IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2017-05-08

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: scribus: 1.4.5 -> 1.4.600:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: thc-hydra: 8.1 -> 8.500:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: sqlmap: 0.9 -> 1.100:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: trac: 1.0.9 -> 1.2.100:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: tinyxml: dropped00:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: tornadoweb: dropped00:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: tig: 2.1.1 -> 2.200:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: virtualenv: 15.0.1 -> 15.1.000:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: vala: 0.34.0 -> 0.36.300:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: wg: 20170324 -> 2017042100:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: wireshark-headers: 2.2.5 -> 2.2.600:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: xlockmore: 5.47 -> 5.5300:45
runaphoxHiiii. I'm in extreme pain right now... For some reason i get a bunch of "write failed" errors when trying to build some packages. I mean, ALL packages. Can't install a (insert some swearing and rudeness here) thing.00:48
runaphoxDon't know if im missing anything, or i just messed things up again.00:49
teK__frinnst: I was sick for the last days.. feeling well now00:50
teK__runaphox: put an example build log to an link it here00:52
runaphoxOkay. Wait a little bit, please.00:52
runaphoxHere it is:
runaphoxBy the way, what a wonderful thing, that dpaste thing.00:56
runaphoxThat's just a simple example. Everything fails. Had to build llvm 4 times.00:57
pitillorunaphox: cp: error writing '/usr/ports/work/sic/.signature': No space left on device00:58
pitillono space... no fun...00:58
runaphoxWell. I kind of have 200G free.00:58
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runaphoxDumb me!00:59
runaphoxI used that wiki hack to compile in ram!00:59
runaphoxThanks! Going to check if it works after removing some garbage.01:00
runaphoxGuat? For some reason (i did not do anything) it worked this time. I'll try building llvm for the fifth time (a little scared).01:02
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teK__% wgetpaste =wgetpaste01:09
teK__Your paste can be seen here:
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runaphoxHii. Here again.01:18
runaphoxJust checked llvm's fail log...01:19
runaphoxThis time it does not say anything about "no space left".01:20
runaphoxHere is the link:
runaphoxMaybe it is that same space problem, only that it was reported differently.01:21
runaphoxPD: I fell in love with dpaste.01:21
jaegernothing much in the output there to say what the problem is01:21
jaegerI think sprunge is my favorite paste service simple because I can paste to it with just curl01:25
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runaphoxI pasted that log to dpaste with curl.01:26
pitillofile INSTALL cannot copy file.... I belive you are running out of space again...01:26
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runaphoxUpss. Disconnected by accident. About the space problem: texlive fails from the very start. It does not say anything about space problems.01:29
jaegerdoes texlive produce any errors?01:29
runaphoxThe same "Write Failed" appended to the end of a bunch of relative paths.01:30
runaphoxBut it does that even if i wipe the work directory clean before trying to install it.01:31
runaphoxI'm trying again with the /usr/ports/work tmpfs mounted. Seems like working thus far.01:55
jaegerhow large a tmpfs are you using?01:56
runaphox1G. According to the wiki (if i did not misunderstood), that memory will be taken from ram. I only have 2G, so i gave it the half.01:57
runaphoxTypo there.01:57
jaegerhalf your RAM is the default anyway01:58
jaegerbut 1G isn't much for building big ports. firefox needs about 6GB during the linking phase, for example01:58
jaegerI haven't tested llvm but I suspect it needs a lot, too01:58
runaphoxOh my Godzilla Firefox!01:59
jaegeryou can find some prebuilt packages at if you're so inclined02:00
runaphoxIt. Just. Doesn't. Feel. Right. I won't be able to experience the joy of having all the software neatly customized to work on my system (-march=native, lol)02:03
jaeger-march=native can cause problems sometimes02:04
jaegerNot too often but enough to be annoying02:04
runaphoxWhat are your CFLAGS, then?02:04
runaphoxI'm new to source based distros, anyway. I thought that was the supposed gain of compiling everything in your machine.02:06
jaegerMine are the defaults. I'm no longer particularly adventurous in that regard02:06
runaphoxTried to investigate a little bit02:20
runaphoxabout the march=native problems, i mean.02:20
runaphoxDid not find anything.02:20
jaegerPerhaps you'll have better luck :)02:24
