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dlcusaJust updated to discuss kernel maintenance, rework Shared Files, expand diagram's ellipse captions, and some minutiae.  I'm seeing it more as an outreach document than I had been.00:27
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brian|lfsthe pdf is giving me a headache\02:27
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brian|lfssomeone in the archlinux channel deleted a user and lost their data lol\02:33
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brian|lfsquestion alan ever come around anymore?03:14
brian|lfswell he has a chromium and it was updated 3/27 so maybe it won't saw ahh snap somethign went wrong trying his port right now03:20
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frinnstand no06:30
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timcowchipshould I add kf5 dependencies to my lxqt repo so that a meta package can be used to install lxqt?07:36
timcowchipwho cares, right?07:38
timcowchipudisks upower solid oxygen-icons5 kwayland libkscreen kwindowsystem extra-cmake-modules07:43
timcowchipany chance of getting kf5 and lxqt repos published07:52
timcowchipat least they are maintained and up to date07:53
timcowchipunlike kde4 and mate, which are published07:53
timcowchipthe effort to maintaining them would be more worthwhile if user were aware of their existence07:58
timcowchipthe effort of08:00
timcowchipI'm tired08:00
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frinnstprobably lots of chances of getting them published, if you follow the guidelines in the portdb08:18
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 17.0.311:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dar: update to 2.5.1011:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: squid: update to 3.5.2511:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: bc: update to 1.0711:21
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frinnstwow, debian/ubuntu has really fucked up exim's configs13:05
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leah2frinnst: is it still 500 files compiled into a 5mb mess?13:41
frinnstIf i knew i'd maintain this server forever i'd switch it out to a single flat file. but alas, it needs to be as "stock" as possible13:47
leah2yeah, i switched to postfix :P13:49
frinnst <- if you want to feel better about the stress level at your job13:49
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abenznot realistic14:12
abenzthey should've used a real plane14:12
frinnstand into the youtube rabbit hole I go..14:12
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nwegood evening16:47
abenzevening nwe !16:47
abenzhow are you?16:47
onoderateK_: there is a new libmpdclient :)16:55
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otwieraczI am trying to build /usr/ports/contrib/iasl and it's failing because of -Werror.17:19
otwieraczCan I somehow force it to ignore because of Werror?17:20
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pedjait worked for me[tm]17:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: open-isns: updated signature18:14
tsaopbc needs ed to be added as a dependency18:19
frinnstreally? are they linked?18:19
tsaopno, I believe it is used in some script18:20
tsaop./fix-libmath_h: line 1: ed: command not found18:20
frinnstbut core expects "core" to already be there18:20
frinnstthe only thing we include are linked libraries18:20
frinnstor the lists would become endless18:21
tsaopmmh, you are indeed right18:21
tsaopI didn't know ed was in core18:21
frinnstnp :-)18:21
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otwieracz  ** gcc version 6.3 found, expected gcc 4.x, gcc 5.x or gcc 6.x!19:04
otwieraczCheck /usr/ports/_work/src/VirtualBox-5.1.4/configure.log for details19:04
otwieracz=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/_pkg/virtualbox#5.1.4-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.19:04
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john_cephalopodaotwieracz: It's an old problem.19:57
john_cephalopodaStill unsolved.20:00
ryu0My guess? It's because GCC changed their versioning schem from: majorSeries.majorRelease.minorRelease to majorRelease.minorRelease20:01
ryu0GCC4 used a different model and GCC5+ changed it.20:01
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pedja5.1.4 is pretty old20:14
pedjatry 5.1.1820:15
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john_cephalopodaIt should be updated when it's old.20:20
pedjawell, no one bothered to open the bug for it yet, I guess20:20
john_cephalopodacontrib/virtualbox is
pedjaotwieracz, add 'sed -i 's/^check_gcc$/#check_gcc/' configure' before the configure line in the Pkgfile and try to build it20:26
pedja(sed line stolen from Arch)20:26
otwieraczpedja: I've already created bug report with patch20:28
otwieraczWith follow up.20:28
pedjagood man/entity20:28
pedjabut why didn't you assign it to sepen, it's his port, iirc ?20:29
pedjaor bumped the version to 5.1.18, for that matter20:31
pedjaI am sure he would appreciate git generated patch :)20:31
otwieraczWell, sorry. I will do better next time. :)20:32
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brian|lfshey all20:49
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j_vare we saving the patches for bc?22:12
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vsteveis anyone stuck with a realtek 8111/8168/8411 NIC?22:52
vsteveI found with whatever kernel crux 3.3 ships with, 4.9.something my NIC tended to 'just work'22:53
vstevenow I've updated to 4.10.8 and no amount of tinkering brings it up22:53
vsteveand the stuff i'm reading about this nic indicates that it should never have worked that way in the first place22:53
