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abenzfrinnst: cheers. will check it out03:50
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frinnstomg that accent10:26
abenzyea.. was kinda hard for me to decrypt at first too. But he presented some good points, look at the comments, almost universally praising his material10:28
frinnstkebby lieeek10:29
frinnsti block all youtube comments by default10:29
frinnstit prevents me from getting braincancer10:29
abenzfair enough10:29
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john_cephalopodaI don't enable JS on youtube. I use mpv to play videos12:19
just_funhow you do that?12:22
just_funI've disabled js and see blank in browser.12:22
just_funyoutube-dl ?12:23
john_cephalopodajust_fun: It displays some stuff, even if js is disabled.12:28
john_cephalopodajust_fun: Searching works. Then I just copy the link to the video that I want to watch and do "mpv <link>".12:29
john_cephalopodampv uses youtube-dl internally to do that.12:29
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just_funmy mpv doesn't search for youtube-dl (acording to strace)12:31
onoderajust_fun: install lua or luajit and rebuild mpv12:33
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pedjafrinnst, you have a couple of Toshiba 3tb drives in your home rig, right? any issues with them so far?14:06
pedjaACA300, iirc?14:08
frinnstruns like clockwork14:09
frinnstdunno the model number. can check when I get home14:09
pedjaprices for its smaller cousin, ACA200 and new series P300 2 tb hd are pretty close here.14:09
pedjaaround 90 euros14:11
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pedja20+ euros for 3tb
pedjabut only 2 year warranty.14:16
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pedjawhich seems to be the standard, so14:18
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frinnst[    2.281974] scsi 4:0:0:0: Direct-Access     ATA      TOSHIBA DT01ACA3 ABB0 PQ: 0 ANSI: 515:19
pedjayes, that's the one15:20
pedjaP300 series one has double the cache (64Mb)15:21
pedjaideally, I'd get an ssd for the system, 3tb hd for storage, and make a mirror or something  with 2 1tb drives, but :)15:23
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pedjaI did a pretty lousy job partitioning them15:25
koyaSignature mismatch on signify, do i need to rebuild signify?, because lua depends on signify, or, use -is instead?15:25
pedjasignify (re)builds fine here.15:27
pedjalua, too15:28
koyawill try to rebuild it.15:30
koyaand now, signature mismatch on /usr/bin/pkgmk15:31
pedjapaste the log somewhere15:34
frinnstsounds like you've manually upgraded to 3.3?15:34
frinnstor that you dont have "signify" installed15:36
frinnstforce install it with -is15:37
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koyafresh install 3.3, if with -is, it can compiled, another package that depends on signify, will have signature mismatch too.15:42
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koyaok, nevermind, will use -is when i get signature mismatch signify again.15:51
pedjaArcher S08E01 is out.and there was much rejoicing.15:54
pedjatotally skipped season 7, so I have a bit of catching up to do.15:55
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frinnstodd error on a new install17:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus: updated to 1.10.1818:31
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timcowchipdoes the new dbus have a post-install script?19:03
timcowchiplike "dbus-uuidgen > /var/lib/dbus/machine-id"19:05
jaegeryou can easily check that by looking in the port dir19:05
timcowchipit doesn't19:06
jaegeryou sure?19:06
timcowchipit should though19:06
jaegerlooks like it still has one, to me19:06
jaegerunrelated, did you take a bunch of stuff out of your personal repo? Been a while since I tested it last but looks like it's smaller now19:06
timcowchipdbus-uuidgen --ensure19:07
timcowchipI was looking in the wrong place19:07
timcowchipthat's been there fhough19:09
timcowchipit wasn't just updated19:09
timcowchipUsage: dbus-uuidgen [--ensure[=FILENAME]] [--get[=FILENAME]]19:10
timcowchipwhere's the filename?19:10
jaegerit appears to be optional19:10
jaegerWith all that said, even if there were NOT a post-install, the dbus init script runs dbus-uuidgen if necessary19:11
timcowchipboth times I've installed Crux-3.3, I've had to "dbus-uuidgen > /var/lib/dbus/machine-id"19:12
timcowchipon 2 different machines19:12
timcowchipjust sayin'19:13
jaegertake a look at /etc/rc.d/dbus and see if it's wrong19:17
timcowchipif [ ! -f /var/lib/dbus/machine-id ]19:20
timcowchip                then19:20
timcowchip                        /usr/bin/dbus-uuidgen --ensure19:20
timcowchipI guess the IF condition wasn't met19:21
timcowchipdoes yours look the same?19:24
jaeger... why wouldn't it?19:24
jaegernot using any custom dbus port19:24
timcowchipso if [ ! -f /var/lib/dbus/machine-id ]19:25
timcowchip                then19:25
timcowchipso /var/lib/dbus/machine-id exists for you?19:25
cipppi have19:28
timcowchipmaybe it didn't get installed for me for some reason19:28
jaegeryeah, it does19:29
timcowchipI remember looking for it and not finding it19:29
timcowchipof course that's no guarantee that it wasn't there19:30
jaegerperhaps you hadn't started dbus yet19:30
timcowchipI remember getting an error message about dbus not being configured properly19:31
timcowchipso just running dbus creates /var/lib/dbus/machine-id19:33
jaegerI have no idea about that, but starting it with the rc script will19:38