brian|lfsI kind of agree it does increase performance but not that much02:26
brian|lfsI would say you gain more performance by everything disabled thats useless02:27
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runaphoxjaeger: Yeah, maybe.02:47
runaphoxbrian|lfs: Have you noticed that performance improvement yourself?02:48
runaphoxAnd in the disabling business: doesn't gentoo provide better options in that matter? (Not trying to start a war here)02:49
brian|lfsmatter of opinion gentoo uses use flags I think we do a better job here then gentoo does with use flags03:03
runaphoxWell. That could be right, but the work is more manual than setting some USE flags. Even so, writing packages is a breeze (in CRUX, i mean).03:09
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brian|lfsThat's interesting I was looking for a high res CRUX logo when I made my website never found one so I gave up lol04:55
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brian|lfswow the daily package updates for CRUX is going to be large today at 5 AM EDT05:43
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joacimI believe I might have filed FS#1401 wrong09:26
joacimDidn't notice I had to switch to CRUX-Contrib first09:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gst-libav: updated md5sum10:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: webkitgtk: 2.14.5 -> 2.16.110:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pygobject-gtk3: fix for building with python2 only10:48
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pedjajaeger, just FYI: seccomp has to be explicitly enabled for docker and runc. apparently, some distros ship ancient versions of libseccomp :)11:35
pedja'DOCKER_BUILDTAGS='seccomp' hack/ dynbinary' and 'make COMMIT=$RUNC_COMMIT BUILDTAGS='seccomp' ', for docker and runc resp., should do the trick11:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xfsprogs: update to 4.11.011:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: prt-utils: update to 1.1.111:41
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: flex: update to 2.6.411:43
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_root_hello <312:23
_root_does any of you guys have retroshare in your private repos?12:23
_root_:) ?12:24
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_root_so oneone!12:37
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john_cephalopodaHmm, what are signatures in the ports for?13:52
][_R_][To make sure they haven't been tampered with13:54
onoderalike md5sums but they use a better hashing algorithm, they also cover the footprint and pkgfile13:54
john_cephalopodaSo there are md5sums AND signatures at the same time?13:55
][_R_][Because you can disable signature checking I think13:56
john_cephalopodaThat doesn't sound like a clever thing to do ;)13:57
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][_R_][If the cryptosystem isn't working properly for whatever reason (eg: the keychain the signatures are validated against becomes corrupted)13:58
john_cephalopodaAh, well, there's a usecase for anything :รพ14:01
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pedjadon't get too attached to .md5sum :)14:08
pedjasince I am building 4.11 atm, expect 4.11.1 in a couple of hours14:11
pedjait will be interesting to see if the 'illegal' nvidia patch for 4.11 actually works14:13
onoderapedja: illegal?14:16
pedjayeah :)14:17
onoderahow so?14:17
pedjait changes the module licence from MIT to Dual MIT/GPL so it actually builds14:18
pedjanvidia is, atm, consulting their lawyers on the matter :)14:19
onoderaoh lol14:19
pedjathat is why there isn't new driver release yet14:20
pedjathe wheels of law turn slow14:21
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pedjarelease with 4.11 support, that is, 375.66 builds fine on 4.10, afaict14:22
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pedjazfs merged compressed send/receive? nice14:26
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] pkgutils: updated to
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libepoxy: updated to 1.4.218:57
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frinnsti love sweden. 4C and people walking around wearing shorts and t-shirts19:22
frinnstalso for extra swede points: it's snowing19:22
joacimhard men have hard nipples19:22
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_root_does any of you guys have retroshare in your private repos?19:32
pedjafor a IM app, retroshare has quite a few dependencies19:38
pedjaOpenCV? really?19:39
pedjaaren't riot/matrix the new coolness these days?19:40
pedjaand Slack, whatever the hell *that* is.19:43
pedjaglorified IRC?19:43
][_R_][It's one of the crappy proprietary IRC-killers19:45
pedjait's interesting when I read that the developers find using IRC 'too hard'.wtf19:46
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just_funanyone using ii client?19:47
