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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: [notify] freetype-32: 2.7.1 -> 2.8 Fixes for CVE-2017-8105, CVE-2017-8287. See for details03:51
brian|lfsThank you Cruxbot04:14
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abenz16 coars04:55
abenz32 threads, 3.9Gegahetrs04:56
abenzfrinnst your CPU is HTPC class now :P04:56
jaegerThat's a little ridiculous, heh04:56
abenzAMD has gone all gunz blazing it seems04:57
abenzbut competition in CPU is refreshing, finally04:57
jaegerIt'll be interesting to see04:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.0.5 -> 17.0.605:13
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tilmani wish i had a use for that kind of computing power :p05:43
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abenzif they polish the IOMMU groupings and that, this would make a terrific VM server05:58
abenzunless.. RAM is limited to 64GB05:58
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brian|lfsnever fails I have a bad network jack on this box and the cord comes out slightly all the time06:02
abenzbrian|lfs: a new build is required!06:02
brian|lfsprobably but its a $500 Asus Haswell board06:02
brian|lfshey abenz I bought a Ryzen yesterday got it home plgged int in it kept rebooting06:21
abenzwhat mobo ?06:21
abenzrebooting after booting into system or never boots?06:21
brian|lfseventually got it to half work then slept on it woke up and was like this is probably not a goodthing to have this much issue with a brand new computer so brought it bacvk and exchanged it for Intel 7700K06:21
brian|lfsI would put the product key in for windows and it would jsut reboot lol06:22
abenzvery first thing I'd do is upgrade the bios of mobo06:22
brian|lfsAfter about 10 tries of that I had a windows 10 1607 build on a flash drive and reformatted the thing06:22
abenzerr, uefi I meant06:22
abenzfrom what I hear a lot of bugs sorted06:22
brian|lfsI did update the BIOS eventually and it didn't help06:23
brian|lfseither way I wasn't going to gamble on that kind of money06:23
brian|lfswith something being unstable out of the box06:23
abenzso you returned it?06:23
brian|lfsKoby lake has been fine so far and I have a 1080TI now instead of just a plain 108006:24
brian|lfsI suppose I could of built from scratch but for the cost of the 1080 wouldn't be saving much money06:24
brian|lfsThe Ryzen had a asrock board06:25
brian|lfsand the Kobylake has a Asrock also06:25
brian|lfsIdentical computer cases just different processors and boards06:25
brian|lfsAnyhow I'm legally blind and bought three M.2 drives and manged to get one screwed in but can't get the other one in due to my eyes and large hands06:26
brian|lfscome to find out was just looking a minute ago it appears there is only two M.2 slots so they wrote the spces wrong for the computer06:26
abenzI see06:27
brian|lfs3 seemed like an odd number don't recall seeing any systems with 306:27
brian|lfstheres the koby lake06:29
brian|lfsI bought06:29
brian|lfs3 Slots, 2 Available06:30
brian|lfsok I'm not crazy06:31
brian|lfsthis is the board
brian|lfswhat are they smoking only 2 slots thre lol06:32
brian|lfshuh LOL
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abenzI need one of those toys:
abenzmimics your voice06:47
abenzbrian|lfs: so how many boxes do you have now?06:47
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frinnst aaaaw07:10
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brian|lfs3 desktops one laptop07:13
brian|lfsI will bring my new desktop to my friend so he can help me get the screw in for the second m.2 drive07:15
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brian|lfswe have an introoter in the house07:28
timcowchipwhois introoter?07:30
brian|lfsno clue they just joined lol07:30
Introoteri root ints07:46
Introoterfancy a root m8?07:46
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frinnstmy god does gmail suck ass08:52
frinnstThe Email Log Search tool isn't available to resellers when accessing a resold domain Admin console using the reseller console.08:52
frinnstgo fuck yourself google08:52
frinnstSo im not allowed to find out why a customer isnt receiving emails?08:53
abenz"Ops, something went wrong. Looking online for a solution"08:53
frinnstexchange online is thousand times better08:54
abenzimap ftw08:54
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pedjagigabit symmetric connection for ~60 euros? hm09:26
pedja3x the price I pay for 20/2, 50x the speed :)09:28
frinnstto be hones, gbit is not needed :)09:29
pedjasome people like to have fancy cars, even if they don't 'need' it ;)09:30
