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pedjawin10 drivers suggest that it's Elan device, whatever that is, so try enabling elantech drivers at Input Devices/Mice00:02
pedjawhen you boot into the new kernel, run xinput list again, to see if its recognized. or grep dmesg00:03
brian|lfsrebooting that was easy to enable00:08
pedjagood luck00:09
brian|lfsdmesg shows nothing00:10
brian|lfsall well going to take a nap had a long day lol00:13
brian|lfsmaybe I'll dream of a solution00:13
pedjalsmod | grep i2c00:14
brian|lfsI have the weather channel on don't see any woman with tight dresses00:14
pedjadepends on the channel00:14
brian|lfswell its HD00:15
pedjacheck the kernel config if i2c_designware is enabled as module00:15
brian|lfsyup both core and PCI00:16
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brian|lfsyuck closed the channel by mistake00:17
brian|lfsI didn't know rainbows make men cry00:18
pedjawell, I am out of ideas, sorry :)00:22
brian|lfsthanks man not your fault00:22
pedjatry at Asus ROG forum00:22
brian|lfsthese people are trying to stop us from using Linux00:23
brian|lfsdue to Microsoft00:23
pedjathey don't care :)00:23
pedja'does it work with Windows?Yes? SHIP IT!'00:23
brian|lfsyes it works on winblows00:29
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just_funbrian|lfs, what did you used to generate the footprint for virtualbox in your repo?05:46
just_funYou have "lib/modules/4.4.45/extra/vboxpci.ko" instead of "lib/modules/<kernel-version>/extra/vboxpci.ko"05:46
brian|lfsah oh thanks just_fun didn't realize that05:48
brian|lfsmy virtualbxx port is old now anyhow05:49
brian|lfsI threw it up there when virtualbox woudln't work on gcc version 605:49
brian|lfsI generated my footprint with pkgmk by the way so how would I generate it without a specific kernel version for future reference05:50
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brian|lfsjust_fun, you there?06:18
brian|lfshmm maybe he wasn't having fun06:18
just_funI'm here, not there.06:20
brian|lfsdo you an anser about my footpritn question06:20
just_funGot it!06:20
brian|lfsoh ok did you just ignore footprint06:21
just_funI understand that you've made it manualy06:21
just_funAh, no! I don't use it06:21
just_funJust curious.06:21
brian|lfsoh ok06:21
brian|lfsis there a non manual way to make footpritns06:21
brian|lfsin the case of this weird situation of kernel drivers06:22
just_funCouldn't miss the oportunity to advertise another of my tools ...06:22
brian|lfsahh what tool is that06:23
just_funpkginfo --footprint06:23
just_funnon-manualy: pkgmk -uf06:24
brian|lfsoh ok I did pkgmk -uf on virtualbox06:24
just_funI didn't know about the fact that pkgmk replaces the version (in pathnames) with <kernel-version>, until recently06:25
brian|lfsso upkgmk is part of pkgutils?06:26
just_funis part of my pkgutils :)06:26
brian|lfsoh ok interesting06:28
just_funit all started from: ". Pkgfile; . /etc/pkgmk.conf; SRC=...; PKG=...; build"06:28
brian|lfsso for pkginfo --footprint06:29
brian|lfswhat file would I give it06:29
brian|lfsthe .footprint or the Pkgfile06:29
just_funthe package06:30
brian|lfsso the whole .pkg.tar file06:30
brian|lfstried package name didn't like that06:30
just_fundid you quote it?06:31
brian|lfsno quotes06:31
just_funnot sure if "#" is interpreted as a comment starter06:31
just_funuse full pathname with quotes06:31
brian|lfsit worked giving it the wh oel path witht he actaul built pacakge06:32
brian|lfstyping isn't working right now for me06:32
brian|lfsso if you don't use virtualbox how did you come across my port06:33
just_funYou asked if someone is using your port.06:34
][_R_][$ echo 123#test06:34
][_R_][$ echo 123 #test06:34
][_R_][(RE: comments)06:34
just_fun][_R_][, pong06:34
brian|lfsso you actually using any of them06:35
just_funbrian|lfs, and I know I have your repo updated06:35
just_funI took a look06:35
brian|lfscool thanks06:35
just_funI see that I don't use any of your ports yet,06:35
brian|lfsI"m far from perfect but have learned a lot over the past year06:35
just_funbut, I've seen virtualbox and firefox06:35
brian|lfsfirefox I just throw on mine becuase I enable pulseaudio06:36
