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vsteveI have a cry for help02:03
vsteveI updated a 3.2 system to 3.3 (which went flawlessly), since then I've rebooted and done 'ports -u' and 'prt-get sysup'02:04
vstevethese also seemed to run without incident02:04
vstevebut now I can't login because I get an error about
vsteveI can't login locally, nor over ssh02:05
ryu0vsteve: you'll need to reboot with a livecd to rescue it. you didn't rebuild broken packages.02:06
vsteveah, and how would I rebuild broken packages?02:06
][_R_][A recovery CD will probably have the same issue if you try and chroot into the partition02:06
vsteveor what it boils down to is, is it an easy save or should I reinstall from scratch?02:07
ryu0vsteve: easy if you know what you're doing.02:07
vsteveryu0: million dollar question then02:07
][_R_][prt-get has an --install-root option02:07
ryu0oh it does? i thought it needed a chroot.02:08
][_R_][pkgadd has a --root option02:08
vstevei'm in the crux 3.3 installer media booted from usb02:10
vsteveso i'd have to do something like pkgadd --root /mnt ?02:11
vsteveit looks like irc dropped a line, i have /dev/sdb1 mounted to /mnt02:11
vstevewhich..would be fortunate because R called it, I get the same error when I try to chroot02:12
][_R_][Yeah, bash depends on libreadline :p02:13
][_R_][... dash might work?02:13
][_R_][vsteve: I suggest reading the manpages in question for the proper invocations.02:13
][_R_][pkgadd needs a pre-compiled package available02:14
][_R_][prt-get will compile if needed02:14
vstevedash is hosed as well02:14
vstevegoing back to a previous question, how would I rebuild broken packages?02:16
vstevesince this will almost certainly come up again02:16
][_R_][Delete the compiled package in the package's port directory then prt-get it again.02:17
][_R_][What's what I do02:17
vstevefor which I assume you have a functioning shell...02:17
][_R_][It'll be the file with the # in the name02:17
][_R_][Well a rescue CD will help02:18
][_R_][I suggest rebuilding libreadline, then rebuilding bash in that order.02:18
][_R_][Then chroot in to test it02:18
vstevethat's where I was headed next02:18
vstevewhy wouldn't it have built correctly the first time though?02:19
ryu0][_R_][: makes me wish crux made root login shell static, along with other shadow utilities. =p02:19
][_R_][Probably had libreadline6 when it was building bash, then it updated libreadline to 7 afterwards02:19
vstevethat would make a considerable amount of sense02:19
ryu0vsteve: packages "break" when their library abi does. this only happens with dynamically linked programs.02:20
vstevearen't the vast majority of them dynamically linked?02:20
vstevegreat news02:20
][_R_][Nearly nothing is statically linked02:20
][_R_][Hope this works for you02:21
vstevetime will tell, thanks for the pointers02:21
ryu0vsteve: crux expects users to rebuild broken packages.02:22
vstevehow do you know they're broken unless they're throwing errors?02:23
ryu0this issue can effect any linux install.02:23
ryu0vsteve: use revdep.02:23
ryu0i wrote a faster version some time ago for crux.02:23
][_R_][$ prt-get depinst revdep02:23
][_R_][The package 'revdep' could not be found:02:23
vsteveI also can't find revdep02:23
ryu0it's part of prt-utils or so.02:24
ryu0i forget exactly where it rests.02:24
vstevehuh, i've never installed prt-utils before02:24
vsteveit provides revdep02:25
vsteveexample output on my laptop from just 'revdep' is mesa3d speex syslinux02:25
vstevedoes that mean those packages are broken?02:26
vstevethat looks like a yes..02:28
vstevewow...well, these all work02:28
vstevenamely mesa3d and syslinux, I assume, since I'm here02:28
][_R_][syslinux won't break in a way that'd prevent you from booting, only prevent you from using the commands to install it onto another disk02:30
vstevegood to know02:30
][_R_][mesa3d might be broken though, you'll know when you start xorg02:30
vstevei'm in xorg now02:31
vstevesmooth sailing02:31
vsteveon my laptop anyway02:33
vsteveI still can't get my other system to play nice02:33
vsteveI tried to update libreadline, then bash02:33
vsteveupdating readline first seems to be a problem...but it's a dependency so...I would think you'd have to02:34
][_R_][Might be building from the CD's libraries.02:35
][_R_][That I don't really know how to fix, other than to maybe build them on another system with the proper environement and send over the pkg tarball then pkgadd that02:36
