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jaegerI need to redo the cable management since I moved the PC to the right side of the desk00:18
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stratactdid anyone here use the open source amdgpu driver successfully in Crux?01:03
abenzyes I believe a few have01:05
stratactDo I need to do any configuration to get it set up?01:08
brian|lfsI forget should be a gentoo or arch wiki on it somewhere01:20
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brian|lfsI'm guessing USB 3.0 does 3.1?03:03
brian|lfsdon't see 3.1 as an option03:03
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brian|lfsscratching my head confused04:45
brian|lfsusb keyboard and probably my mouse not working on kaby lake04:46
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brian|lfstrying a newer kernel 4.11.1 coudlnt' get my keyboard and mouse to work on 4.4.6805:17
frinnstno driver for usb?06:32
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frinnst3.1 does 10Gbps. dont remember what the bandwidth is for 3.007:46
dbrookeshould be enough for a keyboard and mouse 8-)07:46
Romster3.0 is 5Gbps IIRC08:09
Romsterusb 2 is 480mbps08:09
frinnstgod damnit. trying to configure a eaton 9px ups with the webinterface.. unable to save smtp settings etc. "hmm, must be a firmware bug"08:12
frinnsttry again with chrome instead of firefox... works08:12
dbrookeI've just begun using NFS client on my CRUX workstation and it's not starting up cleanly since rpc.statd fails due to being started from rc.d/nfs before the network has come up, any suggestions?08:13
joacimplace nfs after net in rc.conf08:13
frinnstmove the network part before nfs in rc.conf ?08:13
dbrookethe order there is OK, the only non-standard part is that my network is on a bridge (for libvirt guests to access it), which i guess may delay the link becoming active08:16
dbrookeI'll revert that for a test ...08:17
dbrookedidn't help, seems that dhcpcd starts up before there's a carrier, so it backgrounds, meanwhile nfs tries to start and 3 seconds later dhcpd configures the interface08:24
dbrookelooks like dhcpcd has an option to wait for an address before forking to background ...08:29
just_fundbrooke, better change nfs to wait for an IP, than delaying indefinitely all the other services when the dhcp server doesn't respond.08:39
dbrookenot sure how I would easily do that and most services are going to need the network up anyway08:47
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pedjadbrooke, I start openvswitch and libvirt before net in rc.conf10:20
john_cephalopoda“No other company is close to delivering this type of communication between endpoint and network security products.” ~ Any company10:21
pedja'of course we are the best, don't you trust out shiny marketing material?'10:22
john_cephalopodaAfter WannaCry, the company that protects the british hospitals quickly changed their slogan.10:24
frinnstStay protected from the "Wanna DecryptOr" ransomware outbreak.10:25
frinnstLearn More10:25
frinnston their main page10:26
john_cephalopodaBefore, their slogan was something like "Securing NHS from all threats"10:26
pedjaand now 'securing NHS from almost all threats'?10:28
john_cephalopodaAh, here
john_cephalopoda"We understand your security needs. We won't protect you though. Duh.10:30
john_cephalopodaThey changed their slogan again, into "End-to-End Security to Protect Patient Data"10:31
dbrookepedja: interesting, I wasn't using openvswitch, just modified net (as net-bridge) to bring up a bridge on top of the physical ethernet, but the dhcpcd wait solves that part of the issue for me, I'm now investigating the next problem 8-)10:35
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pedjabefore someone says 'why don't they use Linux?', what devices did Mirai worm abuse again?10:42
pedjahint: not Windows or macOS10:43
pedjasecurity state of Io(shitty)T devices scares the shit out of me10:44
joacimi think it's great10:45
joacimhoping people get burnt enough to learn how to take care of their stuff10:46
joacimand hopefully they start making non-smart TVs and appliances again10:46
pedjanot gonna happen10:46
joacimwhen we joked about running netbsd on toasters, someone at OBH thought we were serious10:48
dbrookeI have several devices on (a hopefully sufficiently isolated part of) my network here which have no real security, in some cases by design10:48
joacimSome aspects of my PSP requires going online, but it doesn't support WPA210:49
john_cephalopodapedja: Well, one Linux worm vs. a few thousand windows worms...10:50
john_cephalopodaAnd there is a difference between hospital servers with very strong security requirements and capability-based access systems and people working on them, and IoT devices that are basically never secured and often keep standard passwords, weak passwords or no password.10:53
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pedjathe point is that 'just use Linux' is not the answer.11:06
pedjasecurity is hard11:06
frinnstthere seems to be some wonderful big screen monitors out there for a not too bad a price11:08
pedjawhat's 'big screen' for you?11:09
frinnsti'll use it as a TV for movies and such11:09
frinnstbtw jaeger awesome setup11:10
frinnstmine looks similar. except its very messy, dusty and not at all organized11:11
joacimwas looking at those public displays myself11:11
joacim+ some manufacturers have 40-60" professional monitors11:11