brian|lfsvirtualbox was broken at the time on crux 3.3 so need to delete it now that its been updated06:36
just_funjohn_cephalopoda said something about virtualbox having footprint mismatch06:36
brian|lfsoh ok I was sleeping then I guess06:37
just_funthis is why I've looked at "your" footprint06:37
brian|lfseither way how would I make my footprint so its jsut for any kernel version06:37
brian|lfswould I have to manually edit the .footprint06:38
just_funpkgmk -uf should do that06:38
brian|lfsoh ok strange I'll run it again06:39
just_funbeing there, you should remeve .signature, and regenerate the .md5sum with (pkgmk -um)06:40
brian|lfsthat makes sense06:40
brian|lfsjust testing what your saying probably will just delete the port no big deal06:41
just_funit won't, but it could download the sources and rebuild the package before that06:42
brian|lfswhat I'm doing now rebuilding first06:42
brian|lfsbut smpeg and smpeg2 they are broekn on gcc6 someone pointed me too a patch that resovled it but keep forgetting to submit the bug06:43
brian|lfsseemed to do the trick06:48
brian|lfsI need to go back tos leep but was thinking we should do a crux room on discord06:58
brian|lfsever mess with discord its pretty cool seems more secure then irc in some ways06:58
brian|lfsand you can do both text and and voice on it and dont' need to be logged into voice if you don't want voice06:59
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timcowchipmkdir /boot/efi, mount /dev/sda1 /boot/efi, grub-install /boot/efi?08:13
timcowchipsda1 being the 100Mb fat32 ESP08:14
just_funSeams OK, acording to
timcowchipthanks just_fun08:19
timcowchipbash: grub-install : command not found08:30
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just_funI hope you didn't run "sudo grub-install"08:32
timcowchipI'm installing crux in a vm08:34
timcowchipI selected opt and xorg08:34
timcowchipwhere the fuck is grub2?08:35
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just_funin /usr/ports/opt/grub208:36
timcowchipI see that but its not in /usr/bin08:36
just_funin /usr/sbin08:37
timcowchipsupposed to be in /usr/bin08:37
timcowchipnot there though08:38
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timcowchipanyway to install it during08:39
timcowchipall the dbus stuff is in /usr/bin and dbus is in the opt ports08:42
timcowchipwhy isn't grub installed08:42
just_funThis should be in ISO08:43
timcowchipok thanks, I'll see if I can mount it08:44
john_cephalopodajust_fun: opt is in the iso.08:46
john_cephalopodajust_fun: core, opt and xorg, iirc.08:46
timcowchipI don't think I can get to it08:47
timcowchipfuck it I'll try it again tomorow08:49
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pedjamy router craps itself every 6 days, I can set a clock by it13:09
pedjathe lights are on, but nobody's home13:10
][_R_][I had a gateway like that.  If you made a certain amount of DNS queries to it directly it'd enter a weird state where its HTTP inferface was unavailable and it'd drop /all/ DNS traffic (even stuff it wasn't serving itself)13:14
][_R_][Switch to only using OpenNIC for all DNS, and it'd run fine for the two years until our ISP replaced it.13:15
john_cephalopodaI wonder, how one could make an AUR-like repo for Crux.13:30
john_cephalopodaAn online interface with PHP and mysql would be possible - but also quite hard.13:30
][_R_][Isn't the current repo already like AUR?13:31
][_R_][Given that you have to compile everything yourself13:31
john_cephalopodaI'm not talking about that aspect. In AUR, everybody can upload a package to a common repo. That means that one doesn't have to mess with so many duplicates and stuff any more.13:32
john_cephalopodaAlso packages can be simply added.13:32
just_fungit access to contrib will be the first of your steps13:36
frinnstpedja: replace it?13:43
pedjareplace what?13:43
frinnstyour router13:43
pedjaI wish I could13:43
frinnstsure you can13:44
frinnstjust need to get your hands dirty :)13:44
frinnsti repaced my fibre switch/converter13:44
frinnstbut I need to sniff out the VLAN assigned for television if i want that13:44
pedjaI am OK with that, I just need to get some hw first :)13:45
