IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2017-05-05

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runaphoxHi. Just installed CRUX, and i must say installation is a breeze. Just checked the IRC logsand i'm glad to see there are newcomers like me. I'm going to be active in the following weeks, i hope.00:51
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rmullLots of new people recently. Welcome02:25
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runaphoxUps. Is there any kind of log for failed builds somewhere? Just doing a sysup and some packages failed.02:42
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pitillorunaphox: check prt-get.conf file and enable logging, it's disabled by default02:47
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runaphoxOk, just enabled it!02:54
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just_funchinarulezzz, ports has /usr/ports hard coded06:31
just_funyou've overwrite it for "ports -u", but not for list and diff06:32
just_funtry playing with symlinks06:32
just_funchinarulezzz, also, I don't recommend you keeping the iso sources updated with ports/git (see FS#1313)07:01
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timcowchipbrian|lfs: is that you?07:22
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AndChat358400I got contrib enabled and did ports -u09:17
AndChat358400But prt-get search shows no packages belonging there09:17
just_funDid you add /usr/ports/contrib to /etc/prt-get.conf ?09:18
AndChat358400I guess I didnt09:18
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just_funHow knows? Maybe prt-get search is broken.09:19
just_funWho knows..09:19
AndChat358400nah i knew i forgot to do smthn09:19
AndChat358400Thanks for the reminder though09:19
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AndChat358400Where does prt-get store downloaded source files?10:23
abenzin my system (with fakeroot): /home/pkgmk/distfiles10:25
abenzgrep SOURCE_DIR /etc/pkgmk.conf10:25
AndChat358400ok and how can i list orphan pkgs?10:27
abenzprt-get listorphans10:28
abenzhaving said that..10:28
AndChat358400Ty alot10:28
abenznp :)10:28
AndChat358400So how do you keep your system clean?10:29
AndChat358400Say i am downloading a pkg10:29
AndChat358400The final pkg failed but all of its dependencies were installed10:30
AndChat358400How can i remove those dependencies10:30
abenzI was discussing this exact thing the other day10:30
abenzunfortunately AFAIK no way to do that10:30
abenzwe literally settled on writing down the  packages on a piece of paper :P10:31
AndChat358400Let's hope we can come up with a script10:31
AndChat358400Ill look into that once I finish my midterms10:31
AndChat358400Final term exams*10:32
abenzoh you are a youngtimer.. I reckon most guys here are 30+10:32
AndChat35840020 here10:32
AndChat358400And using proxy is as easy as exporting http_proxy?10:32
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abenzwell I do that kinda stuff from the router itself so..10:33
AndChat358400Ah ok10:33
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AndChat358400How can i recompile packages10:57
AndChat358400For example I've edited dwm config.h10:58
AndChat358400But now I'm getting signature mismatch10:58
abenzyou can ignore the mismatch11:06
AndChat358400And as for using proxy11:07
AndChat358400Through prt-get11:07
AndChat358400I cant usr export http_proxy11:07
AndChat358400It doesnt seem to work11:07
abenzI guess you don't use your own user right?11:09
abenzie when you set http_proxy you set it for yourself, but when doing compiles/etc you don't use your own user11:10
AndChat358400I'm still getting signature mismatch11:12
AndChat358400And for the proxy settings i dont think the proxy is taking any effecr11:12
AndChat358400Not working at all i think11:13
AndChat358400prt-get update -im dwm11:13
AndChat358400Still gives me section mismatches11:13
SitriOn what specifically?11:13
AndChat358400On the. Xz11:14
AndChat358400Sorry the config.h11:14
AndChat358400It says edit it then rebuild dwm11:14
AndChat358400I've edited config.h but i cant rebuild it11:15
Sitricd /usr/ports/contrib/dwm/; md5sum config.h dwm-6.0.tar.gz > .md5sum11:16
SitriNot sure if that's the proper way to do it, but it'll make it see the correcy MD5 sums11:18
AndChat358400I dont think it has anything to do eith md5s11:19
AndChat358400I did it and i still got the problem11:19
AndChat358400It sayd signature mismatch11:19
AndChat358400Inside it11:20
SitriPost the full error11:20
AndChat358400Shouldnt i do a sha256 and place them inside11:20
