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darfomake -j, N or N+1? On 2 core, 4 thread Intel i3 M380 @ 2.53GHz, N+1 was a tiny bit slower unless all the power saving kernel options were disable and then it was a tiny bit faster.00:02
darfoI'm not into ricing but I was curious about hyperthreading. Tested with N=1,2,3,4,and 5.00:03
darfoUsed coreutils make as a reference. Did one make and then a make clean to preload the disk buffers.00:05
xckohow was it with n=4/5?00:05
darfomake -j5 real 29.842s user 104.123s sys 5.703s00:06
darfomake -j4 real 29.680s user 103.060s sys 5.963s00:06
xckoI assume that was slower than 2?00:07
darfomake -j3 real 33.465s user  85.887s sys 5.347s00:07
darfomake -j2 real 38.901s user  66.390s sys 4.11300:08
darfomake -j1 real 87.172s user  74.630s sys 6.073s00:08
darfoNot as much difference beween 4 and 2 as I though there would be.00:10
darfoProbably should use tmpfs to clarify because this laptop has 5400rpm SATA3 HD.00:10
xckoit looks like the real time between 4 and 2 is almost ten seconds, so # of threads is fastest?00:12
darfoYes. I think 4 is not twice as fast because the disk is limiting factor.00:12
xckocool thanks for sharing your results00:13
darfoYesterday there was discussio about # of threads or # of threads plus 1.00:13
darfoI've been using +1 but I'm changing # threads now.00:14
xckoI've been using # threads +1 but I think I'll switch to # threads too00:16
xckoI'm on a laptop so i enable powersaving features00:17
darfoI used powertop and followed the suggestions for runtime kernel options then added them to /etc/rc.local so there always there.00:19
darfoIt's funny because now when something stops using the soundcard I here a quiet little click a few seconds later when it powers down.00:20
darfoAnd all the options in the kernel config that seemed to apply to this laptop.00:22
darfoI want to build a desktop again. Laptops are OK but they just don't have the same kind of power for dollars.00:23
xckoI think there are a few powersaving features for X as well00:23
xcko+ better keyboards for desktop00:24
darfoMy laptop spends most of it's time setting on a desk with a real pointing device, a real keyboard, and an nice flat panel monitor anyway.00:24
darfoI think it's mobility mostly lost utility when I got a good android smartphone.00:25
darfowhat powersaving features does X have other than dpms?00:26
xckoah I was thinking of kernel options for an intel gpu, letting it enter a lower power state during gpu idle00:33
xckopersonally I'm trying to move away from smartphones. *puts on tinfoil hat*00:33
xckooh also framebuffer compression00:34
xckothe ubuntu wiki has a good power saving tweaks page00:34
brian|lfsWhats Ubuntu?  Is it that distro witht he ugly GUI00:38
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vsteveany dnsmasq users on?00:45
darfoxcko: thanks for the tip, I'll look for it00:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libxkbcommon: initial import02:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] qt5: new dependency libxkbcommon as the bundled one is broken, built packages are here:
Romsteralso for those that needs cups:
frinnsthow does the libxkbcommon problem manifest itself?02:26
frinnstmy minimal qt5 port works fine as far as i can tell02:27
Romsteri've had a few people complain some keyboard inputs are broken02:28
Romsterand it's a small port with no other dependencies other than xorg.02:28
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Romstercan always lock qt5 until the next release if it's not a issue for you.02:39
Romsteri provided built packages to be less of a burden for those on slow rigs02:40
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frinnstI have my own little qt5 port02:40
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: fontconfig-32: 2.12.0 -> 2.12.102:42
Romsteroh what's the difference?02:54
Romstermore minimalist? is there any way i can minimise qt5 some more?02:55
Romsterlike i did with ffmpeg02:55
fyrepeople want minimal ffmpeg configs?03:04
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Romsternot everyone wants the kitchen sink03:33
brian|lfsmy computers are having a race building qt503:43
Romster-j24 on distcc makes a big dent on qt503:44
brian|lfshow you know I have 24 cores between 2 machines03:45
brian|lfsstop hacking my shit03:45
Romsteri don't i got 8 machines with 24 cores03:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 2.5 -> 2.603:56
brian|lfswhat only 3 cores a machine04:07
brian|lfsRomster have you even checked out my ports yet04:08
brian|lfsI thought of an idea for the ports database page we need to update the script and a section of the page that shows when people add new ports to their repos04:09
brian|lfsor maybe a section on the main site04:10
brian|lfsthat shows that04:10
SitriProbably a mix of 2 and 4 core machines04:10
SitriFour of each would work04:11
Romsterbrian|lfs,  no 4 * 4 cores and 4 * 2 cores04:16
