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timcowchipwhere is the .conf file with instal scripts= no/yes00:37
timcowchipdon't see it when I vi pkgmk.conf or prt-get.conf00:38
timcowchipthanks jaeger I see it now00:42
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darfojust_fun: your idea worked. I could boot a CD-ROM that had devmapper support modules. Was then able to mount my /usr and /var partitions on /mnt.03:14
darfoPut the CRUX 3.3 ISO on a thumb drive and mounted it. Had to jigger setup and setup-helper a little bit and copy pkgmk to /usr/bin on the03:15
darfoRAM disk /usr/bin but was able to upgrade that way.03:15
darfojaeger: I understand but there is tons of drivers for RAID cards and all sorts of other things on03:16
darfothe CRUX boot disk, just not dm_mod. Doesn't do much good in my use case if I can't mount /usr and /var03:17
darfoI'm old school and still insist on at least running /var on a separate file system in case it fills up.03:17
darfoBut all's well. The server is on CRUX 3.3 where it belongs now.03:18
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timcowchip shows "drwxr-xr-x root/root /usr/lib/cmake/Qt5Widgets/" yet after building qt5 I don't have a /usr/lib/cmake/Qt5Widgets/06:28
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timcowchipis partial installation a vm thing?06:29
jaegerdarfo: why can't you mount /usr and /var? Is something else missing?06:34
jaegerlvm2 and dm_mod are on the ISO, just not in the initramfs, unless I'm misremembering06:35
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jaegerdarfo: I must be missing part of the equation06:51
jaegeronce you've booted the ISO you should be able to mount them06:51
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timcowchipanyway to "wget"?07:04
timcowchipthanks again jaeger07:06
timcowchipnow I have a /usr/lib/cmake/Qt5Widgets/07:08
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tilmani think i should retire my guruplug08:53
tilmantouching/moving it a bit often makes the SD card freak out, making a reboot necessary08:54
just_funtilman, I have my laptop/root on a flash drive, with a usb hub in another usb socket, and every time I remove the hub the rootfs becames read-only08:56
just_funI was thinking that maybe there is a way to ignore usb events or something...08:57
just_funmaybe there is some event occuring with your sd08:57
just_funwhich can be ignored (for a while)08:58
tilmanwhat i'm seeing are lots of I/O errors08:58
tilmanso i guess it's not what you describe08:58
tilmani'd also like to rant about bad HDMI cables08:58
tilmanwhat's up with cables that you need to wiggle to get a good signal?08:59
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just_funMaybe a udev rule could remount /  and the errors will wanish09:01
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frinnst tilman: wow you still have yours running?10:35
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tilmanfrinnst: it's running irssi. only.10:38
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frinnstlive stream15:23
darfojaeger: extracting the ISO kernel's config shows the required support: CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM_BUILTIN=y and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM=m was configured. That's supposed to provide module dm-mod.15:27
darfoExtracting the table of contents from initramfs on the ISO with cpio -i -t < initramfs shows the module is not on there.15:28
jaegeryes, I have said several times now it's NOT in the initramfs15:29
darfoAnd what else can I mount the targeted filesystems with except the support that is included in the ISO kernel that I booted?15:29
jaegerIt IS available after you boot the ISO15:29
jaegerThere are two separate sections to the modules on the ISO15:30
jaeger1) initramfs, 2) everything else15:30
jaegerthe initramfs only has what's necessary to finish the boot process15:30
darfoWhere is everything else stored on the ISO?15:30
jaegerenough to find the installation media, etc.15:30
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darfoAnd is that not expanded to the filesystem mounted at /mnt by setup?15:31
frinnstnothing is mounted at /mnt15:32
jaegerwhatever you mount at /mnt before setup is your own system15:32
jaegernot the ISO15:32
darfocorrect. And how do I upgrade my own system if I cannot mount it when booted from the ISO?15:32
jaegerOK, what is your process for mounting your system after you boot the ISO?15:33
frinnstjust mount the filesystem? modprobe the required modules and mount it to /mnt before running setup15:33
darfoI could not with the current ISO. I had previously built the /usr and /var as lvm on top of mirror RAID using md.15:34
darfoI had to boot a rescue cd that did have dm_mod support with it's kernel and mount /mnt then mount /dev/vg(bla) /mnt/usr15:34
frinnstso then you need to assemble your md, modprobe the lvm stuff and mount those partitions as /mnt/var and whatnot15:35
frinnstthe required modules are there once you boot the install media15:36
frinnstthey are not loaded by default15:36
darfoOk. It's there. I should have modprobed dm-mod before trying to mount /usr.15:38
darfoI'm suprised that module autoloading by the kernel would not do that as soon as mount /dev/vg-xxx /mnt/var is encountered.15:39
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darfoI guess that is why I have dm-mod has built-in. Thanks for the explanation. I know what to do next time.15:40
jaegerNo idea on that, I don't use much lvm15:40
darfoThat server is a relic from the past. Someday when I get to build a replacement I will probably use zfs. Back in it's day MD raid with LVM for administration was the state-of-the-art :)15:41
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jaegerThey're still relevant, at least :)15:44
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just_funrmull, I've switched from .version to ck4fun on my repo. See
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xveejaeger still working on getting mate up and running. came across something new. js185 spits out this error when trying to compile
xveeplease let me know if you have any advice18:04
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just_funYou have to apply the patch above, acording to
xveeill give it a shot after the gym. thanks!18:52
pedjais Crux the only distro that still doesn't use PAM?18:55
pedjapackaging and maintaining it just so I can use a pretty DM would be overkill :)18:57
joacimtorn between sticking with i3 and installing mate19:00
joacimi like mate, but i have a feeling it is going to get fiddly using mate on a small monitor19:01