AndChat358400Hang on Ill try that11:20
AndChat358400That didnt work as well..11:22
AndChat358400Hold on11:22
AndChat358400ERROR: signature mismatch found:11:24
AndChat358400MISMATCH      config.h11:24
AndChat358400Error building dwm.xz failed11:25
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cippp-im -is -d -f11:28
AndChat358400Hanh on11:28
cipppbut dwm.xz i have no idea what it is11:28
AndChat358400Alright it worked11:28
SitriIt's a window manager11:28
AndChat358400I think the -is11:28
AndChat358400Did the thing11:29
cipppi know, i useit but error look strange11:29
cipppnot need to be dwm-version.xz?11:29
AndChat358400It is11:29
AndChat358400I've shortened it down11:30
AndChat358400Cuz i cant wgetpaste atm11:30
SitriI'm on 3.2, and when I changed config.h it showed the expected MD5 signuature and the one it currently was.11:31
cippp3.3 have mdsum and signature11:31
cippp3.2 only mdsum11:31
Sitri$ ls -a /usr/ports/contrib/dwm/11:32
Sitri.  ..  config.h  dwm#6.0-1.pkg.tar.gz  dwm-6.0.tar.gz  .footprint  .md5sum  Pkgfile  README11:32
cipppi have: .footprint .md5sum Pkgfile .signature11:32
AndChat358400Now for the proxy thing11:33
AndChat358400I have many 403 errors on lots of packages11:33
AndChat358400And i cant find /etc/environment11:33
AndChat358400How can i setup a proxy for prt-get to use?11:33
Sitriprt-get calls wget IIRC11:34
cippptry first time a new dns11:34
SitriSo configure that11:34
cipppi dont have troubles with downloads11:34
cipppmaybe i dont use same packages11:34
AndChat358400Alright wgetrc it is then11:35
AndChat358400Thanks a ton for the support11:35
AndChat358400What DEs do you use?11:35
SitriNone.  I use ratpoison + urxvt11:35
AndChat358400Alright xD11:36
AndChat358400Feeling home already11:36
AndChat358400Alright proxy in wgetrc is working beautifully11:40
AndChat358400Thanks for all the help guys11:40
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frinnstso with lvm snapshots, you need to have free PE, right?=12:16
frinnstone volume group and everything is allocated. no chance for snapshots, right?12:27
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jaegerabenz: I mentioned this some time back, the leaf ports list script:
jaegerIt's very basic but does the job13:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus: add .sh extension to 30-dbus.launch script, patch by Gary Langshaw13:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nano: update to 2.8.213:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: man-pages: update to 4.1113:30
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: update to 0.25.113:32
jueryu0: we have a compiler warning with revdep ->
jaegerfrinnst: I haven't used lvm snapshots but that seems likely13:45
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AndChat358400Can someone pastebin there rc.conf13:47
AndChat358400Ill use it as a reference material13:47
jueryu0: found an article on ->
jaegerpretty simple13:53
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AndChat358400Out of curiosity13:56
AndChat358400Yer host-name is rama?13:56
jaegeron that particular machine, yes13:56
AndChat358400Yer a girl or a boy?13:56
AndChat358400You can pass as well13:57
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frinnstMayonnaise is better than lots of expensive products :)14:18
john_cephalopodaIs mayonnaise an instrument?14:18
frinnstits a food product14:19
just_funpower supply for humans?14:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia: updated to version 375.6615:14
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-32: updated to version 375.6615:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: nginx: updated to version 1.13.015:23
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firasany way to configure fonts in the terminal? like packages that I should download or fontconfig setup?15:28
cipppwitch terminal ?15:39
firasit isn't taking terminus font and monospace fots look funny15:39
cipppset in ~/.Xdefaults15:40
firasdo I need to xrdb in in xinitrc ?15:40
cipppi dont think so, only if you will use a different path15:41
cipppim not sure15:41
cipppif dont work maybe you will need to add terminus dir in xorg or in .xinitrc: xset +fp /usr/share/fonts/X11/terminus; xset fp rehash15:45
firasalright and how can I add my user to groups ? gpasswd doesnt seem to work ?15:46
firasedit /etc/group manually ?15:46
cipppim not remember, i think is in crux book15:47
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cipppusermod -a -G video,audio user . from man page. maybe is not exactly15:50
firasalright thanks alot cippp15:53
