IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2017-04-11

vsteve.xinitrc will do seemingly anything except launch the one thing I want it too (vncserver)00:00
SitriIsn't vncserver its own X server?00:01
vsteveit is, but to get virtualgl working, an x server must be running on display:000:01
vsteveso turbovnc on its own is no problem, turbovnc with virtualgl is trickier00:01
SitriCan you get vncserver running alongside Xorg?00:02
vsteveI can00:02
vsteveI should clarify, I've had great success doing exactly that, but the problem is automation00:03
SitriAnd you're using the same invocation for vncserver in your .xinitrc?00:03
vsteveI literally only type vncserver and everything 'just works'00:03
vsteveand yes00:03
vstevevncserver popped into either .xinitrc or .Xsession seems to have no impact00:03
SitriCan you post your xinitrc file?00:03
vsteveexec icewm-session00:04
vsteveexec vncserver00:04
vstevejust those two lines00:04
SitriThat's your problem00:04
vstevedo tell00:04
SitriDon't call exec00:05
SitriIt replaces the shell process00:05
vsteveah, i've tried it without as well00:05
SitriYou removed it on both lines?00:05
vsteveleaving the 'exec icewm-session' in, and then just 'vncserver' on the next line00:05
vsteveicewm-session is cooperating, so I didn't mess with its line00:06
SitriIf you must do exec icewm-session for whatever reason, it /has/ to be the last thing.00:06
vstevewhy is that?00:06
Sitri<Sitri> It replaces the shell process00:06
vsteveso you think I could call vncserver first?00:07
SitriGiven that nothing after an exec line will ever be called, yes.00:07
vstevehah, fair enough, this is the first i'm hearing of this stipulation00:07
vsteveI thought I'd seen .xinitrc's with a few exec lines in them00:08
vstevehuh, no dice with that either00:09
vstevevncserver on top and exec icewm-session on the bottom00:09
SitriAny errors from xinit?00:10
vsteveI'd imagine so, where should I look?00:12
vstevedoes xinit have its own log or just in the regular xorg log?00:14
vstevesorry, in the midst of dinner00:21
vstevelooks like it's /var/log/Xorg.0.log which contains no mention of 'xinit' or 'vncserver'00:24
SitriHow are you invoking xinit?00:29
SitriIt'll dump any messages to the console, but really we're interested in vncserver's output (which'll be included)00:30
vstevevia startx00:31
SitriNo console output from that?00:32
vstevenot that I can see00:32
vsteveit appears that icewm-session fires up just right00:32
vsteveno other artifacts, warning, errors, etc00:33
SitriChange the vncserver line in xinitrc to have "&> ~/vncserver.log" at the end of it.00:33
SitriYou might have to look up the manual of vncserver to see if it needs options to actually dump errors to the console.00:34
SitriIf you do, add those before the &>00:34
vstevegood plan00:34
vstevewait...I might be a moron00:36
vstevemy IQ drops to about -10 when the kids start jumping around00:36
vsteveso there's good news and bad news00:38
vstevethe good news is, I think I fixed the vncserver not loading within xinitrc00:39
vstevethe bad news is...htop reports that I went from ~20 processes to 608?00:39
vstevemaybe all of those are necessary?  they stopped spawning00:41
vsteveand everything seems to work now00:41
vsteve....huh...this seems to be the magic of the crux IRC00:43
vsteveI do something, it doesn't work, I try 3 other things, all of which fail, I come here and seek help, people offer suggestions, I take a step back and re-do the first thing I did and it works00:44
vsteveanyway, thanks for talking me through it00:51
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timcowchipping tek01:55
jaegertimcowchip: I'd suggest including it in the base of the repo01:56
timcowchipit is01:57
jaegerok, then ignore me :)01:57
jaegerand I see you said as much in email01:58
jaegerjust got home, hadn't checked yet01:58
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maraku_hey, has anyone got firejail to work?04:48
marakuif anybody could test, the Pkgfile is here
marakui'm getting errors in a chroot and on my normal system04:52
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timcowchipping just_fun08:43
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just_funOh, yes!08:45
john_cephalopodaTransparent stuff08:46
john_cephalopodaI never got transparent things working. In the end, I just gave up. It doesn't look good in a tiling WM anyway :þ08:46
just_funThere is no point having backgrounds with tiling WM :D08:48
