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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: iasl: fix signature on Pkgfile change01:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cmake: fix maintainer line01:28
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joacim50 minutes to download and compile firefox on this sandybridge laptop01:53
joacimnot too bad, takes about 25 minutes on my i5 469001:53
joacimshould be even better with distcc01:53
brian|lfsholly crap01:53
brian|lfsthats slow01:53
brian|lfsto download what speed internet connection01:54
joacimabout 20 Mbps02:05
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dlcusapedja, I use rEFInd.  What's the question?03:13
dlcusapedja, I pasted my notes on my ESP image at if that's helpful.  I just dd it into a disk partition whare needed.03:33
dlcusaUpgrading the image and building its rEFInd from source is one of my many back-burnered maintenance tasks.03:35
dlcusapedja, annotated the above paste with my notes on editng the .conf file.03:48
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frinnsthmm. when installing debian/ubuntu you get prompted to select the keyboard according to "keyboard origin"07:44
frinnstthat would make all my debian/ubuntu installs to have a chinese keyboard layout07:44
abenzorigin? ahah07:49
abenzdon't recall that07:49
abenzI've done a few installs, dont recall origin, its just region ;)07:49
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.13908:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: lvm2: update to 2.02.17008:16
pedjadlcusa, no question, i was just curious :)08:20
pedjayou should add your notes to the wiki, or something08:21
pedjaonly UEFI I've seen irl is on my sister's laptop, which runs Win10, so08:23
just_funI didn't thinked adding my thought to wiki... Lets the spam begin...08:24
just_funDamn! This door is closed.08:26
pedjadid you honestly think that the Crux wiki is open to the anonymous public :) ?08:28
just_funI'm a true believer!08:30
just_funAt least I have
just_funThey don't let me vote more than twice a day, or something08:31
just_funbut I'm not aware of any limit on daily comments08:31
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pedjaI commented maybe thrice, in all this years, on the bugs which I didn't open08:33
just_funOnce per month is pretty decent.08:34
pedjaI have a few bugs/suggestions to open, but I need to research/make a POC before that.08:37
just_funOld school, ha?08:38
pedjayes :)08:38
pedjawell, it's only fair that I do the legwork.08:39
frinnstit was open until last year or something08:42
frinnstwhen it was spammed to death08:43
frinnstcant have nice things these days08:43
pedjapeople are bastards until proven otherwise08:46
pedjaspambots herders.there is a circle of Hell exclusively made for them08:47
just_funPeople are nice. All they need is love.08:50
pedjathey shouldn't have sent Lucifer all that pen1s enlargement spam08:51
just_funThe *belive* that things must the *this way* makes all look complicated.08:52
just_funend of crap08:53
pedjathe belief that the path of life is preordained by some higher being makes believers life less complicated, imho08:54
crash_prt-get depinst blÄkulla08:56
pedjaspam I got today: 'you look like my ex boyfriend.' you poor, poor, soul08:56
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just_funYou should have seen the look I got today from someone on the street, from being in the way...08:58
pedjabut the most fun was 'Serbian scientist made a perpetual motion machine, but the $POWERS_THAT_BE block it'09:00
pedjabecause reasons09:00
pedjascientist with no formal education, btw, just 200 IQ09:01
pedjaLaws of thermodynamics, eat your heart out09:03
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pedjajust_fun, people here walk like that all the time. too preoccupied/worried about the future to pay attention09:08
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pedjaInteresting HN discussion on 'why open source projects shouldn't use Slack' article10:07
pedja"IRC is just too hard to use". really?10:09
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druid_droidI think I just get the right way /etc/rc.d/git-daemon with start-stop-daemon :D next step configure ports -u to use local, I need to back up my port's since I change them, also I need that tip of changing the driver do "rebase"10:47
druid_droidI haz happy <3 crux10:47
druid_droidmy "dream" after this is, to end up with all sources extratecd and under git, each time a software port is updated will mean a commit so I can see the diff,10:54
druid_droidfirst I was thinking all in just one big repo, but not sure if the best solution10:55
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druid_droidpedja: I haz to quote that $POWERS_THAT_BE11:09
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pedjaI tend to split my ports into topical (sort of) repos. I do have one huge catch-all repo, which I really should clean up some day...11:24
pedjaand starting to git manage them is trivial 'git init; git add . ; git commit -m "Initial import"11:27
druid_droidpedja: not only port's I was talking the sources of software it self,11:27
