm reusing the one that was in the previous NAS box, Samsung 83021:22
jaegerJust had the NAS booting from USB for a few days while I waited to get the new cable21:22
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jaegerThe controller that runs the ODD slot (where the SSD is) isn't bootable in AHCI mode so I used an LSI card I had in the old box21:29
joacimthinking about getting something like this21:29
jaegerI considered one of those, they look decent21:29
joacimbut a microserver will be about the same price as that case21:29
jaegeryeah, that was my thought in the end21:29
joacimcan you get custom firmware for those?21:30
jaegernot as far as I know but I haven't looked21:30
j_vdlcusa: awesome doc. alot to take in with just one quick read. will take a few returns to get better grasp. might be a bit over my head, or at least beyond my needs.21:55
j_vi got through sections 1 and 2 pretty well, but 3 and 4 are a lot of details to get my thick skull wrapped around.21:58
dlcusaI was rushing to make that announcement.  Kindly s/last/east/  -- thank you.22:26
dlcusas/last/least/ -- still rushing...22:26
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jaegerok, NAS box setup is finally done. OS moved to SSD, 2x 1GbE bond setup :D22:37
timcowchipheard they just released22:51
jaegernope, crux in my case22:55
jaegercrux and ZFS22:55
timcowchipdoes zfs work on linux now?22:57
timcowchipI know arch had a package22:57
jaegerIt has for years23:00
j_vjaeger: what case is that? looks pretty servicable.23:00
jaegerj_v: hp microserver gen823:00
jaegerIt's pretty easy to work in so far23:01
timcowchipneeds a modified version of grub to boot23:01
timcowchipat least the freebsd version does23:02
jaegerIf you use it for your root, sure23:05
j_vjaeger: 4 drive bays? that ssd on top, is that standard or added?.... price for the lower end ones seems pretty affordable.23:06
jaegerj_v: 4 3.5 bays, yes. The SSD isn't standard, the top is meant for an ODD. I used a floppy power to sata power cable to add the SSD instead23:07
j_vlooks like there might be better air flow in that then in the mini raid towers I23:08
j_vI've used23:08
jaegerI went with the celeron G1610T model since it doesn't need much CPU23:09
j_vthat what I would do. my needs are pretty modest most of the time23:10
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joacimjaeger: is bonding fiddly to configure?23:40
joacimgot a couple of cables so i could do that with my server, but i bought ones that were a little too short23:41
joacimkinda gave up at that point =)23:41
jaegernot at all23:42
jaegerplus this: $ cat /etc/modprobe.d/bonding.conf23:43
jaegeroptions bonding mode=802.3ad miimon=10023:43
jaeger <-- cleaned up version23:44
joacimdo i have to add the interfaces to the bond?23:44
jaegeryes. that's what the "ip link set <dev> master <bond>" lines do23:45
jaegerIf you have a system without iproute2 installed, use ifenslave instead23:45
joacimoh. missed that23:45
joacimso i would replace eno1 with enp2s023:46
joacimi guess23:46
jaegeryeah, eno{1,2} are my ethernet devices on this system23:46
jaegerYour switch needs to support LACP if you use mode=4 or mode=802.3ad but if it doesn't you can use a different mode23:47
joacimgot the switch specifically for bonding23:49
joacimbut i bought the wrong length of cables23:49
joacimcan order some new ones from work tomorrow23:49
joacimgot the Linksys LGS308. probably very consumer grade, but it's been working well enough in dumb mode so far23:51
jaegerI have a dell powerconnect 5224 that was cheap on ebay... replacing it with a Unifi US-24 250W next week, though23:52
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joacimi think an upgrade after this will be something from ebay23:55
joacimsomething fanless would be nice tho23:56
jaegerYeah. I replaced the fans in the powerconnect with some quiet ones, the stock fans were terrible23:56

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