just_funyou just start a terminal, and have it full screen08:48
emmett1just_fun, make terminal transparent, so theres is point why having background with tiling WM ;)08:51
just_funthe point of tilling WM is to use every pixel, at full opacity :D08:52
abenzor make background transparent, so there's no point in having terminal ;)08:52
just_funACTION segfault08:53
john_cephalopodaActually... what is my desktop background?08:53
john_cephalopodaOh, now I know.08:53
john_cephalopodaI always forget it because I only see it at startup for like 3 seconds :D08:53
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just_funa truly transparent desktop background is to use a camera, and have its video as background08:55
emmett1my desktop, tiling WM with background :)09:00
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abenzyou use a tiling WM and hexchat?09:01
just_funbut nice screenshot09:02
abenzi3 vs dmw ?09:04
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emmett1abenz, yeah hexchat..been used weechat before09:09
emmett1but cant go with weechat09:09
emmett1its dwm09:10
emmett1use it since 1st use linux as main os09:10
emmett1just_fun, thanks ;)09:10
emmett1dwm should be trashed ??09:11
john_cephalopodaI use i3.09:11
john_cephalopodaI used to use dwm, but lost the config.h way too often. Also recompiling in order to change some setting was annoying.09:13
emmett1john_cephalopoda, i have used i3 before, i like it, easy to configure, but i just dont like its tiling works09:13
emmett1lost config.h?09:13
emmett1i dont get why it can be lost.. :\09:14
emmett1recompiling in order to change just small thing a bit annoying but its just fine by me as long it work great like i want it to work09:15
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TheCephalopodemmett1: The archlinux package management overwrote config.h over and over again, which resulted in me losing my WM configuration.09:16
TheCephalopodi3wm uses a config file in .i3/09:17
emmett1owh, when i used dwm with archlinux before, i'm compile from source09:19
emmett1so package manager not track it09:19
emmett1and not bother to remove it09:19
john_cephalopodaArchlinux compiled it from source, too. But it tracked config.h09:20
emmett1no, i mean, i do make && sudo make install09:20
emmett1not use makepkg09:20
emmett1anyway, i think archlinux not bother any file from dwm if u follow from wiki09:22
john_cephalopodaWell, I switched to Crux over a year ago.09:22
emmett1yeah, me, start use crux last year ago too09:24
emmett1until end of last year09:25
yui^^_i use dwm but without the tiling09:30
yui^^_never liked the aesthetics of tiled windows09:31
emmett1yui^^_, without the tiling?09:32
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druid_droidHey crux people, hope everything is fine with crux,09:34
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druid_droidI keep try setting up my local mirror of crux, hope today I finish, just missing git server, so ports -u get from it, and gitolite have a "thing" that pull from crux git's09:35
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john_cephalopodayui^^_: Only floating windows? :D09:36
druid_droidI don't update my ports since weeks, maybe months :'(09:37
druid_droiddoes some one have a /etc/rc.d/git-daemon that can share with me,09:42
druid_droidI'm coping the nginx one and changing to launch git-daemon09:42
john_cephalopodadruid_droid: Why aren't you running a system update? No internet connection?09:45
druid_droidI make a big mistake, I change the make flags to something mix of arch/gentoo hardening, also I have grsecurity, and I change some port's so they get build09:47
druid_droidand the only thing I'm missing to have the mirror is git-daemon, so I was hoping I finish this fast and get from my local "salad"09:48
yui^^_john_cephalopoda: floating and monocle09:53
yui^^_terminals float, and are almost always 80x24, and most other things (web browser, gimp, flowblade) are in monocle mode and get their own workspace09:55
yui^^_or their own tags, to use the dwm terminology09:56
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druid_droidI change from dwm to spectrwm not sure why...10:24
druid_droidshould I use start-stop-daemon to launch git-daemon,10:28
pedjateK_, thanks for gnupg update10:32
pedjanow I can update gpgme10:33
pedjaI still can't search keys unless 'standard-resolver' is set.must be the issue with keyserver pool10:35
