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frinnstholy hell its hot07:37
john_cephalopodaAnybody else got a wireshark footprint mismatch?07:43
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Totally. I had to keep the window open all night because it was so hot inside and still warm outside.07:44
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: yes07:44
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frinnstoh wow, letsencrypt seems to have some issues14:07
dbrooke is now less red than it was earlier14:12
frinnstyep but still cant renew a cert14:12
frinnsttrying again..14:13
dbrookeI think I have a few months to run on mine so should be OK 8-)14:14
frinnstits just an internal system that I need to renew now (and i have 30 more days too) so no biggie14:15
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Introotercan crux do dependency resolution, and determination of leaves for removal?15:23
jaegerprt-get does dependency resolution, there's no automatic leaf removal15:34
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just_funIntrooter, check pkgfoster from prt-utils. It will ask (and remember) about leaf packages.15:51
Introotermmm k, that looks like just what i need15:51
jaegerI always forget about pkgfoster, heh. I use a small script, myself15:52
jaegerbut that should work15:52
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just_funjaeger, I remember you've posted the script a couple of weeks ago15:57
just_funand these days I wanted to search for it15:58
just_funI remember you go through all installed packages and check if they have dependencies.15:59
jaegerpretty simple, yeah15:59
just_funyes, 10x15:59
just_funsimple, but you still cover 2 "corner" cases: missing path and core/16:00
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john_cephalopodaDoesn't prtorphan also list orphans?16:30
jaegerWhat pkgfoster calls orphans I call leaf ports16:32
jaegerTo me, orphaned would be a port that's installed but no longer belongs to a repo16:33
john_cephalopoda"Without any option the prtorphan script lists installed ports, which are not present in the ports directories, configured in /etc/prtwash.conf.  It first scans all valid ports (a valid port is a port, where a Pkgfile exists) and then looks for every installed package, if it is available as port."16:34
john_cephalopodaIt runs in 0.070s.16:35
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pedja'Your acceptance of the Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions is valid only for 8 hours from the time you last accepted it.'21:23
pedjawell, fuck21:23
pedjait's less sinister than it sounds. it just means you'll have to re-accept their OSTR every 8h so you could pull from their image registry21:28
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