Romsterbrian|lfs, i don't think i have yrt04:16
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pedjafrinnst, see if you can spot the difference between old and new qt5 :)
pedjaRomster, thanks for this, I was about to open a bug :)10:22
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pedjanext qt5 release will be 5.9 (early June), and there won't be 5.8.1, btw10:25
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john_cephalopodaOh, that xcb issue.14:32
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john_cephalopodaI started compiling when I said "Oh, that xcb issue"... still compiling.16:50
john_cephalopodaqt5 is a beast, just as wine.16:50
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pedjaI use Romster's packages whenever I can :)18:17
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timcowchipRomster: is your qt5 package built with cups as a soft dependency?18:24
timcowchipah thanks oedja18:27
timcowchiphave a crux
pedjanice :)18:27
timcowchipoops sorry pedja18:28
pedjait's OK. is there an actual beer named Crux? that would be so cool18:29
pedjaand now I want one18:31
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vsteveany dnsmasq folks around?19:10
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vstevesomething is just flat out wrong with my dnsmasq configuration19:20
vsteveeven without a config file, I can't even issue a 'dnsmasq restart' without getting an error about 'junk in the command line'19:20
frinnstwhats up?19:20
vsteveI have no idea what junk it's referring to - it actually says "junk"19:20
frinnsthow do you start it?19:22
vsteveI've tried two ways, one with rc.d and one by just doing 'dnsmasq restart'19:22
vsteverc.d doesn't seem to do anything19:22
vstevednsmasq restart gives me the junk error19:22
jaegerthat's understandable, "dnsmasq restart" doesn't seem to be a valid command19:23
vsteve....some guide online told me to do that19:23
jaegertake a look at its manpage for the options it understands19:23
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jaegeryou sure the guide didn't say "service dnsmasq restart" instead?19:23
frinnsttry running it manually from /usr/sbin/dnsmasq maybe?19:23
vsteveI thought i saw it without service, but maybe not19:24
jaegerthe dnsmasq rc script in the port works fine for me, for what that's worth19:24
vstevewell, so if I rely on the rc script, should it read it's config from /etc/dnsmasq.conf?19:26
jaegerdnsmasq reads that by default, that doesn't have anything to do with the rc script19:27
jaegerthat was a statement, not a question :)19:27
vsteveI gottcha, just confirming that that's what I'm assuming19:28
jaegerAh, ok19:28
jaegerHave you run "dnsmasq --test" to check the config file?19:28
vstevethat works19:28
vstevesyntax check OK19:28
jaegerok, so how about "/etc/rc.d/dnsmasq start" ?19:28
vsteveI did that and nothing seems to have happened19:29
jaegerDid you check if it was running after that?19:30
jaegerThe rc script doesn't produce output on a successful start19:30
vsteveit is, but none of the desired changes took effect19:30
vstevesorry I worded that poorly19:30
vsteveps -ef says: " nobody    2132     1  0 15:30 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/dnsmasq"19:31
vsteveso I should add I'm just trying to get dnsmasq to host a really basic dhcp service19:33
vstevemy entire dnsmasq.conf file:19:33
vsteveinterface=enp10s0 bind-interfaces dhcp-range=,,12h port=019:33
vsteveI have two NICs on my workstation, I want one to give dhcp addresses to network mangement tools, UPS batteries, ipmi, etc19:34
vstevethe 'normal' nic (enp8s0) is meant for internet access and accessing regular things within the house from the main router19:35
vsteveideally, these two networks should never touch nor step on eachothers toes19:35
vsteveso part of my problem may stem from not properly getting enp10s0 to be statically set to
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jaegerMaybe, don't know there19:37
vstevewhat's the safest way to define two nics in crux?19:38
vstevebecause I have /etc/rc.d/net that's still default and untouched, it seems to pick enp8s0, which is ideal, but pure luck19:38
brian|lfsWhat you mean by define?19:39
jaegercopy net to another one and edit it to set up the second NIC however you like19:39
jaegernet, net2, etc.19:39
vsteve'define' setting up a nic to do something, for lack of a better term19:39
vstevejaeger - that's actually what I ended up doing19:39
brian|lfswell then copy the script to net2 or whatever19:39
brian|lfsif you want tn name your nics that would be udev rules19:40
vstevewell so I've already copied /etc/rc.d/net to net219:40
vstevein net2 i set it to 'static' and pointed it to enp10s019:41
brian|lfsI want to know why udev renames them from eth to enp*19:41
jaegerthat's just what udev does these days19:41
brian|lfsI know but whjy19:41
brian|lfsIt's silly19:41
vstevebrain, I agree19:41
jaegerthat's subjective, of course, but you can turn it off if you don't like it19:42