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john_cephalopodaIs there a file manager in the official repos yet?11:55
john_cephalopodaOh, it looks like pcmanfm is back \o/11:55
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pedjaI am reading reviews for Ghost in the shell remake, and I don't understand all the fuss about Scarlet J.13:02
pedjalike 'she is a godess', gorgeous and all that. I just don't see it.13:03
pedjadoes she have a nice rack? yes. is she breathtaking like Eva Green?hell no.13:04
john_cephalopodaIs "Ghost in the shell" the one where the trailer thumbnail looks like somebody is naked?13:08
pedjayup :)13:10
pedjawhile the rumor was that they are considering Shu Qi for the role, I was interested.Now? I'll pass.13:12
pedjasame for Blade Runner remake13:14
pedjajust no13:14
pedjaat least we got 18 Transformers prequels/sequels/origin stories to look forward to </s>13:16
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rmullDoes anyone ever use the 'ports' utility for anything other than a ports -u sync?13:25
frinnstports -d13:26
joacimyeah. ports -d is nice13:26
joacimi typically run ports -u ; ports -d once a week or so13:27
rmullIs that different than prt-get diff? I haven't tried it because I'm up to date at the moment13:27
joacimprt-get is magic and i don't use it. i go through every port directory and pkgmk everything13:28
joacimi don't know how it is different that prt-get diff tbh. i just got used to ports -d13:28
rmullJust wondering about duplication of functionality13:28
joacimif i see differences, i do sysup later13:28
joacimi used to run prt-get sysup --test in teh past tho13:28
rmullUsually my workflow is ports -u, then prt-get sysup --test13:29
rmullBut that doesn't tell me version numbers13:29
rmullAnd maybe I wish it did13:29
frinnstyeah, ports -d detects if there are differences between repos13:29
joacimit is annoying when you use a port fro ma different repo13:30
joacimand that one is older than the one in core/opt/contrib13:30
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pedjayou update it, and send the patch to the repo maintainer, then :)13:43
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joacimit was mostly a problem when i used crux64 in the past13:48
joacimwell, wasnt much of a problem13:48
joacimbut it noticed it =)13:48
joacimthe ports were mostly in sync, but sometimes the old mainly 32-bit ones was a revision higher than the 64-bit ones13:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: dos2unix: updated to 7.3.416:48
frinnstyuck. lots of deps for virtualbox17:05
*** onodera has quit IRC17:06
nwefrinnst: use kvm instead :D17:09
frinnstI am, just building to update sepens port17:10
frinnstmaking a list of what to remove when im done :)17:10
frinnstchown: invalid group: 'root:vboxusers'17:13
frinnstfuck. *starting again*17:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: iasl: updated to 2017030317:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: sxiv: dropped unmaintained port17:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] virtualbox: updated to 5.1.18. Now uses qt5 instead of qt417:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mldonkey: updated to 3.1.517:41
frinnstwell, a patch was provided so17:45
abenzI thought ed2k was dead17:45
frinnstprobably is17:45
frinnstand it will probably be dropped in the near future17:45
abenzimage viewer..17:46
john_cephalopodaI know, I am using it17:46
frinnst2d shooter for the amiga :>17:46
frinnstfeel free to adopt it and send an application to join contrib17:47
john_cephalopodaI think, unmaintained ports are dropped too fast.17:47
john_cephalopodaI would have adopted it.17:47
frinnstthat port has been unmaintained for a year or so17:47
frinnst<@frinnst> feel free to adopt it and send an application to join contrib17:48
john_cephalopodaIs there somewhere, where unmaintained ports are listed?17:48
frinnstbitrot is evil17:48
rmullsxiv is unmaintained? I love sxiv17:48
frinnstyeah on the wiki but its empty right now. that one was supposed to be on the list though17:48
frinnstoops. actually no17:49
john_cephalopodaThe port system could be improved.17:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: Revert "sxiv: dropped unmaintained port"17:49
rmullCould always just bring it under 6c37's jurisdiction17:49
frinnstmy bad17:49
john_cephalopodaI like how the AUR works. Flagging packages as outdated is fast and simple, plus you can sort listing orphans.17:49