pedjapfSense box or something like that would be awesome13:45
pedjaor Routerboard13:46
frinnstubiquiti is pretty nice13:46
pedjarouterX? Yeah13:46
frinnstrouter/firewall with sfp capable of gbit without issues13:46
frinnstcheap as fuck too13:47
pedjait has hw offload, right?13:47
frinnstfor vlan, yes13:47
pedjait's cheap in the EU :)13:47
pedjaI can't even find it here13:47
frinnstthey didnt ship with vlan offloading. without it I maxed out at ~300mbit13:48
frinnsthehe they are impossible to find. always out of stock13:48
frinnstif they sorted out their distribution they would take over the world :-)13:48
pedjathey have Vyos fork as OS, iirc13:48
frinnstyup with some extra crap on top13:49
pedjaMikrotik is pretty popular here13:49
frinnsthavent played around with microtik yet13:49
pedjagear of choice for WiFi ISP-s13:50
pedjaRouterOS is pretty cool13:50
pedjathere is a VM on their site to play with13:51
frinnstwhat is it built on?13:52
frinnstthe hardware choices are pretty massive13:53
frinnsti mean linux, bsd, vyos etc13:53
frinnstthe router boards seem to be a mix of arm/ppc13:54
pedjaI misunderstood you :)
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: talloc: update to 2.1.913:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: tdb: update to 1.3.1313:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.13.513:55
frinnstThe main product of MikroTik is an operating system based on the Linux kernel13:55
frinnstthat settles that13:56
frinnsthahaha their public telnet demo:13:57
frinnstapr/27/2017 18:32:47 system,error,critical login failure for user root from via telnet13:57
frinnstapr/27/2017 18:38:28 system,error,critical login failure for user !!Huawei from via telnet13:57
frinnstapr/27/2017 18:38:40 system,error,critical login failure for user system from via telnet13:58
pedjathey have ER-X in stock :)13:58
pedjaprices when you login?13:58
frinnstyeah, they only sell to businesses13:58
pedjahm, do I know anyone that does business in .se...nope.13:59
frinnstawesome. command history remains between sessions13:59
pedjait's pretty powerful, I hear from friends that deployed it14:00
frinnstunless you need the sfp model i can sell you mine14:00
frinnsti bought erx before i switched to the sfp model14:01
pedja'what's sfp?' pretty much answers your question if I need it :)14:01
pedjaTIL, to use a reddit phrase14:04
pedjathere are plans by major ISP to provide FTTB, using Huawei gear, nationwide14:05
pedjaGPON, or something14:09
pedjaI hate when I don't know proper terminology....14:10
frinnstsubsidised by the state or all private companies?14:11
pedjathe ISP is state-owned, for the most part14:11
pedjathe, by far, biggest cable company is breathing down their necks, providing high-speed net and IPTV14:13
pedjafiber to the nodes, coax to the users14:14
pedjabut they are mainly focused on big cities (all 4 of them :) )14:15
pedjaand I live in rather small city, ~80k population14:16
frinnstmore than twice the size of my town14:17
frinnst35.920 den 31/12 201414:17
pedjareally? I prefer smaller cities14:18
pedjaI don't drive, so if I can get everywhere on foot is nice14:19
pedjafunny thing is, I've visited Venice more times than the country capitol :)14:20
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pedjawhen I check postage prices, guessing if they consider Serbia to be 'Europe' or 'Outside Europe', is part of the fun14:44
pedjamy favorite is 'The rest of the world', along with Tanzania and Japan14:45
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onoderahmm it seems like mpv git no longer works17:08
onoderait depends on and egl header and the crux nvidia pkg doesn't install it17:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] ghostscript: security fix for CVE-2017-{5951,7207,8291}17:17
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jaegeronodera: is it provided by the nvidia driver but missing from the crux port or is it missing from the driver altogether?17:58
onoderajaeger: it's missing from the nvidia driver17:58
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onoderaHm it might not be the nvidia driver after all18:03