firasdo you usually edit your pkg files ?15:53
firasor just download them as is ?15:53
cipppi keep in separate dir edited,new packages15:54
firaswhat package do you edit normally? I remember back in gentoo I used to edit everything15:56
cipppfrom what it is in core,opt,contrib only few. vim (i use git version) and maybe few more15:59
cipppand i have others witch are not in this repo15:59
firasah ok16:00
firassorry for being a noob16:00
firasand thanks for putting up with my questions16:00
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runaphoxHi there.16:11
runaphoxJust tried (several times) to build firefox#53.0-1. It just will not compile. Don't know why exactly.16:12
runaphoxDon't know if it is a bug or i'm doing something wrong.16:13
just_funDo you have enough memory? /dev/shm is mounted?16:13
just_funenough: > 5-6GB16:14
runaphoxI thought 2G was enough... That is what i have.16:15
runaphoxNew to source based distros...16:16
just_funIn my last 3 months with Crux, firefox was the only package I didn't build on a 2GB RAM machine16:16
just_funI've used firefox packages posted here16:17
cipppi built with 4gb and some swap :)16:17
cipppthis one ? ^16:18
runaphoxYep! That is!16:18
just_funcippp, how long did it take to build with swap?16:18
jaeger2 GB is enough with about 4GB of swap, too16:18
cipppim not sure, not so much16:19
cipppbut everything else it is so slow16:19
just_funNext time I'll create a swap and check with 2GB.16:19
just_funI'm curious for how many files will need more than 2GB to compile/link.16:20
just_funjaeger, cippp : I guess you didn't use -jN :))16:20
cipppall time16:21
cipppfor packages16:21
just_funfirefox 4GB with swap + -j4 ?16:21
cipppi dint saw big difference with my package vs binary from mozilla16:21
cippphe need less than 2 gb from swap16:22
just_funthank cippp and jaeger for hope :)16:23
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cipppslackware have binary with lto, this one for sure need more ram for build16:23
cipppif im remember well run fine on crux16:23
cipppnow i have few days with paleemon, binary from download page, it is ok16:24
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firashey guys16:24
runaphoxIt seems like the reason for firefox not building was /dev/shm not mounted16:25
firasI have an optimus laptop and I've installed both xf86-video-intel and nvidia and disabled nouveau16:25
jaegerjust_fun: -jN has nothing to do with how much RAM and swap it takes, I imagine16:25
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firasI think GLX isn't working16:25
runaphoxDon't know why it is needed in my fstab (shm). Never needed it in any other distro.16:26
cipppfiras: intel need to work fine without any config16:26
just_funjaeger, I've seen one port reaching 1.65GB while compiling a single file.16:26
firascippp yes but it seems when I downloaded nvidia16:26
firasthings got messy16:26
jaegerfirefox's problem is in the linking phase, I think16:26
jaegerfiras: how does lspci display your nvidia GPU?16:27
cippprunaphox: for crome based browsers ?16:27
firaslspci shows the card using the nvidia modules16:27
jaegerthat's not what I mean... is it a 3D device or VGA?16:27
cipppfiras: how i said, need a bit custom xorg.conf and xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0; xrandr --auto in .xinitrc16:28
firasa 3D device16:28
firasthe VGA one is the intel16:28
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firasI think I need bumblebee16:28
runaphoxcippp: I'm talking about firefox. Not shure if that is what you are asking.16:28
jaegerok, then you'll need to use bumblebee and bbswitch16:28
firasthat means I have to do a port16:29
firasanyone did this already ?16:29
jaegercheck the 6c37 repo16:29
cipppjaeger: i run fine xorg on nvidia without16:29
firascippp: and when you execute programs using nvidia what do you use ?16:29
jaegercippp: what does your lspci output for the nvidia display look like?16:29
cippp04:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M] (rev a1)16:29
cipppfiras: all run on nvidia16:29
jaegerare you sure you have glx support that way? I can *run* xorg without it on my laptop but no 3d works without bumblebee and bbswitch16:30
firascippp: ah I don't want that16:30
cipppjaeger: nvidia-settings looks ok16:30
jaegerThe xrandr methods didn't work for my laptop (dell inspiron 7559)16:30
cipppjaeger: how i check ?16:30
firas@jaeger can you mind through the whole process I'm still new to crux16:30
jaegerfiras: I'm no expert on the optimus stuff, I barely touch that laptop... but it seemed pretty straightforward. install nvidia, gl-select use nvidia, install bbswitch and bumblebee16:31
