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frinnstthe gitweb is a bit broken01:55
onoderavery weird01:59
frinnstthe tarball is rolled from the repo01:59
onoderathere aren't any changes that should affect aliasing01:59
onoderayet it is broken on  both of my machines01:59
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: prt-get: changed the url to something non-40402:00
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frinnstaaaw fuck, 4am02:02
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timcowchipso I created a gpt partition table, reinstalled crux uncommented run scripts = yes in prt-get.conf ran ports -u and sysup but when I try to install qt5 " fatal error: xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h: No such file or directory"03:13
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timcowchiphas something to do with qwaylandxkb03:16
timcowchipeverything I google talks about libxcbcommon03:21
timcowchipwhich crux doesn't have03:21
timcowchipI'm pretty sure I was able to build qt5 on my last crux install03:22
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timcowchipthere's a port in 6c37 for xorg-libxcbcommon03:29
timcowchipcan't imagine qt5 depends on it but........03:29
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brian|lfstimcowchip, you could grab qt5 off of Romster's sever if your having issues03:36
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timcowchipthanks brian|lfs, but I think Romster's qt5 wasn't built with cups as a soft dependency which I need03:45
brian|lfsI can check03:47
brian|lfsI would hope its built the sameway its built from the ports03:47
brian|lfsits not disabled but its not listed as a dep either03:48
emmett1timcowchip, just create your own libxkbcommon's Pkgfile03:48
emmett1then build qt503:49
emmett1btw i think its libxkbcommon not libxcbcommon03:49
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brian|lfsfirefox sucks lately no chaterbate03:50
brian|lfsit locks wtf03:50
timcowchipyou're right emment1 its xkb not xcb03:52
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timcowchipxorg-libxcbcommon ftw05:30
timcowchipshould be a dependency for qt505:31
timcowchipand in the opt collection05:31
brian|lfswonder how qt5 compiled for the rest of us then05:35
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timcowchipgot xorg-libxkbcommon installed?05:53
abenz_timcowchip: next time you see something like that (ie compaints about a missing file), dont google05:54
abenz_simply search for the file:05:54
abenz_prt-get fsearch <tim's missing file>05:54
abenz_and install the missing port05:55
timcowchipI did search on the portsdb05:55
abenz_I saw that exact error (xkb..)05:55
timcowchipand found xorg-libxkbcommon in the 6c37 collection05:56
timcowchipqt5 built after installing it05:56
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brian|lfswhy did he encounter that error and not us06:01
emmett1brian|lfs, maybe other package already depends on xorg-libxkbcommon before build qt506:05
emmett1try check dependent of xorg-libxkbcommon06:06
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brian|lfshmm windows 98 se just locks if I open IE lol07:12
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tsaoptimcowchip: you probably got the error because you installed libxkbcommon from my KF5 repo10:36
tsaopkwin depends on it, so it is included in my repo10:37
pedjaqt5 port is using bundled libxkbcommon10:58
pedjaone from opt, anyway10:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: flash-player-plugin: upate to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: samhain: upate to 4.2.111:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.9711:03
pedjait's nice to see that I am not the only one with typos in git commit messages ;)11:04
tsaopit just happens11:18
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tsaopand you notice only when it is too late11:18
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pedjaaspell run in pre-commit hook is on my TODO list :)11:37
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onoderadid something change about the crux website?12:24
onoderaI can no longer pull in repos using http(s):// links, only git://12:25
onoderagit:// does not use authentication btw, and I'm pretty sure it's actually deprecated12:26
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frinnsti dont think you ever could onodera14:29
frinnstsince the actual repos are not in the website path14:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: thunderbird: updated to 52.0. Release notes:
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vstevecan dhcpcd be used as a dhcp server, not just a client?16:23
jaegernope. that's what dhcpd is for16:26
jaegeror others16:26
vsteveah, so i've been misreading16:26
jaegerIf you want the bind server, look at the dhcp port16:27
vsteveI have two ethernet ports, one is for most web traffic/in-home stuff, the other is connected directly to a UPS16:28
vsteveso i suspect what I want is to get a dhcp server going on that UPS port so the ups can grab an address16:29
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vsteveI don't suspect I'll need bind for that16:31
jaegerer... I typed bind but that's dns, not dhcp16:32
jaegerI meant dhcp, heh. they're both ISC software16:32
jaegerAnyway, dnsmasq is another simple option16:32
jaegerinternet systems consortium - isc.org16:32
vsteveoh yeah I've used dnsmasq in arch linux before16:32
vstevelooks like dnsmasq is the best option16:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: glib: updated to 2.52.117:12
abenzping frinnst17:16
abenzmd5sum error in thunderbird17:16
abenzmissing patch17:16
frinnstah right17:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: thunderbird: updated md5sum17:17
abenzfrinnst: glib too17:18
just_funfrinnst, I guess you are using the new pkgmk :)17:19
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cipppfem lfs, sed -i "/return (' ')/s/' '/':'/" bc/execute.c or
cipppbut i have not tried19:16
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tsaopmmh, md5sum seems off in glib 2.52.119:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: glib: updated md5sum20:13
timcowchipgrub2-efi works with gpt partition table20:14
timcowchipthanks frinnst20:14
frinnsteverything works with gpt20:14
frinnstexcept perhaps lilo20:14
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frinnst16:29 <@frinnst> i dont think you ever could onodera20:28
frinnst16:30 <@frinnst> since the actual repos are not in the website path20:28
frinnstre. http git clones20:28
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abenzI see a "Crux" theme in gtk-engines20:32
abenzis this a coincedence or did someone make that for crux?20:32
frinnstnot related to us20:32
frinnstits from the 90s i think20:33
abenzlooks tell20:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: pkgutils: updated to 5.40.220:46
frinnst;a=summary <- changes20:48
frinnstthe most notable change is that pkgmk will ignore .md5sums if there is a valid signature20:48
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