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frinnstlooks like the latest bios update solved my random segfaults \o/12:07
abenzfrinnst: good to know12:21
abenzif anything re IOMMU changes  let me know12:21
abenzit wont come from the mb manufacturer but from AMD itself, so should be universal to all mbs12:22
frinnstthe bios updates do derive from amd, they send out changes to all the vendors and then they incorporate it into various updates12:22
frinnst"Update AGESA to"12:28
frinnstfrom the notes of my previous bios12:29
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frinnst/tmp/firefox-54.0b11-rust-work/src/firefox-54.0b11/firefox-shared/dist/include/nsTArray.h:2194:14: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault12:32
frinnst   self_type& operator=(const nsTArray_Impl<E, Allocator>& aOther)12:32
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frinnstaaaw, guess not12:32
abenzI was about to order..12:33
abenzNOT :P12:33
abenzare you sure its the CPU though12:33
abenzare you using el cheapo memory ?12:33
frinnstCorsair 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2400MHz CL14 Vengeance12:33
frinnstit passed a few rounds of memtest even with an older bios12:34
abenzso the segfaults are consistent and repeatable?12:34
frinnstno, they are pretty random12:34
abenzah, yea you are right then12:35
frinnstbut only during heavy load for a long time12:35
abenzI had that when I undervolted my bulldozer12:35
frinnstso it's generally not a big problem. it would be if I was the one building the crux iso's12:35
frinnstand im confident about general day to day usage - it's been rock solid for that12:35
frinnsti've been looping firefox rebuilds for a few hours now and the crash just happened12:36
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abenzI see12:40
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pedjahm. officially, easytag does not depend on boost, or any of its deps. yet it complains when I updated boost to 1.64.013:55
pitillofrinnst: temperature controlled?14:03
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frinnstI dont have any working sensors, but it should be fine14:14
frinnstits a known problem14:14
pitillojust reading about it frinnst14:20
pedjaaha! the problem was with one of the optional dependencies (taglib). once rebuilt against new boost, easytag works fine now.14:29
jaegerfrinnst: all of the parts for my ryzen build are ordered now :)14:57
frinnstwelcome to the club :D15:06
frinnsti should buy a case for my old components15:10
frinnstcorsair carbide 100r silent edition seems very cheap15:11
frinnstwtf. when i started looking they had 8 in stock15:13
frinnstpressed the order button 2 minutes later - out of stock15:13
jaegerThat happened to me with the motherboard for this build, heh15:13
pedjacongrats on the purchase, jaeger :)15:13
jaegerThanks. Should be fun15:14
pedjawill you annoy frinnst and put an nvidia card in it, or do you plan to go full Red?15:15
jaegerI'm going to put an nvidia card in it for now because I have one extra... but it's low-end and I might put an rx580 in it later for grins. Haven't decided15:16
frinnstamd ftw!15:16
pedjayeah, yeah15:17
jaegerI wouldn't even consider it if it weren't for the new open source drivers15:17
abenzwait for VEGA15:17
jaegerfglrx and its older shit can get completely fucked15:17
abenzwhy X jaegs ?15:17
abenzas opposed to the 1700 ?15:17
jaegerSeemed to me like the best performance per money and I use aftermarket coolers anyway15:18
jaegerSomewhat higher base clocks won't hurt my feelings15:19
frinnst and here I am buying new hardware..15:22
frinnstwell, a case.. that would make this all more clean right? RIGHT?!15:22
frinnstim NOT a hoarder15:22
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abenzthat looks like a horder's place tho15:24
frinnstshut yer dirty mouth!15:24
abenza horder in denial ?15:25
abenzI'm a horder to a degree15:25
abenznothing to be ashamed of15:25
frinnstcurrently in my living room: 2 amiga4000, 3 hp microservers, 3 rpi, 6 monitors, 1 apu2, ryzen desktop and my old sandy bridge desktop without a case15:34
frinnstcan you tell i live alone?15:34
joacimfound a nice condition dell crt monitor today15:46
joacimbut i have no room here, so had to leave it behind :(15:46
joacimshould just throw out my current one. with the scratched tube15:48
abenzaren't those bad for the eye ?15:49
joacimi dont think so15:49
joacimi grew up with them, and my prescription is only -1.7515:50
joacim+ they're fun since when you hold your head near one, your hair sticks to the tube15:50
frinnstmy amiga crt is really shitty15:53
frinnststill better than the old family philips 26" without remote control and a500 + rf modulator15:54
joacimboth my crtws have this crappy glow to them15:55
joacimseen much sharper ones, but i havent been able to find one for myself15:55
joacimi'm sure that this dell crt was in perfect condition too. i make all kinds of stupid decisions when i'm tired and i'm on my way home from work15:56
brian|lfsanyone having issue with the new grub2 and grub-efi comping that were put ont he repos the other day besides me16:08
frinnstif you can say what the issue is we might be able to help you16:13
frinnstbut just "it doesnt work" doesnt say anything16:13
frinnstACTION pokes brian|lfs 16:14
frinnstcomping = compiling? builds fine here16:18
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jaegerworks fine for me, too, both real hardware and clean env16:30
pedjaI just rebuilt it, apart from bunch of NEW man pages, builds fine16:38
pedjamaybe that's your issue, brian|lfs ? is PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW in pkgmk.conf set to 'yes' on your machine?16:41
pedjamaybe that should be a new default, with a comment above it in pkgmk.conf16:42