][_R_][I had it as part of my Nagios notifications for a while (and did use it as a logger)19:47
][_R_][That was all before the fatal Arch bricking19:48
just_funI didn't get that news.19:48
][_R_][Personal even19:48
][_R_][Where I lost my entire infrastructure19:48
just_funbut now you are "stronger"19:49
][_R_][More like wiser19:49
just_funwiser is a sign of strongness :)19:49
pedja'what doesn't kill you will try harder the next time'19:49
][_R_][Lesson I learned from that: if you're going to roll out a distro to four or more machines, have your own central repo that you /manually/ update.19:50
][_R_][Then use that instead of the official ones19:50
just_funYou do this with CRUX?19:51
][_R_][I only have it on two machines19:51
][_R_][I was also writting an ii-based bot at one point19:52
][_R_][It's... not really worth it.19:52
just_funa bot doesn't worth it?19:53
just_funor ii?19:53
][_R_][Doing a bot to read ii output instead of just having the bot connect to IRC itself.19:53
][_R_][Why are you asking?19:55
just_funI'm thinking of writing a bot19:55
pedjaif any of you Python coders is looking for a project, Ansible module for prt-get would be very cool to have :)19:55
just_fundidn't get that ssh "backdoor"?19:56
just_fun][_R_][, with CRUX you will have prtpkg19:57
just_funto manage 4 or more machines19:57
][_R_][Neither man nor prt-get know what that is19:58
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][_R_][Why is that a PDF?19:58
just_fungo over the surface19:59
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pedjai am still waiting for POC VM for that20:00
][_R_][So I could use that to compile the packages for me and only distribute the binaries?20:01
just_funno, to control your machines20:01
just_funrepos and stuff20:02
just_funyou can have some that mirror portdb, and some that get only what you want20:02
][_R_][So... it's a hyperpurposed version of general mass system admin utils20:02
just_funYou can see it like a hyperpurposed,20:02
just_funif you like20:02
just_funand inclined to do so20:03
just_funI only see it hyperdocumented20:03
pedjacheck out pkg-get, that might do what you want, ][_R_][20:03
_root_pedja, what is roit/matrix exactly?20:03
_root_pedja, I rea dthat but it was confuzing. is it an IM chat. irc or a tor based communication system?20:05
just_funpedja, pkg-get is history. Now we have it with pkgmk - #141020:05
just_fun_root_, can't be all of that?20:05
_root_just_fun, I know but which one is it?20:07
pedjajust_fun, cool :)20:08
][_R_][_root_: It's a new IM system20:08
_root_][_R_][, central or decentralized?20:10
][_R_][No clue, all I know is it's FOSS at least20:11
just_fun_root_, Welcome to Matrix20:12
just_funAn open network for secure, decentralized communication.20:12
_root_just_fun, So it is like tor?20:12
][_R_][What do you think tor is...20:13
tsaopare all of those new apps worth it?20:15
][_R_][Only if you know a chatroom on them you want to be part of20:15
tsaopdiscord, riot, slack and stuff20:16
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pedjayou forgot Mastodon, 'the Twitter-killer' :)20:19
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pedjafads come and go20:22
pedjaopenSuse Tumbleweed and Leap switched to FF ESR, for the time being20:25
joacimpedja: is it an issue if i forget to switch to CRUX-Contrib before I report something from contrib in flyspray?20:26
joacimi assigned it to the maintainer tho20:27
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pedjawhich fs#?20:28
joacimread that as fuck's sake20:29
joacimi guess that's fitting for a bug tracker20:29
pedjawell, it's the right category (ports), and assigned to the maintainer, so I don't think that's a big deal20:31
pedjajoacim, I re-assigned it to Crux-contrib. Now, breathe :)20:35
joacimcouldnt hold my food down because of it20:35
john_cephalopodaRiot is more than a messaging app. Riot is skynet.20:37
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joacima lot of the people i play video games just use discord now20:43
joacimwhen they used irc beffore20:43
pedjaSKYNET, NSA surveillance programme for monitoring cell phones ?20:44
ryu0pedja: SKYNET is here, it's just not 100% machine =p20:45
pedjaif our AI overlords look like Alicia Vikander in Ex:Machina, I say bring it on20:46
pedjaAI is one of those RealSoonNow things20:49
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ryu0pedja: it's only been 10 years away since forever.20:50
pedjaryu0, correct :) since the, what, 70s?20:50
pedjato simulate brain activity of the rat you need supercomputer to work 24/7 for a month, iirc20:52
pedjaso, we are way off, I'd say20:52
pedjathe brain is one of the most complex machines we know of, and we hardly know how it works20:53
pedjaI like the 'pattern recognition engine' name for it20:53
