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vstevegood news: I got the 4.10.12 kernel to compile.  bad news: now neither my usb 3 nor any of my intel nics work01:16
vsteveusb 3 card still isn't showing up in lspci, but the intel nics are, ifconfig -a only shows 'lo' and 'sit0'01:16
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jaegerMake sure you included the proper nic driver01:31
abenzwhats the controller?01:32
jaegerIf you did, start running some hardware diags :)01:32
abenzthe USB I mean01:32
abenzI think easiest would be to grab a popular live linux cd01:33
abenzput it on a USB and boot off of it01:33
abenzcheck if everything works01:33
abenzI didn't follow earlier conversation, but also check/reset BIOS/UEFI make sure all controllers are enabled there01:33
vstevewhich hardware diags?01:35
jaegerfrom the motherboard manufacturer, probably01:35
vsteveI'm pretty sure I have all controllers enabled in the bios level, the only time they misbehave is when the software changes01:36
jaegersome UEFI implementations even have diags built in01:36
vsteveoye, so they worked perfectly fine like 30 minutes ago, but since I moved up to 4.10.12 the nics became a problem01:36
abenzwith same .config ?01:37
jaegerwhich nic driver? e1000? something else?01:37
vsteveI think I got the usb3 issue sorted out, there's a platform-specific thing in the kernel config that it wants01:37
jaegermake sure it's enabled in your new kernel config01:37
vsteveI believe it had to do with IRQ's01:37
vsteveas for the nic driver, e1000 is supposed to support it01:37
jaegerwhat does lspci say about the nic?01:37
vstevethat it's there01:38
vsteveit's the intel 82579LM01:38
abenzthere's another intel gigabit driver01:38
vsteveI can't copy/paste the line because I can't ssh to the box01:38
jaegerso it's PCIe?01:38
vsteveit is01:38
jaegeruse e1000e, then01:38
jaegerrather than e100001:39
vsteveI thought I was, at least as far as make menuconfig goes, the driver I chose was meant for pcie01:39
abenzthere's another one called igb IIRC01:39
abenzhave both just in case01:40
vsteveI enabled all of the pcie-intel nic modules01:40
abenzthen lspci -k to see which one loads01:40
jaegerif you included config.gz support you can 'zgrep E1000 /proc/config.gz'01:40
vsteveI do, I'll have to try it tomorrow, I was mostly checking to see if there was some glaring change in 4.10.12 I should have been aware of01:41
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jaegerI haven't used 4.10 myself but e1000e nics are well-supported01:42
vsteveI figured as much, they worked perfectly well in 4.9.601:42
jaegerso if you DO have the driver, definitely, but it's still not showing up, I'd start investigating the hardware01:42
vsteveif I can boot from the crux 3.3 media and use the nics, doesn't that more or less mean it's a config issue?01:43
vstevebecause any test like that supermicro has to offer is going to be far more trouble than its worth if I can just verify functionality with the 3.3 boot media01:43
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vstevethe board in question, btw :
xckojust a heads up to the opt maintainers, portdbc getup <repo> doesn't follow the http redirect and fails01:45
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xckovsteve: if you have a kernel config that works, why not start there and enable whatever else you need01:48
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jaegerthat board is perfectly well supported01:50
jaegerI've had 2 of them until recently01:50
jaegerIt has no USB301:50
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vstevecorrect, it indeed has no usb301:52
jaegerso you're using some pcie controller that needs a quirk, I guess01:52
vstevealso correct01:52
vstevexcko, I tried that, it wasn't working so I figured I'd start from scratch01:53
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xckowell if it's not the kernel, then maybe it's the tools the manage your modules.01:55
xckorebuild eudev, kmod, and some packages that depend on them - maybe something will unstick01:55
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vsteveI don't know what tools those would be, I've never needed them before01:55
vstevepreviously I've only ever just built the kernel with the right items and most everything 'just worked'01:56
xckokmod is part of the core collection, it containes tools for dealing with modules01:56
xckoeudev manages hotplugged devices in linux, keyboards, mice, usbs, whatever01:57
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vsteveoh I'm familar with those, but I've never really needed to interact with them directly01:58