vsteveyeah, i've lost interest, it's an Intel Atom system so these aren't fast transactions either02:36
vsteveeach rebuild takes...a good while02:37
vsteveso i'm gounna install 3.3 from scratch and not worry about it02:37 thank you02:37
][_R_][Fair enough02:37
vsteveyeah, this is all the fun of compiling on a late model pentium 302:37
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vsteveso binary installs are preferable to experimental rebuilding02:37
vsteveas much as I appreciate your efforts02:38
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vsteveanyway, thanks again, let's see how this goes..02:39
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ryu0][_R_][: i'm thinking of doing post-stable rebuilded images for LXD. maybe that can also be applied to normal installs to save time.04:08
ryu0assuming i can figure out how to do it from another distriution. i don't use crux on my server.04:09
][_R_][I'd use prt-get --root-install to make a directory that you can copy over to your server, then chroot into that and do your building.04:19
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Workstervsteve gone? you should upgrade with the iso for crux 3.3 then once you have the system up. sudo prt-get update -fr `revdep`07:27
Worksteror you could just mount the iso and do a for loop in core ports and pkgadd -u those.07:28
Worksterand rebuild the rest, just take care to do what packages to inject and to remove. in the helper script.07:29
Worksteror as a temp fix add the old readline version back on the system but not it's leave that pointing to the new libreadline version, that way, when you rebuild it'll link to the new readline07:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: grub: make grub-install work on virtio disks09:54
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nwehas someon got squid to work with PATCH  http-headers?14:35
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jaegerpedja: what problems did you see with docker 17.05.0-ce with regards to seccomp? I haven't run into anything yet15:29
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pedjajaeger, check the output of 'docker info' for Security options.15:33
pedjait's empty, unless libseccomp is explicitly enabled for runc and docker15:34
jaegernothing matches security options in the output15:34
jaegerFor what would it be needed?15:34
jaegeranother bit of the isolation of container resources?15:35
pedjait relies on it being enabled in the kernel, too15:36
jaegerAnd have you run into anything that breaks with it enabled?15:36
pedjanothing so far15:36
jaegerok, I'll take a look at it15:37
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pedjait can be disabled per container, but I didn't have to do it so far15:37
jaegeryeah, saw that in the docs15:38
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jaegerpedja: it seems like runc already enables seccomp15:46
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pedjareally? I must've missed that :)15:53
pedjaso no need to pass BUILDTAGS='seccomp' to make, then. Cool15:54
jaegerAs far as I can see, yeah. It's in the makefile already16:00
pedjaMinio just had to choose 'mc' as a name for their client :)16:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: containerd: updated to version 9048e5e16:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: docker: updated to version 17.05.0-ce, enabled seccomp16:39
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pedjathe mosquitoes are huge this year.17:56
pedjaACTION is gonna need a bigger newspaper17:56
pedjafrinnst, you are using spice-tools for Win VM's, iirc?17:57
pedjathere is a new release, if you are interested17:57
frinnstany interesting fixes?17:57
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pedjasupport for Win10, and the usual video driver fixes, afaict17:59
pedjaI had no idea that spice-tools are just mostly repackaged virtio-win drivers from Fedora18:02
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][_R_][spice-tools looks interesting18:03
][_R_][ACTION wonders if there's an x2spice18:03
][_R_][Doesn't look like it18:03
pedjayou might be interested in ThinLinc18:07
pedjafree for up to 10 users18:07
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][_R_][Not actually what I was looking for though18:11
][_R_][Unless you meant frinnst, in which case I'm sorry18:11
