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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: tevent: 0.9.29 -> 0.9.3106:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ldb: 1.1.27 -> 1.1.2906:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cmocka: initial commit version 1.1.106:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: samba: 4.2.14 -> 4.6.306:05
brian|lfsERROR: Source file 'samba-4.2.1-krb5.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified06:34
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just_funbrian|lfs, probably he forgot to remove it from source=(). But I see jue has a lighter version of samba in his repo.07:47
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frinnstalmost lunchtime:
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frinnstpoke him again!12:02
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just_funpedja, I see jue was faster12:19
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just_fun2 hours faster than gentoo, while arch has 4.6.3 in testing12:26
pedjajust_fun, I use jue's port :)12:27
joacimbleeding edge of technology12:31
pedjawell, CVE that 4.6.4 is the fix for *is* pretty severe12:38
just_funif you have write shares...12:39
pedjaand I do :)12:40
just_funand if you don't have guest write access ... you will need a password :D12:40
frinnst[   31.241240] nvme nvme0: Device not ready; aborting initialisation12:42
frinnst[   31.241243] nvme nvme0: Removing after probe failure status: -1912:42
frinnst2nd 960 evo12:42
frinnstsame shit12:42
crash_Samsung is usally good at ssd, but 2 fails in a row is not good12:45
frinnstyeah probably something with the mb12:46
frinnstdont have anything else to test with, but the odds for getting 2 defective m2's in one week must be high12:46
crash_i think so yeah12:48
frinnstand returning the motherboard would not be troublesome at all.. noooooo. who needs their computer anyways?12:49
pedjafrinnst, what's the m/b?12:53
pedjasomeone at the Asus ROG forum had the similar problem. looks like an issue with m.2 slot12:56
pedjaand some people 'fixed' it by using pure UEFI, instead of Legacy :)12:59
pedjain other news, central bank of Serbia apparently got phished for 150.000(?) euros13:04
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frinnstNOW it appears13:45
frinnstreflashed the bios a few times13:45
pedjaif it appears after cold boot and repeated reboots, you are pretty much golden :)13:59
frinnstwell, doing stuff to it now send/receive of / and /boot, setting up uefi & other fun stuff14:00
frinnstmeh, only ~350mb/s14:01
frinnststupid slow sata ssd :>14:01
pedja'only''re spoiled, you know that, right? :)14:02
pedjabtw, what people use for system transfer from one hd to the other? rsync?14:06
frinnstdunno, never use it otherwise.. I dont trust "replicas" for backups14:08
frinnsti remember years back nc was used quite a lot14:08
pedjaI am thinking of getting 2tb hd, to replace 2 aging Samsung 1tb ones.14:10
pedjabut I don't know what fs to use on it, or how to transfer system to it14:11
jaegerrsync, definitely14:12
jaegeror tar if you don't want to use rsync for some reason14:12
jaegerOr, if you want to do it as an image style thing, clonezilla is a good option14:13
frinnstdd works14:15
frinnstcoldboot checks out!14:15
pedjafsarchiver is also an option14:15
pedjait's part of the systemrescuecd, which is handy14:17
jaegerdd does work but it's much slower, even on an SSD14:19
pedjabtw, jaeger, I am using grub-2.02 for a while now, works fine. i just bumped the version in your port and added intel-microcode patch for 10-linux14:20
jaegerNice. I've been meaning to test it as well, just haven't had time yet14:20
pedjaI also added a trivial grub-config-update script14:22
pedjain theory, grub should boot gpt disk on mbr system just fine. in theory14:28
frinnsthmm? grub-install: error: cannot read `/boot/efi': Is a directory.14:29
frinnst/dev/nvme0n1p1 on /boot/efi type vfat14:29
pedjato make it future-proof, when I get UEFI system, I'll need bios partition on it and ESP.14:31
pedjaI'll have to test it, obviously, but since some people used this particular m/b for Hackintosh, it should work (famous last words)14:34
pedjathat just leaves me with a decision which FS to use.14:36
pedjaxfs for /, zfs for all the rest :) ?14:37
frinnstah, you need to be in uefi mode to install it I guess? booting the crux installer allowed me to run grub-installer14:58
frinnstalso, pro tip: dont forget to change fstab14:58
frinnstand also type correctly when doing so14:58
jaegerYou need to be in UEFI mode to install any UEFI bootloader but grub-install works in both modes14:58
frinnst/dev/nvme0n1p2 on / type btrfs (rw,relatime,lazytime,ssd,discard,space_cache,skip_balance,subvolid=269,subvol=/rootfs)14:59
frinnsti still get "Booting in blind mode" during early kernel boot - i get that at work too14:59
jaegerThat's related to the grub config14:59
jaegerIf you load efi_gop and gfxterm that'll go away15:00