pedjathat Dell on the left looks familiar :)11:12
frinnstPhilips BDM4037UW 40" 16:9 3840 x 216011:13
frinnstnot too expensive11:13
pedja404 for english version of the site11:20
pedjawhat's 'UHD-upplösning'?11:22
joacimi assume the path names are different in english11:22
joacimUHD upsolution11:22
pedjait upscales to UHD?11:22
joacimoppløsning means resolution11:22
joacimit's just a UHD panel11:23
pedjaahh. thanks11:23
pedjaone that frinnst likes is 4K, but VA panel.11:24
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pedjathat dell one I like is ~900 euros. not bad.11:25
joacimi was thinking about something from this list11:25
pedjahow are 'Public Display' monitors different?11:27
joacimi dont know11:27
joacimCertified for 16/7 Continuous Operation11:28
joacimthats perfect for unemployment tho11:28
joacimvideo games all day every day11:28
pedjaI am unemployed for nearly 2 years now, and yet I haven't played video games at all during that time. mostly because I suck at them.11:31
dbrookein case anyone is still interested, what wasn't obvious to me from the log was that it was rpc.statd's connection to the _local_ rpcbind which was failing (strace to the rescue), just needed an rpcbind in rc.conf before nfs and no need to delay dhcpcd11:31
joacimi just dont have the patience for extended sessions like that11:31
joacimi usually grow tired of them after an hour or two11:31
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pedja'git log' got a bit fancier with git-1.13. nice11:34
joacimi have a job, but i hate it11:37
joacimlast week i got yelled at for 20 minutes on the phone by a customer that found that my coworker failed to configure outlook and copy over her files11:38
joacimfound  that out after driving for 4 hours, she was not happy about having to drive back11:39
joacimapparently my coworker thinks typing in a few imap and smtp addresses and maybe specifying the imap prefix is too hard11:39
pedjawhy were you yelled out? coworker wasn't around?11:43
joacimcant just call him over tho11:44
joacimbut even if i did, i think he's just make the situation worse11:44
frinnstpedja: pro tip: contribute to crux in a official capacity12:08
john_cephalopodaAt my old school, when something was not taking place or taking place in an other room, it would be displayed on some sheets of paper in the main hall of the school.12:08
frinnstlooks good on a CV :)12:08
frinnstjoacim: do you work at a MSP too?12:08
joacimsupport desk in a store12:09
john_cephalopodaIt was pretty quick to read from those papers. So the crowd in front of it wasn't big.12:09
john_cephalopodaThen they got donated two giant plasma screens.12:10
john_cephalopodaThey had like 5 pages on every screen that they switched between. Every page was displayed for 30 seconds or more. So you stood there for ages to find out what was postponed, and when you didn't get it the first time, you stood there another minute.12:11
john_cephalopodaThe crowds were giant.12:11
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john_cephalopodaBut the official stance was, that the screens were more efficient than paper and more environmentally friendly. So they kept them.12:12
john_cephalopodaWell, they _could_ have replaced the old CRTs in the classrooms instead, but that was probably too easy.12:12
joacimbeen looking around for a higher up job tho. a lot of them "require" degrees and such, but i apply to anything that i think i can handle12:13
john_cephalopodajoacim: I got a B.Sc. in computer science and I bet I am way less qualified than you are ;þ12:13
frinnstI have 0 education12:15
frinnstwell, close to12:15
john_cephalopodaStudying gives some nice skills, like being able to learn theoretical stuff quite fast. But the practical side is rarely tought.12:15
john_cephalopodaI can tell you how to decide if a logical expression is solvable, but I can't fix a computer :þ12:15
frinnstpedja: so whats the cmds for virsh? stopping a vm and starting it again12:21
frinnst not really finished :) "Needs to be written"12:22
frinnst not at all broken12:24
pedjafrinnst, 'virsh shutdown $vm' 'virsh start $vm'12:27
pedjaor domain, on libvirt parlance12:27
pedjavirsh man page and help from the shell are pretty extensive12:29
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frinnstyeah cheers12:30
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: not sure about qualifications, but i'm able to bs my way forward until i can fix it =)12:36
joacimtho i like studying. want to get a humanities degree as a hobby12:37
frinnstin my experience the more qualifications a person has, the dumber they are :-)12:37
joacimis only about 100 dollars a year, and i get student discounts everywhere12:37
pedjafrinnst, you have an university degree, iirc?12:40
frinnsttook some classes but never finished anything12:40
frinnstI dont even have a complete high school diploma (gymnasieutbildning)12:40
pedjatoo busy partying to even finish that, I guess :)12:41
frinnstteenage years were tough and once i got my act together i started to complete my high school grades12:42
pedjahow long is high school in .se? 4 years12:43
frinnstbut the thing is, since i didnt have a "slutbetyg" the grades for each subject are only valid for 5 years or something like that. So while i were finishing advanced english my basic english grade became invalid12:43
frinnstfun times, so I went back to work instead12:43