pedjawhy would you track them?11:28
druid_droidwold be so nice to browse them localy and see the diff's11:29
pedjagit clone them, then11:29
druid_droidhummm, but the way I was thinking a port vesion == git commit11:29
druid_droidand port system handling that for me...11:30
druid_droidbut this is just a wild idea, I must first finish local port mirror :)11:30
pedjaI don't understand what are you trying to do, tbh11:30
druid_droideach time a port get a update local git of that software get a commit with the new update, just that,,, forget, just getting lost11:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 2.024 -> 2.04712:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: c-ares: 1.10.0 -> 1.12.0 picked back up for aria212:05
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pedjaso, 95% of Android devices is vulnerable.great.12:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gcr: move /usr/libexec to /usr/lib/gcr12:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gsm: add missing .md5sum file12:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gsm: fix header not found: Maintainer12:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mplayer-vaapi: fix stray # in depends on and clean up dependencies, move man pages to share12:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: ntp: move /usr/libexec to /usr/lib/ntp , move man pages to share12:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: sqlmap: fix dependency typo and optimize python files12:59
Romsterslowly knocking out the bugs with prtverify12:59
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onoderaRomster: contrib/itstool and contrib/inotify-tools still install mans in /usr/man btw :)13:28
Romsteri'm more focusing on errors and fixing cosmetic changes as it was convenient13:28
Romsterbut i'll get to that13:29
Romsteryeah there is a ton in contrib that use usr/man still.13:35
pedjaRomster, 'pip list --outdated' lists updates for setuptools, appdirs and pyparsing13:41
pedjapypi d/l links are weird13:43
pedjaand having two apps that have the same version, so their source on GH has the same name ($version.tar.gz) is always fun13:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-digest-sha1: remove .packlist, fix URL, regenerate .footprint for new perl version13:48
pedjawould it be possible to make pkgmk rename such broken tarballs on the fly?13:48
Romsterthis has been raised a few times, just don't stick them in the same distdir13:49
pedjadoes oldfiles -s work then?13:51
pedjait should13:52
pedjabut I am not changing it for a few special snowflakes :)13:52
pedjadamn GH, fix your shit13:53
pedjait's either $version.tar.gz, or $name-$name-$version or $name_$version or...13:55
pedjaor just source/master.tar.gz13:56
pedjaluckily, my OCD is (mostly) under control13:59
pedjawhen even Crux ports are all over the place (tabs, 2 spaces, 4 spaces), I kinda have to cope :)14:00
joacimi do one tab and 3 spaces14:04
joacimi like to change it up a little too, sometimes in the same file14:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: itstool: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.214:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: inotify-tools: move man pages to share14:07
Romsteri have a habit to reformat all my ports to tabs.14:08
Romsteri hate spaces for indentation14:08
Romsterand i despise commas in depends on:14:08
onoderathis is why I love gofmt, not only does it have rule I like, but it also forces everyone to use these same rules14:10
pedjaI reformat ports to use 4 spaces and use commas in Depends: (most of the time) :)14:12
onoderatabs for indentation, spaces for alignment masterrace14:14
onoderathanks Romster, I have no more /usr/man dir now :)14:14
Romsterdoes my head in when tabs take up less bytes and you can set your own tab stops.14:14
pedjatabs only for Makefiles :)14:15
pedjaI set vim that way14:15
Romsteri am just going to pretend i didn't read pedja's remark on commas for depends on...14:16
pedjaI don't care that much, as long it is consistent14:16
Romstermeh as long as it works14:16
onoderatools like prt-get need to do an extra step of removing possible commas now though14:17
pedjaI *do* remove them when I update the port, Romster14:17
onoderathat's why I'd like a depends on variable, I even tried to create a tool that converts Pkgfiles to toml files14:17
Romsterah that's okay then.14:17
pedjadoes prtverify check for them? that would be cool14:18
pedjaI agree, depends with spaces looks a bit nicer, but old habits die hard14:18
joacimi don't really care how people indent their stuff14:29
joacimif they're consistent14:29
joacimi hate it when i send my tab indents to someone else, and they send it back with spaces14:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python-appdirs: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.314:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python-pyparsing: 2.1.10 -> 2.2.014:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python-setuptools: 34.2.0 -> 34.4.114:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3-appdirs: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.314:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3-pyparsing: 2.1.10 -> 2.2.014:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3-setuptools: 34.2.0 -> 34.4.114:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3: 3.6.0 -> 3.6.114:47
