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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.0.3 -> 17.0.402:06
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abenzanyone with firefox 53 build failures?02:25
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joacimjust the nss-related one02:27
joacimbut after the new nss was pushed, it builds fine for me02:27
jaegernone here02:27
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brian|lfsbuilt fine here also03:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: curl-32: 7.53.1 -> 7.54.003:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nspr-32: 4.13.1 -> 4.1403:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nss-32: 3.29.3 -> 3.30.103:26
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abenzfrinnst: pls see my paste above when u have time, I'd appreciate some input05:48
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nwegood morning guys06:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ctags: updaste man page location06:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qemu: update source 301 moved permanently06:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qemu-agent: update source 301 moved permanently06:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qemu-all: update source 301 moved permanently06:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gnu-efi: fix incomplete typedef type06:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: elilo: update source 301 moved permanently06:16
Romsteri fixed elilo building by patching gnu-efi06:16
Romsterhello abenz06:17
Romsterah i meant hello nwe06:19
Romsterdon't know how i messed that up06:19
nweRomster: hehe :)06:30
Romsterabenz, You need shared memory for multiprocessing to work. Check if your /dev/shm is mounted. If you compile your own kernel you might not have shared memory enabled at all, I have seen that on some MIPS systems. There is also the possibility that you for some strange config reason do not have access to shared memory or exhausted your quota. So giving some more info on your system setup would help.06:30
nwehow are you Romster `?06:30
Romsteri'm good06:30
Romsteri started poking at packages and fixed a few things, than to submit bug reports for them, for trivial changes.06:31
Romsterso how is it at your end nwe?06:32
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abenzHi Romster06:43
abenzthanks for the detailed reply06:43
abenzI have /dev/shm in my /etc/fstab06:44
abenzls -la /dev/shm06:44
abenztotal 006:44
abenzdrwxrwxrwt  2 root root   40 Apr 20 13:03 .06:44
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/firefox#53.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.06:59
Romsterprt-get: installing firefox 53.0-106:59
Romsterabenz, are you building as root or with fakeroot?07:01
Romsterwell i have uploaded firefox07:15
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frinnstabenz: looks like some limitation in your env07:29
frinnstromster pretty much nailed it. if you google the error message you might find some information07:29
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Romsterwrong screen08:42
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pedjaRomster, is that your root password :) ?09:36
pedjadocker is moby now? wtf09:42
Romsterso docker is just on top of moby as in the containers are on top of the whale.10:00
pedjamice and whales are best friends? who knew10:08
pedjamoby project are Lego[tm] bricks from which you assemble Docker10:09
frinnstsounds extra stupid10:23
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pedjac'mon, who doesn't like Lego bricks?10:39
pedjayou really don't buy into this container/docker hype, do you frinnst :) ?10:41
frinnsti hate it10:44
frinnstand everybody and their mothers are building new programming languages10:45
frinnstand every new language have their own package manager10:45
pedjabecause developers can't rely on ancient library version from last week ;)10:47
frinnst"download this script and run it as root"10:47
pedjanah. curl | sudo bash10:49
pedjanobody got time to d/l and read stuff10:49
pedjaDocker the company is in a bit of a pickle10:52
pedjakubernetes pretty much won the orchestration wars, and are agnostic to what you use (docker, rkt, whatever)10:53
pedjaand with emerging OCI standards, they can't dictate the path anymore10:54
pedjaso they will compete on added value10:55
Romsterlxd just works now. why do we need this10:55
pedjais it cross-platform?10:55
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pedjaafaict, lxc/lxd is for 'OS containers', docker and friends for 'app containers'.why? fsck if I know10:57
rauzhi guys11:00
pedjanow, why did docker, essentially several concepts nicely packaged, get the momentum and widespread adoption and lxc/lxd didn't, is an interesting question11:02
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Romsterit's just tighter security for a single process.11:06
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pedjadocker uses seccomp security profile by default11:21
