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loungehi, i installed x264 and x265 ,but still cant play mp4 files in vlc also in simplescreenrecorder under codec option x264 missing07:12
loungeany help please07:13
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timcowchipvlc is a qt4 app, try mpv07:23
timcowchiptsaop your libxkbcommon is the same as xorg-libxkbcommon from 6c3707:28
tsaoptimcowchip: yes07:29
timcowchipI going to switch to yours07:30
timcowchipsince I am subscribed to your repo07:31
loungetimcowchi:I have mpv and it works fine with all files ,but i need vlc for other options also cant use simplescreenrecorder without h26407:31
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tsaoptimcowchip: yes, it is a pain to handle duplicated ports between repos07:31
tsaopif I remember correctly, there should be a tool to detect them07:32
tsaopbut I don't remember if it acts on the port name or its content07:32
tsaopif it was the former, it wouldn't work07:32
tsaoplounge: AFAIK the master git branch builds with QT507:33
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loungetsaop: you mean i should build x264 from git ?07:45
tsaoplounge: no, mpv07:48
tsaop*vlc, sorry07:48
just_funtsaop, if you are refering to pp to handle dupplicated ports (, besides choosing the repo by port name, it let you "patch" the dependencies (eg. use libxkbcommon instead of xorg-libxkbcommon).07:54
tsaopjust_fun: seems very neat! I will have a look at it, thanks07:59
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abenzwhat is it VLC that you need?11:08
abenzlet me take a wild guess, DLNA playback ?11:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: irssi: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.212:14
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pedjaone time payment, and you get the server 'forever'? how is that supposed to work?14:06
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frinnstuntil they stop offering that service?14:51
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pedja'forever, for arbitrary value of forever'15:08
pedjabtw, frinnst , according to Reddit poll, you Swedes are 'the most beautiful Europeans' :)15:10
pedjacomment thread on one of the local news sites is epic, as expected15:13
pedjabeauty is subjective, anyway15:15
frinnstnah, its a fact15:16
frinnstand i know.. i watch myself in the mirror every day15:16
jaegerI've been there once, it's true15:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cppcheck: update to 1.7815:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: update to 1.3.515:18
pedjalooking in the mirror? I tried that once. The mirror broke in disgust.Oh, well.15:18
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pedjapart-time job as a monster in people's nightmares looks like an ideal career path for me.15:22
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joacimswedes are the most beautiful because their men are so feminine looking15:47
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joacimprobably look the same as me15:51
frinnstapril 9 and its already too hot outside15:51
frinnsti may not survive summer15:51
joacim10C right now. Already started sleeping with my windows open15:52
frinnstseriously considering getting an AC15:53
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crash_mm i need a AC as well15:58
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pedjawhat's 'too hot outside' temp? 20C? 40C?16:03
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pedjaI can deal with high temperatures, but the humidity is killing me16:05
deep42thoughtthat's why I like to use in our lab: dark, ac (22.5C), not humid (<=20%) ...16:06
pedjasummers here are 35-42C usually (as reported on TV, add 10,15 for the hot pavement)16:06
deep42thoughtwith such temperatures, you won't get a sun burn at least16:08
deep42thoughtbecause you'll avoid sun as much as possible16:08
pedjamy skin goes from white to painful red, no tan for me :)16:09
pedjavoluntary exposure to Sun is one of the things I don't understand.16:10
pedjaI like my pale skin just the way it is, thank you very much16:12
abenzbut one needs their dose of vitamin D16:12
joacim20C is ok if i can sit in a cold room and not work16:13
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pedjaI've worked in 40+C (manual labor) for years, and it' interesting experience16:25
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frinnstpedja: right now, 17C :)17:12
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pedjathat's a hoodie temperature :)17:41
pedjatoo warm for actual jacket, too cold for just a shirt17:41
pedja25+ is 'where did I put my favorite t-shirt?' territory17:44
pedjaI prefer colder weather, though.Must be my German blood :)17:48