brian|lfshmm it can be turned off?19:42
jaegerthere's a section there about disabling it19:42
vsteveyeah, if you look at dmesg really closely, you'll see devices start as eth0, but something renames them19:42
brian|lfsits silly the logic behind it but ont he other hand sense everything is configured not worth disabling at this point19:43's my /etc/rc.d/net2 I'm setting enp10s0 to and I invoke it /etc/rc.d/net2 and it seems to run cleanly, I get no output, but ifconfig shows enp10s0 being that default unroutable address19:45
brian|lfsAfter reading your link jaeger the reasoning behind the new names makes sense19:48
vsteveugh, if I stop net2 and start it again it works only the second time19:48
brian|lfsyou wouldn't want your network cards renaming every time you reboot19:48
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vsteveI dont...get it19:48
brian|lfsprobably the order yolur loading the scripts when you boot19:49
brian|lfsI had a weird issue with that moved network manger service to latter problem went away19:49
vsteveso I figure net2 is the least vital part of my system, so I load it last19:51
vstevebecause right now net2 only gives dhcp to one device19:51
brian|lfsand maybe after your other scripts if you still have issue19:51
brian|lfsoh you going old school homebrew router?19:52
vsteveI'm not sure what you mean by that19:52
brian|lfscomputer for a router19:52
vsteveoh well i have those19:52
vstevebut here all I want is dhcp on one port to one device, which I thought was a simple thing to do, but this is giving me the business19:53
brian|lfsI imagine my router could do a lot its pretty beefy19:53
brian|lfsseems like the new routers for wireless the wireless is pretty crummy if you flash your router with ddwrt or whatever19:53
brian|lfsI have an Asus RT-AC5300 for a roouter19:54
vsteveugh, I guess this is a moot point because I only want conditional access to this device, so it doesn't matter if I have to invoke it manually, but right now doing /etc/rc.d/net2 restart after booting is the only way to get it to work19:55
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vsteveand even then it doesn't 'work' because dhcp is still busted19:59
vsteveI've tried dhcpd and dnsmasq and I can't serve an ipv4 to save my life, I don't know what I'm doing wrong19:59
vsteveI found a few posts where people tried dhcpd, and across the board they gave up and got dnsmasq to work20:00
vsteveI've had dnsmasq working before in Arch, but I don't see any reason it shouldn't work identically well in Crux20:01
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frinnstwhat does your net2 script do?20:08
vsteveit's literally the default 'net' script with the exception of these lines:20:11
vsteve# Connection type: "DHCP" or "static" TYPE="static"  # For "static" connections, specify your settings here: # To see your available devices run "ip link". DEV=enp10s0 ADDR= MASK=12 GW=
vsteveso it's like that first section or two at the top20:11
vsteveI've been led to believe my only goal there should be to make that interface present itself as
vsteveand...I think what I've done there should do that, right?20:13
frinnstMASK=12 ?20:20
frinnsthow big is your network?!20:20
frinnstanyways, as long as you use the same netmask everywhere it should work just fine20:21
frinnstand setting the same gateway as your interface ip seems kind of pointless20:21
frinnstyou dont want that20:21
frinnstehtier omit it completely if you dont intend to route anything to another network20:22
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frinnst.. i wonder what he changed :D20:23
*** vsteve has joined #crux20:24
vstevemy connection died20:24
vsteveanyway, I have no idea what's going on with my net/net2 scripts, it seems like they're doing really simple things20:25
frinnstdid you see what I wrote?20:26
vsteveI did not20:26
vstevesorry, my irc client chokes20:26
vsteveor choked, rather20:27
vsteveah, i see20:27
frinnstis this your workstation or some kind of firewall/router ?20:27
vsteveso, to paint a picture, I have a workstation that lives in my basement, I only access it remotely from my laptop20:28
vstevemy laptop, which I use to talk to you fine people, lives on my home's 192.168.x.x network20:28
vsteveone ethernet port of the workstation also lives on that network20:28
vstevebut it has two ports20:28
vstevethe other port is the one I'm trying to shove into 172.16.x.x/1220:29
vsteveso i've commented out the GW line of net2, per your advice20:30
frinnstif you only need to speak to the same subnet you dont need a gateway or a router20:30
vstevethat's what I thought, but nothing I was doing was working so I started following guides to the letter20:31
vstevewhich I realize now, as always, is a bit of an error20:31
frinnstok so you have assigned to the workstation, can you ping the nic ( from the workstation?20:31
vstevewell now there's a problem20:34
vstevethe net2 script is demanding that the GW line be populated20:34