pedjaand I am thinking of adding AppArmor just for it and libvirt :)11:26
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pedjauser namespaces are also an option11:28
pedjaor running docker inside the VM11:31
pedjawhich is what Google used(?) to do11:32
pedjathat gets you best of the both worlds11:32
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pedjaLXD ships with lxc binary? is it a replacement for lxc-* tools or?11:44
pedjathe docs said it's an
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infosit's possible install crux using another live linux?11:55
infosnice. thanks!11:57
z3brathere is a doc on http://crux.nu12:03
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onoderaCan anyone update hunspell to 1.6.1, I mailed the maintainer a while ago but there has been no response yet16:30
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abenzexact error I have16:47
abenzon BSD though16:47
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z3brahello there17:35
z3brais the webkit-gtk2 port broken?17:35
z3braor only my setup17:35
pedjait doesn't build, or?17:36
z3bradoesn't build yeah17:37
z3bra(I've always add trouble getting it to build...)17:37
pedjapaste the error somewhere17:37
pedjathis is on 3.3, correct?17:37
z3braIt's still compiling now17:40
pedjaat what stage does it fail?17:41
z3braI'll paste when it's done17:41
z3brathe compilation17:41
pedjaconfigure, make, linking ?17:41
z3brabut as I'm on a fresh new 3.3 install, I though it should compile without issue17:41
z3brapedja, can't remember17:41
pedjaok :)17:42
pedja"mv: cannot move '/etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive' to a subdirectory of itself, '/etc/ports/contrib.rsync'".what17:43
pedjacp works, mv doesn't. wth is going on17:46
z3brayou got a link maybe?17:47
pedjafor what?17:47
pedjait's a Docker container, and overlayfs and JFS are not best friends, shall we say17:52
pedjano, no symlinks, regular file17:52
pedjaI've seen that before, but I forgot :)17:53
z3braah yeah overlay might screw it :/17:54
z3brathat's odd though17:54
pedjayeah, docker daemon keeps complaining that FS lacks d_type17:55
z3brawhy jfs?17:56
z3braI though it was an old FS nobody would want to use anymore17:56
pedjait works fine, but IBM pretty much stopped the development17:58
pedjaand now I am stuck with it ;)17:58
z3braah ok17:58
pedjathe fact is I had more issues with ext* than with JFS, particularly after unexpected power down18:01
z3braI've found xfs to be nice18:01
pedjathat would be my choice these days18:01
pedjafor single disk FS18:02
z3braaaaaaah it failed18:02
z3bra../Source/WebCore/platform/gtk/GtkClickCounter.cpp:88:59: error: call of overloaded 'abs(gdouble)' is ambiguous18:03
z3brawhat a good reason to fail18:03
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z3braafter 1 hour compiling18:03
pedjajust that one line?18:03
z3brabut it happened twice18:04
pedjalooks familiar :) ?
z3brano webkit means I don't have a webbrowser :P18:06
z3braelinks does the trick18:06
z3braI'll try with it. Thanks!18:06
pedjaupdate webkitgtk to 2.16.1, too18:07
pedjathat's the latest stable, afaict18:08
z3braACTION crosses fingers18:09
z3brav2.16 is with webkit218:15
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pedjasorry about that :)18:25
pedjait seems 2.4.x is the last version that supported webkit1. apologies to Romster ( port maintainer)18:29
pedjawhat depends on it, anyway?18:36
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timcowchipRomster: contrib     libtorrent-rasterbar  1.1.0-1  1.1.3-120:19
frinnstpedja: looks like here20:26
frinnststill, very interesting20:27
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frinnstnot an easy problem to get around for browser vendors20:27
pedjaI wonder how Chrome (apparently) fixed it20:28
timcowchipqupzilla says "This may or may not be the site you are looking for!"20:32
pedjaand FF is WontFix, afaict20:32
timcowchipdoes anyone use chrome on crux?20:34
pedjaI do20:34
pedjastable, both version and behavior :)20:35
pedja57.x.something, atm20:35
timcowchipdo you get any errors when you run it from a terminal?20:36
timcowchipI get "] Bad NaCl helper startup ack"20:36
timcowchipfor my google-chrome-unstable port20:37
timcowchipI also got it with google-chrome stable20:37
timcowchippedja: do you get these errors?20:40
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pedja <--test with this20:44
timcowchiptest chrome?20:45
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timcowchipnone of them work in chrome20:47
timcowchipqupzilla says "couldn't load plugin"20:49
timcowchipdo you get the errors when running chrome from a terminal?20:50
pedjaI can't test that atm, I have a bunch of tabs with cached videos :)20:51
timcowchipok try it when you can20:51
pedjawhat does 'ps aux | grep nacl_helper" say?20:52
timcowchipI don't get the errors in arch20:52
timcowchiptimcowc+ 10537  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    13:45   0:00 [nacl_helper] <defunct>20:53