timcowchipspeaking of t-shirts
pedjathat's Miller from The Expanse :)17:52
tilman<3 the expanse17:52
pedjayes, best SF I've watched in ages17:53
timcowchipThomas Jane, The Punisher17:53
timcowchipI'm wearing my Punisher t-shirt today17:54
pedjaI have the books, but I'll wait17:54
timcowchipHe was also in Dreamcatcher17:54
tilmanwhy wait?17:54
pedjaseason 2 covers first an dpart of the second book17:55
tilmanand you want to watch the adaptation first before reading the source material?17:55
timcowchipand 6117:56
pedjathe series diverges from the books17:56
timcowchipits a baseball movie17:57
timcowchiphe played Mickey Mantle17:57
jaegerIf you build it, he will come and play Mickey Mantle17:58
timcowchipjaeger: ever see it, 61?17:58
tilmanpedja: do you happen to know when season 2 will be on netflix in europe?17:58
timcowchipits about Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth's home run record17:59
jaegerI have not17:59
timcowchipgood movie for old white guys18:00
timcowchiplike me18:00
tilmanwhen s2 was announced for early february i got myself a netflix subscription (at the end of january). was quite disappointed when s2 didn't show up on netflix then :D18:00
timcowchipwe're the only ones who like baseball movies18:00
pedjatilman, afaict, when it ends on SyFy18:01
pedjaso late April, early May18:02
pedjathe last episode is on April 19th, iirc18:03
pedjaso probably May18:04
pedjathe first NFL season I watched was when Patriots(Brady) won the Superbowl18:06
pedjafor the first(?) time18:07
pedjaI stopped since then, the commentators are bloody awful, just don't shut up18:08
timcowchipI swa Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas in Super Bowl 318:08
pedja3? damn you're old :)18:09
timcowchiptrue dat18:09
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pedja'Burn Notice' tip: golf club is much more efficient that baseball bat :)18:15
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pedja<OT> </OT>18:22
pedjayay, my dear country is in /r/top again18:23
pedja'may you live in interesting times' and all that18:28
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pedjajaeger, docker-17.04.0-ce works fine, afaict, I've been using it for a few days18:30
jaegerok. I'll check it out when I update go, too18:30
pedjaonly difference is that now it shouts at me for using JFS as the backing FS :)18:31
pedjaI have until 17.12 to figure something out18:32
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jaegerwhy did you pick JFS? Is there some benefit there?18:55
pedjait was a long time ago.iirc, I was bit with ext*, so it was the choice between xfs and jfs.19:08
jaegerAh. Just curious19:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pango: updated to 1.40.519:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gtk3: updated to 3.22.1219:09
pedjaJFS works fine, it's just it's development seems to have stopped19:09
pedjaIBM got bored, i guess19:10
pedjathe issue with Docker is that JFS doesn't have d_type support19:10
frinnsteverything over 10C is t-shirt weather. everything over 25C is unbearable19:11
frinnstpedja: so will shit hit the fan?19:11
frinnstor has it already19:11
timcowchipin microelectronics temperature testing 25c is considered ambient19:12
pedjayour guess is as good as mine19:12
frinnstshit has hit the fan here too. one wanker drives a truck through a street with lots of people and everyone panics19:13
frinnstzomg terror!! we will all die!!19:13
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frinnstother than the families it impacts its a pointless event that deserves none of anyones attention19:14
joacimtrump knew19:15
pedjapoliticians will always spin any tragedy19:15
pedjathe sad thing is we were so close to setting a path to normal country a decade ago.then the PM got murdered, and it all went to shit19:17
frinnstmeh. my microservers cpu maxes out at ~600mbit with the application i use "to download linux torrents"19:19
timcowchipfrinnst: want Trump to tomahawk the driver?19:20
pedjas/linux torrents/tentacle pr0n/.there, FTFY19:20
frinnstgod no19:23
pedja'optimism is to think that the Russians black mail Trump with Ivanka's 'home video'.Pessimism is that they black mail him with his.'19:26
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pedjaI don't think that shit will hit the fan.he-who-shall-not-be-named has EU support (they don't care/have much bigger problems to deal with)19:30
timcowchiphow can we dance when our earth is turning?19:32
pedjacoupled with strong control of the media, and the general ignorance/apathy, he is here to stay for a long time, unfortunately19:32
pedjaso, if you live in the Western Europe, expect a rather large influx of young, educated, people from this neck of the woods19:34