nweotherwise you can run dbus-uuidgen -> /var/lib/dbus/machine-id19:41
timcowchipthat's what I did19:42
nweI think it default looking in /etc/machine-id (atleast in bsd) :P19:42
timcowchipI have dbus in my rc script as well19:42
timcowchipbsd work with uefi?19:44
nwetimcowchip: yupp19:53
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timcowchipbsd bootloader or grub?20:01
pedjathey dumped grub a while back20:06
pedjawhile they were still PC-BSD20:06
timcowchipI've installed trueos with grub20:08
pedjaa lot of work went into the bootloader for 11 release20:08
timcowchipdoes the bootlaoder dual boot linux20:09
pedja"GRUB is currently broken in TrueOS" :)20:09
timcowchipI had installed trueos 1020:09
timcowchipdoes the new bootloader dual boot?20:10
pedjayou'll have to ask them20:10
pedjabut chainloading grub should be possible, in theory20:10
pedjabut better ask in #trueos20:11
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timcowchiptrueos dual boots with refind20:34
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onoderahi, anyone here?20:35
frinnstwhats up?20:35
onoderaI have a problem, not really a crux problem but anyways. I just build a new pc. I'm trying to install crux on it of course.20:35
onoderanow I'm trying to compile my kernel, but it gets stuck at "CHK include/generated/timeconst.h" - no error or anything....20:36
onoderaeven after reboot, I also tried different kernels, even 4.1120:36
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frinnstdowngrade bc20:37
frinnsti've reverted the latest update. so just sync and rebuild it20:37
onoderaI thought linux din't support my mobo or cpu or something20:37
onoderaI was really scared there for a minute :p20:38
joacimactually, you can send it here20:38
joacimi can have a look at it20:38
joacimbut you're right it is probably broken, so i can throw it away at work20:38
onoderadoes anyone have the old bc pkgfile or pkg for me?20:39
frinnstcan you rsync core?20:40
frinnst"ports -u && prt-get update bc" should solve it20:40
onoderanow on to figuring out uefi20:42
onoderadoes lilo work with it yet or do I have to use elilo?20:42
frinnstyou should use grub-efi i think20:42
frinnstelilo is unmaintained and lilo will never support it20:42
frinnstor, elilo might work20:43
frinnstanyways, use grub20:43
timcowchipis a boot partition necessary for uefi?20:43
frinnstThis project is orphaned, Debian dropped it in 2014, and RH & SUSE stopped using this tree (and feeding back change) long before that so no longer interested in working on it.20:43
frinnstno, not a /boot partition but you do need a fat32 esp20:44
onoderaoh shit20:44
onoderaI just did fdisk, and then g to create a gpt table20:44
frinnstthe crux wiki is actually really good at explining what you need and why you need it20:45
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onoderaafter creating the efi partiotion20:54
onoderashould I mount it somehwere before runing setup?20:54
frinnstdont remember but it should be mounted at /boot/efi20:55
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cipppfrinnst: im not remember if is something about efivarfs in crux uefi wiki21:01
cipppi cant install grub until i mounted efivarfs21:02
cipppmaybe it is, im not sure21:03
jaegeryeah, I need to update the UEFI wiki page for efivarfs, it replaces efivars21:04
jaegerThe install media already does the right thing, though21:04
cipppjaeger: why 2 grub2 packages, if is build with efi cat boot non efi pc's ?21:04
jaegerbecause if you don't have or use UEFI, there's no need to install the UEFI version21:05
cippp20M     grub2#2.02-rc2-1.pkg.tar.gz21:07
cipppi should build and normoal one21:07
cipppto see the diference21:07
cipppthe rime for build is duble for sure, and have 6mb more(without theme)21:17
cipppmaybe we can have something like that and for mesa (mesa without amd) :)21:18
frinnstwatch yer mouth! we should rip out everything except amd from mesa3d and xorg21:19
frinnstwhy use anything else?21:19
cipppcoz i have intel/nvidia ? :)21:20
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frinnstwow. the arduino ide editor is shit. impossible to see text that is commented out21:21
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john_cephalopodafrinnst: I'm sure you can set an other color.22:06
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brian|lfshey cippp where you the on emailing back and forth that couldn't install a nvidia driver22:28
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timcowchipthis thing is huge22:31
cipppbrian|lfs: mail ?22:36
cipppi have no idea about what you say :)22:36
brian|lfsyes mailing lists I was going backa nd forth with someone the other day22:36
cipppoh, i dont read mail list22:37
cipppbrian|lfs: nvidia work fine for me22:37
brian|lfsof course it does its not AMD22:37
cipppi have a bit different build and now it is a bit broken(put modules in a wrong name), but work fine22:38
cipppwhat not work for you ?22:38
brian|lfsI"m fine it was some newbie22:38
cipppbrian|lfs: ^ build22:39
cipppmaybe i should subscribe to mail list22:40
cippptimcowchip: from grub i do chainloader to refind, goofiboot, windows22:43
cipppfor sure will work and for bsd22:43
cipppmenuentry 'Solus (on /dev/sda7)' --class solus --class gnu-linux {22:44
cippp        set root='hd0,gpt1'22:44
cippp        chainloader /EFI/goofiboot/goofibootx64.efi22:44
cipppsame for refind, only: chainloader /EFI/refind/refind_x64.efi22:45
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timcowchipthanks cippp23:00
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