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frinnstah, you are very right08:26
frinnststill doesnt explain why the monthly job wont run08:27
frinnststupid ubuntu08:27
abenzmpv? meh? how?08:36
frinnstdont remember :)08:42
frinnstjust remember my impression of it08:42
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pedja"a lot of linux distros still use alsa by default" which ones?hell, even Slackware ships with pulseaudio in default install.10:48
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pedjacoming in FF-5711:03
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frinnstfirst they copy chrome and now edge11:26
frinnstso stupid11:26
joacimthey hide http/https too11:40
joacimnot sure which browser to use now11:40
joacimthey all have an annoying ui11:40
joacimuzbl maybe11:41
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dlcusaCute--not.  Gigabyte UEFI vunerability:
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ryu0dlcusa: who knew the BRIX was easy to brick?13:33
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john_cephalopodaStuff gets more complex -> Stuff has more parts that can be vulnerable.13:50
j_vfrinnst: doesn't debian/ubuntu use anacron by default?13:59
j_vdamn, forgot to page back down14:00
joacimthere was malware that targeted simple stuff like the bios too =)14:03
joacimit would just wipe it all out14:03
joacimwas some like that during the 90s14:03
john_cephalopodaIt is possible to target simple stuff, but it is usually easier to fix.14:05
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frinnstj_v: not the install i have running - bare minimum14:20
frinnstthink the full desktop uses it14:20
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j_vfrinnst: ahh, been a long time since i use either of them.14:24
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j_vbuilt firefox-52.0.2esr last night, just to see the difference with mainline. small differences that might please some.  much of the plugin support that was deprecated seems to be there, full url in url bar. doesn't seem worth the extra maintainence to use instead of the official port in opt.15:05
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pedja1700 at 5Ghz?wtf15:20
pedjatypo, most likely :)15:20
frinnstnitrogen probably15:31
pedjaI didn't think of that, tbh15:32
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frinnstan old coworker was very into that stuff. they have entire communities around it15:41
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abenzfrinnst: what do you use for snmp monitoring?15:52
abenzI'm looking for something light/simple, to simply show active nodes and display basic info15:52
abenznetdata is not ideal.. snmp is available everywhere16:00
pedjacompetitive OC'ing? cool16:33
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frinnstabenz: try zenoss19:48
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timcowchip anyone remember this?20:48
timcowchipfrom 200720:48
timcowchipoops wrong link
timcowchipthe other link is interesting too20:52
timcowchipshowing Crux as one of a few completely indepentent distributions20:54
j_vjust reread this:
timcowchipThings you can live without (well, at least I can), e.g. Gnome, KDE, linuxconf, etc, are never going to be included in CRUX.21:08
timcowchipthis was over 15 years ago21:10
timcowchipKDE was at 3 and Gnome at 221:11
timcowchipwhat's linuxconf?21:11
j_vis a good way. solid foundation. can add layers, but the base remains stable21:11
j_vdid you google it? i remember it, but never used it.21:12
just_funYou can add layers until you make it ubuntu.21:12
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timcowchiphow many users does Crux have?21:14
j_vsorry, interesting question, don't know, but gotta pack for trip... be back next week.21:15
timcowchipprobably roughly the same as the number of nicks in this IRC21:16
just_funfrinnst said something a month ago, based on ports download, but I don't remember the number :)21:16
just_funon linux unplugged, or something like that21:17
just_funI'm very usefull :)21:17
timcowchipI listened to that episode I'll have to play it again21:18
john_cephalopodaI think that the crux packages are quite well.21:18
timcowchipCRUX Interview | LUP 5221:19
timcowchipas in well enough?21:19
timcowchipas in leave wel enough alone21:20
timcowchipthe gist I got from the LUP podcast was "Crux is good for learning more about linux, but not a good choice for everyday production OS"21:22
timcowchipthough I have been able to do everyting I use a computer for with Crux21:23
timcowchipafter a bit of struggling with it21:24
john_cephalopodaI mean that the packages in the repos are not too much stuff. Not too specific to gnome or KDE.21:24
timcowchipI use tsaop's KF5 repo21:24
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john_cephalopodaI use core, opt, contrib, compat-32 and 6c3721:25
john_cephalopodaI used to use some more (romster's, for example), but ended up not really using much of it and getting problems with outdated packages.21:26
timcowchipI use those too21:26
timcowchipromster might be overextended at over 400 packages21:27
john_cephalopodaAnd I got 23 custom packages, which I partly copied from some random repos when I needed them but mostly wrote myself.21:28
timcowchipI translated the lxqt pkgbuilds from arch so I could have a desktop for weak hardware21:33
timcowchipin the meantime I got better hardware and really don't need lxqt21:34
timcowchipbut I still like it as a desktop21:34
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john_cephalopodaI use i3wm.21:38
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timcowchipare most of your packages supporting 13wm?21:39
timcowchipI imagine most Crux users have theier own packages for everything they need21:41
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frinnstjust_fun: haha yeah i said more than 20, less than 10 000 or something21:43
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timcowchip"less than 10,000 more than 200"21:52
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