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brian|lfsI wonder if Alan's ports are hosted on dialup they take forever to download03:33
brian|lfshuh configure: error: tinyxml >= 2.6.2 not found04:10
abenzprt-get depinst tinyxml04:15
brian|lfsits only on a repo from some andrew guy04:27
brian|lfsbut its installed just don't recall it beign a dep of kodi in the past04:28
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just_funbrian|lfs, tinyxml is in contrib/ too07:23
brian|lfsreally when I looked I saw it on andew07:34
just_funIt is on andrew too07:35
brian|lfswell wehn I searched it didn't come up on contrib07:36
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xckoI don't see tinyxml in contrib either08:13
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just_funTry a more advanced tool than portdb: ls /usr/ports/*/tinyxml/08:15
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just_funCloud generation... :))08:19
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onoderaI'm trying to port the various tools to interact with ardiono, however when compiling some test c file I get these errors:14:21
onoderadoes anyone know what's going wrong?14:22
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tilmanonodera: the libraries contain machine code that doesn't match your target. i think.15:30
tilmanonodera: extract those libraries (ar x) and have a peek inside (file *.o)15:30
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pedjasaturday night, and instead of drinking my head off somewhere, I am fixing a broken logic in one of mine hacky, ugly as fsck, shell scripts.19:22
onoderacrux lyfe19:25
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joacimim drinking my head off with one can of beer20:32
joacimi have another for later20:32
joacimand playing video games20:32
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pedjafixing something was always a bigger rush for me than (almost) any game I've played21:13
pedjadouble the rush when some code is involved :)21:21
pedjatrivial stuff for most humans with half the brain, but not for me, apparently21:22
pedjamy ISP had an offer of 150/20 for ~20 euros/month (FTTB) on their site for a couple of hours.21:26
pedjathen it was gone for a couple of days, and now it's back, but the price is 30 euros now :)21:27
pedjathat would be quite an upgrade from 20/2, but when will it available in my small town is anyone's guess21:28
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joacimdepends on how often you get to see panties in the video game21:43
pedjaare you playing Bayonetta, by any chance :) ?22:03
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joacimbee nmeaning to play that22:30
joacimbought it for my wii u a long time ago22:30
joacimplayed nier automata recently22:31
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frinnsti've also enjoyed my saturday drinking beer and playing videogames22:42
frinnstbrain-numbing ftw22:43
pedjaif you really want brain-numbing, watch some TV :)22:44
pedjanot TV shows, regular TV22:45
joacimjust played some gtao. was ok today. no obnoxious cheaters in the session i played in22:47
pedjathere was a study which measured brain activity while watching tv and staring at the wall. guess which fired more synapses :)22:48
joacimi have a feeling it was the wall22:49
pedjahave a cookie, you are correct :)22:49
joacimis it a tracking cookie?22:49
pedjaa brownie22:49
pedjaspiced with just a little $mind_altering_substance22:51
joacimthe microserver is still hard to beat22:53
joacimany comparable home assembled machine will probably be more expensive22:53
pedjaisn't that always the case with custom built stuff?22:56
pedjawhat you gain in flexibility, you pay in price diff22:57
joacimfor a higher end desktop, the prebuilts tend to be a bit more expensive23:03
joacimi think there is another cheap server from a different maker where the server is about the same price as the cpu alone23:04
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