timcowchiptimcowc+ 11014  0.0  0.0  10736  2072 pts/0    S+   13:52   0:00 grep nacl_helper20:53
pedja[nacl_helper] <defunct> <--that's your issue.20:53
pedjaI get '/opt/google/chrome/nacl_helper20:54
timcowchipcan you paste your chrome pkgfile somewhere?20:56
pedjajust a sec20:56
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timcowchippedja: your paste seems to be missing some lines21:06
timcowchipat the end there should be a closing "}"21:07
timcowchipand there are no "install" commands21:08
pedja'bsdtar -xpf $SRC/data.tar.xz -C $PKG' is install command21:09
timcowchipis "rm $PKG/opt/google/chrome/product_logo_*.png" the last line?21:09
timcowchiplooks like it is21:11
jaeger is what I use, for another comparison21:12
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timcowchipthanks jaeger21:14
timcowchip"chmod 4755 $PKG/opt/google/chrome/chrome-sandbox" looks promising21:15
timcowchipI still get the errors with pedja's port21:15
jaegerI haven't tested if nacl_helper works properly, for what that's worth21:17
jaegerBut I haven't run into issues with the usual browsing21:17
timcowchipI still get "] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes)" when I run chrome in a terminal21:24
timcowchipand ps aux | grep nacl_helper says "timcowc+ 12613  0.0  0.0  10736  2152 pts/0    S+   14:25   0:00 grep nacl_helper"21:25
timcowchipnot '/opt/google/chrome/nacl_helper'21:26
timcowchipeven though /opt/google/chrome/nacl_helper exists21:27
frinnstjust think about what ps is telling you there..21:27
frinnsthehe, it tells you you are running "grep nacl_helper"21:29
frinnst"ps aux | grep nacl_helper"21:29
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timcowchipI don't see any nacl_helper when I just ps aux21:31
timcowchipso the grep nacl_helper part runs it instead of looking for it?21:33
frinnstno ps is telling you that you are running the command "grep nacl_helper"21:34
frinnstwhich you are doing when you pipe ps to grep..21:34
timcowchipok and then the command doesn't find nacl_helper running21:35
jaegeryou can do something like this to avoid the grep getting caught: ps auxww | grep [n]acl_helper21:36
pedjaI was just about to mention that, jaeger :)21:36
jaegerthough I prefer 'pgrep whatever' these days21:36
timcowchipwhen I run "/opt/google/chrome/nacl_helper" in a terminal I get "21:39
timcowchipNaCl helper process running without a sandbox!21:39
timcowchipMost likely you need to configure your SUID sandbox correctly"21:39
jaegerI doubt that nacl_helper is meant to be run manually21:39
pedjadoes Chrome use user namespaces for sandboxing?21:39
pedjaor something like that?21:40
jaegerI don't think it's namespaces because it works without kernel namespace support21:40
jaegerbut something of a similar concept, perhaps21:40
timcowchipshould I try rebuild my kernel with namespace support?21:41
timcowchipI have a chrome extension that works on other distros that don't get nacl_helper errors21:43
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timcowchipI was thinking of upgrading from 4.9.6 anyway21:46
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pedjatimcowchip, so same version of Chrome works on Arch and doesn't on Crux?22:06
timcowchipactually not arch but kaos22:07
pedjathat's weird22:07
timcowchipI know right22:07
pedjathey have 59.0 listed in the repos22:10
pedjaand I don't see anything special in the PKGBUILD22:10
timcowchipdo you have kernel namespace support enabled?22:12
pedjayes, but I don't think that's the issue22:14
timcowchipI don't >> CONFIG_USER_NS is not set22:15
pedjatimcowchip, try chrome://sandbox/ and paste the result somewhere22:17
timcowchipNamespace SandboxYes22:21
pedjais CONFIG_NAMESPACES=y set in your .config ?22:22
timcowchipbut not  CONFIG_USER_NS22:22
timcowchipCONFIG_NET_NS is the only one22:23
pedjaI just checked, I have all of them enabled, under Namespaces support22:29
timcowchipokay dokay22:29
timcowchipshould I use 4.10.11?22:30
timcowchipto rebuild22:30
pedjayou can stick with 4.9.x, if you want22:31
pedja4.9.23 is the latest22:31
onoderaI don't think I've ever compiled a package that took as long as qtwebkitengine22:32
pedja'make silentoldconfig' and off you go :)22:32
timcowchipI'll just rebuild what I've got. It'll be faster22:32
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pedjaonodera, there is a reason it's disabled in qt5 port :)22:32
onoderaI've never in my linux life actually used qt, I'm trying out some qt browsers now22:33
pedjaQT is, by far, the most used GUI toolkit for cross-platform software, iirc22:34
pedjaone not using Electron/Atom, or whatever it's called22:35
pedjaknowing gregkh, if I update to 4.10.11 now, he'll push 4.10.12 by morning22:40
pedjaso, another cigarette, and off to bed I go22:42
brian|lfshey pedja what part of the world are you in23:02
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timcowchipthe f'n thing still doesn't work23:26
timcowchipdo I need to rebuild nss?23:28
timcowchipthat didn't help23:32
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