IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2017-04-30

xveewell, mates up and running00:11
xveesort of anyway. the application menu is blank lol00:11
xveehave a feeling its a dbus issue00:12
joacimmissing fonts and/or gtk engines?00:17
xveemight be the gtk engine00:17
xveefonts should be fine for now. have dejavu installed while everything else is being set up00:18
xveehm. its not the gtk engines. those are installed and seem to be good00:19
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jaegerprobably didn't run the post-install scripts00:20
jaegerthey do things like update gtk icon caches, update-desktop-database, etc.00:21
xcko/etc/prt-get.conf has an option for enabling *-install scripts by default00:21
xveeinstalled mate with the --install-scripts. thought that would take care of it00:23
xckoif it's a font issue, might be fixed by fc-cache -f00:24
xveeis there any way i can check if the post install scripts have ran?00:25
xckoif you have logging enabled, /var/log/pkgbuild/foo should have it00:26
xckoor manually checking the install script and seeing if the changes have been made to your system00:26
xveefeq. doesn't look like i have logging enabled00:27
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xveewell, its not a font issue. i think its dbus related. mate-control-center brings up a failure loading matecc.menu00:34
xveeterminal readout says g is dbus connection failed00:34
xveejaeger is it possible to rebuild ensuring the scripts are installed?00:41
jaegerdon't need to rebuild, you can run the scripts any time00:41
jaegerbut yeah, maybe dbus is the issue. Should have both a user session and a system session running00:42
xveenot to sound dumb, but how do i run the scripts? are they in the /usr/ports/mate dir?00:42
jaegeryep, check /usr/ports/mate/*/post-install00:42
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xveei dont suppose there is a way to have them install all at once instead of going folder to folder running sh post-install00:46
jaegerfor loop in the shell00:47
xveehm. getting a warning now. schema org.gone.cryto.pgp has desktop/gnome/crypto/pgp paths with apps desktop and system being deprecated. then gtk-update-icon cache being created successfully00:53
xveegod damn it mate, why you giving me such a hard time00:53
jaegerthose are harmless00:53
xveestill, application menu is missing. blehhhhh. maybe it is fonts...00:55
jaegerDo you see icons there or is it entirely blank?00:55
jaegerIf you started X from a console, go back to it to see if there are any obvious menu-related errors00:56
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xveethere is a tiny strip of line but they look empty.00:57
jaegerhrmm, not sure what's up with that. they look fine for me00:58
jaegericons and text00:58
xckomissing xft or cairo?00:58
xveewhats your .xinitrc if you use one00:58
jaegerexec /usr/bin/start-mate00:58
xveewait. i think i fixed it01:00
xveeadded exec dbus-launch before my xinit and that seeme to have brought peace onto this thing01:01
jaegershouldn't need to do that, pretty sure ck-launch-session would for you01:02
xckohmmm I think that should be started automatically from /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/30-dbus.launch01:02
jaegeror that. I'm not sure01:03
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jaegerI don't start it manually01:03
xveenot sure...mate-control-center opens, but now it wont let me change mouse settings, for example. complains about mate-settings-daemon. hrm....01:05
xveeeh, its working for now. i'll figure the rest out as it goes on. im just glad this sucker is finally up!01:06
jaegerNo idea why it's been so much trouble for you01:06
xveeyou know why. because i'm me. this was always the case lol01:07
xveewhats the chat typically use? wicd or networkmanager?01:09
xckoI use wpa_supplicant and a custom script01:10
xckoI've used wicd in the past but was not impressed.01:10
xckoI think the curses interface is still broken for it01:11
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xckowith a full DE and systemd, networkmanager is pretty nice01:12
joacimi currently use networkmanager01:12
joacimi dont think i have a preference, since i havent used them all01:12
xveelast time i tried to get networkmanager going, i kept having issues with pppd01:12
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joacimwhat kind of issues?01:25
xveesomething like pppd headers required if i recall correctly01:27
xveei dub around and i think a library was missing01:27
joacimthis thing?01:38
