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jaegerfstab has uuids, you said, what does your bootloader config look like?00:18
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brian|lfshey all01:00
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vstevesorry jaeger, it has one uuid for the one bootable drive01:16
vsteveyou need to see grub.cfg?01:16
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vstevejaeger :
vsteveI used tune2fs to set the uuid to something simple for testing purposes01:25
jaegerok. I don't see anything obviously weird there, except the all-1s uuid :P01:34
vsteveit was easier than <insert 128-bit thing of random letters and numbers here>01:36
vsteveI'm wondering about the "   [*]     Autodetect RAID arrays during kernel boot " option in the kernel01:36
vstevewhich I currently have on01:36
jaegeryou need that if you boot from the raid array01:36
jaegerotherwise not really01:36
vsteveI don't though01:36
vsteveyeah so I'm taking that off then01:36
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jaegerwhen you have all the drives plugged in and grub starts, is hd0 the one you expect?01:41
vstevehd0 in grub always threw me off, because I'd always known it as sda101:43
vstevebut across 4 systems with grub, i've never changed hd0, and it's always been fine01:43
vsteveuntil now ofcourse01:43
jaegergenerally you don't change hd001:45
jaegerbut if the system enumerates drives differently than you expect it to, that's worth looking into01:46
vsteveso, my boot drive is on the onboard sata port 2, ports 1 and 0 are empty01:46
vsteveports 3,4, and 5 have other drives none of which are bootable01:47
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vstevethen there's the SAS HBA which...shouldn't impact the boot order of the onboard-stuff..i'd think01:47
jaegerIt could, depending on your kernel config01:47
vsteveah, so what should I look for there?01:47
jaegersay, for example, you built the SAS controller's module in <*> and your SATA driver as module <M>01:48
jaegerdrives on the SAS controller would be first every time01:48
vsteveinteresting point, I think they're both built in01:48
jaegerI'd check how grub sees the drives, too, just in case01:49
vstevedoes Fusion MPT have anything to do with SAS/sata?01:51
jaegerthat's a SAS controller01:51
vsteveI mean...I guess it must, but I've never heard my card referred to as "Fusion" anything01:51
vsteveMine is an LSI SAS 12Gb/s card, but I don't know if Fusion is a vendor of if that's the name of a protocol01:52
jaegermany LSI controllers are supported by the mpt drivers01:53
vstevewell i've got that in there as modular just in case, that can't hurt anything, right?01:53
jaegeras long as you don't need to boot from those01:54
vstevemy one bootable drive is a single sata drive that uses the on-board connector01:54
vsteveIntel C206 chipset I think01:54
vsteveI was close01:55
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jaegerThat should be fine for after the kernel's loaded but you should still investigate what grub sees01:56
vstevehow do I pester grub for what it sees?01:56
vstevethe 'e' option?01:56
jaegerwhen you get to the grub menu, hit c for a command line01:57
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jaegerthen use its builtin ls and tab-completion to explore a bit01:57
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vsteveon it, checking now01:57
vstevehah, actually it got away from me while booting and I let it go, now it's booting fine01:59
vsteveI needed to make the controller drivers and the MPT stuff all modular02:00
vstevethat was a fun 10 hours02:00
vstevewell, thanks again for your help, as always02:01
jaegerheh, alright02:01
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xckoif I have a recommendation for a package, would it be best to send an email to the maintainer, open a bug report, mention it here, or just fix it myself and move on?03:05
rmullIf you open a bug report, it should email the maintainer (if you assign it properly) - I'd say use the bug tracker03:11
xckookay thanks03:12
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pedjaThe great American philosophers, Public Enemy, have said years ago 'Don't believe the hype'09:50
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pedja'The act of trying to connect an even socket to another even socket, or an odd socket to another odd socket, was considered a "peculiar error" called "homosocketuality"'10:28
pedjaHN thread on 'how SSH got port 22' is full with gold like that10:31
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SitriIsn't that just marketting driven development10:54
SitriAKA how we got so much shitty proprietaryware?10:54
SitriAh no, looks a bit different10:55
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onoderatsaop: Hi, your crux-kf5 repo is pretty amazing, thanks!17:05
onoderayou should add it to the port database though17:05
onoderabtw, I see that lots of packages depend on wayland, is that really necessary? Couldn't it be an optional dependency or something?17:05
tsaoponodera: hello17:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libreoffice: 5.3.1 -> 5.3.217:12
tsaoponodera: unfortunately, some components mark it as REQUIRED in CMakeLists.txt17:14
tsaopnamely kwin, which depends on KWayland17:14
onoderayeah it seems like arch/gentoo also depend on wayalnd for these packages17:23
onoderaI guess I'll bite the bullet then17:24
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tsaopit isn't that bad17:36
tsaopit's just a single wayland package and two wrappers by KDE17:36
tsaopkwayland and wayland-integration17:37
onoderaI'm really squeamish when it comes to package count for some reason :p17:39
tsaopIt's strange you would use KDE then17:41
tsaopalso note that a large part of apps and libraries are still not packaged17:41
tsaopalmost all of the games, for example17:41
tsaopand stuff which belonged to kdepim, which is a mess17:41
onoderaI don't use kde, but plasma-integration for an usable qt filepicker17:42
tsaopI see17:42
tsaopthen I can undersand your trouble17:42
onoderaalso I'm interested in krita, so I might install that as well now that I have all these dependencies installed17:42
tsaopbe advised that it takes a while to compile17:43
onodera>pkinit_crypto_openssl.c:887:5: error: implicit declaration of function 'DH_set0_pqg' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]17:54
onoderawith krb5... hmm. Probably because I use libressl, however so does gentoo and they don't use any patches17:54
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pedjafuck me, The Expanse season finale was gooood.[/ot]18:06
pedjaS3 can't come soon enough18:07
pedja( I know that I closed off-topic tag, but )18:08
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akdflHey everyone, I've been trying out crux recently, which I really like for its simplicity and cleanliness (particularly good for use with lots of little programs easily packaged with pkgfiles). However, I have a question regarding dependencies: since ports have to be compiled, doesn't that mean the system ends up with lots of files required at build-time which are unneeded afterwards and thus "pollute" the file system? Any insights? Than21:24
john_cephalopodaakdfl: That's partially true.21:26
rmullThat "pollution" may exist within /usr/ports, but you can clean it up easily21:26
jaegerI assume in this case you're referring to build-time dependencies that aren't run-time dependencies. Yes, that's a side-effect of the way the system works21:28
john_cephalopodaakdfl: When you install some libary, for example libsomething, it will install the binary library (packaged as "libsomething" in most distros) AND the header files (which a lot of distros split into a package named like "libsomething-dev").21:28
john_cephalopodaThe part that would usually be in libsomething-dev isn't really needed afterwards, that's true. But when several programs depend on it, you use those files for several programs.21:29
john_cephalopodaBut with today's HDD sizes, that's nothing21:31
akdflOK, I see! I figure it's quite acceptable anyway, as a minimal package/port system seems to imply a minimal software selection. I'm pretty new to source-based distros. Thanks for your replies!21:32
jaegerwelcome :)21:33
john_cephalopodaFor example, on my computer I use 375.9 MB for header files and 2.778 GB for libraries.21:33
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