pedjayou mentioned x2spice, which reminded me of x2go, which reminded me of ThinLinc :)18:13
][_R_][I meant something more like x2x or x2vnc18:14
pedjawhat's the difference between them and something like Synergy?18:18
][_R_][They only need to run on one machine18:19
][_R_][Mind you I haven't used Synergy18:19
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runaphoxHello there. I wonder what would be the best way to write a Pkgfile for a program hosted in github that does not have ".tar.gz" releases. Should i leave the sources empty and just clone from build()?19:36
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][_R_][Do they have tags for releases?19:40
][_R_][You can get tarballs of git tags from github19:41
runaphoxOh? I did not know that.19:43
runaphoxAll repos have tags?19:44
][_R_][That's why I asked if they had tags for the releases :p19:48
runaphoxOk. I'm getting a little confused... (lol). The releases tab in the repo are the same tag thing you are talking about?19:52
][_R_][I think so?  I haven't looked at a github page in detail in a while19:54
runaphoxlol. No, the repo i'm looking at doesn't have any releases tags. That's the reason i asked if i should just do a clone from inside the Pkgfile.19:56
][_R_][Not sure, I do see a ton of Pkgfiles in ports that download from github, but they all it by downloading a tarball20:06
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pedjarunaphox, check out 6c37-git repo at Crux portdb20:15
pedjaor make tarball out of git snapshot, and put it in the port directory, or host it somewhere, if you can20:18
runaphoxI guess that is an option... I'll go with putting the tarball in the port directory, i think. The only problem is i would need to update it manually.20:22
pedjawell, you could ask them nicely to provide a tarball20:23
pedjawhich project is that, btw?20:23
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runaphoxVarious dependencies i don't remember right now.20:37
runaphoxI'm desperately trying to build lmms. But it seems like impossible.20:37
just_funFrom contrib?20:40
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runaphoxYep. Doesn't build (and it is outdated). I tried making a lmms Pkgfile myself, but i doesn't build as well.20:42
runaphoxAnd can't install some of the dependencies because, well, build issues.20:43
runaphoxsdl_sound, for example.20:43
just_funDon't you think that a log will help moving the conversation forward?20:43
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runaphoxHere is the log for smpeg (One of sdl_sound's dependencies):
runaphoxIt just fails. Can't see the reason why.20:50
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just_funThe one from brianlfs repo doesn't fail20:52
just_funprobably because of that patch20:54
brian|lfshey all20:54
brian|lfsmissed the conversation20:54
runaphoxjust_fun: Yep. I was looking at it in the CRUX port browser.20:55
brian|lfsif your talking about smpeg your correct20:55
just_funbrian|lfs, smpeg from contrib fails, but yours not20:55
brian|lfsI'm just guessing just got on my computer20:55
brian|lfsya because of the patchjj20:55
just_funYou've asked if someone is using your repo20:55
brian|lfswithout the patch it fails on gcc6x20:55
just_funnow, runaphox will use it20:55
brian|lfsalso works on smpeg2 but I didn't need smpeg2 for anything20:56
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runaphoxTrying to build sdl_sound right now.20:57
brian|lfswhat program do you need sdl_sound for20:57
brian|lfsz3bra, everytime I sync my ports it thinks that you updated v4l20:59
runaphoxIt won't build. I was trying translating Arch's PKGBUILD to a Pkgfile. sdl_sound is one of the dependencies.21:00
just_funfor the new lmms?21:00
brian|lfshmmm I think we have sdl_sound on a repo not sure21:00
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just_funI don't see smpeg in prt-get deptree lmms21:01
brian|lfslooks like sdl_sound is on contrib 1.0.321:01
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runaphoxjust_fun: Yep, for lmms. I know it is not in the deptree. As i said, i tried translating the Arch's PKGBUILD. And sdl_sound is listed as "necessary".21:03
runaphoxAlso, in the lmms building guide on github it says that if the build fails for a misterious reason, it must that not all the dependencies are installed.21:04
runaphoxit must be*21:04
just_funrunaphox, just small steps21:04
just_funwhat's the next error21:05
