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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 2.6 -> 2.702:43
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rgs_hello everybody11:05
rgs_can someone give me a quick tip how to ilnstall libressl against openssl in crux?11:06
rgs_i saw dropin repo from 6c37 but i don't know it should be used as normal repo, i'm new here11:11
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rmullrgs_: Make sure runscripts is set to yes in /etc/prt-get.conf, use git to clone the 6c37-dropin repo into /usr/ports, add the path to that repo at the top of the prtdir list in /etc/prt-get.conf, add this to /etc/ports/6c37-dropin.git:
rmullAt this point a "ports -u" should sync that repo using git11:52
john_cephalopoda=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.11:52
john_cephalopodacontrib/qca is outdated11:52
john_cephalopoda(I.e. link 404s)11:52
rmullNow you're ready to install libressl. See prt-get readme libressl, use pkgmk -do from /usr/ports/{wget,curl} to download their source files ahead of time, then follow the directions in prt-get readme libressl and then prt-get depinst libressl11:53
rgs_rmull: thanks11:59
rgs_and after that dependency for openssl will be satisfy by libressl ?12:00
rmullYes, check out the libressl post-install script - it sets up an alias that will do exactly that12:02
rgs_ok i'll look at12:03
rmullrgs_: Just remember that the 6c37 stuff is "third party" and may not be supported by the crux team. If you need extra help you should check out #6c3712:09
rgs_thanks for the advice12:16
rgs_building libressl right now12:16
rgs_port aliases are crux ports system feature or it's 6c37 repo feature only?12:27
just_funcrux - prt-get12:27
just_fun pkginfo -l prt-get|grep alias12:28
rgs_yes i know but i'm taking about dropin aliases for alternative provider like libress<>openssl12:28
just_funprt-get.aliases cames with the official prt-get12:29
rgs_i cannot find any info about it on wiki12:29
just_funyes, I know :(12:30
rgs_now i'm like a child in the dark room :)12:30
rgs_i don't know how to do some basic stuff12:30
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rgs_prt-get dependent openssl < do i've to rebuild ?12:35
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just_funI don't know, but I guess you have to if you plan to remove the openssl package12:38
rgs_i haven't got it it's fresh install12:38
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rgs_well maybe it was installed with depinst12:39
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just_funopenssl is a core package: prt-get info -vv openssl12:41
just_funand I guess finddeps will help you in this switch (
just_funNow that I've read libressl README  ...12:43
just_funtake care12:43
just_funUse pkgmk -do, as instructed by rmull, to download everything before playing with pkgrm12:44
rgs_if something go wrong i have snapshot of rootfs12:45
rgs_if i have duplicates, the only way to choice preferred is order in prt-get.conf or it's another way?12:47
just_funby using prt-get, you are bound to the order from prt-get.conf12:48
just_funbut, there are tricks to do12:48
rgs_it's better to use pkgmk in that situation12:49
just_funon sensitive cases, yes12:49
just_funI use this to handle duplicates:
just_funIt's just a shell script12:50
rgs_finddeps openssl shows glibc12:51
rgs_only one result12:51
rgs_it is safe to rebuild it?12:52
just_funbut I think you are interested the other way12:52
just_funpkgmk in the port directory only builds the package, so it is safe12:53
just_funpkgadd and pkgmk do "dangerous" stuff12:54
just_funbtw, prt-get doesn't depend on openssl12:56
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rgs_how do i know what package provide specific file?12:58
just_funpkginfo -o12:58
just_funpkginfo -o file12:59
rgs_there is some kind of database in system?12:59
rgs_or it's from footprint files?12:59
just_fun: /var/lib/pkg/db13:00
rgs_ok so pkginfo -o examinate this db?13:01
just_funYes, according to strace :)13:02
rgs_sorry about stupid questions i'm trying to understand how it's works :)13:03
just_fundon't worry13:04
rgs_i have crux on my machine since monday13:04
rgs_and for now i have working x desktop and browser :)13:05
rgs_bare minimum to go forward13:06
just_funthis is all you need13:07
rgs_what is difference between finddeps and prt-get dependent13:07
just_funfinddeps uses ldd13:07
just_funfrom what I remember13:08
rgs_prt-get uses pkgfiles?13:08
just_funstarts from packages -> file list -> ..13:08
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just_funand yes,13:08
just_funprt-get uses pkgfiles13:08
rgs_ok i'm smarter now :)13:09