xveejoacim: do mate. im trying to get it running right now :P19:04
SitriI ended up going to ratpoison after wmii (instead of i3)19:04
SitriLittle bit of a learning curve, but I'm comfortable with it now19:05
xckowmutils here. Has to be put together, but it's simple to tweak19:05
joacimi guess i could install mate so i could complain about bugs and see them fixed19:07
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crash_i3 here19:19
crash_joacim: if you want to use mate, you can use one panel only to save in on the screen estate?19:19
joacimi did that with gnome19:22
xveejoacim: get on the mate game and lets nag jag together19:22
crash_joacim: yeah i did the same with gnome2 and mate, but now i have been in love with i3 for the past years19:23
john_cephalopodai3 here19:28
xveedoes i3 allow for the network manager applet?19:28
xckoI think that depends on what bar you use19:28
john_cephalopodaxvee: The standard bottom bar can be configured to show anything.19:28
john_cephalopodaMine currently does "while true; do  echo "$(date +'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')" ; sleep 5; done"19:29
xveehm. i may give that a shot. the main reason i went with mate is because of the panel. i was too lazy to configure a panel to work :P19:29
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crash_there are so many bars for i3, but i'm using i3statusbar the stock one and i'm happy19:32
joacimi forget which one i use19:33
joacimit shows my volume and wifi status and such19:33
joacimfor connecting to wifi, there are these things for dmenu, but i dont know how the ywork19:33
joacimdmenu and networkmanager19:33
just_funxvee, from where did you get js185?19:34
just_funI don't see /usr/ports/mate/js18519:35
xveeits in the mate repositories19:35
just_fun ?19:35
xveei believe so, yes19:35
just_funcat /etc/ports/mate.httpup19:36
just_fun# Collection mate, by jaeger at crux dot ninja19:36
just_fun# File generated by the CRUX portdb
just_funI see no js185 there19:36
xveethats really strange. no idea why its pulling js18519:38
just_funDid you update the repo?
just_funI'm just asking...19:39
xveeyes i have19:41
just_funAnd your /etc/ports/mate.httpup is the same?19:42
xveeit is, yes. let me remove mate ports and files and redo it19:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: zsh: 5.3 -> 5.3.119:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: getmail: 4.53.0 -> 4.54.019:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: zsh: fix everything19:54
crash_does it fix the world as well?19:59
teK_I tried20:00
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crash_that is all we can do :)20:02
just_funWe can stay and just look20:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qemu: 2.8.0 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qemu-agent: 2.8.0 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: valgrind: 3.11.0 -> 3.12.020:06
just_funcruxbot, what a party!20:07
xveecan it fix our government too?20:15
crash_nope only the world and the goverment is not included20:18
xveejust_fun: the removing and reinstalling of the httpup file seemed to have done the trick20:22
xveeexcept now one of the libraries is spitting out an error when compiling. ill dig in further later20:22
just_funxvee, did you put mate before core,opt in prt-get.conf?20:35
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jaegerxvee: sounds like you were using the older mate from krugerheavyindustries, js185 isn't in it anymore21:04
xckoafter editing a Pkgfile in the ports tree, what's your strategy for maintaining that change through updates?21:25
jaegerI use my own overlay dir with higher priority in prt-get.conf21:27
teK_be the original Pkgfile/repo maintainer21:27
teK_it's a bit high effort compared to other strategies, but totally worth it, imho21:27
xckojaeger: how do you merge in updates?21:30
jaegerI don't, if the port isn't mine21:30
jaegeror do you mean from the original to the overlay?21:31
xckooriginal to the overlay21:31
jaegerusually just do that manually, they're not big changes most of the time21:31
xckodo you carefully watch ports -u output and remember which packages you have overlays for? I'd like to automate that a little bit21:33
xckoI'm considering making the ports tree a git repo and merging in changes after updates21:34
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pedjafrinnst, what's the use case for btrfs subvolumes? opensuse install made a lot of them for system21:54
pedjaI am still wrapping my head around that and, of course, systemd way of doing things :)21:56
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xckosorry lost my connection, where there any responses to my git idea?22:05
xckonvm just checked the logs22:06
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jaegerxcko: I don't watch it too assiduously, just check now and then22:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qemu-all: 2.8.0 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mplayer: 2017-01-11 -> 2017-04-2922:46
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xveejaeger: looks like it may have been the older one yes22:58
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xveejaeger: this is the new error im getting
jaegerI've seen that one but no idea what the cause is. If you keep trying it'll eventually work23:09
xveekeep trying to rebuild?23:09
xveethats pretty funny. ill keep mssin gwith it23:10
jaegerIt's annoying but the error is inconsistent and has no obvious cause that I saw23:10
xveei just want crux with mate man. i know once this sucker is up, i'll never have to mess with it again23:10
xveei'm rebulding gtk. hopefully that'll "help"23:11
jaegerIt won't, the problem is in libcanberra somewhere as far as I can see23:11
xckohere is a similar problem from kde that they trace back to libtool23:11
xveehm. alright, i'll just keep rebuilding it until it moves forward23:12
xveelol i think it worked23:12
xveeyeah, it went through. strange23:12
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jaegerAs a guess, maybe it's a race condition in the build.23:24
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timcowchipis there a kernel config that makes xorg work in a vm?23:26
timcowchipmodule qlx?23:29
jaegerxorg can work with vesa in any VM, pretty much. Otherwise look for whatever driver is specific to your VM software23:32
jaegervboxvideo, etc.23:32
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jaegerI don't think you need any kernel drivers for vboxvideo, maybe there's one for vmware23:33
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timcowchipok thanks jaeger23:33

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