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pedjaopening a bug with patch attached is fast and simple too, so17:50
frinnstyeah we just need people to do the actual work17:51
frinnstwhich we lack17:51
frinnsti think 2 or 3 people has joined the project in the last 5 years17:53
frinnstwhile a lot more have left17:53
john_cephalopodaThere are a lot of nice things that can be done.17:54
pedjaI might apply for contrib, after I clean up and publish few of my repos17:54
pedjaxfce, mostly17:54
john_cephalopodaI got some packages. I should clean them up and upload them.17:55
pedjaI just have to figure out how this Bitbucket simple website hosting works17:56
john_cephalopodaIs there any way to find out, which dependencies a self-written package has?17:56
pedjaREADME, other distros, ldd, Romster has some tool for it, iirc17:56
frinnstfinddeps is useful17:57
pedjathat's the one17:57
rmullI like contributing to 6c37 (instead of contrib) because my contributions are irregular and I don't like the commitment17:57
frinnstSeagate Launches 12TB Enterprise HDD17:58
pedjahow many HDD manufacturers are left, anyway? Seagate and WD? they bought everyone else?18:00
*** chinarulezzz has joined #crux18:00
frinnsti think18:00
frinnstor are they wd?18:00
pedjaWD bought NAND part of their business, iirc18:02
pedjathey bought HGST (Hitachi)18:05
john_cephalopodaPhew, pretty hard to filter finddeps.18:06
pedjathe deal with Toshiba and WD seems to be joint investments into new fabs18:06
joacimi dont really understand 6c37 or what the deal with the name is. i just treat it as any other personal repository.18:07
joacimif i wanted to contribute more than just some personal ports, i'd apply for contrib, or make a topical repository like emulators, mate, lxqt, or whatever18:08
joacimif i was new, and wanted an emulator, i would simply look in the emulators repository18:10
*** timcowchip has joined #crux18:10
pedjatopical repositories is what I like to do with my repos18:13
john_cephalopodajoacim: 6c37 is a repo that everybody can contribute to. It is on github, which makes it very accessible.18:14
pedjaif you have GH18:14
john_cephalopodaMore people have github than access to the crux contrib repo ;)18:14
joacimapply to contrib18:15
joacimand it is not obvious what 6c37 is based on the name alone18:15
john_cephalopodajoacim: The name 6c37 is the reference to the unicode sign U+6c37 (氷), which is called "kori", which is the nickname of the founder of 6c37.18:15
joacimit's like any other huge repository, like the aussie one18:15
john_cephalopodaSo it is some kind of personal repo, but it is a repo which allows anybody to easily contribute.18:16
frinnsthow are the signatures handled?18:16
frinnstsurely not everyone has access to the private keys?18:16
joacimso anyone could do that to any repository hosted on github18:16
joacimand probably bitbucket too18:16
john_cephalopodaPackages are committed, then signed by the people with the key.18:16
joacimand other repositories that privately host some git system18:17
john_cephalopodajoacim: Yeah, anybody could do that. But 6c37 is the only repo that does it and promotes it.18:17
joacimunder the name of an individual18:17
joacimi rather see more emulator-like repositories  tbh18:17
john_cephalopodaIt is more like a project name.18:17
joacimlike networking, or any other topic one would feel could benefit the distribution18:18
john_cephalopodaLike Linux isn't Linus Torvalds' personal OS but an OS founded by Linus Torvalds.18:18
timcowchip doesn't use names18:19
pedjahow is 'commit port then someone else signs it' different than sending a patch and one of the devs applies the patch and signs it?18:20
john_cephalopodaalketii is in that repo :D18:20
rmull6c37's name is just a byproduct of its evolution. It's not endorsed by the crux team and it doesn't come with any guarantees18:20
timcowchipno maintainer or packager listed18:20
*** tsaop has joined #crux18:21
rmullI'm rpetty sure it just started as kori's personal repo and then it grew18:21
tsaophello gents18:21
john_cephalopodaHi tsaop18:21
joacimit would also be a single point of failure for a lot of different ports18:22
timcowchiplike arch all users contribute to one repo18:22
joacimcant exactly expect user hosted ports to last for very long18:23
joacimwhich is hosted by the arch project itself18:23
john_cephalopodaI'm currently using 25 ports from 6c37.18:23
john_cephalopodajoacim: 6c37 works well. People update the ports and write github issues when there is a problem.18:24
