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vsteveis there a quick way to remove all packages that belong to xorg?00:01
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vstevedisregard, I just took the dumb way out and copied/pasted like 120 instances of 'prt-get remove' and slapped it in front of a list of names00:35
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vsteveI thought you could do something like 'prt-get remove xorg-*' but it reads the wildcard as part of the name00:35
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frinnstshaving in the shower is awesome09:21
frinnstdont be such a pussy09:21
pedjaI use this to shave
pedjano playing with electricity required09:39
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frinnstim tired of shaving09:55
frinnsti just trim once every other week or so09:55
pedjascissors first, to get rid off the most of the beard I can, then the razor. it looks so easy in the commercials :)10:06
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pedjagrsec has gone full commercial, it seems12:24
pedjahas anyone here used their patchset?12:26
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pedjasomeone from r/linux sent an e-mail to rms with the link to that article. no response yet12:37
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onoderaHmm I wonder how this will affect alpine, they use grsec by default13:04
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pedjathere was a thread on alpine-devel about shipping grsec in 3.613:26
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pedjaproviding patches to alpine for free would be a good PR move for grsec folks, but paying customers would probably get annoyed, so13:41
pedjacan 'the community' pick up and continue that work? we'll see13:46
pedjaI never really kept up to date on grsec, so I am curious. If it really adds that much value security-wise, why isn't it mainlined yet?13:49
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pedjasome bits of it are, iirc13:51
pedjathere is always a trade-off between security and usability, of course13:53
frinnstWell its all GPL so any subscriber can redistribute it14:03
frinnstnot really any different from what redhat are doing14:03
frinnstor am i missing something?14:03
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pedjathe FAQ doesn't mention/clarify that, unsurprisingly.15:59
pedjatheir answer to 'I used your free stuff, now what?' is a subtle 'you're fucked'16:01
pedjawith a, rather scary looking, feature matrix, where every other solution is full of red X marks :)16:03
pedja'nice' marketing technique16:04
pedjafrinnst, since you use btrfs, this might be interesting to you
pedjagrub-2.02 has a pretty nice changelog16:36
john_cephalopodaThose feature matrices are often very biased.16:37
john_cephalopodaList everything that is better in your product and let the bad stuff out, except for one or two things that are not very important but make it look not that biased.16:37
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frinnstcool, raid5/6 fixes16:48
frinnstthe development on that code has been stale for a year or two16:48
frinnstthere are usually massive changes for btrfs for every new kernel version16:49
pedjadoes that make you less or more nervous as a btrfs user :) ?16:50
pedjamassive changes = bigger chances of breaking stuff16:52
pedjawhat config do you use, two mirrors or?16:53
pedjayou probably mentioned that, but I forgot16:53
frinnstmy backup server is raid0 :-)16:54
frinnstusing wd green from 2011 - what can go wrong?16:55
frinnst  9 Power_On_Hours          0x0032   080   080   000    Old_age   Always       -       1512916:56
pedjawell, you *are* a professional sysadmin, after all :)16:56
frinnstah, that was one of the new disks16:57
frinnst  9 Power_On_Hours          0x0032   030   030   000    Old_age   Always       -       5123116:57
frinnstthere we go16:57
frinnsthehe yeah its not ideal. but without raid0 I wouldnt be able to fit everything16:58
pedjastill way better than 'pray to Cthulhu that it doesn't break or you are fucked' 'system' I have :)17:00
frinnstnow for some mindless pc gaming17:01
pedjaopenSUSE chairman shared a link to Cypress Hill- Jump around. what a cool dude17:01
pedjaFPS with co-workers?17:03
john_cephalopodaAha! That's where the beat of "B├╝roeingang" from Fresh D. comes from :D17:09
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jaegerwow, a grub 2.02 release. I didn't think that was ever happening17:41
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pedjajaeger, pretty impressive :)17:57
pedjadoes improved ZFS support mean that the ZFS-on-root is now possible?17:58
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pedjathis looks cool
chinarulezzzHi all! Firefox updating fails with following error:18:04
chinarulezzzImportError: This platform lacks a functioning sem_open implementation, therefore, the required synchronization primitives needed will not function, see issue 3770.18:04
chinarulezzzfull log:
chinarulezzzheeeelp ^_^18:04
jaegerchinarulezzz: is /dev/shm set up properly?18:10
chinarulezzz# grep shm /etc/fstab18:13
chinarulezzztmpfs           /dev/shm        tmpfs   size=8G,uid=100,defaults                            0 018:13
chinarulezzz# grep 100 /etc/group18:14
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pedjachinarulezzz, rebuild python18:19
chinarulezzzjaeger: this line I recently added.18:19
pedjacheck for 'sem_open yes' in configure output18:19
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jaegerI wonder if setting it to a particular uid is good or bad. It's not necessary, at least18:21
jaeger"none /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0" works fine for example18:21
pedjawhat are the defaults for it? half of RAM?18:21
chinarulezzzpedja: Rebuilding python: checking for sem_open... yes18:27
chinarulezzzfirefox successfully continue building18:27
pedjawhen I used tmpfs as a build dir, I didn't have 'defaults' in fstab, just size, uid, gid18:27
pedjachinarulezzz, good :)18:28
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jaegerso maybe python was built before adding /dev/shm?18:28
pedjaand that breaks it :)18:28
chinarulezzzjaeger: I indented to use/access from user account.18:29
chinarulezzzyes. Python was build before adding /dev/shm.18:30
chinarulezzzpedja: defaults means ram/swap, as far as I understood from Documentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt18:32
chinarulezzzthanks, guys.18:32
pedjadefault is half of RAM without swap, afaict18:37
pedjaand 'defaults' is rw,relatime if output of mount is to be believed18:40
pedja(for /dev/shm)18:40
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just_funIs there a reason not to have /dev/shm mounted?19:07
frinnstnot really19:19
frinnstpretty cool19:22
just_funI miss jpb319:24
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