jaegerI don't know much about EGL so it's entirely possible that something is missing18:04
onoderaget so something with gl/egl definitely changed18:05
onoderahowever, I patched the nvidia port to install all these files arch also installs and it still doesn't work18:06
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joacimlooks like waterfox is aiming to do more than just be a 64-bit build of firefox18:13
joacimremoved telemetry, and defaults to alsa18:13
onoderaI went on try-out-browser frenzy this week18:14
onoderawent from firefox to qupzilla (qtwebkit) to lariza (webkit2gtk) finally seamonkey18:15
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onoderaI might try out waterfox, it looks pretty neat18:31
onoderalike firefox but with better default options18:32
joacimi only use it on windows18:36
joacimsince firefox at the time didnt have a 64-bit build18:36
joacimtook a while, but managed to untrain my google-habbit18:45
joacimevery time i wanted to search for something, i always typed google without thinking18:45
joacimthat i now type ddg without thinking isn't better tho18:45
SitriYou can search just by typing in the address bar, don't need the google/ddg keyword at all18:47
frinnstjoacim: what version are they on?18:51
joacim53 i think18:51
joacimSitri: in the olden days, when you wanted to visit the website of a search engine like altavista or google, you'd type in the address in the search bar18:53
joacimaddress bar18:53
SitriI'm well aware thanks18:53
joacimthats what i'm used to at least =)18:53
joacimdoing it that way, i'm sure which search engine is used18:53
joacimi hate browsers that mess up the address bar by adding search features to it anyways18:54
SitriSo... all of them.18:54
joacimthey're annoying when dealing with certain domains since they assume you're typing in a search18:54
joacimcant stand this trend of hiding http/https too. it's annoying18:55
joacimsafari by default "hides" everything but the domain name18:56
joacimi think there are other browsers that do that too18:56
SitriFirefox's implementation is especially obnoxious18:58
SitriPlenty of times where I wanted to copy the URL with the http:// intact but prevented from doing so.18:58
joacimfirefox is odd. it hides http, but not https18:59
SitriThey all only hide http://18:59
joacimthanks for the trimURLs19:00
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timcowchipdoes the ESP need to be fat16?
crash_fat32 works as well19:29
xckoI think the uefi definition expects fat3219:29
jaegerboth can work, it depends on the hardware manufacturer's implementation. fat32 is slightly more common in my experience19:33
timcowchipjaeger: I'm trying to install crux in a vm19:35
xckois there a compilation flag needed to enable the web inspector in webkitgtk? I'm using surf and the web inspector is broken19:36
timcowchipI might as well use a dos mbr, right?19:36
timcowchipits not like I'm trying to boot hardware19:37
timcowchipI installed Slackware in a vm without using uefi19:38
timcowchipok then19:43
ryu0timcowchip: i've always use fat16. i found it tends to be better supported by BIOS implementations.19:46
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timcowchipthanks ryuO19:49
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jaegertimcowchip: whichever you prefer, if the hypervisor supports both20:20
pedjapro: I found multibootusb sw for Linux. Con: it doesn't fscking work for more than one ISO20:32
SitriLearn how to manipulate syslinux configs and make one yourself?20:33
pedjamaybe later :)20:34
Sitri(PROTIP: isolinux is the only game in town for CD booting, it's part of the syslinux project)20:34
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ryu0BZZT. wrong. grub2 also supports cd booting.20:46
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SitriNo-one uses it to my knowledge.20:50
ryu0i've seen it used for EFI cd booting, though that may change in future ubuntu images.20:52
pedjaeasy2boot is using grub2 for ISOs, afaict21:00
pedjasince I am lazy, I'll just borrow windows laptop and use E2B :)21:02
pedjaor Win VM, with ISOs on Samba share21:02
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