jaegerI don't use an xorg config file and bumblebeed is running16:32
firasjaeger: and how can I add that 6x37 repo16:33
firasjust clone from it ?16:33
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jaegercippp: what does 'glxinfo | grep -i direct' say?16:34
cipppdirect rendering: Yes16:34
cipppand more lines16:35
jaegerhrmm, don't know, then. It's different from my laptop16:35
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firaswhat gen is your igpu/cpu and what's your nvidia gpu16:40
firaslet's see which method works the best16:40
firasI've also seen cippp's way listed in freebsd16:41
firasand in void linux16:41
firasbut I wasn't convinced it works better16:41
firasoverheats more16:41
jaegerIn my case only bumblebeed/bbswitch worked. The other way doesn't work at all on it.16:41
firasok I've made a file called in /etc/ports16:42
firasput the key inside it like the github page said16:42
firasdoing ports -u wont pull 6c3716:42
firasdo I have to create a folder as well ?16:42
firasin /usr/ports ?16:42
just_funyou need 6c37.git too16:42
just_funin /etc/ports/16:42
firasah ok16:43
firasthanks a ton for bearing with me16:43
cipppjaeger: after xorg.conf the trick is xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0; xrandr --auto16:43
cipppif you use a login manager this need to run this code16:43
cipppbefore startx16:43
cipppor to be in .xinitrc if not use a login manager16:44
jaegerAs I said, the xrandr methods "do not work" for me16:44
jaegerI'm not sure I can be any more clear about that :D16:44
firasit still didn't work just_fun16:44
firasshould I create a folder in /usr/ports called 6c37 ?16:44
jaegerI know some laptops work that way16:44
jaegerNot too worried about it, planning to sell this laptop soon anyway16:45
just_funfiras, git is installed?16:45
just_funI don't believe you :)16:46
firasit is xD16:46
firasI just added prtdir to /etc/prt-get.conf and it didn't work16:46
firasI think I need to create the folders xD16:46
just_funfirst you have to make ports -u work16:47
just_funbash -x /usr/bin/ports -u 6c3716:47
firashold on I forgot a step16:47
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firasmeh I'm a human after all xD16:48
firasit's working fine now16:48
firasnow for the other problem xD16:49
firaswhats the package that's responsible for assigning mime types to certain programs to open them16:49
firaslike txts should be opened by leafpad something like that16:49
firasjaeger: so your card is OFF when not in use and the module isn't loaded until you optirun or primusrun something right ?16:51
jaegerI believe that's the case. Haven't actually checked its power usage16:51
firasjaeger: alright I'll let you know in a minute16:51
firasbtw why set nvidia when using gl-select16:52
firasif it's going to be off most of the time until i need it ?16:52
firaswhy not use gl-select use xorg ?16:53
jaegerbecause 3d didn't work that way :D16:54
firasI see xD16:55
firasso straightforward16:55
firasalright I've done everything16:55
firasso I should just add bumblebeed to my rc.conf SERVICES16:55
firasand reboot16:55
firasdo I need to recompile the kernel modules ? so that bbswitch works or just make sure loadable modules is built in the kernel ?16:56
jaegerwhen you build the packages the modules are built16:56
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firasand nope17:03
firasthat doesn't seem to be working17:03
firaswhere's bumblebee's configuration file located17:03
firasanyone xD17:06
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firasguess I'm back alone lel17:12
firasit's not there17:13
firasit should be in /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf17:13
firasis 6c37 like the biggest contrib repo or something17:14
firasor are there other ones17:14
firascuz I saw another one that had bumblebee in it as well17:14
SitriIt's a large user-controlled repo with its own rules for contributing17:16
SitriTry `prt-get cat bumblebee .footprint`17:16
SitriThat'll list all the files in the package17:16
SitriOr `pkginfo -l bumblebee`17:17
firasthanks a mil17:17
firashow can I restart a service ?17:20
firasok got it17:20
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.7.217:22
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*** firas has joined #crux17:24
firasjaeger: bumblebeed isn't starting17:24
firasjaeger: and I can't seem to find the bumblebee group17:24
jaegerwhat if you run it manually? Any errors?17:25
firasstill not running17:26
firasit isn't starting17:26
firasit's saying var.socket may be wrong17:27
