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jaegerI just uploaded a 3.3 x86 ISO if anyone still cares about that00:10
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joacimmight try that on my geode board00:14
joacimor maybe your iso is for 686 and up?00:14
jaeger686, yeah00:38
jaegerthough I've used crux on my old wrap in the past when there was a 586 version jue maintained, it worked00:39
jaegerslow but no problems :)00:39
joacimtook a while to compile firefox i bet00:56
jaegerI never tried that since it was headless00:56
joacimi forget if it's a wrap or alix board i have here00:56
joacimits just tucked away somewhere00:57
joacimalong with my dslr and other junk i never use00:57
jaegeryeah, mine's holding down some space on a shelf next to my sparc LX00:57
joacimnever know when you need one01:10
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brian|lfshello all01:27
brian|lfsWhat will we be saying in 10 years oh I have my old 16 core on rthe shelf lol01:27
brian|lfsits too slow only 16 cores01:27
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brian|lfsI read today that Debian 9 will not support UEFI secure boot still lol01:28
brian|lfsI don't get it its been mainstream for a while the devs should of been working on it since they started on Debian 9 code01:29
xckoas I understand it there are some legal restrictions for distributing keys for uefi01:34
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xckoimo secureboot is bs01:36
xckoanyone have experience compiling qutebrowser?01:39
xckoif there are many dependencies for a package, is it acceptable to list them on a second line?01:46
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brian|lfswell the line well wordwrap when you go prt-get info02:23
xckotrue, it's just a personal aesthetic to break long lines02:25
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hacxis there a ports collection for 68602:36
xckoI don't think so02:44
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hacxsry crux ninja had git link thx03:00
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abenzgents, do any of you have dlna client recommendations (besides VLC) ?04:54
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jaegernot I, only really used a smart tv05:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: freerdp: add patch to overcome unstable ffmpeg api06:19
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xckoI've successfully compiled qutebrowser locally, but can only make it run from a python tox virtualenv, is there a way to package that up simply?07:36
xckoother distros don't need to do it and I'm not sure why yet07:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cpan2crux: 1.3 -> 1.410:02
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just_funAnyone else missing the autoloading of the loop module?
john_cephalopodaLoop module?11:20
john_cephalopodaI loop mounted an ISO with sudo mount yesterday.11:21
just_funI don't have /dev/loop-control. Not sure if it matters.11:22
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john_cephalopodaThe bug described there is an udev bug.11:30
john_cephalopodaUdev allows you to open devices as normal user.11:30
john_cephalopodamount only works as root, but has nothing to do with udev.11:31
just_fun"udevadm monitor" shows nothing when doing "mount -oloop"11:32
just_funI'll modprobe it again, until the next kernel rebuild.11:32
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pedjathis looks a bit...pricey. free shipping, though12:57
frinnstthe licensing stuff is the most expensive stuff13:05
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pedjaFirebox X750e, which I was looking at as a possible pfSense box, was ~2000 euros less than decade ago, and now can be found for ~100.13:41
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dlcusaHas anyone here absorbed this ( story?18:45
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onoderadependency graph output is becoming pretty19:17
SitriHuzza graphviz19:18
rmullonodera: Does this show the same relationships shown by prt-get deptree?19:28
onoderaif my program is correct, yes19:29
onoderathough this is a simplified graph19:29
rmullpretty neat19:29
just_funand if prt-get deptree is correct19:29
just_funor both wrong in the same way19:29
onoderathis is the more correct but also barely readable version19:30
john_cephalopodaThat reminds me, that finddeps should really have some kind of dependency checking, so the files listed are the minimal set of dependencies19:33
john_cephalopodaE.g. when finddeps lists audacity as dependency, it shouldn't list gstreamer since it's a dependency of audacity and thus already installed if audacity is.19:36
john_cephalopodaWould make it way easier to package things. Simply enter that command, copy the files, done.19:36
tsaoptry findredundantdeps19:37
tsaopi use it in conjunction with finddeps to ensure correct dependencies on my ports19:37
tsaopit gets it mostly right19:38
tsaopwhen it does it wrong, it means I fscked up somewhere19:38
just_funfindredundantdeps always return "false" :)19:39
just_funecho "exit 0" >>`which findredundantdeps` should fix it19:39
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just_funonodera, I find and better19:43
just_funAlso, being png I can zoom in and out faster (with firefox)19:45
john_cephalopodaonodera: Imo, some of the text on your website is a bit low-contrast.19:45
onoderasmall improvment19:45
Sitrijust_fun: ctrl+scrollwheel works fine to zoom.19:46
onoderayeah I'll add a flag for the desired output19:46
onoderaand a few different visualization19:46
just_funSitri, meh, it doesn't zoom centered under my pointer19:47
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just_funnot to mention that it requires both hands :)19:48
just_funThis,, but having firefox in the center, should be interesting19:52
just_fun this is a nice one, depending only on qt4 and mplayer19:57
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john_cephalopodaHow are those generated?19:59
john_cephalopodaI.e. what data does graphviz get as input?19:59
just_funwith this:
onoderajust_fun: I'm still writing the program20:04
just_fun:) I know20:05
onoderabut it takes it's own format called dot20:05
SitriWhich is part of graphviz for those who want to google that20:05
just_funthank you, Sitri20:06
john_cephalopodaAh, so it uses the Depends section of pkgfiles instead of running ldd20:12
just_funbtw, onodera, nice todo20:14
just_funWhat will patch command do?20:15
onoderajust_fun: so you will have a {~.,/etc}/prt/patch directory where you can store patches20:19
onoderaand it will automatically patch ports20:19
onoderahopefulle removing the need to fork ports just for small configure flag changes20:19
just_funLike my pp20:20
onoderaI still need to think of a good implementation but that's the general idea20:20
onoderapp? please link20:20
onoderawow that's really cool20:22
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onoderaso the previous graph was actually all kinds of messed up, but this should reflect realtity21:47
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just_funHow about this: ?22:04
just_funHow many display formats will you have, onodera ?22:06
onodera_I tried twopi and the other tools,they don't really improve readiblity22:16
onodera_just_fun: for now just two, both of them using dot22:18
onodera_, ayy it now has a flag to produce different formats22:20
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