john_cephalopodaFor me, as a github user, it is much more transparent than the contrib repo.18:24
timcowchipshould change the audacity port in 6c37 so it works withh ffmpeg?18:25
timcowchiplike my audacity port?18:25
john_cephalopodaThe big disadvantage of having several repos is, that the contents overlap.18:27
john_cephalopodaAnd the contents are sometimes not compatible.18:27
*** SiFuh has quit IRC18:29
timcowchipif there was one centralized crux repo on github like 6c3718:30
timcowchipthen "allowed" users could edit pkfiles add patches etc18:31
timcowchipits sort of communist but it works for kaos18:32
john_cephalopodaDA, KOMRAD.18:34
yui^^_you can do all that without using github18:34
john_cephalopodaBut github has a large user base.18:35
onodera_yui^^_: you can't do so with the crux repos though18:36
onodera_since they use that maintainer system.18:36
onodera_with 6c37 everyone can send PRs for every port18:36
yui^^_does 6c37 accept pull requests from "outside" github?18:37
onodera_btw I do see how a maintainer system has benefits though, like there is someone who can actually test the new version, however I do think it's not a good system for a contrib repo18:38
*** SiFuh has joined #crux18:38
onodera_I don't think so, if you want that and a shared maintainer system you should probably start your own repo.18:38
yui^^_yeah i'm already part of one, kind of, though i haven't contributed anything yet18:39
yui^^_the teatime repository18:40
joacimits not the userbase of github that contributes to crux, it's the crux users that contribute. it doesn't matter if you use github or not18:44
joacimi think it would be better to avoid github tbh18:44
yui^^_a lot of projects that move to github stop "interacting" with the world outside github, so i agree18:44
onodera_do you have a link yui^^_18:46
onodera_comfy website18:49
joacimwithout a maintainer, you run the risk of a port getting being completely forgotten about. so you end up with a big repository where many of the ports are out of date or simply broken. puts a lot of stress on one named maintainer18:50
yui^^_onodera_: thanks! a lot of the "modules" are things we wrote ourselves18:51
onodera_joacim: I'd say it's the other way around18:51
joacimwith a maintainer, you know who to ping18:52
joacimwithout one, the repository owner will have to take responsibility18:52
yui^^_and often in ways "you're no longer supposed to" write web stuff. a lot of c code running as cgi <318:52
onodera_if a user sees a port is out of date they can create a bug report and one of the mainters can fix it, or he can send a patch himself18:52
joacimnot everyone will post patches and stuff like that18:52
onodera_with a maintainer based system the maintainer can stop using crux or whatever18:52
onodera_bam that's it, dozens of ports are left unmaintained18:53
joacimanother can adopt them. the remaining maintainers can take over the ports they like18:53
onodera_you could say exactly the same about a shared repo18:54
onodera_anaother one of the maintainers can pick up the work if they like18:54
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC18:54
onodera_I don't think there is a single port out of date in 6c37.18:54
joacimthis just looks like one maintainer, where a lot of people post ports18:54
onodera_I can't say the same about contrib, but yes, I know it's about triple the size18:55
joacimEstimated delivery: 12.04.2017 16:00:0018:58
joacimmy laptop better make it =)18:58
joacimwill suck if i have to wait until after easter19:00
*** tsaop has quit IRC19:02
pedjawhich laptop, joacim ?19:06
joacimThinkPad X22019:07
joacimi need a laptop, but i don't need one so bad that i want to pay 1000 euro for a new latitude or whatever19:08
joacimthought about getting a 2560p instead, since there are a lot of cheap ones on ebay19:09
joacimlenovo also has the battery recall program for their laptops of that era. if the previous owner didn't make use of that, i could get a brand new battery for free =)19:10
just_funWhere is the fun in handling ports with all this talk about handling repos?19:14
joacimsurprised that acer scores higher than apple19:15
*** timcowchip has left #crux ("Leaving")19:16
joacimi've had to fix so many bs issues with acer laptops during the past couple of years. lots of laptops bad firmware19:17
joacima uefi update fixes most of their issues tho19:17
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux19:18
