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loungehey ,at every startx i get does not exist ,i googled and solution is to disable xauth in usr/bin/startx04:02
loungeis this solution safe04:02
loungesome say just ignore it ,but theres for reason and probable message that its something wrong ?04:03
jaegeris xauth installed? I think it's supposed to create that when you start04:17
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xckoz3bra: where is the key to your repo?08:41
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Romsterxcko, look in /usr/ports/foo/foo.pub08:53
Romsterand copy it to /etc/ports/08:53
Romstereg my key is in /usr/ports/romster/romster.pub08:53
xckoyeah, I checked there is no key at /usr/ports/z3bra/ or anything that ends in .pub in the ports tree08:55
Romsterthen they forgot to add it?08:55
Romsternot in capitals?08:55
Romsterlike the silly which should be in my opinion08:56
xckofind /usr/ports/z3bra -name *pub gives nothing09:00
Romsteruse -iname09:26
Romsterit's case insensitive then09:26
Romster-iname '*.pub'09:27
xckostill nothing. Though an uppercase .PUB would be weird09:34
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abenzgood mouse recommendations?10:13
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abenzlogitech mx master looks nice10:43
abenzpricey though10:44
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tilmanabenz: i've been happily using a logitech g400 for 5 years. i don't have stronk requirements though ;)11:09
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pedjarx1000 here. 7+years :)11:19
pedjait was 60-70 euros, iirc. I'd say that investment paid off rather well11:21
pedjakeyboard, otoh (generic Logitech), is starting to show its age11:22
pedjawhy are keyboards with arm rest so rare these days? at least the ones available here11:23
Romsterabenz, i am using a roccat kone xtd i got my mouse set to about 5000dpi. it's awesome.11:27
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frinnst+1 for mx master12:10
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pedjaWindows update 'error' message: 'The update has failed." gee, thanks MS15:07
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pedjaare they so strapped for cash that they can't afford a longer message, or is it the result of dumbing Windows down, I wonder15:11
pedjathe typical BSOD '0xdeadbeef The main temporal control system conduit error' is more helpful15:15
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notfrombrooklynhi there, been strugling with chrony, can anyone spare some time to help me?18:29
pedjanotfrombrooklyn, what's the problem?18:34
notfrombrooklynpedja, at boot screen it gives an error, there's no log and I get "Can't open /dev/urandom : Permission denied" then I start it manually18:36
notfrombrooklyntried to start it from the root account18:37
pedjadid you run pre and post-install scripts when you installed it?18:38
pedjait no longer runs as root, but as a dedicated user18:39
pedjawhich is what pre- and post- install scripts set up18:39
notfrombrooklynno, I installed it with "prt-get depinst chrony", I also created previously a chrony user and usergroup18:41
pedjamanually? why?18:41
notfrombrooklynI thought it neede to be created, I checked chrony documentation, there was nothing about postinstallation scripts18:42
pedjait is a Crux thing :)18:42
notfrombrooklynthat's the thing, I don't know if it is or it's a chrony thing18:43
pedjaset 'runscripts yes' in the /etc/prt-get.conf, and reinstall it18:43
notfrombrooklynwill check18:44
notfrombrooklynit wasn't set, I'll see if it works, thanks18:45
pedjait isn't, by default18:45
pedjapermission denied is weird, since /dev/urandom has 666 perms18:45
pedjait's most likely that chrony refuses to run as root. or something18:47
notfrombrooklynyeah, saw sothing about this with root user, but in theory I'm using chrony user18:47
pedja"/var/{lib,run,log}/chrony' should be chrony:chrony18:50
notfrombrooklynjust reinstalled, didn't see any postinstallation script execution18:52
notfrombrooklynI mean I just did pkgrm chrony and prt-get depinst chrony18:52
pedjayou could've used 'prt-get update chrony'18:53
pedjait would just reinstall the package18:53
notfrombrooklynyep, chrony:chrony for each one of those18:55
notfrombrooklynahh, good to know18:55
notfrombrooklynit gives the same error18:55
pedja'service stop chronyd && service start chronyd"18:58
pedja(you might want to prt-get install service before that :) )18:59
notfrombrooklynyea, just saw that18:59
notfrombrooklynweird, service failed to build19:00
notfrombrooklynit was becasue of the date19:01
SitriWhat's the benefit of using service?19:02
SitriWhy not just /etc/rc.d/$thingy start/stop?19:02
pedjalazyness :)19:02
notfrombrooklyn:) "service bot found to stop", because it's not running19:04
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pedjagrep chrony 'var/log/messages'19:10
jaegerWhat happens if you try to run chonyd manually?19:10
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notfrombrooklynI get "dd if=/dev/random bs=128 count=1", it fails to generate the ID-key pair19:14
notfrombrooklynbut don't know why19:14
notfrombrooklynIn messages: It says wrong owner, chrony is has GID = 100 and it asks for 10119:16
notfrombrooklynalso, socket problems, they may be related to owner problems19:17
notfrombrooklynahh, /var/run/chrony is chrony:chrony (100:101) and there's no 101 user19:19
jaegerthe second is group, not user19:19
jaegerusually 100 is your own user, assuming it's the first created19:20
abenzthanks for mice recommendations, will check out all three mentioned19:20
notfrombrooklynchanged permission, now I don't get the owner error in /var/log/messages19:22
notfrombrooklynI get the urandom error and "Could not open IPv6 command socket : Address family not supported by protocol"19:23
jaegercan you access urandom yourself? something like "dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/null count=1"19:23
