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user1I have one problem with ssl certificate under crux2.8 in virtualpc04:14
user1I installed the openssl from port and download the latest cert.pem from curl website, copy cert.pem into /etc/ssl/, but when I wget, always get "Unable to locally verify issuer's authority"04:15
user1is there anyone kindly help this question?04:16
brian|lfsCrux 2.8?04:38
brian|lfshuh thats like 5 years o ld04:38
brian|lfs3.3 is current04:38
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ryu0lol. chances are their CAs on file were outdated.05:38
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brian|lfsold dam toolchain on CRUX 2.806:12
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Romstertimcowchip> Romster: is your qt5 package built with cups as a soft dependency? <- yes it's dynamically linked to qt5
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tsaopand I just finished compiling qt5 with cups explicitly enabled08:44
tsaopthen I read this08:44
tsaopoh well08:44
abenzhow long does it take to compile qt5 ?08:48
abenzdont want to unnecessarily compile it as I dont need it08:48
abenzbut a few guys here make it sounds as if its a project or something of a big deal08:48
tsaopwell, it does take quite a lot08:48
tsaopI didn't time it08:48
tsaopbut it just finished on my i5 4690k08:49
tsaopmaybe we are hovering about 30-40 minutes08:49
tsaoprecompiling with ccache now08:49
tsaoplet's see08:49
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frinnsttook 17 minutes on my box10:14
Romstercups isn't disabled it'll build cups support if it finds cups at compile time10:28
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libdrm-32: 2.4.79 -> 2.4.8010:30
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onoderaimrpoved opt/firefox dependency graph :)13:23
onoderayesterday ik looked like
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pedjadockviz does something similar for, you guessed it, docker containers13:32
pedjait can output json and dot13:33
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pedjaooops, sorry. it takes json input, only Graphviz is implemented as output for now.13:35
onoderaarch also has something similar13:36
onoderabut there they make the bubbles bigger depending on the package size13:36
pedjaGephi can import dot, iirc.13:38
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frinnstisnt it a beauty?14:13
pedjawhat, Gephi?14:27
frinnstthe firefox deps :)14:33
pedjaah, that. and the list keeps growing :)14:38
pedjabut it's interesting to see just how complicated browser has to be to work on a modern web14:41
pedjasomeone said that 2/3 of the code is just to deal with broken sites14:44
pedjaand OS warts14:45
tsaopwhat do you think of netsurf?14:47
pedjanever heard of it14:48
pedjatheir progress page was last updated 5 years ago14:51
pedjais there a port for it? looks interesting14:52
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tsaoplast time I tried it, their build system was custom14:54
tsaopand I never managed to have javascript working14:54
frinnstall those webkit browsers kinda seems pointless to me14:55
tsaopit doesn't use webkit14:59
tsaopit has its own rendering engine14:59
pedjaSafari, Chrome and Opera do, iirc14:59
tsaopbut uses spidermonkey for javascript14:59
tsaopor so it was last time I tried it15:00
pedjait still does, and it's still experimental, according to docs15:00
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abenz5 years? last modification according to git page is 23 hours ago16:04
tsaopI built it, but javascript doesn't seem to work16:09
tsaopunless I am doing something wrong16:09
tsaopI ticked the checkbox and all16:09
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: updated to 17.0.416:52
onoderanetsurf is pretty amazing16:56
onoderajust only in 3.5 did they build it with ductape, their js engine16:56
onoderait still isn't enabled by default though16:56
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brian|lfsHey z3bra whats going on with your repo?17:07
pedjaabenz_, 'Last updated 20 December 2012'17:13
pedjaI don't blame them, though, documentation is the weak spot of pretty much every open source project :)17:16
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pedjaand if they are really using their own rendering and javascript engine, respect17:21
pedjaspeaking of custom build system, is there any that handles cross-compiling sanely? which is what they are trying to do, afaict17:25