frinnstah, ran the grub-make-config-thingy and added my menuentries at the bottom15:00
jaegerI can paste an example if you like15:00
jaegerthough grub-mkconfig would have added your kernels on its own if it found them15:00
frinnstit is included in my generated config, in the load_video function15:01
jaegerdoes that function get invoked for your entries?15:01
frinnstprobably not, ill test without using any magic functions15:02
jaeger for comparison15:02
pedjathat paste reminds me that I really should convert fstab/grub to use partuuid15:08
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frinnstyeah that did it. fonts are fucked in the menu though but that should be easy to fix. no more reboots right now tough :>15:14
frinnsthaha btrfs scrub: 2.82GB/s15:15
frinnstanybody with experience with relocated sectors on ssd's ?15:16
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frinnstsmart is reporting it for my 54015:17
jaegerEveryone who has an SSD? :D15:17
frinnstreally, as in reported in smart?15:17
frinnstmy other 2 are both older and report 015:18
jaegerAh, not sure about the SMART info15:18
jaegerI misread your message, was just thinking about the normal SSD wear leveling, not bad sectors15:19
frinnstyeah. should be interesting to see if it dies and how it dies15:20
jaegerI think I have a 540 in my 2009 macbook pro, I'll take a look at it next time I boot that up15:20
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joacimi think every computer i use around here has an ssd15:42
jaegerAll of mine do, yeah15:43
pedjaas I thought, zfs on a single disk/partition is ReallyReallyBadIdea[tm]15:43
pedjathat leaves me with xfs and jfs415:44
joacimhow is it a bad idea?15:45
joacimwould think the snapshots would be helpful15:45
pedjano redundancy15:45
pedjano self-healing15:47
pedjasnapshots and compression are cool, but15:48
pedjajfs is basically unmaintained at this point, so it would be nice to migrate to *something*15:59
pedja :)16:04
pedjait has some killer features, that one...16:05
pedjaopenSuse defaults to btrfs for /, xfs for /home16:06
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joacimhere i use ext4 for most things, and btrfs for my /home on the server16:08
pedjaeven on the single disk, which is interesting, since I though that btrfs has similar caveats as zfs for single disk system16:08
frinnsti use btrfs on everything here at home16:25
frinnstexcept for one old ssd that I ran xfs on to home vm's16:26
frinnstbut that will be gone now with a speedy ssd :>16:26
frinnstyou can use metadata DUP on a single device in btrfs. not for data tho16:27
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frinnstactually that was a lie, my main server uses md + xfs16:28
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onoderaI use xfs on everything, but I eventually want to switch to bcachefs probably16:33
jaegerpedja: is this the patch to which you were referring?
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: file: updated to 5.3116:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pango: updated to 1.40.616:46
pedjajaeger, I have a different one, I forgot where I got it from :)16:47
pedjaI rewrote it so it applies cleanly against 10_linux.in16:48
pedjainstead of patching generated 10_linux16:48
jaegerSame basic content or majorly different?16:49
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pedjabasically the same
pedjamore chatty, perhaps16:55
jaegerHave you tested it with a microcode image explicitly?16:58
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pedjayes, I've been using it for a while17:02
pedjaiucode-tool generates early-ucode.cpio17:03
pedjaI've opted for all shebang instead of just microcode for my CPU, so the microcode image is ~900kb17:07
pedjaand here is what portion of crub.cfg looks like
pedjaI just updated the microcode, so I re-run grub-config-update, just because :)17:12
pedjaI don't use initrd, so I didn't test it that way, tho17:16
jaegerI'll try to test it with better-initramfs or something17:17
pedjait's not too invasive of a change, so it should work, but better to test it :)17:27
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pedjagrub doesn't pick up initramfs.cpio.gz in /boot. hm.17:49
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pedja'Found initrd image: /boot/initramfs-4.11.1.gz'17:57
jaegeryou can see the various names it recognizes in 10_linux17:58
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pedjaI symlinked initramfs.cpio.gz to initramfs-$kernel_version.gz, and it worked18:01
pedjasince better-initramfs is not tied to any kernel version, afaik, it would make sense to patch 10_linux to recognize it, correct?18:04
pedjaunlike dracut generated one18:05
jaegerI'd just rename the output file, myself, probably18:10
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.8122:11
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elderK_Hey guys. how do you use "git" repos as a source in Pkgfiles?23:53

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