IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2017-04-04

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brian|lfsisn't the 8168 in the kernel?02:21
brian|lfsI think thats what my laptop has and its working fine02:21
j_vbrian|lfs: there is a different driver that includes the 8111 and some others that aren't in the kernel ones... not sure why. too busy to look into it.02:30
brian|lfsah ok hmmm02:33
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j_vI have or had a box that needs that external driver. It's been collecting dust a while.02:36
j_vRebuilt it, mod'd it. Will be booting it back up soon. Guess I'll have to look it up again soon.02:37
j_vToo bad I rarely write the notes I intend to.02:38
brian|lfsbox of what03:10
j_vbox => computer03:11
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