pedjaI see that a few people are stumped by it :)16:43
jaegerNo way to know without some info16:43
pedjaas esr wrote years ago, 'more information in a bug report is always better than none' :)16:46
pedjaif developers had a crystal ball, I have a sneaking suspicion they would rather use it to guess lottery numbers and retire on a desert island16:49
pedjathan to guess what the 'not workie, halp' bug report is all about16:49
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just_funDesert island, pedja? Where will be the fun?17:34
pedjaonly carefully selected group of humans allowed. for the rest, sharks with lasers attached to their heads as guardians17:41
tilmanitym "deserted", not "desert" :)17:56
jaegerdesert islands are largely assumed to be deserted in that context :)17:58
tilmanisn't "desert island" an oxymoron?17:59
tilmanare there islands in deserts?17:59
tilmanunless we're talking about oasis', but that's just an island figuratively :]17:59
jaegerI assume it means an island with desert-like conditions but I haven't actually looked it up18:05
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DaViruzcan that happen? with it being surrounded by water and all.18:17
brian|lfsI'll check but either way there failing to compile18:18
brian|lfsdon't think that would cause compile issues on two machiens18:18
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brian|lfswgetpaste /var/log/pkgbuild/grub2.log18:22
brian|lfsYour paste can be seen here:
brian|lfswgetpaste /var/log/pkgbuild/grub2-efi.log18:22
brian|lfsYour paste can be seen here:
just_funbrian|lfs, I'm guessing that is one of yours CFLAGS that causes this.18:30
just_funmaybe not18:34
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just_funbrian|lfs, could you try with stock CFLAGS="-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe" ?18:38
just_funI see grub2 port doesn't unset CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS like grub port does.18:39
pedjatilman, :)19:02
tilmanmy bad19:02
tilmandidn't know it was a word19:02
just_funNow that it is clear what we want, let make some millions :)19:07
pedjaI thought that people figured out by now that ricing gcc flags is more trouble than its worth...19:08
just_funI found that removing -O2 from CFLAGS was a bad thing :)19:09
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pedjaHN discussion for this is more interesting than the actual article, but.
pedjaflame graphs are cool, tho19:15
brian|lfsI'll give it a shot just_fun I was afk for a while20:27
brian|lfsthanks default CFLAGS worked20:30
joacimthink ill get a new computer next month21:11
joacimi get my summer pay, and tax returns21:12
joacim+ the pay for may should be higher than usual due having worked overtime21:12
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jaegerjoacim: nice. What are you thinking about building?22:25
joacimnot sure yet22:25
joacimwant to see what amd and intel will announce soon22:26
joacimwant something with 6-8 cores22:26
jaegermaybe X299?22:27
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joacimcould probably settle for x99 too, if there are sales, or someone tries to get rid of their old system22:28
jaegeryeah, I bet when X299 hits you can find a good used X99 setup22:29
brian|lfsX299? never heard of it22:30
brian|lfswhats it going to have 48 cores22:30
joacim3 cores22:30
brian|lfsonly 322:31
brian|lfswe talking motherboard or GPU?22:31
jaegersupposedly they're announcing it officially on the 30th at computex22:31
jaegernew intel chipset22:31
jaegerfor skylake x and kaby lake x22:31
jaegerjoacim: if you really want to go hog wild on cores for less money, threadripper might be a useful option, too22:32
jaegerskylake x is theoretically 6-10 cores, kaby lake x 4 cores22:32
jaegerbut all that's rumor mill stuff right now, as far as I know22:33
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joacimthe current ryzen cpus are interesting, but i would like a system thats easy to work with for gpu passthrough22:35
jaegerpresumably they'll work out the IOMMU groups and whatnot, but who knows exactly when that'll be22:36
brian|lfswell looks like the Sklake-X is better then the kabylake-x22:36
brian|lfswhich is strange I own a normal skylake and it don't imrpess me don't seem that fast22:37
jaegerMy skylake boxes seem quite fast to me. :)22:37
brian|lfskabylake seems good so far typing on it right now22:37
brian|lfsok compare skylake to the 5960X22:37
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jaegerWell, that's not a fair comparison22:37
jaegerskylake isn't an "enthusiast" platform22:37
brian|lfsI wouldn't say kabylake is either but it seems much faster then my skylake my kabylake22:38
jaegeryou're talking broadwell-e22:38
jaegerthe haswell-e 5960x would compare to the broadwell-e 6950x, for example22:39
brian|lfsI still think intel should switch the spces around ont eh to x processors22:39
brian|lfsbut I need a haircut my hair is long22:39
joacimi think they should spend their research budget on better product names22:39
joacimboth amd and intel =)22:39
brian|lfsyes agree lol22:40
brian|lfsBe back in a bit22:40
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joacimthought about getting the i7 with the huge L3 cache for my socket22:56
joacimbut those are pretty expensive still22:56
joacimi7 5775c22:57
joacimthe prices on ebay are like a brand new ryzen 7 1700x22:57
jaegeryeah, that doesn't seem worth it to me22:58
joacimthe cpu i bought 3 years ago is the same price on ebay today as it was 3 years ago too22:59
brian|lfswhat cpu did you buy 3 years ago joacim23:41
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joacimi5 469023:45
brian|lfsI've never owned an I5 always I723:47
joacimwas my first new cpu in 8 years23:48

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