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rmullrgs_: FWIW I used libressl from 6c37 for a while, and it was mostly good, but I got tired of having to cope with software that wouldn't build against it13:17
rmullHaving to take the time to figure out the patches was not worth it for me13:17
rmull6c37/libressl/patches does contain some stuff that should be helpful if you run into a similar issue13:17
rgs_i'm looking at the patches added to libressl package now13:18
rgs_and i'm thinking that maybe it's not worth13:18
rmullYou can always switch back - for me it was a good experiment13:18
just_funwaiting for crux-ports-libressl repo13:20
rmullAnd for the most part, as time goes on, the upstream developers are gradually including support for libressl in the few cases where it previously didn't "just work"13:20
rmullI have seen at least one case of an attitude where libressl support was requested from an upstream team, and the response was "openssl is the standard, we're not interested in supporting libressl"13:21
rmullI forget what project it was but I think it was a big one, where they'd have to do a fair amount of rework for it to succeed13:22
rgs_that is sad13:22
rmullBut usually libressl just works13:22
rmullI suggest you give it a shot, and switch back if it doesn't suit you13:22
just_funit's also sad that libressl team didn't keep that OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER constant13:23
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rgs_do you guys using chroot for building packages?13:26
onoderanah I don't13:28
onoderathere is a wiki page about using fakeroot though13:28
onoderawhich is really easu tp setup13:28
rgs_onodera: do you have specific user for this task or are you using your user account?13:35
onoderawhen using fakeroot I had a special pkgmk user13:36
onoderanow I just use root, I know I should set up fakeroot again but I'm lazy13:36
rgs_ports are owned by this user?13:37
onoderauh no, $PKGMK_{WORK,SOURCE,PACKAGE}_DIR are owned by the user13:37
onoderacause that's where the buulding actually happens13:37
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rgs_so ports -u are run as root13:38
onoderayou don't actually execute the ports or anything, packagemake sources the files13:38
rgs_i've got one more problem with signatures13:40
rgs_when i'm trying to change config.h then signatures don't match13:40
rgs_but how to resolve this13:40
onoderaif you do that you are forced to use pkgmk -is13:41
onoderaI don't think there is any elegant work around yet13:41
rgs_thanks onodera13:45
rgs_rmull i think i'll leave libressl for the time i'll be more fimilar with crux13:49
rgs_that will give me more problems for now13:50
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rmullSure :)13:52
rgs_but thanks for your help :)13:53
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rgs_it's not fully one-to-one replacement like install and forget13:55
rmullthat's true13:57
onoderayou have to recompile some stuff13:58
onoderaand if you forget to download the wget sources beforehand it can be a bit annoying13:58
rmullNowadays it looks like the preinstall script handles that for you13:59
onoderah 2.5.4 has been released14:00
rgs_do you have some were backup mirror for sources fetched by pkgmk?14:12
rgs_i have 503 error on zsh14:12
rmullSometimes you can use the gentoo mirrors14:12
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john_cephalopodaI wonder if I can make my NAS a port repo, which I can share between my laptop and my desktop computer.14:15
rgs_i think it's only a matter of mount nfs share to /usr/ports14:16
rgs_but maybe i'm wrong14:16
chinarulezzzHi all!14:18
chinarulezzzhow can I use ports(8) to fetch via git (git repo) instead of rsync?14:18
just_funfor core and opt?14:19
chinarulezzzall: core/opt/xorg/contrib14:19
chinarulezzzand iso,14:19
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just_funcore eg: replace core.rsync with core.git, remove /usr/ports/core and port -u core14:21
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just_funfor core.git ...14:22
just_funIt should work14:23
chinarulezzzhow to specify destination folder?14:24
just_funThe NAME is for that14:24
just_fungit driver uses: REPOSITORY="$PORTS_DIR/$NAME"14:25
just_funwher PORTS_DIR is set to /usr/ports by ports(8)14:26
rgs_keys are the same?14:26
chinarulezzzI want to download repo into /usr/src/crux/3.3/ports/14:26
chinarulezzzwhere can I read about that?14:27
chinarulezzzAt now I reading, and I want to combine iso/ports downloading into one /usr/src/crux/ directory.14:27
chinarulezzzand update with ports -u / prt-get later.14:28