vsteveso I've tried commenting out entirely and just leaving the 'GW=' both produce the same error20:34
vsteveCommand line is not complete. Try option "help"20:35
frinnstyeah i guess the scripts depends on it20:35
frinnsttry it manually instead. just a sec20:35
frinnsttry something like this instead:
vsteveok I can ping myself now20:40
frinnstcan you from some other machine ping that same ip?20:40
vstevePING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.025 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.018 ms20:40
frinnstassuming you have another machine on the same network20:40
vstevewell....actually, one moment20:40
vsteveyes!  my ups can ping it20:41
frinnstright, so whats the next step? what were you trying to accomplish? :)20:41
frinnsthand out dhcp addresses on that subnet?20:42
vstevethe genesis of our story is that I have a UPS with a network management card20:42
vstevethis particular card acts really weird if you configure its IP statically, so I'm trying to get it to play nice with dhcp20:42
*** blueness has joined #crux20:43
vsteveideally, it only ever needs to talk to this workstation, so I'm trying to get the workstation to host dhcp on the one port that this UPS connects to it directly with20:43
frinnstand you are trying to do this with dnsmasq?20:43
frinnstcan you pastebin the config somewhere?20:44
frinnstlast time i used dnsmasq was +10 years ago or something. let me get a overview20:45
vstevednsmasq was my fall-back, I also tried dhcpd but had no luck there20:45
vsteveit occurs to me that the dhcp client on the UPS might not be constantly polling for a dhcp server20:47
frinnstvery true20:47
vsteveso I'm rebooting the ups management interface to see if it requests an address now20:47
vsteveyeah still no dice20:47
frinnstyour ups has the .2 address now? is it set static?20:48
vsteveit does not, it's on default settings with infer dhcp, but it's acting like nothing is giving it an address20:48
frinnsti would try and use a different dhcp range - start from .50 or something20:49
vsteveI'll try, but why would that help?20:49
frinnstand change the lease to maybe 1h or less if dnsmasq supports it20:50
frinnstit would force the ups to get a new address20:50
vstevestill nothing20:50
frinnstbut you must be missing a few lines in the config - you dont specify a subnet length or anything20:50
vsteveah yes20:51
vstevetrying to find an example line...20:52
vstevefound one, trying a few things...20:54
frinnstadding "," between the last ip of the range and the lease time seems to do it20:55
vstevesee, what I'd tried initially to avoid all this rigmarole was putting my laptop and the UPS on the home network, the UPS immediately grabbed  an IP, where I used the web-gui to configure the UPS for static use20:56
vstevewhen I hooked the UPS up for static testing, it had a totally random IP address and became unroutable20:56
frinnstits also possible your ups doesnt like not getting the "usual stuff" from the dhcp server - ip, network, gateway and dns and then crashes or whatnot20:57
vsteveI suppose so20:57
frinnstanyways i need to get going. sorry20:58
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vsteveno problem, thanks for your help20:58
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onoderaprt can soon generate dependency graphs21:34
onoderathis is an example of smplayer21:34
timcowchipthat is so awesome!21:46
timcowchiphow do you do that?21:47
onoderawith graphviz21:48
onoderawhich takes simple text input21:48
onoderathis is the file that generates the text atm:
onoderawoops wrong ling21:48
onoderaso it basically generates something like this:
onoderait's really quick too, it calculates the firefox dependencies in 0.08 seconds. I'm going to use the same function for a command that behaves pretty much like `prt-get depinst`21:52
timcowchipso how do I use the file to generate text?22:05
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onoderatimcowchip: ohh, it's part of a bigger program22:09
onoderause this binary, run `./6a0z depends` in a port directory22:10
onoderait's statically compiled, it *should* work but it's very very very WIP.22:11
onoderacopy [paste the text it output in
onoderain between `digraph G {` and `}`22:12
onoderaoh wait that probably doesn't work because it reads a config file you don't have somewhere in /etc/22:12
timcowchipmaybe I'll wait until you make a port for it22:15
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*** DaViruz has joined #crux22:46
vstevethat dependency chart thing is pretty cool22:46
vstevewhat's the easiest way to see what version of crux is currently installed?22:53
vsteveI have some 3.2 machines and some 3.3 machines, I've been all over the place and I've forgotten which are which22:54
onoderavsteve: /usr/bin/crux22:56
vsteveah, wonderful22:56
vstevethank you22:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.8023:10
*** blueness has joined #crux23:32

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