joacimasus has had a lot of turds too. sometimes it felt like every other asus laptop i unpacked had a spacebar with a broken or misaligned stabilizer.19:18
joacimtrackpads that got stuck under the palmrest19:18
joacimcrooked casings that caused the laptop to not sit flat on the table. it would slide around since the rubber feet didnt make contact19:19
joacimsome models had lots of issues with bsods19:19
joacimmacbooks have issues too, but usually the stuff i get is customers that spilt water or something on it, and hopes we'll give them a new one without sending it to a workshop19:20
joacimhp can be a bit bs too, but i haven't seen any widespread issues with them, like i have with asus and acer19:23
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:31
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*** lounge has quit IRC20:11
pedjaI have an hp mini. still deciding what to put on it after the experiment with FreeBSD20:15
*** timcowchip has joined #crux20:27
*** timcowchip has left #crux ()20:29
john_cephalopodapedja: Put crux on it!20:35
john_cephalopodaThe cheaper HP laptops apparently have (or had) a screen hinge that breaks quite easily after some time.20:36
pedjathat wouldn't be fun *at all*20:36
pedjaon that machine 'make world' took ~12 hours20:37
pedjaTumbleweed, probably, I like OpenSUSE20:38
joacimseen a few of those, but i've seen that with asus too20:38
joacimrather, the plastic posts the hinges are screwed on to breaks off20:38
nwepedja: openbsd20:43
pedjanwe, I was thinking about that. I'll have to see if dual-boot is possible20:43
pedja(never played with openbsd)20:44
*** onodera has joined #crux20:47
*** onodera_ has quit IRC20:47
nwepedja: okey20:47
john_cephalopoda12 hours isn't long for make world.20:53
druid_droidhey, I found something if is of interest to others about git-daemon:
pedjafor one off experiment, no.20:54
pedjafor tracking -stable, otoh20:55
john_cephalopodaThere isn't much that requires long to compile.20:59
john_cephalopodaFirefox, chromium, gcc and qt are the only things that take quite some time to compile..21:00
onoderainteresting distro, for anyone whos interested21:05
onoderastatically linked, pretty nice package templates, uses the suckless coreutils21:05
*** timcowchip has joined #crux21:08
*** Introoter has quit IRC21:08
rmullThat's pretty cool21:08
rmullHave you tried it?21:08
onoderanope, someone linked it in another channel21:11
druid_droidcrux rocks :D best thing I discover after gnu/linux ...21:12
jaegerjoacim: I had an X220 for quite a while, it was rock solid21:17
joacimi just hope the rubberised coating isn't all sticky21:26
joacimlike i've seen it become on other thinkpads21:27
jaegermine never became that way during the time that I owned it, for what that's worth. at least a few years21:27
john_cephalopodaI had a T-61. The nvidia graphics died after some while.21:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cmake: Update to 3.8.021:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cmake: updated signature21:34
*** onodera has quit IRC22:17
druid_droidXD i never think that setting up git-daemon with start-stop-daemon wold be so hard, I maybe in a retard mode or something22:21
druid_droidplease, no one have done this ? how do you people setup this ?22:22
jaegerhaven't tried it with start-stop-daemon, on it's just run by itself22:30
*** onodera has joined #crux22:31
*** vsteve has joined #crux22:33
vstevedo you have to install anything to get 'arp' on crux?22:34
john_cephalopodaiproute2  sbin/arpd22:36
john_cephalopodaiputils   sbin/arping22:36
john_cephalopodaOther packages don't seem to have binaries containing the string "arp"22:37 there are a hundred guides online that seem to indicated doing 'arp -something' like arp is a built in command22:38
vstevethey go as far to say that tcp/ip won't work without arp22:38
vsteveand yet... -su: arp: command not found22:38
jaegerMaybe it was part of the old net tools22:38
jaegernot iproute222:38
vstevethen that changes the scope of my problem, i'm wondering if there's a way to see the ip of all the machines on my network22:39
vsteveguides online suggested using arp, but I guess that's out22:39
jaegertry nmap -sP network/masp22:40
rmullnmap ping sweep22:40
jaegeryou'll need to install nmap22:40
vsteveinstalling now...22:40
*** blueness has joined #crux22:44
druid_droidvsteve: I have arpd, not sure if that helps, then I give arpd -l to see all cached arp addresses22:44
vstevedruid- that's good to know, and arpd works for me too22:45