just_funTo build the ISO, you don't have to touch /usr/ports14:32
just_funrgs_, keys are per repo (by name)14:34
just_funthe pub key named in .signature is used by default14:35
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rgs_there is no difference for keys its rsynced or git pulled?14:36
just_funrgs_, you can use different keys in the same repo14:37
chinarulezzzjust_fun: Hooray, it worked. Thanks.14:40
rgs_chinarulezzz you can use this for make all repos git related...14:40
rgs_for dir in contrib core xorg opt; do printf 'NAME=%s\nURL=git://" $dir $dir > $dir.git;done14:41
rgs_in /etc/ports14:42
rgs_as root14:42
rgs_and deactivate rsync by adding .inactive14:42
chinarulezzzyes, I do so. And I want to make iso repo also available to be update'able via ports.14:43
chinarulezzzlike this: /usr/src/crux/${branch}/{iso, ports}14:44
chinarulezzzwill not be a problem with that?14:46
chinarulezzzI mean, to put ports to iso.14:47
chinarulezzzsorry if is too hard to understand me. English is not my native language.)14:48
rgs_chinarulezzz, sorry but i can't help you i'm new here too14:49
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: You can put ports in any directory14:50
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: Just open /etc/prt-get.conf and add "prtdir /usr/src/crux" in there.14:51
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: In /etc/ports, create a new port source that has "destination=/usr/src/crux"14:52
john_cephalopoda/usr/src/crux/${branch}/Pkgfile will then contain the handling and stuff.14:55
john_cephalopodaImo, it's kinda useless though. Why wouold you want to package manage isos?14:56
chinarulezzzjohn_cephalopoda: Refer to instructions, I want to do these (instructions) via ports system.14:56
chinarulezzzAt now, I've configured ports to update {core, opt, xorg, contrib} to /usr/src/crux/${branch}/iso/ports/14:57
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: It would be easier to just write a normal shell script that packs the latest ports from /usr/ports and a kernel from /usr/src/ into a directory and creates an iso from that.14:58
john_cephalopodaDoing that via the ports system doesn't make much sense.14:58
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chinarulezzzI want to have some file structure: /usr/src/crux/${branch}/iso/{iso_repo_content, ports}15:02
chinarulezzzwhere ports, have {core, opt, xorg, contrib, compat-32}15:02
chinarulezzzThe problem is creating iso.git in /etc/ports/.15:03
chinarulezzz`ports -u ` update first compat-32, then contrib, core, and only !now! iso.15:04
chinarulezzzand iso repo contain empty ports dir.15:04
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just_funchinarulezzz, you can play with the symlinks15:58
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AndChat358400I've successfully installed crux17:57
AndChat358400And I'm liking it so far17:57
AndChat358400Is there a way to download packages?17:57
AndChat358400Or are they only available locally17:57
Sitri`ports -u` will sync from the repos and update /usr/ports/17:58
AndChat358400I see thanks a ton17:58
AndChat358400So is there a fast way to update and install all differences?18:06
AndChat358400ppkgmk -d -i $(ports -d)18:07
rmullprt-get sysup18:07
rmull(Use ports -u first to update the repos)18:08
AndChat358400Yes i got you18:08
AndChat358400Wow this is way better than gentoo18:08
AndChat358400Where has this distro been all my life xd18:09
john_cephalopodaIt has been here all the time ;)18:10
AndChat358400but dang18:11
AndChat358400Better than arch and gentoo combined18:11
AndChat358400It's lighter and boots faster18:12
john_cephalopodaFirst release was 2001, it was an inspiration for Arch.18:12
AndChat358400Cephalopoda nice nick xD reminds me of a parasite18:12
john_cephalopodaCephalopods are a group of animals, containing squids, cuttlefish and octopi.18:13
john_cephalopodaThe main reason why Crux boots faster than Arch is, because it doesn't use an initial ramdisk (initrd). If it would have an initrd, it would be slower.18:13
AndChat358400I've booted without an initrd on gentoo18:15
AndChat358400And built my microcode updates directly into the kernel18:16
AndChat358400It booted even slower18:16
AndChat358400Like 1 sec slower18:16
AndChat358400Than with initrd18:16
AndChat358400My custom config and setup on gentoo18:16
AndChat358400Is like the default on crux18:16
AndChat358400Which is awesome18:16
AndChat358400My default bootloader is lilo as well18:17
AndChat358400This thing is awesome18:17
AndChat358400I'll be featuring it on my website18:17
AndChat358400As my main distro18:17
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AndChat358400Dang and i thought gentoo was light18:18
