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jaegerAnyone seen bitpuffin recently?01:19
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frinnsta month or so ago i think01:35
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jaegerI wonder what happened with his and prologic's porthub project01:37
xveei read pornhub project. #dirtymind01:38
xveenm-applet should be added to opt/contrib. maybe this is my time...01:39
xveejaeger: do you still use your x220?01:39
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jaegerI don't own it anymore. It was rock-solid, though, I have no complaints about it01:40
xveewhat did you upgrade/downgrade to?01:40
jaegerI sold it because I just wasn't using it much at all, didn't plan to get anything else at the time... but now thanks to liking toys, I have a dell inspiron 7559 and a mid-2009 macbook pro instead01:41
xveeare you running crux on that mac book?01:42
jaegerdual booting sierra and crux01:42
xveei got a brand new x220 with 6 gigs of ram for 170 bucks01:43
xveeit was too good to pass up01:43
jaegeryeah, nice price01:43
joacimbrand new?01:46
xveesome dude i talked to said he ordered one long ago and said it was in storage01:46
xveei was like heh, wanna get rid of it?01:46
xveehe said yes. 170 dollars later, it was in my hands01:46
joacimi ordered a somewhat nice looking one from ebay01:47
joacimseller sent a nasty looking from from a different listing01:47
joacimfirst one i ordered got damaged in shipping01:47
xveedid you contact ebay?01:47
jaegerthat sucks01:47
joacimhavent had much luck with x220s lately01:48
joacimgot refunded on the first one, that got damaged in shipping01:48
joacimi'm torn about what to do with the second one tho. since it has an ips display01:48
joacimkinda just want to keep it for parts and restore the cracked one01:49
joacimif i file a not as described complaint, i'll probably have to send it back to the seller too01:50
xveemine is a shitty stock panel01:50
jaegerI had an IPS panel on mine, it was really nice01:51
xveecan you send me the panel01:51
xveethe best i can do is three fidy01:51
joacimhaving to pay to have it shipped back would suck a lot too01:58
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xveewell, crux is offically up and running. wifi and everything =`]02:12
jaegergood deal02:12
xveei lied. no audio. but everything else....haha02:17
jaegerthat should be easy to fix, at least02:21
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joacimactually. paying for return shipping is about as expensive as the brand new case parts.02:26
joacimfuck it. im keeping it02:26
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xcko_those of you with an x220, ever try upgrading the cpu?02:37
xcko_xvee: I think audio is disabled in the default crux kernel config02:38
jaegerIs the CPU not soldered in?02:39
xcko_I have an x220 as well, just curious about going from i5 to i702:39
xcko_I'm pretty sure it's doable02:40
xcko_ah nvm it is soldered in02:40
xveexcko_: what do you mean?02:44
xveeits soldered yeah02:44
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xcko_after installing alsalibs I was confused why sound was working on my system, so I checked the kernel config and hdaudio was not enabled02:45
xveei enable hdaudio. alsamixer complains about directories02:47
brian|lfsrebuild alsa libs maybe02:48
brian|lfspaste bin errors02:48
xveealsamixer just says cannot open mixer: no such file or directory02:50
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xveelspci finds the snd_intel_module02:50
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jaegeruser in the audio group?02:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: chatty: initial import02:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: youtube-dl: 2017.02.07 -> 2017.05.0102:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: purple-hangouts: 20170201 -> 2017042102:55
xcko_is there different behaviour for sudo alsamixer?02:55
xveesays the same02:55
xveelet me try pavucontrol see if some black magic happens there02:57
xveeill continue tomorrow. thanks for fellas.02:58
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xcko_you might need a plugin for alsa to pulseaudio02:59
jaegeralsamixer should work without pulse setup, though02:59
jaegerI wonder if you need the oss mixer api for that03:00
xcko_I doubt it03:01
xcko_I just checked my kernel config and the oss mixer api is not needed for alsamixer03:01
jaegeryeah, seems unlikely03:05
jaegeronly for applications that use oss and don't understand alsa, probably03:05
xcko_does the x220 need nvram support in the kernel to use efibootmgr?03:12
xcko_I'm having trouble using efibootmgr to edit my boot options. When I hold f12 during boot to see options, there are old entries03:13