firasah I just ran /usr/sbin/bumblebee17:27
firasit says success17:27
firasbut there is no bumblebee group17:27
firasok so how do i create a group xD ? groupadd?17:28
firasalright  wish me luck17:30
jaegergood luck17:30
*** firas has quit IRC17:31
*** firas has joined #crux17:34
firasalright a step forward17:34
firasbut it still didn't work17:34
firasprimus complains about nvidia thing which is fixable17:34
firasboth complain about missing RGB visual17:34
firaswhich is related to my xf86-intel17:35
firasnot being loaded or something17:35
jaegerI don't have any experience with primus17:35
firasit's fine I can solve that error17:36
firasconsider it a normal optirun17:36
firasI'm getting this error17:37
firasXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".17:37
firasError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual17:37
jaegerdoes it work with optirun?17:42
jaegerprimusrun seems to expect to find libs in /usr/lib/nvidia, which doesn't exist17:42
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firasit doesn't work with optirun17:45
firasI fixed primusrun thing17:45
firasit's just a link17:45
firasi get the same error17:46
firaswhen running glxgears and optirun glxgears17:46
firasseems to be a problem on the intel igpu side17:46
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firasok back17:48
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abenzjaeger: thanks18:08
*** firas has joined #crux18:10
firasso hey guys18:10
firasanyone else got a bumblebee setup that's working18:11
jaegerMine seems to work for basic stuff, haven't really tested it heavily18:11
jaegerabenz: welcome, hope it's of use18:11
abenzjaeger: you have a pci passthru setup right?18:12
abenzand using plain qemu/kvm18:12
jaegerabenz: Not anymore, I used to18:12
abenzah. alright18:12
firasjaeger: can you test it for me if yer not busy18:12
firasI'm almost done18:12
jaegerabenz: I still have the start script around if you want to see the command line I used18:13
*** firas has quit IRC18:13
abenzI was hoping you'd be able to give bluestacks (or any andrioid emulator) a go, I cant seem to get any of them to work18:13
jaegerAh, ok. sorry18:14
abenzmatter of fact, they crash my system (the host that is)18:14
abenzbut pls do share the start up script18:14
abenzcould come in handy18:14
*** firas has joined #crux18:21
jaegerfiras: apparently I can't test it because I've broken X on the laptop :P18:21
firasjaeger: awesome xD18:21
firasalright I'll keep on testing18:21
firasI just found some messed stuff in the kernel regarding the graphics part18:22
jaegergoing to roll back my nvidia install, that's the only thing that's changed18:22
firashopefully that'll fix it18:22
firasah ok18:22
firasthanks a lot jaeger for helping me with this18:22
firaswhen I'm done I'll post a guide on the wiki18:22
firasif there's a place18:22
firasthis needs to be documented xD18:22
*** firas has quit IRC18:22
jaegernot sure I'm really helping, heh18:23
jaegerhrmm, wasn't the nvidia update, I just can't start X anymore on the laptop18:28
abenzgrep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:29
jaegeryeah, already did that... nothing useful there18:31
jaegerthe system hard locks when I try to start it, have to power off18:31
abenzI see18:35
*** Introoter has quit IRC18:38
*** blueness has joined #crux18:39
*** firas has joined #crux18:44
firasnope still no luck ...18:44
*** firas has quit IRC18:48
*** firas has joined #crux18:52
firasso anything new ?18:52
firasoh and can th package maintainer of dwm update it to 6.1 ?18:55
jaegerI can't even run X anymore so I don't think I can help, hehe18:55
jaegeremail the person listed in the "Maintainer" field of the Pkgfile18:55
john_cephalopodaIs it sepen? :รพ18:56
john_cephalopodaAh, actually not. So you got a chance to get a reply :D18:57
john_cephalopodasepen disappeared some time ago and some of their ports are broken.18:58
firasso john_cephalopoda we were talking about bumblebee18:59
firasI'm getting extension GLX is missing on display:018:59
john_cephalopodaNever really did anything with it. My Intel Haswell GPU is fast enough to get me decent framerates for the stuff I do.19:00
firassomething interesting19:01
firascan you proof read that19:02
firasdisregard the nvidia-bumblebee part19:02
*** blueness has quit IRC19:02
firasit's working, the intel's part is at fault19:02
firasit seems glx isn't working on intel's end19:02
firasmaybe because it's pulling modesetting instead ?19:02
john_cephalopodafiras: Does it work without bumblebee?19:03
firasthat's why it's on intel's side19:04
