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brian|lfshey jaeger chromium seems to be working now don't know what has changed to make it work05:07
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frinnstahh the joys of running crux on an old vm with one cpu core08:30
frinnstxeon E5320 power!!08:30
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pedjaI run it on double that cores, so double the joy, I guess :)10:26
pedjamy potatoputer feels lightning fast after using Atom based Hp Mini 10010:28
pedjafor 'why not?' reason, I built spl/zfs DKMS rpms on it. it took a while...10:32
pedjabtw, has anyone tried setting up DKMS on Crux?10:33
pedjaACTION is tirelessly (when not drinking coffee or watching Dockercon 2017) working on application to contrib10:36
pedjathere is a pretty brutal hazing ritual when accepted, iirc. I've heard stories...10:37
pedjaI wonder if it has to be *my* firstborn that gets sacrificed to appease the endless flesh thirst of the gods/developers (same thing, really)10:44
joacimit doesn't have to be your firstboon10:47
joacimany newly born child will do10:47
pedjajoacim, someone should update the wiki and clarify that, then10:49
joacimthe requirement is that it is yours, but they have no way of checking, so any will do10:50
pedjayeah, all babies look alike, anyway10:53
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frinnstdear god.. a site i manage has a 3rd party mobile site (thats not under my control) and it runs windows11:05
frinnstrunning a portscan on it made me cry :(11:05
frinnstftp, http, SMB, rdp, ms-sql11:06
frinnstall wide open11:06
pedjamaybe it has a long and complex passwords for all that :) (probably not)11:09
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pedjaI've seen someone Shodan-scan for RDP. some...interesting...sites came up11:11
pedjaRDP to SCADA control panel for a factory or power plant? really?11:14
pedjait will take a costly penalty (think VW for co2 emissions 'omissions' money) to get them to fix their shit11:16
joacimdont know how long ago i installed this ssd11:22
joacimbut running it without trim, and it is much slower now11:22
joacim96 MB/s write11:22
joacimreads are ok tho11:22
joacimwhen new, it maxed out at 500 MB/s11:23
joacimstill is much faster than the 5400 RPM drive it replaced tho11:23
pedjajoacim, what model is it?11:26
joacimsamsung 840 pro11:26
pedjawhat fs are you using on it?11:26
joacimhfs+ =)11:27
pedjaApple ?11:27
joacimi never cared enough to modify the kext for trim11:27
pedjathey should've just used ZFS, instead of making their own macFS, imho11:28
pedjabut they wouldn't be special snowflakes then, so I guess I understand11:29
pedjaI wonder if AMD's 'optimised' Clang fork will, when it detects that it runs on Intel CPU, make worse code, as Intel's ICC, allegedly, does for AMD cpus :)11:34
joacimsaw mentions of zfs on os x a long time ago11:39
joacimbut i guess they dropped it11:40
pedjathere was a port for osx, but it's dead now, iirc11:41
joacimi guess amd-optimised stuff will work well for intel too11:41
joacimit's mostly when intel and nvidia optimise stuff that amd suffers it seems11:41
pedja <--guess I am wrong, it's not dead11:42
joacimthere were talks about apple working on zfs too11:51
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pedjalunch is not ready yet, so I might as well make some patches12:46
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just_funI just found that rejmerge has a merge option :D12:56
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frinnsti love hp's websites13:26
frinnstoh, only broken in firefox13:27
frinnstnevermind then13:27
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joacimSorry, there are no documents available for this product13:30
frinnstanyone else listening to soundgarden today? :(13:31
pedja'Black Hole Sun' is the only their song I know13:42
pedjaI am more the EDM person, myself
pedjasick drop, as kids would say13:47
pedjaI *was* trolling the neighbours with Sepultura-Roots while the Eurovision was on, though13:49
pedjaeclectic music taste I have13:50
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pedjaI was briefly watching MTV's VMA's the other day, wondering 'who the fuck are these people?'13:59
pedjabut MTV is not about music for ages now, so14:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.1.414:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.1.414:09
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pedjasetting up CI/CD, so that git commit to Bitbucket repo kicks up a hugo build in the Docker image and deploys generated site to, say, free tier Aerobatic, is much more fun18:43
pedjathan actually making any content for the site18:43
pedjaI am killing it in 'buzzword bingo' these days18:44
pedjaand it's astonishing what 'free tier' covers for some services18:49
pedjaservices that don't say 'debit card? issued by Serbian branch of a major bank? Ewww', that is18:52
pedjanot in those words, obviously18:52
pedja(Digital Ocean, I am looking at you)18:53
pedjaI'll refrain from that particular rant18:56
pedjapushing ~450Mb Crux Docker image to the Hub with ~2Mbit upload sounds like fun...18:58
joacimDO locked down my account after i started paying with paypal instead of visa18:59
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pedjawhat was their reasoning?19:01
joacimdont know19:02
joacimi asked a while later why they required that i showed them my passport19:02
joacimafter that they just opened my account again, no explaination19:02
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] shadow: updated to 4.5. Fix for CVE-2017-2616.21:12
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