pedjaI would've preferred that my ISP stopped being so brain dead with upload speeds09:32
pedja50/2? really? in 2017?09:32
pedjahow am I supposed to use 'The Cloud' with such pathetic upload?09:34
pekka10Im trying to install nano with prt-get and get: ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by 'CN=Let\'s Encrypt Authority X3,O=Let\'s Encrypt,C=US':09:35
pedjait's the same story like with ipv6. 'get the business class, it's only arm, leg, firstborn and kidney'09:36
pekka10which package do I need to enable certificate check?09:36
pedjawget/curl use ca-cerificates, iirc09:38
pekka10I assume prt-get use wget09:39
pedjait can be set in prt-get.conf09:39
pedjabut yes, by default it does. no problem d/l nano source here, btw09:39
pekka10I use rootfs for ARM Cubienboard09:40
pedjasorry, pkgmk.conf, not prt-get.conf09:41
pedjaand it uses curl, apparently09:42
john_cephalopodaNote: NO UGH COFFEE09:47
pedjapekka10, you should've mentioned that you use crux-arm :)09:50
pekka10Im hacking CRUX on to my esoteric HW09:51
pedjaPDP-10 ?09:51
pedjaCubieboard is hardly esoteric09:52
pekka10bpi A20, Chromebooks and tegra 25009:52
pedjawhat's bpi A20?09:52
pekka10banana pi with AllWinner A20 SOC09:53
pedjaaah. cool09:53
pekka10and I have one of the ancient ac10009:53
pekka10but usually there is no problem with the package management.. Just the HW09:54
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pekka10Crux-arm is forgiving, I usually just need a working kernel09:54
pedjanever played with ARM boards, sadly09:59
pekka10well, I havent played around with CRUX on my desktop yet, only ARM10:06
pedjaI don't see crux-arm shipping ca-certificates in core or opt ports.10:08
pedjaand wget and curl use them, iirc10:09
pekka10then this may be a finding I/we can feed back to the project10:09
pekka10I circumvented it by using 'wget --no-check-certificate' just for this time only10:10
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pedjayeah, ping one of the devs on #crux-arm10:11
pekka10looks like crux-arm is ok, now everything works, after updating hardware clock10:24
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pedjahow much was it off?11:18
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john_cephalopodaCompiling qt5 on a 1GHz ARM CPU must be fun...11:42
pedjacross-compiling ftw11:53
joacimthe thing that bothers me the most is11:54
joacim"why don't you please make a YouTube channel. we could learn so much from you..."11:54
joacimis reading a 160 character description and looking at a picture too hard for people?11:55
pedjaI think he meant 'share your l44t skilz with us, o master'11:56
joacimdoubt he'll learn anything meaningful from a youtube video =)11:57
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pedja'what you hear, forget. what you see, remember. what you do, you learn.'12:02
pedjaold chinese proverb, iirc12:02
pedjaor dialog line from a kung-fu movie12:03
pedjaI forget which12:03
pedjaYT video can be good introduction to a subject, but until I do it myself, I don't actually learn12:05
pedjaI've watched a *lot* of videos on KSP, but I still suck at actually playing it12:06
pedjasame for any random FPS12:06
pedjaor games, in general12:07
pedjanot my thing, apparently12:07
pedjaIntel is looking into multi-chip solutions, similar to Zen's CCX, if I am reading the interview with their CEO right12:20
pedjahe didn't mention AMD, of course :)12:20
pedjaspeaking of AMD, 'Threadripper' is a pretty cool name for 16c/32t CPU12:24
Romsternow i don't want a 1800x i want that 16 core Threadripper12:25
pedjayou won't mind it's 3.1Ghz base/3.6Ghz boost clock, I guess :)12:28
pedjathey are going with LGA socket for it.12:30
pedja4094 pins, same as Naples12:31
pedja'Enthusiast CPU', indeed12:31
Romsterwith that many cores who needs over 4GHz?12:31
pedjawccftech is not known for it's reliability of information, but
john_cephalopodapedja: With that, you can compile qt5 in 10 seconds! ;D12:40
Romsterhmm this might make up upcoming 16 node cluster seems slow12:40
Romsteri'm at 8 now12:41
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john_cephalopodaThe only time I actually use all cores on 100% is, when I compile stuff.13:16
john_cephalopodaOr when I do search and replace in big table documents.13:16
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frinnsthave you ever come across a guide of something that ONLY exist as a youtube video?13:43
frinnstand the person is super annoying by telling you about their life for like the first 2 minutes?13:44
frinnstso you spend 5 minutes on something you would have found in 30 seconds if it was just text13:44