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vsteveanyway, I'll have to wrestle with this more tomorrow02:03
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vstevegood night02:03
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loungevirtualbox-extpack is not matching virtualbox version i got missmatch version error at starting a session08:57
loungeits working if u update to 5.1.1808:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler: update to 0.54.010:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-glib: update to 0.54.010:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.54.010:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] tmux: update to 2.410:41
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: bindutils: update to 9.10.511:05
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vstevemy ethernet issue has gotten weirder, from the intel section of menuconfig, I built into my kernel only the e1000e driver15:08
vstevenow ifconfig -a shows the two nics i've been expecting to see, however, they're enumerated at eth0 and eth115:09
vsteveso now i'm not sure why they're not enpxSx, I vaguely recall someone here pointed out to brian that the enpxSx naming scheme could be disabled, but I've never done it..but now it seems I accidently have somehow15:10
frinnstudev decides how the nics are named15:14
vsteveI haven't touched udev, not intentionally anyway15:15
frinnstyou probably have a rule under /etc/udev/rules.d that names them15:15
frinnstthats my rules-file for my nics for example15:16
SitriThere are three ways to disable udev's "there totally wasn't a way to do this earlier called mactab that was 100 times easier" NIC renaming.15:16've never modified any of this and it's already different from yours15:16
frinnstagreed that en enp1234231s0231423 is utterly braindead naming scheme15:16
frinnstvsteve: i should hope so - its system generated15:17
frinnstwell, yours probably is. mine isn't system generated15:17
vsteveI should say it's not my intention to have my ethernet naming scheme be one way or the other, I don't personally care as long as the crux rc.d scripts can do their jobs15:18
vsteveI'm just curious that mine has mysteriously stopped renaming devices15:18
frinnstwhen i ran udev-named enpNsN names and later added a sata card, it got modified15:18
frinnstthat made me an angry boy15:18
vsteveand I'm concerned that this behavior might mean that something else is really busted15:19
frinnstno, its all "normal"15:19 the 3..?  years I've been using crux, i've never seen it boot up with an 'eth0' device name15:19
frinnsti dont remember exactly why they are sometimes generated as ethN but it has happened to me too on a few systems15:19
vsteveso I shouldn't be worried that udev is broken somehow?15:20
frinnstand a too boring problem to look into15:20
vsteveok, eth0/1 it is...until it changes again?15:20
frinnstif you have a udev rule that names them it will stay the same15:21
vsteveI wonder where my rule went, then15:21
frinnstunless you switch out the nics for nics with a different mac address15:21
frinnstyou probably didnt have one before15:21
frinnstif you remove the rule it should switch back i guess15:22
vsteveif I didn't have a rule, how were they previously showing up as enpxSx?15:22
frinnstanyways, i dont know very mich about that stuff.. ask jaeger15:22
jaegerenp whatever is the default behavior15:22
jaegerno rule, default15:22
vstevewell, so it seems I have no related rule15:22
vsteveall I have is 12-dm-permissions.rules.example15:22
vsteveand that file has no instance of 'eth' or 'enp'15:23
vstevein other words, if i'm supposed to be expecting the default behavior which is enpxSx, i'm not seeing that15:25
vsteveI did prt-get sysup last night, maybe there's something funky in the latest udev?15:26
vstevethis is too weird, the rc.d scripts don't work now, but if I 'dhcpcd -x' then 'dhcpcd eth1' I get an IP no problem15:31
vsteveI don't know what it is with 3.3 for me, all of my crux 3.2 machines worked predictably, but it seems like once I got into 3.3 everything is all over the place..but it's only me15:34
vsteveand it's not like they're that different15:34
jaegerall rc.d scripts don't work or just net?15:34
vstevesorry, just net15:35
vsteveI meant the network-related ones, which is really just net15:35
jaegerWhat errors do you get when you run it?15:35
vstevehah, udev errors15:36
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vstevei'm copying from screen to screen so bear with me15:36