SitriACTION prefers syslinux18:18
AndChat358400Big thanks to all the devs18:19
AndChat358400This distro is way too awesome xD18:19
AndChat358400The gentoo sources defaults had me going crazy when tweaking my kernel18:21
john_cephalopodaACTION prefers syslinux, too18:22
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john_cephalopodaAndChat358400: When you want to install a port, use "prt-get depinst <port-name>". "prt-get install" will attempt to only install the package without any dependencies, wich may fail.18:24
AndChat358400I see18:24
AndChat358400And what's the equivalent to USE flags here?18:25
AndChat358400Like per port configuration?18:25
john_cephalopodaThere's something in /etc/pkgmk.conf18:25
tsaopAndChat358400: EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim prt-get edit portname18:25
AndChat358400I guess that's all i need to get my system started18:26
tsaopor just manually open the relevant Pkgfile in /usr/ports18:26
AndChat358400And the binary based installation of the basic system18:26
AndChat358400Do i need to reconfigure it or just leave it18:26
john_cephalopodaAndChat358400: You can leave it as it is.18:27
AndChat358400ACTION going to die from the hype18:27
AndChat358400This thing is awesome18:27
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john_cephalopodaI think you could force a recompile with "prt-get update $(ls /usr/ports/core)", if you really want it.18:29
john_cephalopoda(At least for the core packages)18:29
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john_cephalopodaThat _should_ recompile everything that is installed but wasn't compiled on your computer yet.18:30
abenzprt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst`18:30
tsaopthere's also prt-get listinst18:30
abenz^ OCD folks only.18:30
tsaop$ prt-get listinst | wc -l18:30
john_cephalopodaabenz: That works, too, in case that it's a base installation.18:30
tsaopnow what18:30
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abenzdont forget to set march=native while at it18:31
abenzyou could gain a few percent performance18:31
tsaopthe nice thing about CRUX is that you can easily bootstrap it from any other distribution18:31
AndChat358400How can i disable system logging? Can i delete the services line in rc.conf or just remove the sysklog entry18:32
tsaopjust extract the statically linked pkgutils18:32
AndChat358400How to search for a port18:33
AndChat358400Or the fastest way to do it?18:33
tsaopprt-get search18:33
AndChat358400K ty18:33
tsaopif you want to know which port holds a file: prt-get fsearch18:33
john_cephalopodatsaop: I am always forgetting that command :D18:34
AndChat358400Where's make.conf?18:34
tsaopalso, have a look at the official handbook at
tsaopAndChat358400: /etc/pkgmk.conf18:34
tsaopjohn_cephalopoda: it does come in handy18:35
*** tsaop has quit IRC18:35
john_cephalopodaKonversation? KDE is getting too stronk!18:36
abenzyea, people with english as their second language, will actually think thats how its spelled18:36
abenzKan I get some help? I'm trying to have a konversation18:37
abenzKDE to blame18:37
AndChat358400Anybody got a working bumblebee/primus/bbswitch configuration?18:37
AndChat358400Englidh is my 2nd language xd18:39
AndChat358400I don't find that really that misleading. Thank yiu xD18:39
*** tsaop has joined #crux18:41
tsaopKDE is awesome18:47
tsaoptoo bad there are almost 2-3 applications doing basically the same thing18:47
tsaopoh well18:47
john_cephalopodaMy biggest problem with KDE is, that they have their own, badly documented frameworks and libraries for everything.18:48
john_cephalopodaThey got a few games, but instead of using irrlicht or SDL with some simple audio framework like openal, they use their special game library just for KDE.18:49
AndChat358400Well the thing is you'd be better if every part did what it's supposed to do18:49
AndChat358400Anything other than that is bloatware18:50
AndChat358400I use dwm and it's perfect18:50
john_cephalopodadwm is ok, but I hate compiling my config into the wm.18:50
AndChat358400Nah it's really small and a one time thing18:51
AndChat358400Once you set it up correctly18:51
john_cephalopodaI'm using i3wm. It's noticably faster at startup on a Pentium 4 @ 2.0 GHz and you can reload the config at runtime.18:51
AndChat358400Does the downloading-installation process resume?18:51
AndChat358400And what changes do i need to make in pkgmk.conf other than march=native or compiling in ram18:52
AndChat358400And can i change my ports download link18:53
AndChat358400It's really slow18:53
cippplike in gentoo, lot of flags :)18:53