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xveejoacim: im not sure. let me try building networkmanager. i haven't built it yet01:54
_ohmi'm going to try crux tomorrow01:55
xveejoacim: builds just fine01:58
_ohmor why not now ?01:58
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joacimyou already ahve ppp installed?02:06
timcowchipso after 3 days of staying up past 2am installing crux in qemu/kvm I'm starting over with virtualbox02:06
timcowchipoops sorry02:07
xveejoacim: yep02:07
joacimi was talking to xvee02:07
timcowchipyes you were02:08
joacimthats probably it then =902:08
xveejoacim: do you use nm-applet>02:08
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joacimi just controll it with nmcli02:14
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joacim04:14     joacim | no02:25
joacim04:14          + | i just controll it with nmcli02:25
xveehm. alright. gotta get the firmware for my wifi card adn i should be good to go02:26
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joacimwhich card?02:38
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xveeintel 6205. i think i may have already copied to firmware to lib/firmware so i may be okay. dont recall if i have03:09
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brian|lfshello all05:31
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otwieracz ← do you have any ideas how can I debug this?07:46
otwieraczThis smells funny - .d files are Windows-related.07:46
otwieraczMaybe that's something because of Mono installed?07:46
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just_funotwieracz, do you have enough disk space?07:55
just_funDo you build in memory?07:56
otwieraczI'd notice I think.07:58
otwieraczAnd I don't build in-mem.07:59
otwieraczI've got a feeling that it might be because of libgdiplus and/or mono installed.07:59
otwieraczI've just removed them and trying to reproduce,.07:59
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otwieraczOh god, I hate creating Perl modules so much…08:00
just_funStill, do you use -j in pkgmk.conf ?08:00
just_funIf yes, keep an eye on the free memory while building.08:01
otwieraczI've got 16GB mem + 16GB swap.08:01
otwieraczNo way to run out of it08:01
just_fun:) sorry08:01
just_funWell, I've seen a gcc going to 1.68GB08:01
just_funon another port08:02
otwieraczIt died again.08:02
otwieracz./src/generic/aboutdlgg.cpp:315:1: fatal error: opening dependency file advdll_aboutdlgg.d: No such file or directory08:02
otwieracz/dev/odyssey/CRUX            24G   18G  6.7G  73% /08:02
otwieraczSo it isn't lacking space I think.08:03
just_funDo you keep the builds? Using -kw?08:03
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otwieraczI'll try.08:04
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just_funand while building, run: watch sh -c "free -h; df -h"08:07
just_funand finally, we could always try without -jN :)08:10
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otwieraczjust_fun: shitload of resources available08:36
otwieraczbut still crashes08:37
just_funeven without -j08:37
otwieraczHow to without -j?08:38
otwieraczoh, i don't have -j08:38
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pedjaotwieracz, 'mkdir: cannot create directory './.deps': No such file or directory' <---that's the reason your build fails15:29
pedjayou should have .deps in the wxgtk root directory15:30
pedja*.d files have nothing to do with Windows :)15:33
pedjawxgtk builds fine here, and I also have Mono installed, so15:36
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pedjaFS#1406 is an interesting one.'build fails because one of the dependencies is not installed'.duh15:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: thunderbird: updated to 52.1.016:39
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joacimremind me to check on the status of my scrub in about 6 hours17:28
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timcowchipfinally got crux up and running in vbox20:00
timcowchipnow I can maintain my repo20:00
timcowchipwhat a relief, eh?20:00
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timcowchipto paraphrase what frinnst said about crux in LUP podcast, if nobody else uses it, I would still"20:02
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loungei can not access opt repo ,is it down for some reason?20:21
pedjaI just ran ports -u, works fine20:22
loungeif ports -u opt Finishes succesfully20:22
loungebut folder in /usr/ports/opt is empty20:23
loungeall other works20:23
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pedjatimcowchip, why a VM? couldn't you used Docker?20:24