firasglxgears alone spits the same error19:04
*** sonophilia has joined #crux19:19
firasxD ?19:26
firasshould I remove nvidia19:27
firasand then reinstall it ?19:27
*** blueness has joined #crux19:28
*** blueness has quit IRC19:29
firasok found this19:30
firasI'll try it19:30
*** blueness has joined #crux19:32
firaslet's see now if it'll diagnose the problem for us19:33
firasjaeger: test it on your end as well19:33
jaegerwould if I could, heh19:34
just_funfiras, [  1590.692] (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)19:34
firasjust_fun: in my Xorg.0.log, interesting19:36
firasjust_fun: I'm using gl-select use nvidia19:36
firasok hang on19:37
*** firas has quit IRC19:37
just_funI'm still hanging.19:38
just_funShould I go?19:38
crash_go :)19:38
*** firas has joined #crux19:38
firask back19:38
firasswitched to gl-select use xorg19:38
firasgot a worse error xD19:38
firasshouldn't there be a folder for nvidia in /usr/lib64 ?19:42
firasor for opengl19:42
firasthis how things should be (got this from github glsanity)19:43
firashowever here I think both intel and nvidia are using the same
firaslocated in /usr/lib6419:44
firasshould I try to symlink stuff like that19:44
firasor am I bound to break something19:44
firasI'm lost xD19:45
just_funfiras, did you followed cippp advice?19:45
just_funxrandr stuff19:45
firasisn't xrandr worse than glx ?19:46
firasplus his nvidia is 100% on19:46
firasI don't want that lel19:46
firasdang I'm this close to figuring it out19:46
john_cephalopodaDoes anybody else have problems with compiling jack ( prt-get depinst jack )?19:46
*** firas has quit IRC19:47
just_funERROR: Downloading '' failed.19:49
just_funThis error?19:49
john_cephalopodaI get an other one19:51
john_cephalopodaAh, yeah.19:51
john_cephalopodaHad the sources pre-downloaded, so it worked at first.19:52
john_cephalopodaRomster: Please fix the jack sources link, it's the (non-officially listed)
just_funDo you still need jack2?19:55
just_funjack-audio-connection-kit doesn't have this problem19:56
john_cephalopodaI thought jack-audio-connection-kit was outdated?19:58
*** lounge has quit IRC19:58
just_funFor whom? :D19:58
john_cephalopodaI believe I read some time ago, that the jack team want to abandon jack-audio-connection-kit and only promote jack2.20:00
just_funFAQ: what are the differences between JACK 1 and JACK220:00
just_funThe short answer: Jack 1 and Jack 2 are equivalent implementations of the same protocol. Jack 2 was originally written to add multi-processor support and to rewrite the internals using C++. Programs compiled against Jack 1 will work with Jack 2 without recompile (and vice versa). Jack 2 was originally planned to replace Jack 1, but this is no longer so and they are considered equivalent implementations. JACK is a C API, and so the C++ rewrite in Jack 220:00
just_funonly matters to the people who program/maintain jack.20:00
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*** runaphox has joined #crux22:44
runaphoxHi there. I have some kind of problem here.22:45
runaphoxI did that pkgmk user hack in the Wiki to build with prt-get as a normal user.22:46
runaphoxBut i need superuser rights to be able to log the build. So i have to go sudo anyway.22:47
runaphoxIt seems like the only thing i can do is set the log directory in prt-get.conf to my home directory. And that is just... Not so neat.22:53
jaegerI would probably change the log file to be owned by my package build user23:00
runaphoxThat seems hacky. I would have to change all the directory to be owned by my day-to-day user? That just doesn't seem neat23:13
jaegereither the dir in which you log files or the log file itself if you only use one instead of one per port name23:15
jaegerIf you run the build process as a user, it makes sense that the logging happens as that user23:16
runaphoxMmmm. That is actually true... I guess i will do that. Even so, the user who actually builds it is pkgmk. And i would have to change the ownership to my own user. It is like a users fruit salad.23:20
jaegerhrmm, yeah, I suppose it would log as your user. Never really used the logging before23:23
runaphoxI have it just in case a build fails often so i can report it or seek for help.23:27
*** runaphox has quit IRC23:33
*** runaphox has joined #crux23:35
*** timcowchip has joined #crux23:35
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*** timcowchip has quit IRC23:36
jaegerunderstandable. I tend to only capture a log if something's breaking, on the other side of the coin23:46
*** blueness has quit IRC23:57
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