john_cephalopodaports -u takes some time the first time because there have been a lot of changes in the meantime.18:54
john_cephalopodaAfter that it runs pretty fast.18:54
john_cephalopodaprt-get uses the official source distribution of the respective program, so there's nothing you can do about it, when that's slow.18:54
AndChat358400Ah ok18:55
cipppi run nvidia without bumblebee18:55
AndChat358400Are the temps cooler?18:55
AndChat358400And how doyou offload to your dgpu this way?18:55
cipppi have no idea, run fine18:56
cipppPhysical id 0:  +52.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)18:56
AndChat358400Thay's about it18:56
cipppAdapter: Virtual device18:56
cippptemp1:        +49.5°C18:56
AndChat358400However on some binary based distros18:56
AndChat358400I get 40-44 C18:56
AndChat358400On gentoo it was like 52-60 C18:57
AndChat358400Which was nuts even though i had everything checked18:57
AndChat358400Still 52 C is still alot18:57
AndChat358400We can get it to atleast 4518:57
AndChat358400I'm just interested in the way you use to runprograms on your nvidia card18:58
AndChat358400Since you're not using bumblebee18:58
cipppi have some xorg.conf and xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0 ; xrandr --auto in .xinitrc18:58
cipppi can paste18:58
cipppif you need18:59
AndChat358400That's cool I'm doing fine noe18:59
AndChat358400Once i need it i'll ask here18:59
AndChat358400But it sounded interesting though18:59
AndChat358400Do you run the whole xorg server on the nvidia card?18:59
AndChat358400I see19:00
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john_cephalopodaThe gzipped source code of mupdf is 38.3 MB O_o19:01
cipppand intel run fine, but i have only 4gb ram and nvidia have 1gb, and i said to use it if i paid for19:01
cippp737M    0ad#0.0.21-1.pkg.tar.gz . my biggest package19:03
AndChat358400john, it's the fastest pdf reader ever19:04
AndChat358400I have it fire scrolling through huge anatomy pdfs19:04
AndChat358400When adobe or foxit are still startingup19:04
john_cephalopodaBut from the name "mupdf", I expected something a little smaller.19:05
AndChat358400True xD19:05
AndChat358400Can someone pastebin their pkgmk for me to use as a guide19:05
john_cephalopodaAndChat358400: I am using the standard one.19:06
cipppim not sure how much help me all this flags19:06
AndChat358400I got you thanks19:06
AndChat358400Should i try the compiling in ram thingie19:07
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john_cephalopodacippp: You can just leave the flags as they are. I left them like this and everything works. The only thing I changed is to set makeflags to -j8 because I got an 8-threaded CPU.21:03
cipppall works fine and for me, i changed some time ago with some ideas from clear linux21:21
cipppthen i changed a bit again, im not remeber why21:21
cipppthen i leave it so21:22
cipppi need some benchmarks :)21:22
*** AndChat358400 has joined #crux21:56
AndChat358400How can i install dwm in crux21:56
AndChat358400Oh and what flags can i add in pkgmk.conf21:56
Sitriprt-get depinst dwm21:56
AndChat358400Can i use the ones from my gentoo make.conf?21:56
AndChat358400Sitri, it says dwm not found21:56
Sitriman pkgmk.conf21:57
SitriDid you do a ports -u?21:57
Sitridwm is in contrib, which you might have to enable21:58
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AndChat358400Alrighy tt22:14
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john_cephalopodaIs there a way to delete all saved packages except for the current ones?22:43
john_cephalopodaI got a lot of folders full of libsomething#0.1.2.pkg.tar.gz libsomething#0.1.3.pkg.tar.gz libsomething#0.2.1.pkg.tar.gz libsomething#0.3.3.pkg.tar.gz22:44
brian|lfsthats a weird program libsomething22:54
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: It's everywhere.22:55
john_cephalopodaAnd it's less weird than libsexy, libass and libcaca ;)22:55
john_cephalopodaMy issue is, that I got gigabytes of HDD space wasted because I keep all the old firefox versions etc.22:56
jaegerDo you keep them in PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR?23:04
john_cephalopodaI keep them in /usr/ports/{core,opt,xorg}/<package-name>23:12
jaegertry prtwash, then23:19
john_cephalopodaThat's so useful23:21
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chinarulezzzHello, john_cephalopoda, just_fun. I'm tried to switch to ports(8) git-way updating.23:38
chinarulezzzAfter, ports -l show nothing.23:39
chinarulezzzand ports -d --> No differences found23:39
chinarulezzzbut differences actually found.23:43
chinarulezzzI forgot something to do?23:44
*** blueness has joined #crux23:51

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