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pedjaor person speaks English even more broken than mine13:55
pedjawith heavy accent13:55
pedjaand is annoyingly cheerful13:56
pedjaand keeps repeating 'you know' after are every fucking sentence13:59
pedjano, never watched YT video like that14:00
jaegerbrian|lfs: that video you linked of the guy unboxing the crate, that's the case I have on my main system14:12
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john_cephalopodaOr that person sounds like a 13 year old, explains things wrong and has a horrible microphone with a really annoying hum that is louder than the voice.14:54
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john_cephalopodaOooh, or the ones where somebody with minimal english skills opens notepad every 5 seconds to write some explanation, interrupting what's happening and taking ages because they are mistyping every second word and then slowly correcting it.14:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 381.2214:56
john_cephalopodaAs if typing everything out was so much more easy than adding simple subtitles in the video cutting program.14:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 381.2214:56
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jaegerIn the past when there were no free video editing options, I could see that being appealing... not so much anymore. Even if you don't have an experience with video editing software, there are youtube annotations15:17
jaegerRomster: I can still think of one situation where clock speed is king over core count - console emulation. With that said, that's only a single use case15:23
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pedjaI think this is the first time in a decade that mplayer can't play a file16:38
pedjatheora/opus in matroska container, no less16:39
pekka10@pedja: the hardware clock was set to 01.01.1970 and that may explain why some SW complain..16:55
pekka10@john_cephalopoda: I run my bpi cards as headless servers, no qt here..16:56
pekka10but I have some new Chromebooks with exynos octa core, I will try install CRUX on them later16:57
pekka10I think only 4 cores are activated at the time, so it looks more impressive than it can deliver16:58
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john_cephalopodaStuff like webkit, wine, qt and chromium really annoy me. They take so long to compile...17:18
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pekka10I have 3 bpi cards, so I set one or 2 of them to compile17:24
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pekka10I think saw there was some crux-sw which enable sharing binaries, once compiled17:25
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brian|lfsDid yours come in a wood crate lol19:59
pekka10@just_fun: I think it was pkgsync I had a look at20:17
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pedjathis particular file seems to break mplayer. ffplay runs it just fine, which is curious21:17
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pedjaif I use -vo vdpau, that is, for mplayer. works with xv output21:19
pedjasince the same thing happens with the latest svn snapshot and opt/mplayer, something else is a problem, I'd say21:21
pedjaprobably nvidia drivers :)21:21
pedjaACTION waits for inevitable frinnst's evil laugh and 'buy AMD already' :)21:22
pedjabut why the hell it tries to use vdpau for theora/opus copy of the same file, I don't know21:25
frinnstthe current mplayer in opt seems a bit buggy for me btw21:31
frinnstpkgadd -u /usr/ports/pkg/mplayer#2017-01-11-1.pkg.tar.gz21:32
frinnst.. and everything works again21:32
frinnstits not the first time newer mplayer versions have been buggy for me21:33
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pedjait's weird. I am re-encoding it with constant bitrate, see if it makes any difference21:39
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pedjaI cut ~5min from it, no need to waste an hour on the whole thing21:45
pedjaheh. no matter how i encode it, I always get the same vdpau error21:58
pedjaand ffplay plays every single one of them22:04
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pedjaI have a sneaking suspicion that ffplay doesn't use vdpau at all...22:15
pedjaand I was right. it breaks too when I force h264_vdpau as a codec22:28
pedjaI give up22:28
pedjafor now22:28
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jaegerbrian|lfs: nah, I didn't buy a pre-assembled one... just the case for my own build23:57

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