notfrombrooklynyes, I can, I've allready tried19:25
jaegercan you run chronyd as root? (that's how it's supposed to start anyway, it drops privileges)19:27
notfrombrooklynI can't19:28
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notfrombrooklynjust thinking about dependencies, maybe something is mising19:37
timcowchipprt-get dependent19:38
timcowchipprt-get depends19:38
jaegerHrmm, no idea here, then. Maybe try stracing it19:40
notfrombrooklynSearchin chrony website for full dependencies list19:44
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brian|lfswow 67 people19:44
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notfrombrooklyncan't find dependecies list in chrony git tree, compared it to archlinux package, basically the same19:53
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pedjanotfrombrooklyn, start from scratch: prt-get remove chrony, remove chrony group/user from /etc/group and /etc/passwd, remove chrony dirs from var19:55
pedjaalso remove built package19:56
notfrombrooklynwill do19:56
pedjayou enabled runscripts in prt-get.conf, right? un-commented and changed 'no' to 'yes'?19:57
pedja(I am old, my memory is weak)19:57
notfrombrooklynI did19:58
pedja'prt-get depends chrony' lists all deps as installed?19:59
brian|lfshow old is old 2120:01
pedjawell. notfrombrooklyn, try it. and good luck :)20:01
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pedja'I had a velociraptor as a pet' old, brian|lfs :)20:03
onoderapedja: all uninstalled depends I'm pretty sure20:04
onodera dependencies in style20:05
brian|lfsnice flow chart20:06
notfrombrooklynonodera, nice :)20:09
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brian|lfsstupid question anyone have time issues rebooting from windows to linux or the other way around21:19
SitriHaven't done dual-booting since 2008...21:21
SitriVMs are a thing after all.21:21
SitriWhat bootloader are you using?21:21
SitriWhat kind of problems are you having?21:23
brian|lfsVMs are nice but not that good for a laptop if you need your graphics power for windows and LInux21:23
brian|lfsseems like I'm usually off 5 hours between windows and linux with my time21:23
brian|lfsright now I"m in crux on my laptop and its 3 hours behind lol21:24
brian|lfsgo figure21:24
SitriLinux systems usually set the system time to UTC21:24
SitriWindows sets it to local21:24
brian|lfstrue but dual booting you would want local21:24
brian|lfson Linux to keep Linux and windows correct21:24
SitriACTION forgets what you need to do, but tell Linux to use local.21:24
brian|lfson crux should be jsut set in rc.conf21:25
brian|lfshmm maybe I"m wrong21:25
brian|lfsunless there is a variable you can add.21:26
brian|lfsnot sure CRUX handbook don't mention UTC or local for rc.conf21:28
brian|lfsI guess the only way to fix it woudl be set my timezone to UTC in LInux so then windows corrects 5 hours back lol21:29
pedjaor set Windows to use UTC with the registry hack21:34
brian|lfsahhh didn't know you could21:35
brian|lfsinteresting idea21:35
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pedjajaeger, this might be interesting to you
pedjasharing access to PA via unix socket, so qemu running as root can use it, is an interesting idea21:43
pedjaone of the PA selling points *is* sound over the network (someone was using that approach for pass-through setup)21:46
pedjait would be cool if it works, but I wouldn't be bothered much if it doesn't21:50
pedjaI rarely spin up my Windows VMs these days21:50
pedjaor any VM, for that matter. It's all Docker :)21:51
pedja90-ish euros for 2Tb Toshiba P300 HD? Hmm21:54
pedjaq: as long as I don't boot from it, I can GPT partition it, correct?21:59
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jaegerbrian|lfs: add --localtime to the hwclock call in /etc/rc.local22:05
jaegeralso, set your clock via ntp or however you want and run 'hwclock --systohc --localtime' once22:06
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jaegerpedja: I had to run mine as root anyway for some reason. taskset maybe, I don't recall22:19
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xckoever get an "error adding symbols: DSO missing from commandline"?22:30
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xckoDSO is dynamic shared object apparently, usually due to a missing library. Anyone else have issues install vorbis-tools so I can be sure it's not my system22:42
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pedjathey build fine here22:46
pedjaxcko, fail to build in the Docker container, same error22:51
pedjavgfilter.o: undefined reference to symbol 'tanh@@GLIBC_2.2.5'22:51
xckookay I'll file a bug report22:52
xckopedja: know what's missing?22:52 is part of glibc22:53
pedjascratch that, the issue is with missing symbol. googling suggests adding -lm (libmath) to LDFLAGS22:57
Sitrilibm is only included by default when compiling as C++, but not as C23:01
pedjaI see at the configure stage check for log in -lm23:06
pedjaand it compiles with '-lm' passed to ./configure23:07
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pedjaArch has a couple of CVE fixes for vorbis-tools, too23:09
pedjaxcko, would you include link to the Arch patches in the bug report, please? or, better yet, make a patch :)23:12
pedjathe glory is just 'git format-patch -1' away ;)23:14
xckoThe patches don't fix the compile for me, but I can include them23:15
xckoah but adding -lm to the cflags does23:15
xckoI don't have a git tree for ports - is that the way most people use it?23:16
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pedjaI have it separate, so I can make patches sometimes, but use regular rsync for ports -u23:17
pedjaI killed a (rather huge) mosquito, and now I can go to bed.23:21
pedjagn all23:21
brian|lfsso jaeger nothign in my rc.local so just add hwclock --localtime to it?23:26
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