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pedjafor a moment I thought I nuked the wrong remote git branch. that was...a fun experience14:42
pedja'git push origin --delete $branch_to_nuke' doesn't seem to work with Bitbucket, for some reason14:45
pedja'git push origin --mirror' does, after I deleted the branch locally14:48
pedjawould someone that uses opt/qemu paste the result of 'qemu -audio-help | grep Name' somewhere?14:51
pedjai am curios what qemu does when audio drivers are not explicitly set in configure14:52
pedjait is interesting that qemu sets spice as default, altough only alsa and sdl are explicitly enabled14:54
just_funName: oss14:54
just_funName: none14:54
just_funName: wav14:54
pedjathank you, just_fun14:54
just_funfrom opt
pedja--audio-drv-list not only explicitly enables audio back ends, it sets their priority, too. which is a nice touch by qemu developers14:58
pedjawhich doesn't explain lack of sound in my Win7 VM. after spice, it should have tried alsa, then sdl15:01
pedjathru Pulseaudio, of course :)15:01
pedjaand that seems to be the issue here. hm15:02
jaegerare you using sudo to run the VM?15:02
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pedjaI run libvirt as user, it runs qemu as root :)15:09
pedjaand since root doesn't run PA, nor is it running as system, no sound. or something like that15:11
pedjaI'll have to modify VM to use spice instead of VNC, that might work15:14
pedjaand libvirt by default disables all qemu audio backends when VNC is used, because of possible permission issues15:16
jaegerI started a root PA session in my start script, for what that's worth15:18
jaeger if you're bored15:19
pedjaheh, that particular practice is frowned upon on the various blogs/ML I looked at :)15:21
just_funI just found the simplest port: (which is 3 lines too long, including the depends line)15:24
pedjajaeger, what's the 'hv_vendor_id=daedalus' for?15:26
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pedjaunfortunately, I don't have the hw to try this
pedjaonly WinServer2016 seems to support nested virtualization15:46
pedjaIntel CPUs only, btw, AMD is broken atm, according to that article15:47
jaegerIt was set to the hostname of the machine just to fool stuff like the nvidia drivers16:24
jaegerthe string was arbitrary so I picked the hostname16:25
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pedjasmart choice, Daedalus was the one that survived getting too close to the Sun :)16:56
jaegerI didn't choose it from greek mythology, though, my systems are named for fictional spacecraft17:05
jaegerthough that fictional spacecraft was named from greek mythology17:05
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pedja <--I'll have to use some of these :)17:23
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pedjatek, you might want to update your postgresql port from contrib
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: postgresql: 9.6.2 -> 9.6.3, fixes several CVEs21:09
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pedjalooks like everybody is patching Windows boxes for friends and family tonight.21:35
jaegerfor WannaCry?21:52
teK__probably ;)21:52
teK__did you see any info on how it is spread initially21:52
teK__or does it just try to remotely exploit stuff21:53
jaegerI haven't read about it yet, just seen the name21:53
teK__(vs. mails)21:53
brian|lfsmy family uses Apple products lol21:59
brian|lfswhat happened anyhow with windows lol22:01
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joacimi think my dim coworker would think you were laughing at your family22:01
joacimi'm sure he's going to say some stupid shit about apple to a customer soon enough22:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gtk3: updated to 3.22.1522:02
teK__apple sucks22:02
jaegerACTION is typing this on a macbook22:03
joacimmy mac mini is starting to act odd when compiling stuff22:06
joacimso im thinking about replacing it. doubt i'll get a whole new mac tho22:06
jaegerI've bought a couple surplus from my previous employer... great deals for a used mac pro tower and macbook pro22:06
joacimyeah. i dont have the connections for that22:07
joacimsometimes people throw out that kind of stuff tho, but all the mac pros that i've seen have been too old for me, or just completely busted22:07
jaegeryeah, lcuky if you can find a business selling some that they've obsoleted or replaced but aren't ancient22:11
joacimi tried looking at online sellers, but the cost of shipping is just too much22:12
joacimsometimes more than the workstation itself22:12
jaegerunrelated to macs, I got a shipping update email from NCASE, the M1 should be shipping soonish22:13
jaegerStill not exactly decided on what I'm putting into it; there are only 2 mini-itx ryzen boards available now and they're hard to get currnetly22:13
jaegerman, can't type today22:13
joacimsweet =)22:14
joacimi'm still recovering from being at work for 16 hours two days ago22:14
jaegeryuck, that's never fun22:14
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teK__it seems to be remote exploitation AND phishing mails22:24
teK__*looking forward to monday*22:24
pedjawannaCry is using one of the NSA's exploits :)22:24
teK__so much for the agencies are there to protect :-}22:24
pedjacourtesy of SB22:24
pedjawell, NSA's job is to protect and attack22:25
pedjaeven after this, some will push for 'legal backdoors'22:26
pedjaoxymoron, if I ever saw one22:27
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pedjait even has a 'chat with the developers' feature, apparently22:31
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pedjathe last time I booted actual physical Windows on this machine, it got hit by Conficker.22:46
pedjaso, I nuked it, and never looked back22:47
joacimnever actually found malware on my windows computer23:05
joacimjust false positives23:05
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