joacimfor some reason, the requirements for IT related courses at the university have gone way up12:44
joacimI was lazy, but I qualified 10 years ago12:44
joacimnow i'm borderline12:44
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joacimdidnt skip any classes in highschool, but i never studied. so i finished, but with bad - mediocre grades12:45
joacimi did good in history, religion, and IT for some reason12:45
pedjasomeone joked on one of the local ML that he is not qualified for an IT position in Serbian domain registry, but is qualified to work at Google :)12:46
jaegerfrinnst: thanks :)12:48
pedjaGCE or GKE, or whatever that Google's hosted Kubernetes thing is called12:48
pedjajoacim, religion?12:49
frinnstreligious studies are obligatory in sweden and norway (i guess)12:50
frinnstthats why the nordic countries have the highest percentage of atheists :)12:50
pedjahere parents can choose religion or social studies12:51
frinnstbut not both? wtf?12:51
joacimyeah. you learn about the different religions12:55
joacimits not like the elementary school christianity class12:56
joacimdont know if they still have that12:56
pedjachristianity class is what 'religion' is here :)12:56
pedjasorry for the confusion12:57
pedjarecently there was, a pretty cringe worthy, petition by 'intellectuals', to no longer teach the Darwin's theory of evolution in schools13:00
pedjabecause 'it is just a theory'13:00
frinnstso is gravity13:00
frinnstfucking idiots13:00
frinnstthey should be forced to take gen1 antibiotics if they get sick. since germs cant "evolve"13:01
pedjaand 'it offends christian sensibilities'13:01
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frinnst'grow the fuck up'13:01
joacimon exams, the questions were always formulated with "discuss". sounds like you're not supposed to do that around religion13:02
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pedjaif someone's beliefs are so easily challenged by what the random person on the internet says, then maybe their faith in invisible friend in the sky is not that strong to begin with13:05
joacimi find it offensive that people think windows 10 telemetry and the current prices of hardware is OK13:07
pedjatelemetry is for user's own good ;)13:09
joacimit seems like if i want better performance than the hardware i bought 2-4 years ago, i have to spend more than i did back then13:09
pedjaand RAM prices will go down. eventually. maybe in 2018.13:09
joacimlast year i saw people talk about how cheap ram was. price was the same as it was 4-5 years ago13:10
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pedjamobile phones and SSD's are to 'blame'.13:11
pedjaand good, old price fixing13:11
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pedjaupgrade? maybe next year, when my CPU/MB turn 10 years old :)13:14
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pedjaE6500, Pentium Dual-Core13:16
joacimi had a E760013:16
joacimbefore i bought this i5 469013:16
joacimthought about upgrading to a Q9550 tho13:16
pedja4690? is that 4c or 6?13:17
pedja*short trip to later* 4c13:18
joacimwithout hyperthreading13:18
joacimi kinda wish i had gone with LGA2011 from the start. would like an extra 213:19
pedjawait for Ryzen2 :)13:19
pedjaor that Threadripper beast, if you can spare a kidney to buy it13:20
joacimcould also just get an old workstation for 200-300 euro or something =)13:21
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joacimjust the motherboard + cpu combo can be cheap too13:22
pedjaI'll have to get mb/cpu/ram13:22
pedjanicer case, too13:23
pedjaso, it adds up13:23
john_cephalopoda. o O ( Cross-compiling for x86_64 on a RasPi cluster)13:24
joacimcan donate my rpi3 to that cause13:26
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pedjais that on a dare, or something?13:27
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frinnsti threw away 3 lian-li cases last year14:20
frinnstnow i really need an extra case. I have parts to reconstruct my main workstation from 10 months ago14:20
frinnstjust no case :(14:20
frinnstalways the same case. I keep parts around for years and then I throw it out. Less than a year later i regret it14:21
joacimI regret throwing out my baby AT cases =)14:34
joacimThe only case I'm attached to is the one that I've been using for more than 10 years. Bought sometime in 200514:38
joacimone of the scandinavian spec lian li cases with room for 120mm fans.14:39
frinnstlian li's are nice but they dont age well14:44
frinnstall of mine started to rattle14:44
joacimmine rattled from day one =)14:45
joacimwanted to get dampening materials, and use some soft material where the side panels attach to the rest of the case14:46
joacimnever got around to it tho14:46
joacimmy server is built into a lian li case too, but that one doesn't rattle at all14:47
joacimit is a lot smaller than my other cases tho14:47
frinnstbathroom silicone was useful14:47
frinnst was my first one14:47
frinnst was my last one14:48
joacimthats the server14:51
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onoderadoes nvidia-sl work with 4.11?15:33
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brian|lfs_Hello on my phone at work16:03
brian|lfs_Is tsaop around?16:03
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john_cephalopodabrian|lfs_: tsaop doesn't seem to be in the user list.16:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: thunderbird: updated to 52.1.119:01
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