IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2017-04-18

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Romsterj_v, holly mother of god... that Pkgfile00:27
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Romsterj_v, if you are going to offer that port where is icedtea7? to go with it?00:37
brian|lfswhat is icedtea?00:51
brian|lfsbesides a drink00:51
Romstericedtea is a open source web browser java plugin00:52
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Romsteri am guessing that dependency should of been named icedtea-web00:53
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joacimwhoops. i blame america. not used to this ansi keyboard yet :)04:08
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just_funj_v, a remap implementation will add 3 lines to the original get_filename -
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z3brabrian|lfs, no idea, any issue?07:58
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z3braah, httpd froze. Should be ok now08:00
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pedja"stable:4.10.11" motherfu....10:50
pedjaand I built 4.10.10 last night10:51
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pedjaafter running 4.10.8 for a while10:52
pedjaI'll just wait a couple of hours for nice, evenly numbered 4.10.1210:54
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cippppedja: you can switch from x to tty with 4.10 ?11:39
pedjaI haven't tried.Why?11:40
cipppcoz dont work for me11:40
cipppand i dont know why11:40
cipppanyway i use 4.9 now11:41
pedjaare you using nvidia binary driver?11:41
pedjathat's why :)11:41
pedjait's a known bug11:41
cipppi will wait then11:41
pedjafixed in latest beta drivers, I think11:41
pedjawhich should be out some time after 4.11 lands11:42
cippplts its ok, but and lts get a lot of updates11:43
cippp4.9.23, i have 22 ... :)11:43
pedjaupdates are good, it's their timing i have an issue with :)11:44
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mahtobhi maybe it can be useful for you.14:44
mahtobit does convert archlinux pkgbuilds to like crux ports14:44
mahtobusage:14:44 pkgbuildfile14:45 -a asio-latest14:45
mahtobi did it my distro,me too use ports can modify it freely14:47
mahtobbtw it is under development :)14:47
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frinnst glorious17:31
joacimwhat are those wires for?17:34
joacimnice trick tho17:34
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frinnstfound here:
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j_vRomster, yah, i know... i've been fixing that up. i've renamed icedtea7 to openjdk7, forgot to update the openjdk8 port to reflect that. will be updated later tonight.21:15
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j_vjust_fun: that is a very interesting patch, thanks for sharing it. i will be playing around with that tonight.21:25
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_ohmcrux seems interesting22:30
jaegerI agree :)23:00
brian|lfswow jaeger you sound like you just started using it23:06
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pedjayeah, Crux is great. It has a beer named after it and all :)23:10
brian|lfsand _ohm is running Gentoo go figure23:11
jaegerI just started using it!... 15 or so years ago23:11
_ohmbrian|lfs, ?23:11
jaegerI ran gentoo before crux23:11
brian|lfsthats what version says _ohm23:11
_ohmi do run gentoo23:12
brian|lfsI sitll like Gentoo but I like CRUX also23:12
_ohmi like gentoo, i'd like to try crux23:12
brian|lfswell its worth a try don't try CRUX if your current OS is Fedora23:12
jaegerI always recommend trying it in a VM first23:12
jaegeryou're undoubtedly already used to compiling if you use gentoo regularly, but crux has a much smaller development base and community as well as not using something like use flags23:13
_ohmgentoo is my main os23:13
_ohmat work i use xubuntu23:13
brian|lfsyou should be good with gentoo thenn23:14
brian|lfsCRUX I mean23:14
_ohmit seems interesting23:14
brian|lfsBut agree with jaeger probably good to do a VM first23:14
jaegerGive it a try in a VM, see what you think :)23:14
brian|lfsThe main thing is make sure it has all the applications you need or would be easyt o make pacakges for them23:15
brian|lfsI wouldn't recommend doing a Brian and have to make like 30 packages to get one program to work23:15
pedjawhat program is that?23:16
brian|lfssecond life clone for Linux23:16
brian|lfshad to make a lot of 32 bit libs23:16
brian|lfsRomster, was a big help and did make a lot also23:17
brian|lfsI still need to make a package for my brother printer drivers23:18
pedjaI see that they have a 64bit package.23:19
brian|lfsyes they do but for voice you need 32 bit libs23:19
brian|lfsit uses pulseaudio 32 bit for the voice and other 32 bit stuff23:20
pedjaahh, I see.vivox voice library23:23
brian|lfsalso got mumble, murmur and thhe new skkype alpha23:24
pedjaisn't skype web based now?23:24
brian|lfsalso discord just started playing with23:24
brian|lfsnope there coming out with new versions couple times a month23:24
brian|lfsMicrosoft finally got tired of everyone wanted the Linux client updated23:25
pedjaso, doesn't work on Linux? damn :)23:26
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brian|lfsthink it may23:26
brian|lfsI still need to play with chromium more to figure out why its broken on CRUX 3.323:28
pedjaI really need to see if I can make WebRTC work reliably23:28
brian|lfsthats what I mean by skype alpha23:28
pedjaChrome works fine23:28
brian|lfsoh we have plain chrome also?23:28
pedjaGoogle binary23:28
pedjarepackaged deb, essentially23:29
brian|lfswell binary is probably built on GCC 5x23:29
brian|lfsno issue just saying23:30
pedjaI don't see any relevant bug reports on Arch for chromium, and they also use gcc-6.x23:31
brian|lfsII know its weird23:32
brian|lfson CRUX it just gives ahhh snap something went wrong when you run it23:32
pedjahmm, I got that a lot with Chrome proper, few versions back23:35
pedjait stopped with one of the updates23:35
pedjamostly flash related, iirc23:35
pedjaafter a while, I am using upstream binary FF build :)23:39
pedja(they enable pulseaudio :) )23:39
pedjabut even CRUX will come to the dark side, eventually23:43
pedjaand I always enjoy frinnst's rants when he wrestles with FF breakage or HPE insanity :)23:46
pedjarain and April.wth.23:48

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