pedjaexcept autotools suite, which is a deep black magic for most of the mere mortals17:27
tilmansimple makefiles can be made to handle crosscompiling well17:29
tilmanjust prepend a user-supplied string to "gcc", "ld" and friends17:30
abenzor more specifically:
pedjaI've seen that, abenz, my point is that is hard to see the state of the project without at least changelogs17:32
abenzonodera: amazing in what sense? that its using its own engine/etc or amazing as a browser (from a user standpoint) ?17:33
abenzpedja: touche17:33
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pedjaI don't have a problem looking thru git history, but most people wouldn't bother17:33
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pedjathen again, most people don't care as long as they can apt-get/zypper/dnf it, so :)17:34
pedjatilman, bitbake, that OpenEmbedded/Yocto use is interesting17:38
onoderaabenz: pretty much everything they use is custom17:38
onoderait's probabyl the sole "independent browser" right now17:38
onoderaalso evrything is very modular so it can be used by other projects17:38
onoderafrom a user standpoint it's stil kind of crap right now, not usable as a main browser, but hopefully it'll get there someday17:39
abenzI see17:39
pedjathe point of it seems to be browser for archs/OS that 'major' browsers don't/can't work on17:41
pedjawhich is fine17:41
onoderayeah, it's the main browser of some os I think17:42
onoderaRISC OS17:43
pedjaRISC OS can run on rpi.17:44
just_funWho wants to discuss about the plan9 browsers? Can run on rpi...17:45
pedjathat's about 9000 nerd points, last I checked17:46
pedjaWendel's 'modem' project is pretty cool17:47
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rmullpedja: Got a link to that? Having a hard time googling it19:40
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pedjarmull, for a back story, check out
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tsaopdidn't that channel have a different name?19:50
tsaopthe first video you posted, I mean19:50
pedjatek syndicate kinda imploded a while back19:55
pedjaso they split, and now wendell is doing his own thing.19:59
tsaopoh, I see19:59
tsaopI recognized the face19:59
pedjahe was always a more technical one in TS, imho.20:01
pedjano BS, straight to the point. I like that.20:01
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pedjagood (as in non-biased) hw review YT channels or sites are hard to come by, which is a shame.20:06
pedjamost of them are vendor whores, repeating marketing fluff for free hardware.20:09
pedjagood for them, but waste of the time20:10
joacimthere is only one hardware reviewer on youtube20:10
brian|lfsVoodoo 5 lol20:12
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pedjaI think I had a Matrox card looong time ago20:12
brian|lfs2000 probably had a gforce 25620:13
joacimi didnt have a 3D accelerator back then20:13
joacimjust the onboard 1MB graphics my mid 90s computer had20:13
pedjaflashing VBIOS was fun :)20:14
joacimdid that with my radeon 9600 so overclocks would stick in gnu/linux and windows20:15
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j_vjust_fun: been thinking about your local_source_prefix patch for source naming issues... I'm thinking that it is a elegant solution20:20
brian|lfswhats this crap youtube isn't letting me skip ads today20:22
onoderaY-you don't use an adblocker?20:24
brian|lfshuh I"m talking about when you watch videos20:25
j_vjust_fun: only problem arises is when port has more than one source file that is named the same at download time... rare corner case, and perhaps better dealt with separately20:26
just_funj_v, I don't get it20:30
just_fungot it20:30
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just_funbut, a remap will be just 1-2 lines more complicated :)20:31
just_funsource=(http://x/a http://y/a) is a problem even now20:33
onoderabrian|lfs: an adblocker blocks these as well20:35
j_vyes, this is true... still, I like that your change can leave it up to the actual port to set the local_source_prefix and that is such a minimal change20:39
j_vjust_fun: for severe example of sources that all have same filename, you could look at my openjdk8 port:
j_vthough, that issue will hopefully be fixed once icedtea-3.4.0 gets released (if it fixes the issues I was having with building icedtea-3.3.0)20:45
frinnst3dfx was the shit20:48
frinnstv2 sli will own everything!!20:48
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