vstevedev: loaded udev    no valid interfaces found    no interfaces have a carrier   forked to background, child pid 196715:36
jaegerthat looks like a dhcpcd message rather than udev15:37
jaegerfrom the "no valid interfaces" on15:37
vsteveI have to think that's still related to the strange naming behavior i'm seeing15:39
vsteveout of nowhere udev stops renaming devices, now dhcpcd can't find devices...15:39
jaegerok, so narrow down the problem15:39
jaegerdowngrade to the previous version of udev, see if that changes anything15:39
vsteveI like it15:40
jaegerIf you think X, Y, or Z is the cause of the problem, eliminate X, Y, and Z one at a time to find out15:40
jaegerpretty basic methodical elimination15:41
vstevei'm looking in the prt-get man page though, i see lots of options but nothing relating to a roll back, is prt-get used to roll back packages?15:41
jaegerversions are ephemeral, pkgutils and prt-get don't care about past versions particularly. So you'd need to get the older one from git and install it15:41
vsteveI'm now weighing my options15:42
vsteveI currently have a working system, I hack-jobbed dhcpcd to work the way I expect it to and I'm running on the latest kernel...and I got the usb 3 card working15:43
vsteveif I botch udev, I'm guessing that could cause some pretty serious problems15:43
jaegernothing that can't be recovered with the install media or a system rescue cd or similar15:44
vstevetrue...the only remaining question is, have I had enough coffee yet this morning15:45
vsteveI'm thinking the answer is no, so i'm going to fix that and hopefully tinker with udev15:46
vstevethanks again for your help15:46
jaegerwelcome, good luck15:46
vstevei'll need it15:46
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frinnst.. and vsteve was never to be seen again16:01
jaegerI wonder if he knows the x9scm-f has ipmi16:01
frinnstbuiltin? or do you need 2 stupid addon cards? :-)16:03
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Introoterhow long has crux been around17:54
nogagplzI guess about 15 years now17:56
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ryu0i doubt crux will ever get old. it says right in the domain name, crux nu (new). =p19:27
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vstevewhen compiling kernels and we do make modules_install and make firmware_install, I see a ton of stuff in the firmware install that looks like I couldn't possibly need it19:31
vsteveis there a way to tell which firmware is actually needed on the system in question and only install that firmware?19:32
ryu0vsteve: sure, but not automatically that i know of.19:32
ryu0vsteve: in general though, check the linux-firmware package.19:33
ryu0vsteve: iirc, modules expose what firmware they require.19:33
vstevehow should I go about checking it?19:34
vsteveit's installed, but what else can I check?19:34
ryu0vsteve: frankly i don't see why you'd worry about this...19:35
vstevebecause when I do make firmware_install it loads tons of stuff I'm pretty sure I can't possibly need19:36
ryu0vsteve: basically you need to find out which firmware is actually used.19:36
ryu02 ideas. boot without any and check dmesg. should give errors for firmware you're missing.19:36
pedjavsteve, there was a discussion about that, and the final decision is "not practical. too much maintenance work" :)19:36
ryu0check the modules you're required to use.19:36
ryu0not to mention the space savings isn't very much...19:37
ryu0like maybe 100MBs, which in a world of 100GB+ devices is...19:37
ryu0a drop in the bucket.19:37
vstevetrue, but I'll be doing memory constrained systems at some point and it'd be good to know how to remove as many unnecessary things as possible19:38
ryu0i just stopped caring about how "bloated" a lot of linux software is now because it's still smaller than a barebones windows install.19:38
ryu0vsteve: ... firmware doesn't consume memory if it's not used, only disk space.19:38
vstevesorry, memory/disk space constrained19:39
ryu0like what? a raspberry pi?19:39
ryu0usually you run a specialized distro for those.19:39
ryu0the only device i own i can say is genuinely resource constrained is my router.19:40
vsteveit would likely be a router, or ntp server19:40
ryu0so you'd probably not be using crux there.19:40
ryu0probably openwrt, which already strips it down.19:40
vstevebut the thing is A: I still want to learn how and B: i'm not exactly sure what i'll end up doing in the future19:41
ryu0there's no precise way. you have to know the hardware very well to do this.19:42