pedjanow, the question is will quantum computers allow us to jump ahead enough to make AI feasible21:00
pedjaand, if Linux runs on it, will systemd make it sentient21:02
john_cephalopodapedja: Riot is Genisys, Genisys is Skynet.21:03
john_cephalopoda(Terminator Genisys reference)21:04
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john_cephalopodapedja: Systemd will make it sentient and pulseaudio will make it speak.21:04
pedjaand it will sound like God (Morgan Freeman)21:06
pedjaT2 is the last in the Terminator franchise, as far as I am concerned21:07
pedjadidn't bother to watch the ones after it21:07
john_cephalopodaI didn't watch any except for Genisys :D21:08
pedjaI guess you only watched The Godfather 3, and not the first 2, too? :)21:10
john_cephalopodaI didn't watch any of the The Godfather movies.21:10
john_cephalopodaThe only reason I watched it was, because a friend went to the cinema to see it and I just came along.21:11
pedjawhy not?21:11
john_cephalopodaI don't watch movies often.21:11
pedjaneither do I. the good ones (or really, really, so-bad-its-good) ones are hard to find these days21:14
pedjaparticularly SF ones, which I prefer21:16
pedjaand Shu Qi isn't making that many movies, so i watch TV shows more often than movies21:18
pedjaspeaking of TV shows, 'American Gods' is incredible21:19
pedjaand not just because its based on one of my all-time favorite books21:19
jaegerI'm enjoying it so far21:21
pedjaI am wondering how much the 8 episodes of S1 will cover21:23
pedjaand Gaiman said, if it is successful, they'll do Sandman next :)21:24
pedjaThe Sandman would require GOT budget to do right, though21:26
joacimwhy make new tv shows, when the stargate shows ended on cliffhangers21:26
pedjadidn't SG movie(s) wrap almost everything up?21:27
joacimnot universe =)21:28
pedjabtw, the creator of Stargate has a new SF series, Travelers21:29
pedjawell, not the SG universe, obviously, there are a lot more stories they can do.21:30
pedjawith Stargate: The movie reboot/rehash, I don't see that ever happening, sadly21:31
joacimi see tapping is directing a lot of stuff on syfy21:32
pedjayes, she is that awesome :) she did an episode of Supernatural recently21:34
pedjadirected it21:34
pedjaDark Matter, Travelers. woman is busy21:35
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john_cephalopodaSyFy is awesome.22:34
john_cephalopodaUnfortunately a lot of shows have ended already.22:34
john_cephalopodaEureka, Warehouse 13, etc.22:56
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runaphoxHi there!23:01
runaphoxI think i found a problem with a port.23:01
runaphoxtexlive, in this case.23:02
runaphoxSince it is in the opt repository, i think it should be possible to install it without ignoring footprint. I did not touch it in any way, so it must be a problem from the port.23:05
joacimdoes it report any missing files?23:07
joacimit's only an issue if it reports missing. new files is generally not an issue23:07
runaphoxYep. It reports both missing and new.23:08
runaphoxLike, a lot.23:08
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joacimi'll give it a go. will take a while to download texlive tho23:15
runaphoxYeah. A good while indeed. Took me more than 3h.23:17
runaphoxMy footprint would be overwritten with a ports -u in case it were outdated, right?23:20
joacimtakes about 5 minutes to download this23:22
runaphoxSomething is weird. I did a updatedb and a locate command finds pdflatex in /usr/bin/23:24
runaphoxI did ls and i can see it myself23:24
runaphoxI can't execute it23:25
runaphoxIt says it doesn't exist. It says that with both /usr/bin/pdflatex and pdflatex alone23:26
joacimit's better to paste the actual error than to paraphrase23:26
runaphoxWait. Pasting to sprunge. I'll give you the link.23:30
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runaphoxThere it is.23:35
jaegerrun 'file /usr/bin/pdflatex', see what it says23:35
runaphox/usr/bin/pdflatex: broken symbolic link to /pdflatex23:36
jaegerwell, there you go :)23:36
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runaphoxWhy, though?23:36
jaegerNot a clue, I've never used texlive... but that's a place to start23:37
runaphoxWell. Maybe i'll see if i can download a prebuilt package. Don't actually know how to solve it.23:39
runaphoxI'll try to see if i can.23:40
runaphoxReading the Pkgfile right now23:40
joacimmaybe i should've made my root partition bigger than 25GB23:41
joacimi'm still in 2005 thinking 25GB is more than enough for root, even with games installed23:41
runaphoxI'm too lazy to decide what size to give to my partitions. I just have a partition to be my whole system (besides boot and swap, obviously)23:45
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runaphoxpdftex works just fine. pdflatex won't.23:49
runaphoxAghhgh! does not have texlive! What can i do?23:52

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