xcko_but efibootmgr gives "No BootOrder is set; firmware will attempt recovery"03:14
jaegerDo you have efivarfs mounted?03:15
xcko_I have CONFIG_EFIVAR_FS=y in my kernel03:15
jaegerok, then sudo mount -t efivarfs none /sys/firmware/efi/efivars03:16
xcko_wow thanks, I don't think I've ever needed to run that mount command before03:17
jaegerefivarfs replaced efivars, it didn't need a separate mount before03:18
xcko_ah good to know. safe to add to fstab?03:18
xcko_does that mean CONFIG_EFI_VARS=y is not needed as well?03:21
jaegernot anymore03:22
jaegerit won't hurt, though03:22
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xckoare there any long term plans to remove bash as a dependency?04:21
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xckofor core I mean04:21
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loungehow to apply this patch
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xckocd $PORTSDIR/contrib && patch -p1 < virtualbox-extpack-fixed.diff06:20
xckoshould work - I haven't tested it06:21
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timcowchipit lives :)06:23
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brian|lfshey tsaop06:43
brian|lfswe need to get signatures on your repo and it public06:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-cpan-distnameinfo: updated footprint06:57
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xckoRomster: where's the key for your repo?07:36
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Worksterxcko, in /usr/ports/romster/romster.pub07:45
xckogreat thanks07:46
Worksteryou will find the majority if not all will place there pub file in the base of there ports.07:48
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xckogood to know, I was expecting
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Romstermy romster stuff is pretty outdated needs updating08:11
xckojoys of crux that packages can be update manually super easily08:12
Romsterif you make a diff or tell me the changes or at least what is being used i can update those first08:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3: fix broken symlink for python3-config10:42
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: nasm: update to 2.1311:37
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 17.0.511:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python-setuptools: 34.4.1 -> 35.0.212:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3-setuptools: 34.4.1 -> 35.0.212:57
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rmullHow many of you are already running 4.11? :P13:21
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just_funrmull, are you?13:29
onoderaI'm waiting for the ck patch13:37
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frinnstLinux nibbler 4.11.0 #2 SMP PREEMPT Mon May 1 14:14:27 CEST 2017 x86_64 AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux13:56
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tsaophow is it going with this new Ryzen processor?13:57
frinnstmostly good. I get random gcc segfaults maybe once per week. seems like its a common thing and nobody really knows why14:01
frinnstotherwise its rock stable14:01
frinnstthe last post in that thread suggests disabling op cache solved it for him14:04
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rmulljust_fun: Doing the oldconfig now14:15
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tilman"I am not an expert of Gcc and make but -j16 is very excessive. It is known that too agressive optimisations lead to errors during compilation."14:29 ;)14:29
john_cephalopodaYeah, I always optimize with -j90000. Compiling takes way longer that way, but it's worth it.14:31
pedjainteresting approach, taking the system load into consideration14:40
pedja-j $number_of_physical_cores or -j $number_of_threads, for CPUs with HT?14:42
onoderaI've always heard cores + 114:51
onoderaand on ck its just cores14:51
rmullI think people worry about -j too much. Your compilation may complete a few seconds faster or slower, but your final binaries are going to run the same.14:52
jaegerI use threads pretty much everywhere14:53
frinnsttilman: wow where did you find that quote?14:56
frinnstoh, that thread14:57
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pedjasince some projects are switching to meson as a build system, it would be interesting to see the difference in build times15:00
pedjathere are some benchmarks on meson site, and they show that, yes, meson is the fastest :)15:02
pedjamesa3d compiles in almost half the time, apparently15:06
onoderathat's pretty cool15:06
onoderadoes meson have any annoying deps though?15:06
pedjapython3 :)15:06
tilmanand ninja15:07
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pedjaspeaking of ninja, opt port is seriously out of date :)15:08
