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joacimi'm waiting for the build results now00:03
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joacimtexlive [post: ok]00:03
joacimworks for me00:03
joacimno issues with the footprint00:03
joacimrunaphox: do you have all deps installed?00:03
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runaphox0_0. Yeah, i have them all.00:07
runaphoxDoes pdflatex work for you?00:07
runaphoxI also got "texlive [post: ok]00:09
just_funand, no more disk space problems?00:12
runaphoxNo. I unmounted the /usr/ports/work tmpfs for now so i could build llvm, firefox and texlive.00:14
joacimpdflatex works as intended too00:15
runaphoxI don't get why it doesn't work for me, then.00:15
runaphoxI've got, like, a fresh install.00:16
joacimnot everyone can be awesome like me00:16
runaphoxI didn't any awesomeness check in the Pkgfile. Maybe i just got bad luck.00:17
runaphoxWell. I'll just be hardcore and do everything in plain TeX.00:18
runaphoxNo format variation of TeX works.00:20
joacimdoes revdep report that anything is broken?00:21
jaegerjoacim: what does the pdflatex symlink point to on your system?00:21
runaphoxIt points to /pdflatex00:22
jaegerI doubt that it's supposed to00:22
joacimlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 May  9 01:50 /usr/bin/pdflatex -> pdftex00:22
jaegeryeah. very different00:22
runaphoxlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 May 8 14:08 /usr/bin/pdflatex -> /pdflatex00:23
runaphoxJust, why?00:23
runaphoxrevdep is taking a while to execute.00:24
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runaphoxIt is the first time i use it. Don't even know what it does. Gotta read the man page.00:25
runaphoxOk, now i know.00:25
runaphoxOk. Only mesa3d.00:26
runaphoxNo TeX related stuff.00:26
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jaegerThe reason your symlink is wrong is probably the big thing, whatever caused that would be worth tracking down00:27
joacimoh. hawaiian?00:27
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runaphoxlol. No. Venezuelan. I have to adjust my time.00:28
runaphoxjaeger: Yeah. Guess i'll see if any other port has the same problem. Or i could do like, rm -rf /usr/ports/opt/texlive, and then update my ports.00:34
runaphoxAnd see if it works?00:34
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joacimjust the package is good enough tho. but -fr will replace the package regardless00:35
jaegerI would suggest building the package and logging the build so you can see if anything looks wrong there00:36
runaphoxWell. It is not like the footprint mismatch is going away because of a -fr.00:37
joacimit would save you the time of redownloading the source00:38
runaphoxOr is it?00:39
runaphoxNo, it isn't! I remember building texlive several times. There was always a footprint mismatch.00:39
runaphoxWell. Guess i'll try building it again. Nothing is going to change, though. The only thing interesting in the previous log was the MISSING and NEW reports.00:42
joacimremember to save the log =00:43
joacimswitching between ansi/us and iso/norwegian keyboards all the time is confusing00:43
runaphoxYep. It would be catastrophic (did i spell this right?) if i didn't.00:44
runaphoxI'll have to wait until mesa3d builds, though. That revdep thing is fabulous.00:44
joacimi'd suggest another revdep after the mesa3d rebuild too00:55
runaphoxYep. I was going to do it just to be sure.00:56
runaphoxmesa3d built. Running revdep...01:17
runaphoxAll perfect. I'll post a link to texlive's log once it builds.01:24
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runaphoxOH_MY_GODZILLAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! It worked!02:05
runaphoxOh! Thank you all!02:06
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runaphoxBut i still do not understand why it didn't work before. Or why it works now.02:07
_root_is there anyone using retroshare02:08
jaegernot I02:16
_root_jaeger, hello old friend howdy? :)02:18
jaegerold friend?02:19
brian|lfssomeone coming on IRC as root bad idea02:23
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rmullSo... how can I paste an X selection into firefox using shift-insert?02:39
rmullI found a program called "clipster" that seems to sync between PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD02:54
rmullWhat a stupid problem02:54
_root_jaeger, yes. :D03:19
brian|lfswho is this _root_ character03:29
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brian|lfsjaeger, did you ever figure out who _root_ is?05:58
brian|lfsor do you think he is just a troll05:58
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_root_brian|lfs, who, me a troll. neve'09:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: iproute2: prevent linking against libelf10:29
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RomsterFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found13:09
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dbrooketeK__: fyi latest wireshark has a few files missing from footprint if libssh is not installed, build log at
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dbrookeRomster: tcptraceroute from your repo is reporting a signature mismatch. I doubt I've built it since signature checks were added but now revdep says I should. log at
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: elfutils: 0.168 -> 0.16913:28
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: elfutils-32: 0.168 -> 0.16913:29
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frinnstwhat is it with web developers? "It doesnt work!!! Quick restore this old version!! (500mb spaghetti with lots of old crap that I spent 3 months cleaning up"14:24
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pedjaold version of what? their app?14:58
just_funIs there an app to log some info about package installation and removal (time,name,version,collection,cause=direct/depend)?15:05
just_funOr if some of these informations are stored somewhere already15:06
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Worksterrunaphox, it is there
Worksteryou will want to run the post-install after pkgadding that.23:27
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brian|lfsprt-get: updating /usr/ports/compat-32/elfutils-3223:32
brian|lfs=======> Package '/home/pkgmk/packages/elfutils#0.169-1.pkg.tar.xz' is up to date.23:32
brian|lfsprt-get: updating elfutils-32 from 0.168-1 to 0.169-123:32
brian|lfspkgadd: could not open elfutils-32#0.169-1.pkg.tar.xz: No such file or directory23:32
pitilloWorkster: wrong name var in compat-32/elfutils-32 (and libdir too)23:35
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pedjaFATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module nvidia-drm.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'refcount_inc'23:59
pedjawell, fuck.23:59

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