vstevethe output of lspci should get me devices, and devices should get me modules, and like you said modules should get me what firmware they need19:42
ryu0yea, but i'm not sure how reliable it is.19:43
ryu0i just recall that sometimes my initramfs tools would complain about modules missing firmware, so there's something there.19:43
vsteveI could also just copy the whole bunch of firmware blobs, put them somewhere else, and move them back in until everything works19:44
vstevenothing i'm doing here is particularly critical, so I can mess with things until they work pretty safely19:45
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pedjaspeaking of linux-firmware, the version in opt seems to be ~6 months old. does that make any difference, or is firmware fairly stable at this point for most hardware?19:46
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ryu0pedja: mostly relevant for new hardware.19:48
pedjai thought as much :)19:48
pedjaI see mostly amdgpu and wireless updates in git log19:49
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vsteveI'm having fantastic luck in the past 48 hours20:36
vsteveI've fixed the usb 3 thing, I've worked around the NIC renaming weirdness by simply reinstalling crux....I've got uuid-booting working in grub20:36
vstevesshd works20:36
vstevenow...for some reason if I boot the system with the soft-raided disks inserted, it panics on startup20:37
vsteveif I simply disconnect the raid disks and reboot, everything comes up fine20:38
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vstevethere must be something in the kernel I didn't enable....I guess?20:41
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jaegervsteve: forgot to ask earlier but do you use the ipmi on your x9scm-f board?21:09
jaegercan be handy when there's no networking or keyboard/monitor21:10
jaegerif you have a keyboard/monitor plugged in then it doesn't matter21:10
vsteveI have a keyboard/monitor plugged in21:11
vstevethe supermicro ipmi thing is kinda annoying to use and for now it's easier for me to just sit in front of the machine21:11
vstevenow I'm just shooting in the dark, compiling in things that look related to my HBA card and mdadm-raid21:13
vstevei'm doing one reboot without raid drives to make sure I have a bootable kernel, then i reboot again with the raid drives in to see if it's cooperating yet21:14
joacimbeen thinking for a while to setup the serial console stuff on my server21:14
joacimso i can just walk over with my laptop and usb-rs232 adapter instead of having to use the annoying ipmi software from supermicro21:15
jaegerI've never used their software, I just meant the builtin java web start kvm thing21:16
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joacimoh. used the one on my asrock board a few times, when the networking on my server failed21:23
joacimor it just locked up21:23
joacimhaving to use a java plugin for it sucks tho21:24
vsteveI have no idea what this thing wants, like so many of my other issues, I've never needed to go out of my way to get certain things to work21:26
vsteveI've managed to fix all the others, but this raid thing just really wants to panic on boot21:27
vstevewhich was never a problem for the last 2 months i've been using the system21:27
vsteveso it's got to be something in my kernel config, but I don't even know what to google to try and fix it because it's never been any kind of problem before21:27
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jaegervsteve: VFS mount panic?21:55
vsteveI'm checking through this:
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vsteveI have module 'raid456' built-in to the kernel, so I can't load it with modprobe.  I built it in because the kernel needs to interact with raids prior to being fully booted, so I assumed this was the right thing to do in my kernel config23:15
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jaegervsteve: if the VFS panic happens every time when you have the raid drives connected, I'd guess that the bootloader/kernel are seeing them in the wrong order, perhaps. You said you use UUIDs but that does sound like what would happen if you change disk order23:32
vsteveI agree, and wondered the same, but I'm fairly certain I'm using uuid's23:41
vstevefstab points to a uuid for root23:41
vstevealso, the system seems fine if I plug the drives in after it's booted23:43
vsteveI even mounted an array, it seems fine23:43
vstevebut...just at boot it needs to freak out for some reason23:43
*** sonophilia has joined #crux23:57

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