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pedja381.22, btw00:00
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pedjaheh. so it seems it builds fine with 4.12-staging. which doesn't help me much00:12
pedja'illegal' patch ftw00:16
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Worksterdbrooke, i'll take a look when i get some spare time. my romster ports needs some attention00:40
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: Revert "elfutils-32: 0.168 -> 0.169"00:55
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: elfutils-32: 0.168 -> 0.16900:55
Worksterpitillo, ah that's what i did wrong, i added elfutils to compat-32 instead of elfutils-32. Sorry, I have fixed that now.00:58
Worksterwhat a stupid mistake.00:58
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pitilloWorkster: no problem, thx to brian|lfs_ who reported the error01:51
brian|lfsI saw the error02:09
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brian|lfsmaybe it wasn't me I just pasted the error02:10
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stratactis someone working on the xfce ports?06:05
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just_funpedja, I just found your repo06:16
stratactoh okay, thank you just_fun06:17
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timcowchiphappy mexican mothers day :)07:21
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frinnsti really need to clean my apartment07:30
just_funWell, this is the day07:31
frinnstor, i could do something else instead07:31
john_cephalopodafrinnst: You could ride a dyson vacuum cleaner over the atlantic.07:32
frinnsthaha I love the "Clean Up Your Room Day Observances"07:32
frinnstalways helpful with the suggestions john_cephalopoda :D07:32
john_cephalopodaJust imagine how much fun that would be (if you don't die)!07:33
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_root_Is closed the SignUP for you too?09:50
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druid_droid:D hello crux'rs, just to give a hello, I keep using crux :P10:05
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john_cephalopodaHi druid_droid11:16
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frinnstwow centos7 sure is a pain14:16
frinnstcentos6 was so lovely. what changed between versions?14:17
frinnsts y s t e m d14:17
jaegerI don't particularly mind it now that I've used it for a while14:18
frinnstyeah i havent used it for a few years14:22
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jaegerI have a mix of 6 and 7 at work14:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: glib: updated to 2.52.215:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.24.115:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.24.115:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: firefox: updated to 53.0.215:19
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pedjadid I throw away a piece of paper where I wrote down Win2k12R2 password?15:45
pedjayes, yes I did.15:45
abenzfile systek check?15:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: glib-32: 2.52.1 -> 2.52.215:47
abenzwhy do people write win2k12 ? is that supposed to be shortend way? same number of letter/nums used15:47
pedjano, abenz, the polite spelling of 'fuck' :)15:47
abenzACTION reports pedja to frinnst 15:48
pedjasometimes I use 2k12, sometimes ws2012r2. no method in the madness15:52
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pedjaI just love when my potatoputer grinds to a halt while Win7 VM shuts down18:12
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pedjawth, FF just froze.18:32
just_funon Win7?18:33
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pedjano, on my system, just after the Win7 finally shut down. weird18:34
pedjaeverything else works18:34
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just_funtop, strace -p, cat /proc/X/task/*/stack ?18:35
pedjaSIGTERM and start 'fixed' it18:39
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pedjathere was nothing unusual in htop, it just sat there, UI kind of reacting to clicks.18:41
pedjait's an upstream binary build, not opt/firefox18:45
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pedjajust_fun, if I am reading your patch from fs#1410 correctly, once merged, I can set up a local repo with binary packages and use that18:49
pedjato, for instance, update Docker container, instead of building some packages (llvm) all over again?18:50
just_funI guess so, even I don't see what is special/different with your scenario,18:51
just_funBut, we might not wait to be merged, because I'm planing to make it work from /etc/pkgmk.conf18:53
pedjareusing binary packages across container runs would be very cool18:54
just_funas long as those packages were built with minimal deps (or with the same deps)18:55
just_funlike: you have only core packages, and do prt-get depinst llvm,18:55
just_funthat llvm package can be reused safetly18:55
pedjathat's how I test my repos. they should, in theory, require just core/opt/xorg18:56
just_funyes, and if you want to build firefox, you start again with a clean container18:57
just_funwhat speed-up I did with my containers is this:18:57
just_funnot only that I've followed Romster adviced with ccache18:57
just_funput I keep the packages from dependencies (installed by the prt-get depinst command)18:58
just_funso, every container is destroyed,18:58
just_funbut their packages (dependencies only) are reused next time18:58
just_funso, I just rebuild the top package only (next time)18:58
just_funI'm not sure I was clear18:59
pedjaseparate volume attached to a new container that contains built packages, so they can be reused, it's what I had in mind19:00
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just_funyes, but I keep those volumes per port19:01
just_funFor example: I have port A and B, both using the same dep X19:01
just_funA and B are built starting from a clean container19:02
just_funboth will have a different volume with dep X build from the previous run19:02
just_funA.pkg and B.pkg - volumes containing a different version of dep X19:03
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just_funbecause I can not asume that X was built with the same dependecies in both containers19:03
just_funI can only asume that, if I build X like I build A and B19:03
just_funthan, the same X can be reused for A and B19:04
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just_funShort version: A depend on X, B depend on X and Y, X has Y as a soft dependency. So, X will be built differently in A and B, if Y is installed before X in B.19:08
just_funSomehow, I've finished my wall of text before Trump.19:10
pedjaif I only could reuse llvm and mesa3d between runs, I would be a happy bunny19:12
pedjaall the rest I can live with, but those two take a while19:13
pedjaor just make a docker image with core and minimal number of packages from opt19:14
just_funYou want be built these for yourself, and reuse in other containers of yours?19:14
just_funSo, why don't you build them in two different containers, and copy those two packages in every other container, just before you start19:15
just_funAh! Ok, with the local http mirror, it will be easier.19:15
pedjausing volume as $PKGMK_PACAKGE_DIR is a cleaner solution, imho19:16
pedjait does require either patching pkgmk.conf in every container, or building docker image with modified one19:20
just_funyou mean a global package_dir volume, or one per port?19:21
pedjalike Romster's repo in the box :)19:21
just_funOK. Global, but you pick what goes there, or you put all there (from all the other containers)?19:22
just_funIs a global read/write pkgdir?19:22
pedjain theory, rw on first run, ro for rest, until one of the packages has to be rebuilt19:28
pedjaah, dinner. bbl19:28
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just_funI just started my new little project, to workaround ALL the pkgmk issues from Flyspray, without the need for a new pkgmk.20:31
just_funOne done. Six more to do.20:32
onoderajust_fun: can you tell me what it fixes, and how it fixes it?20:35
just_funFor now only this:
just_funThere are the details on how.20:36
just_funonodera, this is the first issue fixed:
just_fun1382 is a little harder, but doable20:39
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just_funpedja, you don't have to wait for pkgmk to be FS1410 patched. Stuff this into your /etc/pkgmk.conf:
just_funI just installed Romster 's firefox with this.21:59
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just_fun5 left to do: #923 #1382 #1385 PKGMK_KEEP_WORK="failed"(alan) command-line options priority(alan)22:29
just_funaccepting votes :D22:29
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pitillobuilding pkgutils 5.40.2 and 5.40.3 is giving me this error:
pitillo# pkginfo -i|grep glibc23:02
pitilloglibc 2.19-223:02
just_funThere were some patches to replace auto_ptr with unique_ptr23:05
pitilloit builds right in all other machines (x86_64 and ARM 32/64b) but this VPS is a bit delicate (no way to update glibc)23:11
ryu0pitillo: it's a container VPS?23:16
pitilloryu0: centos host with a CRUX jail (chroot)23:23
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