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pedjaor do you want to use it for stuff other then only ports?20:25
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jaegerlooks like there's actually a problem with opt on the server end, lounge20:31
jaegerlounge: think I've got that sorted, try now20:35
loungeits working20:35
jaegertimcowchip: congrats20:36
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pedjawell, 'can't access opt' and 'it finishes, but doesn't d/l' are 2 different problems, hence my confusion :)20:39
pedjasorry about that, lounge20:40
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timcowchipjaeger: thanks20:43
timcowchippedja: isn't that a cloud thing?20:44
timcowchipmy connection is too slow I think20:44
pedjatimcowchip, Docker is, in essence, an glorified chroot :)20:45
pedjacontainers are not a novel concept20:47
pedjaI mostly use VMs for non-linux OS20:50
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pedjaand if I need a Linux VM, it's 'virt-builder $distro' away20:54
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pedjafirst time I saw 4 letter names for disks. Cool21:37
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jaegerI've got one with 7 and it's the only drive in the system :P21:38
jaegerDisk /dev/nvme0n1: 512GB21:39
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pedjaI should've said '4 letter names for SATA disks' :)21:47
dbrookeI have c2t0d0 (disclaimer: may not be linux)21:48
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jaegeryeah, solaris and friends always had fun names21:48
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dbrookeI'm trying out smartOS as a VM host platform, so you got it right21:50
pedjaIllumos, to be exact21:51
pedja(I think)21:52
pedjaso you get to play with Zones? nice21:54
dbrookeI'm unsure of the exact family tree but uname says SunOS21:54
dbrookeit's all new to me and so far all I've done is fire up a debian instance on kvm21:55
dbrookebut yeah, zones, zfs (that disk is part of a zpool)21:56
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dbrookeof course I'll be trying crux too21:56
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pedjaSMF, which was an inspiration for systemd (allegedly) :)22:04
pedjamy ISP has a few Solaris boxes, iirc, running DNS servers and few other things22:06
dbrookethe ability to try out some different OSs as VMs is part of why I'm doing it22:08
dbrookeI like crux but there are situations where I don't want to have to compile ports22:09
onoderayou can always beg people on here for pkgs :p22:10
dbrookewell, I could build them myself on other machines22:11
pedjapkgsrc that SmartOS uses has ~17000 packages22:12
dbrookeI've been a long time debian user but dislike the sytemd mentality (that's what brought me to crux a while ago)22:13
dbrookeyeah though smartOS is really designed to just be a minimal hosting platform22:13
pedjaJoyent provides binary packages for Linux, too22:14
dbrookeso I don't expect to be installing much apart from admin tools on it[C22:14
onoderapkgsrc supposedly works on linux btw22:14
onoderathe netbsd one, I don't know if smartOS uses the same thing22:15
jaegerIt does if I remember correctly22:15
jaegerIt was something like opensolaris+kvm+pkgsrc22:15
onoderaheh there is some bug in weechat < 1.7.1 that makes it possible to crash it by sending and empty DCC22:19
dbrookesomeone on here linked a Bryan Cantrill talk on a youtube BSD related channel which was what first mad me aware of smartOS etc.22:20
dbrookes/talk/highly entertaining rant/   8-)22:20
pedja looks interesting22:23
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pedjaCantrill is always a pleasure to listen to :)22:25
pedjaand waiting for his head to explode from ranting is part of the fun22:25
*** SiFuh has joined #crux22:28
pedjaI watch his BSDNow 'Ubuntu kills kittens' interview from time to time22:29
*** xcko has joined #crux22:31
pedjaand people can disagree with his opinions, but can't deny the energy he puts into his rants :)22:31
dbrookethat's probably the one I watched, maybe it was you who linked to it22:34
pedjadbrooke, probably :)22:34
dbrookeanyway, time to head for bed here, good night all22:35
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pedjaservice is disabled, and yet active? my little brain hurts...22:37
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pedjausing systemd distro, after years of using Crux, interesting experience...22:48
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