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pedjait's at 1.6.0, and 1.7.2 was released 6 months ago15:09
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pedja'American Gods' is awesome.18:15
john_cephalopodaIs there any way to contribute actively to the packaging process?18:16
pedjaapply for contrib?18:17
pedjaattach a patch to bug on flyspray?18:17
tsaopI'm packaging all of the kdegames right now18:18
tsaopwhat fun18:18
pedjagames repo would be fun18:18
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pedjakde has games?18:19
tsaopsee for yourself18:21
pedjathat annoying K* naming scheme :)18:22
tsaopthough for me, the only essential one is KMahjongg18:22
tsaopall the others are not important18:22
pedjaMahjongg is similar to Go, or?18:23
pedja(I couldn't be bothered to duckduckgo it)18:24
SitriIt's the pile of tiles game18:24
SitriYou have to match pairs to remove them18:24
SitriGoal is to remove the entire thing18:24
tsaopalways lived it18:24
pedjaan opposite to dominoes, then?18:26
pedjaso that's what they play in all those kung fu movies I watched.18:27
pedjais shouting part of the game :) ?18:27
SitriIt's single-player18:28
SitriSo I don't think so18:28
onoderapedja: kind of like the opposite, but you stack the stones in some kind of pyramid fork18:28
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onoderaand you can match any of the stones, they don't have to be next to each other, they just need to be visible (so no other stone on top of it) iirc18:29
pedjamahjong is multi-player, mahjong solitaire is, well, solitary18:31
pedjaaccording to WP18:31
joacimare proper linux ports still being made?18:32
joacimof video games i mean18:32
joacimi imagine many are based on wine and/or transgaming18:33
tsaopjoacim: I recently tried Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with radeonsi18:33
tsaopit runs okay18:33
pedjaKSP has a Linux port18:33
pedjathey use Unity(?)18:34
onoderayeah they do18:34
pedjaI am curious if Vulkan will make any difference in the number of Linux games18:36
pedjadon't see how, tbh.18:38
joacimi imagine most games will end up on windows and dx12 anywyas18:38
pedjamost 'AAA titles' that gamers want to play, anyway18:39
pedjawould GPU pass-through that works OOTB make any difference?18:40
joacimfor the number of people that switch away from using windows as their main os?18:42
joacimprobably not18:42
john_cephalopodaI used to play kgoldrunner a lot18:42
pedjajoacim, for the people that only boot Windows to play games?18:43
joacimit would for me18:43
joacimI'm planning my next computer around gpu passthrough18:43
joacimi can do it on this one, but i assume only having a 4 core processor can cause issues18:44
joacim+ i'd like to upgrade to AM4 or LGA2066 =)18:44
pedjasince AMD is hiring a lot more people to work on their open source graphics stack, it's feasible that kernel vGPU thingie will work with AMD cards, too18:49
pedjait's Intel only atm18:49
joacimalready got an R9 Fury18:49
tsaoppedja: I surely hope so18:50
joacimthought about getting something like FirePro W2100 for the host OS18:50
tsaopI could pull of passthrough at the moment by using two cables and one monitor, but it is not convenient18:50
joacimkinda expensive, but cheaper cards don't have more than one displayport output18:50
joacimi can use a hub, or daisychain two DP 1.2 monitors, but then I lose the ability to use more than one 4k monitor18:51
pedjatsaop, it would be a major selling point for AMD, since Nvidia is unlikely to support it on their 'peasant' cards :)18:51
pedjaand gaming is not the only use case for it18:51
pedjabut they will need to figure out a way to package their 'amdgpupro' driver sanely18:54
pedjaupstream as much as they can, keep the IP crown jewels in one easy(ish) package to install18:55
pedjaand no, they can't open source all of that, same as nvidia.18:56
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tsaoppedja: amdgpu-pro is a mess to package, since it uses hardcoded paths19:13
tsaopand its performance is largely inferior to the open source amdgpu/radeonsi driver19:13
tsaopexcept for some use cases19:13
tsaopnamely vulkan19:14
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tsaopbut it has OpenGL compatibility profiles that let you run some games and applications which would never run with mesa19:14
pedjaso, something similar to nouveau/nvidia binary driver? apart from 'inferior performance' :)19:21
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pedjaand uses Apple users for a 'usage in the sentence' example :)20:06
pedjadamn that sentence is ugly20:06
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joacimi'm glad i'm finally in the dicktionary21:16
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