vstevermull - nmap ping sweep said it found two IPs but didn't tell me what they were22:45
rmullip neigh?22:45
rmullwhat info do you need?22:45
vsteveideally what ips live on which mac addresses22:46
vstevejaeger - nmap -sP network/mask is still running22:46
rmullIf you run wireshark while nmap is running you can just look at the packets22:46
rmullBut try ip neigh22:46
rmullIt's the new way to check your arp tables22:47
vsteveinteresting, shouldn't that show my router/gateway?22:47
vstevemine only shows me22:47
rmullYes, it should22:47
vsteveactually only shows my router, it doesn't show me or anything else22:47
rmullEverything is on the same switch?22:48
rmullAnd same subnet?22:48
vsteveI'd think at minimum I should see myself and the router22:48
rmullMaybe your PC would have never arped if you haven't already tried to access those IPs22:49
rmullI could be wrong but afaik the arp probe is only sent out when you address a packet somewhere that isn't already in the arp cache22:50
*** onodera has quit IRC22:50
vsteveah, that would make sense22:50
rmullSo if you never need to send packets, no arp gets sent22:50
vsteveso it would seem then what I'm trying to do is impossible based on arp22:50
rmullUnreliable, at least22:50
rmullNot sure why your router isn't in there. If it's your gateway, you'd definitely have needed to send it packets22:50
rmullPing sweep should still work though22:50
druid_droidif you want to see arp of the router arpd will give you I think...22:51
vsteveah HA22:52
vstevethat wins christmas22:52
vstevearpd -l spat out a few ips, all of which look right22:52
vstevethat's perfect, thank you22:53
druid_droidhow can I make tmux get new groups added to current user XD ?22:55
druid_droidI need to logout/login again, relaunch tmux and so on ?22:55
frinnstvsteve: you are looking for "ip neigh"23:01
frinnstoh, rmull beat me to it23:02
vstevethat and 'arpd -l' did exactly what I want23:03
frinnstarp is not very useful with ipv6. thats why its been replaced23:03
vsteveI'm not using ipv6 :)23:03
frinnstcome over to the dark side. we have cake23:04
vsteveso i've heard23:04
vstevebut the cake requires me to redo a bunch of stuff and I'm JUST getting all my ipv4 stuff to work23:04
frinnstnah, its easy. once you start thinking the "right" way23:05
vsteveand what way is the right way?23:05
frinnstdont think about addresses, think about prefixes23:05 the core of the issue, is there a particularly compelling reason to use ipv6 beyond that it's newer?23:06
vstevehow much faster?23:06
frinnstsince most applications add a delay for ipv423:06
frinnsta few milliseconds23:06
vsteveI.....suspect i'll live23:07
vsteveI'll cross the ipv6 rubicon when I have everything working, I'm very 'function first, do-dads later'23:07
frinnstnon-routable addressing must die23:08
vstevethere's no rfc 1918 equivalent for ipv6?23:08
frinnstthere are23:09
frinnstslaac and stuff that you can use between two linked computers etc.23:10
frinnstget started! ->
frinnstif you do the cert thing you get a t-shirt :-)23:11
*** blueness has quit IRC23:14
vsteveI'll....have to get back to that23:15
vstevebut it has been noted23:15
joacimcant you just call your isp and have them enable ipv6 for you? =)23:15
frinnstsweden suck at ipv623:15
vsteveI could, but I think it's already enabled, I just don't want to have to learn /yet another/ thing on top of all the junk i'm already doing for the first time23:16
joacimi see mentions of isps here having ipv6 trials that you can opt in to23:16
joacimbut those mentions are old23:16
joacimi dont know if they still have them23:16
jaegerMy ISP had a trial that was a miserable failure, then much later they just quietly turned it on and it works fine23:16
frinnsta few offers tunnels etc23:16
frinnsti want a /48 or atleast a /64 routed to my home23:17
frinnstI use the ip's i have routed from on my lan23:17
vstevethanks for the help guys, time for me to bolt23:17
*** vsteve has quit IRC23:17
frinnstlots of swedish isps dont even give you a public ip anymore. its just cgnat23:19
frinnstso good luck hosting anything from home23:19
*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Trees are hiding until the final day.")23:23
*** blueness has joined #crux23:23
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:23
joacimi'm guessing that will happen here eventually too23:24
*** chinarulezzz has quit IRC23:47
*** moth has quit IRC23:50

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