just_funcruxbot, give me firefox update14:47
pedjawell, 53 is not in rc phase, so you'll have to wait a while :)14:51
pedja54 would be interesting (mandatory Rust)14:51
Romster53.0b10... yeah not ready yet14:51
pedjathan 56 (nuking alsa backend), 57 (new GUI/Servo)14:53
frinnstshame rust isnt ready for distribution yet14:57
frinnstyou cant build firefox from the current rust tarballs since it lacks cargo or whatnot14:57
frinnstnice udp.c vuln in < 4.5 kernels.. cve score of 9.8 :-)14:58
frinnstCVSS v3 Base Score:14:59
frinnst    9.8 Critical14:59
pedjaI posted that earlier. that list of vulnerable kernels is scary as fsck if you have Android phone :)15:02
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just_funonly if you think about it15:03
frinnstI still use my old nexus 4 as a small-screen tv by my bed. it stopped getting updates ~2 years ago15:04
pedjait's funny when people ask 'why won't you install banking app on the phone?'15:04
frinnstso the patch was written newyears 2015 and it never backported? Linux kernel 4.10.6 is listed as vulnerable15:05
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pedjayou maintain mostly Debian systems, right? what's the situation there?15:06
*** jaeger- has joined #crux15:06
frinnstyeah and dunno15:06
frinnstas usual from the kernel folks, security information is close to nul15:07
pedjayeah, 'security bug is just a bug' as per The Gospel of Linus15:07
frinnstand even when they know it's a vulnerability they keep it secret "as to not alert blackhats"15:08
frinnst.. and keep downstream kernel maintainers in the dark too15:09
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pedja'alert blackhats'? lol15:10
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frinnstyeah its stupid15:13
pedjasomeone should suggest kernel rewrite in Rust on lkml :)15:15
pedjathat would be...interesting15:15
pedjaI see yet another epic BCantrill rant on Linux in the future15:17
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pedja'Ubuntu kills kittens' episode was awesome15:19
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frinnst suggets it's all been patched15:49
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joacimI think I'm too stupid for wifi16:19
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pedjado I install nomachine client to /usr/NX, or patch ALL THE THINGS because all paths are hard-coded.decisions, decisions16:45
jaeger-making ports out of .deb upstream packages always amuses me a little bit16:47
pedjathis is a regular tarball, but the install script insists on using root :)16:49
pedjait identifies the distro and then puts stuff 'in a proper place'16:50
pedjasymlink from opt to /usr/NX is a little less ewww16:51
jaeger-yeah, I was referring to one I'm making, not NX, sorry16:52
pedjasomeone recently pasted here a script for amdprogpu, or whatever it's called.oh, the horror16:54
pedjadeb files always stump me with 'how do I extract this, again?'16:55
pedjarpm at least has rpm2targz16:55
tilmanpedja: it's a debian ARchive, so just "ar x" (extract from archive) :D16:56
jaegeryeah, that link I just pasted is an example16:57
jaegera pretty simple one16:57
joacim once the iwlwifi modules and the required firmware is loaded (confirmed with dmesg) wpa_supplicant should just be able to connect to any network, right?16:57
pedjaACTION pastes that into the note, for future reference16:57
pedjathanks, tilman & jaeger16:57
jaegerjoacim: any network for which it has configuration, yeah16:58
jaegerpedja: no problem16:58
tilmananother way to remember this is that both RPM and DEB use rather classic formats16:58
tilmanRPM uses cpio iirc, deb uses "archives" (same as libraries btw, as in libfoo.a)16:58
joacimi added the network to wpa_supplicant.conf with wpa_passphrase16:59
pedjaI've used cpio a couple of times for deb's16:59
jaegerI imagine that didn't work very well :D16:59
pedjamost confusing man page ever16:59
jaegerjoacim: then it should work, yeah16:59
joacimwell it doesn't, so i'll just have to use my warranty i guess =)17:00
jaegerlogs should say something17:00
pedjano EXAMPLES ('check the texinfo').argh.17:01
jaegeralso, can you scan for the network using iwlist or whatever?17:01
jaeger"iwlist <interface> scan | grep ESSID"17:02
pedjaMS did a kick-ass job with Powershell 'manpages'17:02
joacim"Interface doesn't support scanning"17:02
joacimit kinda worked when i had the wpa_supplicant and networkmanager services started, but then i could scan with nmcli, but not connect to any network17:03
jaegerprobably need wireless extensions support in the kernel or something like that17:03
jaegeriwlwifi in general does support scanning, that's what my laptop has17:03
jaegerdo you have CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT in your kernel?17:06
joacimwell i do now =)17:09
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joacimworks now. i guess this was a typical error17:18
joacimlike forgetting filesystem drivers when compiling your kernel17:18