runaphoxsdl_sound's build succeeded.21:05
runaphoxThis is the log for lmms:
runaphoxI'll try building it again now that sdl_sound is installed.21:07
just_funthank you21:07
just_funrunaphox, did you see
runaphoxThe lmms in the contrib repo had the same error. It fails around 40% and not 10%, though.21:09
runaphoxYeah. That's the building guide i talked about.21:10
runaphoxIt failed. Again. Same error.21:10
just_funand your pkgfile?21:16
just_funrunaphox, try with a release candidate 1.2.021:19
just_funthat error should be fixed in 1.2.0rc221:20
just_funshow me your pkgfile, please, please21:21
just_funbtw, I use fftw from df repo, instead of contrib, because it doesn't depend on gcc-fortran21:23
runaphoxI never got to write the Pkgfile. I tried first to install all the dependencies listed in Arch's PKGBUILD (messy, i know). I was intending to write once i saw all did go well.21:23
pitilloRomster | Workster : did you update chromium last time?21:24
just_funYes, but that guide says you don't need sdl21:24
runaphoxWell. I was desperate.21:24
runaphoxAll i did was building with the Pkgfile updated to lmms' latest stable release.21:25
just_funwell, update it to 1.2.0rc221:26
runaphoxSeems a bit scary, though, being a pre-release. That's like an edge so bleeding that it is actually out of blood.21:30
just_funAs an alternative, you could use those patches from arch linux21:32
runaphoxBut, i don't get it. Why should a "stable release" not build?21:36
just_funThe stable release from Arch Linux uses those two patches.21:36
just_funI don't want to go into politics, right now :)21:37
runaphoxI guess the patches are an option. But then i would need to install everything listed as needed for Arch's PKGBUILD ( I mean, there must be a reason for all of those dependencies to be there )21:44
just_funno, no, no21:44
just_funadd this into your pkgfile: patch -Np1 -i ../make-werrror-optional.patch21:45
just_funand download that patch:
just_fundon't give up21:45
just_funwe are so close21:45
just_funrunaphox, don't be so holistic right now21:47
just_funsmall steps21:47
runaphoxYeah. Firt i'll see if the pre-release builds. I mean, i'm already doing it.21:49
runaphoxIT BUILT!!!!!!!!! I'm seeing butterflies right now.21:53
just_funWhat is the next port :)21:54
just_funDoes it work? Or just segfault?21:54
runaphoxIt seems like working.21:55
just_funThe butterfly efect must be from the missing blood.21:55
just_funYou are on the "bleeding" edge.21:55
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runaphoxBa-dum-tssss. Well. Thats the end of lmms' build failures.21:59
runaphoxAll deps are installed as well.21:59
runaphoxIt looks like, super modern. It feels like a just got a spoiler of what is going to happen on a movie.22:01
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runaphoxLot of thanks for the help. Really.22:08
abenz_what looks super modern?22:12
just_funThe bleeding edge...22:13
abenzof what?22:13
just_funof anything22:13
abenzthat sounds just my type of fun22:13
just_fun:)) runaphox was talking about lmms packages,22:14
runaphoxlmms. It updated it's user interface22:15
runaphoxit's beautiful22:15
abenzyou know that butterfly experience you just had?22:16
abenzthats called the crux effect22:16
abenzbasically that moment when you felt you accomplished something22:16
just_funshould be trademark-ed22:17
runaphoxI was thinking the same thing, lol22:17
runaphox"The CRUX effect"... Seems cool.22:17
runaphoxThis should be kept for the posterity.22:22
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Worksterpitillo, i had it at a stable version but frinnst  had no luck running it on crux 3.3 this was when crux 3.2 was still the default. so we went up to a dev snapshot. it needs to be updated again.23:34
pitilloasked because there is no way to build it into ARM and the error reported should be fixed in higher versions... I'm making a test build with a newer one (under ARM). I wasn't sure who was maintaining it currently23:36
pitillothank you for the info23:36
Workstersepen was meant to i took the libitdy to build a newer stable one but frinnst had issues so he bumped it to a dev build. frinnst nor i have touched it since. sepen is meant to be but we know he is to busy23:42
pitilloI've only pushed up version to 58.0.3029.81 just to check... in around two days I'll get some info if it doesn't break before23:47
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