ryu0vsteve: you may want to install the r8168 external module.23:03
ryu0vsteve: in the past, it has been better than the in tree module.23:03
ryu0a copy of the one from realtek.23:04
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vstevemany thanks23:06
ryu0vsteve: just remember to blacklist r816923:07
ryu0or whichever it is replacing.23:07
vsteveon a related note, i'm also having a hard time getting my intel/pro 1000 to work23:07
ryu0isn't that a wireless?23:07
vstevepci 32-bit gigabit23:08
ryu0check your kernel, see if you're building the module for it.23:08
vsteveI am23:08
vstevenow I have it built-in instead of modular ..but i've been doing that for ages and it's always been fine until now23:08
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ryu0could be a regression in newer kernel...23:08
vsteveI mean...the system sees the device23:09
vsteveip link shows eth023:09
vsteveifconfig doesn't list it though23:09
ryu0did you do ifconfig -a ?23:09
vsteveoh, that shows it, but still without an IP23:09
vsteve(it agrees that eth0 is the correct designation)23:10
vstevewhen I stop/start /etc/rc.d/net it mentions that udev can't find any valid interfaces23:10
frinnstrc.d/net is just an example23:11
vstevethis is also on crux 3.3, I had a successful install the other night23:11
frinnstyou need to edit it to correspond to your interface etc23:11
vsteveeven for dhcp?23:11
vsteveuhh...alrighty, I've never had to really edit it before23:11
vstevebut I'll take a look23:12
vsteveI mean in situations of a really common, wired, ethernet controller on dhcp, i've never had to touch it23:12
frinnstactually maybe not for dhcp23:12
vstevefor static, sure, all the time23:12
ryu0vsteve: the interface is just down then.23:12
vsteveryu0, I agree, I guess the scripts that bring it up are all looking for something like enps1n2 or something?23:13
frinnstbut if you have similar issues with 2 different nics i dont think its a hardware issue23:13
vstevethe one issue with the realtek is an oddball thing where I need special firmware23:14
vstevethis intel one is...weird because it's like the most supported network card on the planet23:14
frinnstdo you have opt/linux-firmware installed?23:15
vstevebut I'm thinking the fact it's named eth0 is an indicator that it's sufficiently old that something isn't dealing with it right23:15
frinnstand you could pastebin your dmesg output23:15
vsteveI do have linux-firmware installed23:15
vsteveand one moment please23:16
frinnstthe naming has nothing to do with the kernel, udev does that23:16
frinnstis that all?23:19
frinnstlooks like lots of lines are missing23:19
vstevethat's all I got23:20
vsteveI mean...that is 649 lines23:20
vstevehow many lines should there be?23:20
frinnstah sorry, im blind23:22
vsteveit's ok, I am too23:22
frinnstlooks ok. module loaded without any issues23:23
frinnstanyways, i need to get some sleep. 1:23 am23:23
frinnsti'll look at it tomorrow again unless you have it solved by then23:23
vsteveok thanks23:23
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cipppyou can try: cat /proc/net/dev ,to see if differ from ifconfig23:26
cipppnet.ifnames=0 , in kernel command line to have old net names23:26
cipppwifi0, 1, ...23:26
vsteveI got the intel issue more or less sorted out, whatever scripts crux uses by default are confused by 'eth0'23:30
vsteveI just wrote a quick little thing in /etc/rc.d/ that brings up just this one intel interface23:30
vsteveand after a reboot that's working fine23:30
vsteverealtek looks like more trouble than it's worth to get a nic working that doesn't do any hardware offloading23:31
vsteveor..not least not as much as an intel pro/100023:31
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cipppif work in other distro will work and on crux23:36
cipppsimple scripts to start network is nice but have a minus23:36
cipppmaybe for eth no, but for wifi was not great for me23:36
cipppwithout a monitor to reconnect23:37
j_vvsteve: there's no sign of any realtek nic even attempting to load on that dmesg. you sure you have the correct driver built?23:37 actually...I mean I had all of the realtek stuff set to modular in the kernel, but my chipset isn't listed23:41
vsteveapparently realtek decided not to make the 8111/8168/8411 family open source, so they're a pain to get working in linux23:42
vstevehowever, in kernel 4.9...6?  or whatever the stock crux 3.3 kernel is, it fired right up23:42
vsteveand I just did the same thing there where I set all of the realtek stuff to modular, even though my model wasn't listed23:43
john_cephalopodaI got an intel wifi card. It's a pain. Got to use some weird firmware.23:43
vsteveintel wifi cards are a pain, which I'm thankfully not trying to use23:43
john_cephalopodaI think, I will just remove the wifi card from my old computer and put it into my new one.23:43
vsteveI'm all set though, using my ancient pro/1000 gt isn't ideal, but it works and the little script I dropped in /etc/rc.d/ works like a charm23:45
vstevethanks for trying to weed through my dmesg though23:46
john_cephalopoda(My "old computer" is an 8 years old laptop, on which pretty much all parts failed, but I still kept it for the parts)23:47
john_cephalopodaOh, it's late. Good night.23:47
j_vfor the realtek 8168 (etc) i see that archlinux has a separate build for that module, like ryuo was talking about:
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vsteveyeah, I don't think I'll need that23:48
vsteveI have a shoebox full with intel pro/1000 gt pci 32-bit cards23:49
vsteveso it's kinda nice to finally be able to use...one23:49
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