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john_cephalopodaI forgot audio drivers, wireless drivers, tablet support so often... :D17:39
john_cephalopodaBut the last few compiles, I forgot nothing.17:39
john_cephalopodaRight, UVC cameras are something I also forget often.17:39
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joacimyour settings for the intel chip works great too. absolutely no tearing17:43
jaegerIt's pretty easy to forget stuff like that17:43
pedja fails with both Chrome and FF.wth17:46
john_cephalopodartc only works with chrome for me.17:47
pedjawell, test there fails because Chrome is confused with my TV tuner as video117:48
pedjaI set the webcam in Settings, but does it listen? Hell no.17:49
abenzI'm trying to run a cron job as my own user17:50
john_cephalopodaWhat TV tuner are you using? I'm planning to buy one, but I am not sure which ones work well with Linux.17:50
abenzbut dont want it to get stored in var/spool/ .. (ie no crontab -e)17:50
abenzI want it to stay in my config file17:50
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abenzI see crux structures the crontabs in directories (daily, monthly ..etc)17:50
abenzusually I'd just edit /etc/crontab with something like17:51
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, Leadtek 2000XP17:51
abenz0 5 * * * abenz <some command>17:51
abenzis the above the "crux" way or should I edit one of the files?17:51
pedjaanalog tuner17:51
joacimi just do a straight crontab -e usually17:51
joacimbut sometimes i edit the other ones too, depends on what i want to do17:52
abenzjoacim: that will be stored in /var/spool17:52
john_cephalopodapedja: Thanks17:56
pedjanp. Leadtek or Hauppauge cards are usually a safe-ish choice, but check the wiki/kernel docs.17:58
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pedjalooks like no pulseaudio, no webrtc in FF :)18:32
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jaegerabenz: I don't think dcron supports that, you may need to switch to some other cron daemon18:42
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frinnstwow, new bios sure cleaned up my kernel init log19:15
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:15
frinnstno more IO_PAGE_FAULT device=28:00.0 domain=0x0003 address=0x000000f40050b9c0 flags=0x0010] messages it seems19:15
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jaegerin general, how are you feeling about the new ryzen system?19:23
jaegernow that you've had it a little while19:23
jaegerI've been toying with the idea of building a ryzen/rx480 ncase m1 mini-itx build19:27
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crash_are there any mini-itx ryzen boards out yet except that biostar board?20:04
jaegerI haven't looked for any yet, I imagine there are not very many yet20:05
crash_but indeed a itx build would be nice20:06
joacimnot many options yet if you want more than 4 cores in a mini ITX case20:15
joacimshould be options for ryzen. I guess it is normal that mini ITX boards comes out later20:16
crash_i think so20:18
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abenzjaeger: ah. will see20:29
abenzfrinnst: any change in IOMMU groups?20:29
frinnstthe changelog is vague21:04
frinnst"Update AGESA to"21:04
pedjathis should be fun21:34
pedjaACTION just watched The Expanse 21:34
pedjano spoilers :)21:35
pedjavideo chat (webrtc) seems to be broken with FF21:37
frinnstits a browser. not fucking skype21:37
pedjaskype is web based these days, so21:37
pedjathe reason I want to use webrtc is that Skype is fucking broken after every update on Win1021:39
frinnstknow why its broken?21:39
pedjavp8/vp9 codec is my suspicion, but I'll have to dig some more21:39
frinnsti thought all the bits shipped with firefox?21:40
frinnstis the cisco plugin thingy enabled?21:40
pedja <--this works with chrome, I get the black screen with FF21:40
frinnstCannot create RTCPeerConnection: RTCPeerConnection is not defined21:41
frinnstdo you need to open ports and shit?21:41 is using vp8/9 by default.let me try with h.26421:42
frinnstfucking rust. you need cargo to build firefox with rust. you need cargo to build cargo21:43
frinnstand adorable bootstrap script - it runs sudo for you!21:43
pedjaI get the same error, frinnst21:44
frinnst$ sh rustup.sh21:44
frinnstinstall: installing component 'cargo'21:44
frinnst    Rust is ready to roll.21:44
frinnstinstalled under /usr/local21:44
pedja <--try this, with Cisco thingie enabled21:48
pedjano obvious clues under about:webrtc21:51
pedja"Failed to access your computer's camera and microphone" on test.webrtc.org21:55
pedjathis one works :)
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pedjafrinnst, I don't think it's a problem with FF port, same things happens with the official binary22:33
pedjaonly difference is I get to choose mic too to share, since they use Pulseaudio22:34
pedjaif you want to play
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joacimi have something like that for my android phone23:24
joaciman ascii camera23:24
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frinnsts ~.23:39
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