pedjaUSA has lost some of its appeal, though :)19:35
pedjabut I hear that there is a pretty large crowd waiting outside the Canadian embassy.19:38
pedjaall it's not lost, that meteor last week was pretty close.19:40
pedjathat concludes today's therapy session.19:42
timcowchipthanks pedja :)19:48
pedjahm, Arch is using OpenSuse's Open Build System, but I can't find anything about that.19:48
timcowchipgot to go to my daughter's friendship group19:49
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pedjait would be cool to set up Crux on obs, and build larger packages on their infrastructure19:50
pedja(I guess that's the way how it works)19:50
SitriCan't find anything about Arch using OBS, or can't find anything about OBS itself?20:05
pedjaarch using OBS20:06
pedjathere is a page on their wiki.hth did I miss that?20:07
pedjathanks, cippp20:08
pedjaso, in theory, it could be possible to use Crux Docker image to build the packages and publish them.interesting20:11
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pedjaany recommendations for Windows password manager for the...ordinary user?22:35
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pedjaI love her, but she is just not that good with technology :)22:36
vsteveif '/sbin/poweroff' is just a link to '/sbin/halt' shouldn't doing 'halt' directly do the same thing?22:37
pedjaread 'man halt'22:38
vsteveoh, fair enough22:39
vstevewell that's that then, thanks22:40
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frinnstwhy didnt i know about "the expanse"?23:14
pedjayou don't read the channel logs?23:23
pedja2 episodes left in S2.wait, then binge watch it all :)23:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: irssi: fixed footprint23:27
frinnstat s01e05 now23:27
pedjaah, when it picks up the pace.23:27
pedjait's quite a ride after that23:28
frinnstShohreh Aghdashloo makes me feel all funny23:29
pedjaslow burning, but with the amount of world building going on, that is expected23:29
frinnst(yes, i had to paste her name)23:29
frinnst65 and as hot as ever23:29
pedjashe is awesome (also in real life)23:29
pedjaquite a few badass women in The Expanse23:30
pedjacheck out Travelers, too (more SF in theme than in special effects)23:33
jaegeranother season of doctor who starts next weekend, too23:33
pedjaI've given up on it23:34
pedjasherlock, too23:34
jaegerI can't quite give up on doctor who... It's very silly these days but I grew up watching the older ones and also, silly is part of what makes it fun23:35
jaegerhaven't heard of travelers, I'll check that one out23:35
pedjaTom Baker is God23:35
pedjagive it a couple of episodes, by episode 4 it hits its stride23:36
pedjaI like it, but that doesn't mean much :)23:36
pedjaThe Magicians were a pleasant surprise, I must admit.23:37
pedjamuch more darker that I expected23:37
frinnstfuck, almost 2am23:38
pedjago to bed, you have a job :)23:38
jaegerfrinnst: did you watch dark matter?23:41
jaegeror killjoys?23:41
jaegervery different tones between those two but good23:41
pedjaKilljoys are fun23:41
pedjagorgeous lead actress23:42
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pedjaI broke my 'give it 4 episodes' rule with Dark Matter. I might revisit it at some point.23:44
pedja24:Legacy, otoh, is pure trash.23:44
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pedjaand not the fun trash.boring as fsck.23:45
pedjaI've watched 'The Big Short' last night, and now i think that the Wall Street should be catapulted into the Sun.23:48
pedjathugs in 5000$ designer suits23:49
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ryu0pedja: just put 'em out in the sun. their vampire skin will be the end of them. =p23:54
vsteveis there a 'right' way to get x11 to start at startup?23:54
vsteveI took a stab in the dark and threw together an rc.d script for x11 that appears to work, but it only loads the most basic windowing environment23:56
vsteveI guess it's twm23:56
ryu0vsteve: using a DM.23:57
vsteveI realized since I'm not running it as any user in particular, it's not pulling in my .xinitrc, and so it's not launching 'exec icewm-session'23:57
ryu0are you new? Display Manager.23:57
ryu0Various exist. They serve to manage X11 logins.23:57
ryu0the alternative is to login to a VTY and use startx.23:57
vsteveOH, no I got that, but i'm not sure how to set it up this way23:57
ryu0well you'd need to install something like slim, xdm, lightdm, ...23:58
ryu0i don't have any particulars to suggest.23:58
vstevewell I've got icewm on there, which works great23:58
vstevebut icewm only starts if I 'startx' as a user with .xinitrc set up correctly23:59
vstevesince I'm having x11 get started by rc.conf, I'm not sure how x will come up23:59

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