IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2017-05-17

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brian|lfsglad I ordered a sound card for my kaby lake the realtek don't work with Linux yet01:29
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abenzwhat realtek?02:09
abenzthey work fine02:09
abenztest your sound card with this track:
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jaeger <-- what I was listening to on my way home03:21
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frinnstwow scp is really slow as shit08:07
frinnstthere are high performance patches out there, wonder why they havent been upstreamed08:08
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joacimscp is kinda ok on my systems, but winscp and other clients are horribly slow09:00
frinnstyeah not too bad right now - 9MB/s09:04
frinnsti tried yesterday from home - 1-2MB/s09:04
frinnstscp'ing a vm image.. its probably lots of zeroes being copied right now09:05
abenzrsync -z09:07
frinnstrsync: command not found09:11
abenzprt-get depinst rsync09:11
frinnstprt-get: command not found09:12
abenzopkg update && opkg install rsync09:12
frinnstrhel 5 hypervisor host09:12
joacimhad yumyum noodles yesterday09:12
frinnstim not allowed to mess with it, just supposed to copy a kvm image09:12
frinnsthappy 17e btw!09:12
joacimthank you09:13
frinnstday off i assume?09:13
joacimyes =)09:13
joacimcelebrated friday yesterday with a beer09:13
frinnstthats the way to do it09:17
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onoderahi, does anyone have a freetype pkg for me, I accidentally deleted it13:15
jaegerIt's not the latest, though13:16
onoderait's impossible to build freetype without freetype, so this should be enought13:17
jaegerI can build the latest one and upload if you need it13:17
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joacimnow i'm confused15:00
joacimit is in opt, so you shouldn't need freetype to build freetype15:01
frinnstyeah im pretty sure you can build it without having it installed15:05
frinnstive done core installs before and then installed xorg15:06
joacimi pretty much always go with core only at first15:06
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brian|lfsMy Creative Sound Blaster X-FI came and it says Windows XP and Vista on the box lol19:34
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